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     Where's Scotty? Book 1 - The Island of Doom, p.1

       Cat Crafter
Where's Scotty? Book 1 - The Island of Doom

Where’s Scotty?

Book 1
The Island of DOOM

Cat Crafter
Copyright © KC Global Enterprises Pty Ltd

Alex's Diary
(That means you, Scotty!)

Monday Morning – Breakfast time – Mood: Grumpy

There I was, not doing harm to anyone, lying in my bed. I was having a dream about being a beautiful mermaid, who decided to trade her fish tail for legs so she could walk on land. I then used my new legs to conquer the planet, and crowned myself Empress Alex – Ruler of Everything. Anyone who tried to resist my rule was fed to my pet shark, Bitey, who lived in the basement of my grand palace. It was a great dream.
That's why it was even worse when I was woken up by a world-shattering-

Being woken up early is the worst. I thought it was the end of the world! I sat upright in bed, and do you know what I saw? Half of my house was missing! Where there was once a wall made of cobblestone blocks, my selection of beautiful paintings of fruit bowls and sheep, and my crafting table, there was now a massive hole and a pile of rubble. The cold morning air slowly filled the room as I stared at the disaster, open-mouthed.
I could see right out to my farm and my chickens. Lucy and Helen looked right back in at me with a confused: bawk?
Then, to make things worse, Scotty appeared. My so-called 'best friend'.
“Hiiiiiii, Alex,” he said in his 'please don't hate me' voice.

“I think I may have startled a creeper near your house.” A creeper. The green, mean, exploding monsters that caused us all no end of trouble. You get too close and they like to explode. I jumped out of bed and stormed over to him.
“You may have startled a creeper? Half my house is missing!”
Scotty looked at the hole with a thoughtful expression. “It doesn't look that bad.” Argh! I could strangle him sometimes!

Monday Morning – After Breakfast – Mood: Calm
I'm Calm. Don't I look Calm? I'm CALM.
OK, I've had my breakfast now. I'm feeling...calmer. On closer inspection, maybe the hole isn't that big. I was planning on extending the house in that direction anyway. I could probably make some stairs, build another floor, who knows. I still have a few chests of supplies that didn't get blown up, so that's nice.
I've managed to get Scotty to help out. By that, I mean that I grabbed him by the front of his stupid turquoise t-shirt that he always wears and told him that if he didn't help me, I'd lead all the creepers to his house and leave nothing except for his bed. He is gathering wood from nearby trees as a way of saying sorry (as he should).
It's going to be a loooong day.

Monday Morning – Building time - Mood: Sigh.
Scotty hurt his hand punching a tree. Who punches a tree?
He is weird.

Monday Afternoon – Time for Lunch! - Mood: A bit hungry
They are a real problem around here. I was walking towards a nearby mine to try and get some stone for my wall, and who should appear from behind a tree? A creeper! I barely managed to dodge before it blew up and took a few blocks of wood with it!
Ugh, it's so annoying.

Monday Afternoon – Still repairing my house – Mood: Really want Scotty to shut up.
Scotty is being a pain. I'm trying to fix my house, and he interrupts me every few seconds. I put the block down and he says:
“Alex, I'm boooored.”
I put another block down.
“Alex, I'm hungryyyy.”
I put another block down.
“Alex, we should go on an adventure.”
I put another block down.
“Alex, why don't we do anything exciting anymore?”
I put another block down and say, “Our lives are exciting, Scotty.”
“But we used to have so much fun, questing, exploring deep mines, fighting monsters, things like that.”
“I have a house now, Scotty. I have a farm. These things can be fun too.”
Scotty just stared at Lucy and Helen for a while. They were doing that thing where they run around in circles and go “Bawk! Bawk!” Those silly chickens are so much fun!
Wow, I just read that back. Maybe I am boring.
No. It's everyone else who is boring. I am fine.
On the plus side, we've spent most of the day adding new improvements to my house. It looks fantastic now. I think I might even add a tower to it tomorrow. Or a moat. Moats are cool.

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