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Million Dollar Stories
Million-Dollar Stories

  ~ ~ ~

  From the author of Simple Boy


  About the author

  Chanchal is the pen name of the writer, of beautiful love story “simple boy”. He has written the world’s best theory after “The theory of everything” the “The theory of God” and is the writer of brilliantly crafted “Sophie’s Toys’ Club”.

  He writes short stories on social issue like “The alcoholic man” and “The old man”. He has the article in his book’s library “Real criminal”, “Nature law” and letters based on terrorism and migration of Muslims “Letter from the Muslim boy”.

  He is the writer of the article on his motherland “Incredible India”. Which defines his country.

  Million-Dollar Stories

  Not the once upon a time, but every time throughout the history, some interesting people or families have born. They all had/have beautiful life, and there were/are many unforgettable scenes in those lives. This book takes out one of that amazing family and their tales. A family includes, a man also known as alcoholic man by his son “Aryan” among his friends, living with his wife and elder son Amit.

  This book has the collection of beautiful stories based on this interesting family.

  Read these amazing stories at your free time and share them with your friends and families.

  Enjoy your reading.

  1st story

  “Heaven’s sleep”

  Once upon a time there was a boy, Amit, living with his strict middle-class family in Bulandshahr, the city of samosas, in India, inspired from the mother Teresa, he had the dream to become the doctor and serve the people like her.

  He passed his 12th standard in science with good percentage and started to make plans for cracking the medical entrance exam. He made plans to cover the chapters and study this and that much time. First of his master plan was to wake up at 5 O’clock, so he could study in early fresh morning. “It will give me enough time to study without disturbing”. Next day, he went to the near market, Ansari road market and bought a beautiful looking, eye of the tiger printed alarm clock and brought to his home.

  He set the alarm at 5 O’clock and before sleep, cleaned unnecessarily it’s dust from the cloth, which was not there on it, kept it on his bed side table and waited for the next worming to chase his dream. “aah lets have the heaven’s sleep last time, without work and without any tension because tomorrow onward, it will be just study and hard work, aah hurrrrr hurrrrr”.

  Next morning, alarm rang “tirrr tirrr tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”. It made him to wake up from his heaven’s sleep. But he was not ready yet, as his previous habit to wake up at 6:30 am in the morning was solid than the current one, which he was trying to make. tirrrr tirrrr noise was irritating him so, he took the pillow and put it on his ear to cover the noise, but still it’s “tirrrr tirrr” noise was disturbing his sleep. He was in sleep, without opening his eyes, brought his hand to the alarm and stopped it and slept again.

  “Oh no, it is 6:30 in the morning” He nodded his head and shouted slowly “Oh no, my 1st day morning has gone without studying, haah, morning is the best time to study. Everything goes in the mind easily, haa”.

  “I could wake up. I woke up too, for stopping the alarm”.

  That day had gone in waiting for night. He did not study a bit, he was not happy with himself. “how can I become the doctor, when I can’t wake up in the morning, not just in the morning, if suppose emergency patient will come, I have to wake up to cure him. I can’t serve the patient in this way”. Little pause and “Oh no”.

  At night, he was checking his eye of the tiger printed alarm clock again and again to make himself 100% sure, it had been set on the 5 O’clock or not. But it had been.

  Next morning, it was raining and his eye of the tiger printed alarm clock did its work “tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”. He again took the pillow and put it on his ear but it did not work like yesterday, so he stood to stop it. He was feeling little cold because of raining. He was lazy so he took the bad sheet and covered himself and slept again.

  “It is 7 O’clock, oh no ……. Hup, in rain, I always like to sleep but this excuse will not run. I have to wake up at 5 O’clock and study. Every day is important and two days have gone without any gain”. Nodded his head “no man, no”.

  That night, he kept his alarm under the bed, so it could be hard to take out it. It would take the extra time to him to stop it. And that period time he could wake up.

  Next day was beautiful fresh morning, sun was coming out from the east, alarm rang “tirrr rrrrrrrr” Amit took out his hand toward the bed side table to reach the alarm and stopped it. But it was not there. “after few seconds, he stood and saw here and there, “where is it?” clinched his hands, “oh, where from the noise is coming?” “it is coming from under the bed” he bent on his knees but could not able to take it out, so he lay on the floor, took out the alarm, stopped it and slept again “Ahhhh”.

  “Again, it is 6:30 am, what is this man? What is this?” shouted “haaaaa”. “it will not happen in this way. I can’t let it go like this. Otherwise, my dream will not come true. How I will study? Ha. Tomorrow, I will wake up at 5 O’clock in the morning and study one chapter. Enough is enough”.

  That night, he tried to not listen his 11 pm favorite program in the radio. “without listening songs, I don’t feel good to sleep. My mind does not feel happy and at peace. But program ends at midnight. Then again it will make me sleep extra hours”.

  There was 1-minute left for starting his program. “Let’s listen one song and then have the sleep”.

  It is 93.3 FM, your favorite radio station and I am lovely Priya, in this dark night, you and me will bring the stars between us, in my show called “broken heart stars”.

  Anybody can call me or send me the message or share his feeling about his broken heart. All the lines are ready.

  1st caller “Hello?”

  Priya (slowly and lovingly “hellooo”.

  Caller: I like your show very much.

  Priya: And What else do you like.

  Caller: I like your songs, which you play.

  Priya: and what?

  Caller: I like my girlfriend not like but I love her but she does not love me anymore. “weeping” heeeeeeeeeee.

  Priya: Oh don’t cry (softly speak).

  Caller: I am alone. Heeeeeeee. She is roaming with someone else.

  Priya; No, you are not. I am with you (Politely and lovingly speak).

  Which songs you want to listen.

  Caller: My heart will go on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnn na.

  Priya: Ok ok ok, have this song to you, my boy.

  Amit heard the songs and listen the whole program and then he slept.

  Next day morning, alarm rang as usual “tirrr rrrrrrrrrrrr”, he saw on the bed side table, he did not find there, then he remembered it was under the bed yesterday, it was not there too. “where is it? Ahha haa” “noise is coming out from the almirah” “oh I had kept it on the almirah, I forget it”. He went to the almirah and took it out, stopped it but it did not happen.

  “What happens to this? Stop “tirrrrrrr” stop, haaaa, aaahh, haaa”. He pressed it again and again. Hit his hand on it “thuk thuk thuk”.

  Then he threw it on the floor. “stop it”. But it was still doing “trirrrrrrr”. He kicked it but it did not stop. “you alarm, I am saying to you, don’t irritate my mind, stop doing tirrrr”. He took it in his hand and threw it on the wall and it broke down. “yes, now do, do “tirrrr” do it again do, what happens? hah”.

  Eye of the tiger printed part was lying at one corner.

  He was tired. He
was breathing heavily. He swept his forehead’s sweat from his shoulder and slowly went toward his bed. Taking long breath “haaaaa aaaaah haaaaaa aaaaaah haaaaa”.

  He slept straight on the bed and put his head on the pillow, both legs were wide and kept his hand behind his back. He saw the white roof which was behind the fan and said “aah” “now nobody is there to disturb me”.

  Next morning, “oh no, Ohh hooo, it is 6:30 in the morning. It is not the way to become the doctor. How will I take care of the patient, if he will come in emergency. Oh no, my alarm clock has broken. Hmmm, today onward,… no, tomorrow onward, I will wake up at 5 O’clock and study hard. I want to be the doctor, yes”.

  That day, he went to the near market and bought a new alarm clock and brought to the home. He sat the alarm at 5 O’clock and then slept “Ahh, let’s have the heaven’s sleep last time, tomorrow onward, there will only study and hard work, hurrr hurrrr.

  Next morning, alarm rang “tirrrrrrrrrrrrr”. He kept the alarm yesterday on top of the almirah. He woke up and took it out hurriedly from there and stopped it and slept again.

  “Ahh, I think, it’s raining”. He said in sleep and said again “this is not the way to become the doctor. How will I cure the patient, if he will come in emergency? Tomorrow onward, I will wake up at 4:30 am, ya, good, this is not the joke, ok, so let’s have the heaven’s sleep last time, because to mo rrow oon ward eeeet weeil bee istady and haaard wouork Hurrrrrrr Hurrrrrrrr”.

  2nd story

  “The bathroom newspaper”

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