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Sixth sense 6s cck ag, p.1
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       Sixth Sense - 6s-cck-ag, p.1

           Cassal Sigonlos
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Sixth Sense - 6s-cck-ag


  By Cassal Sigonlos

  Copyright 2015 Cassal Sigonlos

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  The human being is born with the five senses to be improved. The eye does not work well, no focus, no color, nor ear works right, even the best of them, the skin, still needs to improve, but, naturally, about 1 year old, all the senses are developed and working well, then starts the formation of reality. It is seen so it is real, it is heard so it is real, it is touched so it is real, and so on. The brain increases the reality all around. With the acquisition of language the brain can move to the individual for the social so it is possible know more deeply the world around because it is possible have access the knowledge of the ancestors about this world, even ancient knowledge, why waste time to invent the wheel again, mother talked about my aunt's house, no longer need to go there to have a good idea of how this house is. A good description gives a good idea of something that is unknown.

  But how am I living? How Am I getting the reality? I do not think I've lived all the time wondering, what is the reality? When I'm walking down the street, all I see and hear is the reality, a car is running, a white car. I feel cold on my skin, the cold is crossing that thin jacket. There are gray clouds on the sky. It seems that I know that guy on the other side of the street, nope, not really, He is like someone else, but who? I do not remember. Ah, I came on the market, the sky vanish as suddenly vanish the cold sensation just after I entered the building, because these walls and this roof of this box, which drives away the cold wind and prevents me from seeing the sky, has no windows in this market, streets also disappeared, in fact the whole city was gone. The reality is the reality of this box, this large shed, the front wall, the back wall, the wall on the left, the wall on the right, the ceiling, the floor, 600 square meters. Huge, full of shelves, ah there is the detergent, I'll take this with lemon smell, and I will also take this towel, it is very soft, and here is milk, bread is there, and where are the oranges? At the section of fruits and vegetables of course.

  That is how I have lived 99% of my life. I have no question about reality. From time to time as an outbreak of an Athenian philosophizing, I wonder: what the reality is? It is true that has happened much more intensely in recent years. And somehow the idea began to clear in my mind. Real.

  Moon, right now just happened a magic. The word moon, a spell, an incantation, made the magic happen. The moon pops up in the reality, in my reality because I wrote moon, in your reality because you have read moon. Yes, it pops up because with a huge probability (99%) I had not noticed the moon and neither did you, the moon was missing, disappeared, nonexistent. But now, moon, moon, moon, and the moon pops up. What incredible magic is this that makes the largest object near the planet earth, the moon, simple disappear, and reappear. It's something comes from a magician, a greatest one, and now you do not see, it is disappeared, and now you see, reappeared, ehhhhhhh, maaaaagic. Of course, like all good magic it is a trick of an illusionist, an illusion, a mistake, a lie.

  How my reality could be reality when the largest object nears the planet earth just disappear, it is non-existent, so it is not part of reality. The moon was not there, nor the street and even the market. At 99% of my day they aren’t there, indeed at 99% of my days, actually the moon was not part of my existence, 99% of the time of my life I did not notice the moon. This is real.

  It is be as a lunatic. Or is it to be little lunatic? Anyway, most of today's humans know the moon, we could say 90% (oh! came on, stop these 99%), perhaps at least 80, 70, whatever, damn it! We have a cart running on Mars, and we don’t know how many people know about the moon, which is a gigantic sphere, which is a satellite of the earth. But the current science has incredible knowledge about the moon, and the good and delicious about these days is that this information is available, easily and cheaply, of course, in the Internet (before the Internet, or in its absence, the library, the internet on the past, wow!).

  Interesting times was those of libraries. I learned early that things, all of them, had a price, and great is the value of money. I was a boy and after I running like crazy and climb some trees, spend, therefore, a huge amount of energy, the hunger came out, on these times nothing is better to a boy than candy, and there were candies at the market near my house, ah! That market, with all those candies, of several shapes, several flavors, several colors, ah! But ...hum ... there was a problem, no money, no candies. Gosh! This could only be wrong, I had the desire and the need for that candy at that very moment, and this must be enough reason to get the candy, why they made those candies if not to be eating at that time for pleasure and needy. Got it easy, so easy, well... good things would cost money. And what the library has to do with this? Yeah, I had learned the sadness lesson that pleasures would not be for free, but would cost money. Yes, even the comics (comic book) that I loved, will be rare, why? Because they cost money, I used to read and reread and reread again and again the same comic. Until one day, I do not remember why I got into a public library (city’s library), and gosh! There were comic books there, and wow! I could read all of them, I was confused, for free ?! Without paying anything ?! And more than that, I could take them to my home. Ah! My faith in humanity had returned. It was not necessary to pay for all the pleasures, no. In fact, the greatest wealth of my city was at my dispose for free, yes, comic books a lot of them, and beside them, magazines, and newspapers, and books, and the best of a library, at school I had to read the books that they was told me to read and they ask me to do weird things with books, like, know sentences of the book by heart, summarize pages, understand and prove that I had understood the book, and other oddities, and these were just craziness, but in the library, wow, was freedom, I read what I wanted for, I read in a way that I desired, as far as I wanted, took a book and read the first two pages, and let it go, grabbed another book and began from the middle to the end, after this I come back to read the beginning, how would I know that I would like so much that book. – Ah! Today, my desire is to read something about the sea, a novel, maybe news, even just photographs, or drawings, I always liked books of paintings.

  Ok! There was a time before the internet and I lived there, and stop that, I'm not that old, maybe just poor, in a poor place, maybe, damn it!

  So, what's all this about the libraries and the Internet? It is that for me was the second time in my life that I was surprised to have so much for free. The internet for me is like a library 2.0, an evolution, so much there, not just books, but movies, videos, music, and much more, so much that is not longer just a thing of the reader/observer, but it is possible to be the writer, the star of your own movie, the musician of your own music, meaning, not just have access what others have done but also do your own things, this is not exactly possible in the libraries, even today, at the library one could not write a book or a text or drawings and just leave it there for those who wanted to access it. This is a failure of libraries even now; there is no shelf (even though it was only one) for those who wanted to leave there his writings, his drawings. Ah, I remember that I had make a comic book, if that shelf was there at that library I would have left it there, and also some stories I had written, I would have left them at the library, sure, because this was a way to give back, I had so much of so many people that I felt compelled to give something back, ah, see, this feeling is a result of this world of money, when it is free in this world there comes a kind of grief, I have to
get rid of this power that money has on me. But that kind of shelf was not there and now it exists on the internet, thankfully, humanity advances always, excuse me there pessimists, but it has advanced all time.

  So, the libraries and the internet have to do even with what? The reality? In fact more with information. Information about the moon. Ah! Again the magic takes place, moon, moon, moon, suddenly, the moon pops up. Seriously, how can an object of this size suddenly appear in our reality? And worse than that, how can an object of this size go away so easily from our reality?

  Moon, it is really a huge thing. Let's do a quick search on the internet, and arrhan, it is very large. To cover the surface of the moon would take four USA, there is, c'mon, who ever walked throughout USA, and I do not saying just go in an east to west coast road trip, I’m saying walk all over USA. Think of all the streets that exist in New York city, think now walking by each street until reach its end, and that would only walking by New York city , now imagine all
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