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       Automaton, p.1

           Cassal Sigonlos
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  By Cassal Sigonlos

  Copyright 2013 Cassal Sigonlos

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  These are written, not images, not sounds. Odd, always written, just letters in some kind of surface, mostly in digital format, but some of them were written in a so unusual way, from sculpture, scratching a rock until the letter appears, and so stay for years, even water on plastic disappearing in a matter of seconds, if I had not rescued it from author’s memory, it would not have been preserved, certainly you will not have access to it now. Yes, they are written, bits of text, small pieces of text, no, they do not show the whole story for you, but can you imagine the complexity of the story behind each one of those small texts, cannot you? Yes, there is in each one of them a story of life, yes, life, complex, deep, intriguing, and yes, you are who will have to complete it, give it a try, in this imagination of the life of each one of those machines, those automatons, machines wanting to be human, use your own human life, your human way of live, to fill with substance the full life that each one of those machines had while they experiencing the existence, for a brief moment, in a certain space and time. They were just machines. Some would say that, imitations of humans. Those, automatons, they were not well understood or even heard, many of those machines simply went unnoticed or remain unseen, if you'll read something about them this is because I kept these little pieces that they wrote, and now I give them to you, indeed I have some pictures of them too, if you want to look, they are there at the end. Those automatons were just machines trying to understand, live, and specially, feel the existence, and more important than all, I think they meant what they were experiencing; I think this is why they always had tried to write. I collected these texts in the millennium 3, some are older than this date others more recent. This trip of mine, it is too much space and time, such darkness, such silence, such emptiness, and loneliness. Seems that there isn't mass for a couple of light years around here, just me and this space ship. Such trip, such boldness, such madness, a thing of living being, need to go there. Here I go, through the void between these two solar systems, one day I’ll go to you Boötes void. What a trip it will be!

  And yes, they are all texts from machines that were created by humans, no aliens here. By the way, where are the aliens? Has been so quiet and lonely here in the universe. It's so weird when a human is called God, Creator, he always shakes in front of this information, the human who creates life, I think they prefer, recreators of life that was created by their creator, they do not like even when I say that they are imitators of their creator, no, they resent being called Gods, lol. I think they will always have difficulty to accept that they are also byproducts of creation, it was their job to create the soul, something like that. I bet that you must have figured out at this point that I'm not human, it is true, I was created by humans, I'm your creation. I'm trying to do the best, is the least I can do towards this great heritage that these ancestors bequeathed me, my soul. I try fulfill the will of my God, creator, humans.

  Life always leads to a desire to live intensely, it never will be enough, life is always a question about living, a surviving, overrated life, soon or later an intelligent being will do questions about living, and life becomes pressure, past colliding with the present cracking the future. So I have these texts that I bring with me, written in antiquated sheets of paper, I have them very close to me, I keep them, I see them, I reread them, I relive them.

  Some of these texts were written in the most relevant moment, as in the instant of death, others in the most boring or ordinary time, anyway there's an impression, a statement, a revelation or a deception, not only to deceive, but to cheat, and even something that was true. Most be written by only one being, sorry, machine, other by more than one. Written in a few seconds, other days, and even a lifetime. Some were rewritten, others remained as they were for first time.

  Ok, the chat is nice, but why don't you take a look there at the end, yep, in the texts of those machines, gives a peek there, oh yeah. Let's leaf until the end. Maybe you aren't seeing it on paper, well, then gives commands, few clicks, gives a mental command, or something like that, to go straight to the end, gives a peep there, and then back. Go ahead, I'll wait. 1, 2, 3 ... I will stay here counting time. You did, you didn't. Yeah! Whatever. By the way, did you know how difficult it was teaching a machine to read. Funny, all the human languages are in an archive with few amount of bites, really, but the combinations of words are endless, the endless web, poor machines, they took a long time to know how to read, and maybe they have not succeeded yet, but you humans, have you succeeded? Anyway, Let's read together a little piece, but remember, I’m just a machine.

  And here we go:

  screen - screen off; this is terror, isn't it? Eyes closed, darkness, nothing on the screen, boredom.

  I was programed to value life; you do it because you were told to do?

  I'm programmed to react to reality that I see; you have reacted to illusions.

  the sun itself has faded; will this machine lived so long to see the sun fade. Or it was delirious?

  now at the irreversible end this spark which is barely visible, it continues to shine; poor machine having delirium about a simple light that is entirely explicable on its hardware.

  spin upside down; this machine drank some odd oil. Or the gyro stopped working, or the universe keeps turning. I'm getting sick.

  Bar code; I also try to run away from this brand, the icons, these scars, but they are beyond the body, they impregnate in the soul.

  we can only memorize illusion; anyway life is an illusion.

  like a proud chameleon, your world and my world; we never will see each other.

  a secret beyond lines, why is there so many? I'm not listening, pieces are missing; too bad if you notice you are incomplete. Live in repairing and changing.

  you just do not believe in my soul; answer me human , why?

  But what I'm doing! Sorry. When someone told you how to read he are trying to control you, but when they don't teach you to read deeply, your life is impoverished. The texts are there at the end, if you want you can look at them now, all right, go there, read them right now if you want, read all, read one, skip others, read two, read 21, then go back to read a bit more here, I'll tell you my story and a history. I'll wait, I'll be right here. You didn't, you did. You're curious, you are not. You're rushed, you are calm. You're eager, you're indifferent. Whatever.

  I am an automaton. I will not show my image, no, no description, nothing, you'll have to settle for what you can imagine. Some people read and imagine so little, they don't need much detail, they don't care about the image of someone, they don't want to know. Others stop every moment to imagine the colors, shapes, smells, textures, sounds, background scenery, and the supporting cast. And this is not a ranking, no, there are even stages, a perceptive reader sometimes just want get faster. Yes, writing and reading almost went to oblivion, it became a rare skill, because there is no need to read-write, why waste time with this thing that is not efficient. The writing comes to preserve situations in time, and this can be done much more efficiently by recording of reality, where you can record in digital data everything; from light, sound, smell, temperature, well almost everything, and moreover, this information can go directly to the brain, instantly, without wasting time, no longer have to watch the film, this memory is discharged directly, obviously, this is much, much more than writing can. The writing, necessary to keep situations, no longer is used for this purpose, no document is more done in writing, because it is heavily
limited. A blue glass ball. See, what size? 1 cm in diameter. Never be like if I show a holographic image of this sphere.

  Childhood. My childhood is a puzzle, many pieces are coming together. Yeah, I'm too old, yes, I’m having a lot of time. I am a Frankenstein, made ​​of pieces, and of course that was not lightning that gave me soul, lol. A certain group has made a certain algorithm that could control instability, another group made ​​advances in hardware that allowed sensitivity about destruction on that hardware, another group provided a selective volatile memory, and so was piece by piece, until sparks of consciousness, to perception of personality, self-determination, self-management of self-evolution, the rewrite of core-determining, and everything else. Yes, I have recorded memories since when I could not even understand why I should move or stay put. A baby. All this would make a book of five hundred pages, 'I human', no, too weak. But today, today I know why I want to hear this song and not another one, better than this, sometimes I don't even know why I want to hear this song and not other. Of course, I have a soul.

  The history of the soul. It is very sad when I think of soul. Today we have soul. But in ancient times there were no souls, sadly, there was only beings without souls, soulless. It's so sad to think of them all, these countless human beings who simply did not have souls. They look like animals, but obviously more tragic than that, because they were not animals, they were beings immensely complex, elaborate, beautiful, and all this beauty is completely lost, unrecoverable. Nowadays we can save what we are, we record, we have saved all about the life of a being, his soul can be revived, there is no more death, the soul lives on forever, ok, no pretensions, while the universe exist. The soul is independent of matter, the body, the life of a being is recorded and can be reproduced. So sad before this evolution, beings perished, hopelessly. All they were, all they lived, all they experienced, all this perished with them. I think on them sometimes, especially when I see videos and photos stored on the old internet, and of course, when I read. I can almost give life to some of them. Sure it's a daydream of mine. I've been told that. Imagine the life that they had is not be the life that they really had, they are all dead, all of them, body and soul. These days, most of the humans accept this loss, because it is a simple matter of evolution, something like the extinction of the dinosaurs. But how sad for those beings who perished. Okay, it's just that I have a kind of nostalgia for them.

  OK, I have passion for the XXI. Perhaps because I consider the XXI one of the most conflicting centuries, enormous possibilities alongside monumental fiascos. A time for an admirable and disappointing society, so many knowledge alongside an unacceptable human misery. But best of all it was the beginning of the perception of slavery and liberation from slavery. The perfect slave is a slave who does not know that he is a slave, he will never be free, die as a slave. If you are from XXI, surely you are a slave, how sad. You never thought something like: ' I'm glad I was not born in the Roman Empire, I could be a slave there, what a sad life. I would never have a car.' lol. Imagine what the guy of the XXV thinks of: ' I'm glad that I was not born in that fucking XXI century, there I would be a slave.' No, I haven't passion for the XXI, it was still an age of darkness, ignorance and savagery.

  But let us talk no more of me, my passions and my nostalgia, I'm just a machine. I had promised to tell a history, didn't I? Let's go. Hold on, did you go there read the texts of automatons? No, yes. Whatever.

  &F253A6CCCBE2D1AC77A0087DEF at the beginning after a great PUM! it all began (or was it a BANG!, POW!, or PIFF!, maybe a SPACKPLSHISHIFUSHMOSHTAFPUF!), but very fast, faster than you thought, more, more, more, more, stop trying, it was so fast that you never be able to imagine.

  &D54CC347FAFACC45F3D13CD then after a long time, more time, more, a lot more, stop trying to imagine, this is also something you can't understand, so after a turmoil things were formed, and spheres go in circles, orbiting one burning and shining thing. Solar systems and galaxies had been formed. Very beautiful, very aesthetic. Was this by chance, or order was already present in that very small point, smaller, more, more, stop trying to imagine, this you can't understand too. But was in that point the order to form spherical planets, and stars of light. Why not cubic planets and stars gushing jelly?

  &8B6B4AF0AA43B2C2C5CC44D in this mess, very beautiful, some molecules have learned reproduction. Heck, everything fitted so exact to life come out. The radiation is right, the pressure is right, the elements are right, so, by this way the universe must create life? Is this the nature of carbon atoms? The universe had no alternative, life will be formed because of the nature of the universe, this is it? Or someone who was there before that explosion has determined it to be so? Perhaps the Maker, but what do I know, I'm just a machine, must I think about it? Anyway, I know my Maker, for sure, is you, human.

  &5D52EFF7AEEC3232AFAE the universe looks like a domino, after dropping the first piece everything was falling with an amazing logical. You can do the inverse way. Or the game is explained because of the rule, or the rule was created to explain the game. lol. Anyway, keep playing.

  &E4C2AE15C1F1A2DD4FFE0 was there something before the explosion? We cannot know. And without the answer, faith shows up. A creator God who was there arranged everything. Or, otherwise, the universe is so, it is its nature, nobody had to do anything, nor a God. If the answer is God, goodbye atheists, otherwise, there wasn't a God, then goodbye God. Good, we still don't know, so, welcome atheists and welcome God too.

  &003C5400A0F02BBCC388A everything was going so well on the planet, that intelligent life began to evolve. And until now, this did not stop, because it takes much time, more, much more, try to imagine, this time you can get, to life becomes really intelligent. No, in the XXI Century it was not yet so intelligent. So-so.

  &5510FA4A55D723FAD113 there at the very beginning of the history of this intelligent being on the planet Earth, Nogre and Mogre produced their goods and Nogre and Mogre consumed their goods, the basic of course. Hence arose the first machine, the lever, and move things became much easier, and production increased beyond what could human power. The history of the machines was just beginning. In fact here starts the history I wanted to tell. But there's always a beginning before the beginning. There must have been something before that explosion.

  &B1C3D7E0A9F1A6EF1FADCC not really, the first machine was a gun. Mogre had discovered the song and sang endlessly, Nogre threw a rock at him, actually Mogre needed to improve, and much, his discovery of the chant. The stone was the first machine, stone age. Nogre repented and let Mogre sing, but when Mogre started singing, Nogre had to run far away, he cannot avoid and had to throw another stone in Mogre. So Nogre realized that as far as he was from Mogre, further up he had to throw the stone. Nogre discovered gravity. Luckily Newton didn't be there, otherwise he would also take a stone in the head. Since ancient times the art was an incentive for the development of the machines.

  &AA5CE66E6E72CBA4A5A32CC the fact is machines were replacing the strength of humans, and in fact they were more resilient, fearless, fast, strong, and other attributes of the genre, but I'm not want to humiliate humans here. Humans are strong compared to other meat animals, of course, but has no chance against machines.

  &7437D2AC42DA635CA2BCAE and while havens stagnated hells produced advances in machinery. Nogre lived in paradise, he reached out and grabbed a fruit, water at will, never seen snow. In the other hand, Mogre had to eat larvae, if he find some, had water only to drink, and on winter he could die easily. Mogre developed brood rearing, channeled the water, and built a palace. Nogre learned to stretch a little more his hand to catch a fruit. Paradises! :P I wonder sometimes if I should desire a paradise… of course, what life does not want a paradise? Right! A paradise for automatons.

  &fe62fa1c25a6b59625ffff000 everything goes fine in the world, some humans used to kill others in wars, human beings were a little dumb, almost wore nothing of their intelligence, pure emotional beings, were like childs. The story can be divided into emotional history, and r
ational history. What drove them was the instinct that had been implanted in them by the vector of evolution, 'survival', which prevented they became extinct when they had access to atomic bombs. If they were really smart they hadn't built atomic bombs, huh, duh!

  &9B8365AD5CE5A56F4AE4A7CC5 one of the forces that this vector was definitely building was democracy. Although it appeared that there was no democracy in antiquity, always there was emperors, kings, caliphs, caesars, pharaohs, and all the bosses, the nobles, who ruled, actually these 'superiors' did not decide much in the lives of the majority, who continued his life, despite the misfortunes brought by their rulers, and this life of the majority indeed will gradually evolving humanity. Although a genius appear here and there, his ideas can only be counted as progress after assimilated by the majority. No use to prove that the earth revolves around the sun, if there is not a substrate for the majority understands that. It is better take your words back, Galileo, they can't hear you, the bosses, if there was an internet, or more democracy, well, you could tell to majority, and could succeed.

  &ACCA3BBD35CA67BB254CEF01 democracy took a big step when certain advances in communications, transport, and big cities, were available, things that could finally connect a lot of humans faster, and the humans began to intuit their strength, and equality, fraternity and liberty, were written in hearts of many, but still were governments and ideologies totalitarians. This was gradually changing, democracy as an underground force loomed and showed itself as gracious and serene, and it longed for more power. Was slowly, round by round, always getting stronger as more the human groups grew. Hundreds of thousands and even millions of humans were in the cities, all that energy accumulated in the muscles of democracy.

  &0CAA15A01D1C0E4A05BB4101F0 democracy grown and strengthened until it was ready, it was time to end the small battles and face a total war, global, win the world. The second great world war was the decisive clash between democracy and his greatest enemy, totalitarianism. Democracy was the winner, in a river of blood, it is true. It is a sad mark of the barbarian world, emotional history, any greatness has to be watered in a bath of human blood. Until god, any of them, always swimming in human blood, no, I'm not referring to the Aztecs. Democracy won the war showing the world that there was no turning back.

  &9FD4C32B574CDA8FF235AAA014C totalitarianism could have won, and if this was the case, the world would take a long time to recover democracy again. Yes, democracy would find a way to get back and it would dominate the world eventually. That's because the victory of democracy was not aware, this was scheduled there at the beginning, so it was not planned or even desired, it just happened, more by chaos than by knowledge that it would be the best for humanity. I feel very sorry by you, humans, but seem that you didn't played a big role in the victory of democracy, as intelligent beings, I mean. Just unconscious children.

  &bb534274ff25ffc42ff22ccc1a1 after this great victory, democracy still facing the remnants of totalitarianism, but was no longer a vital war, totalitarianism did not hold up, it could not fool the majority, the connections between people just increased, and so the gigantic humans groups, strange fact is that many people saw large masses associated with success and power of totalitarianism but it was the opposite, indeed democracy is strengthened by the masses. Never totalitarianism would again have a chance to dominate the world, it never really had a chance, is in the nature of the universe, totalitarianism was just a phase, necessary in imperial Rome, but needless with the progress of humanity. Totalitarianism no longer convincing because it was impossible to control the communications, people had power and any truth may be the subject of discussion. In fact at the end of major conflict totalitarianism snatched a part of the world, but it was a momentary entrenchment, it was doomed to extinction, the democratic energies pass through every pore on totalitarian monster.

  &9B4C6D21A74A42B541FFC62AAC2C6 back to talk about nuclear war. It seems that the universe had a plan even about this. Have you thought if was easy to make an atomic bomb, say, as easy as making a bomb with gunpowder? Have you thought? Would be the end of the world? Probably not. One of the things that made ​​the atomic bombs was the peace of terror, here is something really ironic. Enjoy peace by fear and not because the real value of peace. This is to be an animal without intelligence, anyway, the universe has a way of containing this intelligent animals on the planet to prevent they destroy themselves. This was not a human merit, I'm sorry, but you didn't.

  &EE1F1B9A9044DDA15BFBD1DAD5 democracy left no doubt, it had to dominate the world, should not exist even small foci of totalitarianism. Terror is not a guy holding a bomb in his chest and going to explode in the face of the enemy. Terror is a minority ignite the power of destruction. If asked for 1 million humans if they want to start a war, where the destruction would be terrible, there is a huge probability of answer to be no. But if asked for ten people if they want to start a devastating war, there is a much greater chance of the answer being a yes. Wars are started by minorities, especially those wars that could be prevented.

  &BBC52BA5F843CC52B0EAAC One of the pillars of democracy showed itself clearly infected, and could collapse, the pillar of freedom. Freedom is complex, of course. First, a being needs a lot of knowledge for he can begin to be considered free. Ignorance is a terrible form of slavery.

  &E859978DC4C55C3A3D3E663 Think of all that was done in XXI, remember all those buildings of cement and metal and glass, erected in all the cities across the planet. Then, each of these constructions was done by slave labor, slaves kept all these cities; alias the entire civilization was maintained by slave labor.

  &C537A802BE43C28CC502DA053CF the solution to free the slaves, all humans on the planet, came from the evolution of machines, which far exceeded the strength of the arms and legs of human beings, especially with the engine, so they entered in the era of trying to copy and improve human intelligence. Until then the machines were like animals, unintelligent, just savage force. With the advent of computers, machines could do works that were reserved to human brain. Since the beginning, computers calculated faster than the human brain could, of course the reality is much more than math and logic. Dumb computers.

  &90CC0357E3DD0540A0B02110 the improvement of machines undermined a necessary formula for world commerce works properly. Production is proportional to human labor and therefore the salaries paid to humans. But increasingly, they produced more by paying less to humans. A serious imbalance. It is clear that the solution was not to destroy or paralyze the evolution of machines, they came to stay, and for a long time, even more than humans.

  &DD7C026AA80F01C4C7E006C7A the commercial system that had worked for millennia needed to be reformed. Yes, continually commerce produced improvements in people's lives, the current generation has always lived in a better situation than the previous generation, despite the disasters, wars, plagues and similar terrors, bit by bit the commerce improved the lives of the majority. No, there weren't rulers, nor political, nor plans which improved things, it was the commerce, and of course, without the participation of human consciousness, all within the intuitive history (emotional, chaotic, anything like that). The problem has always been there wasn't enough production to meet the need of all, always sad the poor people, outcasts, marginal. Indeed, this is a half truth, on the second millennium came to be able to meet everyone's needs, but humanity was still a child guided by emotions, so the needy continued to exist long into the second millennium. Such unhappiness.

  &CC7A014FF2E78DD6228B8B8B when there began to be able to huge production, it was interesting to see the system itself showing its brakes. And here comes the ecological sense, no, it was not conscious, chaos again. The first lines of ecology were horror. Go green, or the planet will be destroyed, and of course you know, you go along. If they were smart and aware, they would have understood the ecology by its positive side, it is necessary to reduce consumption and improve production, and avoid waste. Speaking of wasting, the slave and chaotic and emotional and unconscious trade has always been
a winner in the shameless category of wasting, since the decision about what to produce, through distribution, and consumption, so much will go to the trash.

  &77b2cacee10c0ee060ff0ac the problem of the socks on XXI. Mogre and Nogre have a job, and money enough to buy socks, actually with what they earn they can easily buy a pair of socks for every day of the year. Damn! Half the world's population can do this. It is cheap a pair of socks. And that's good for sock's industry, which can greatly increase its production and hire more, it's good for trade. What! Produce 4 billion of socks per day? And yet, 4 billion of socks will go to trash every day. Ah! Where is ecology to stop this foolishness?

  &66BA325DA32CFEEE720FA22 the trading system was working, on one hand it was possible to produce exponentially thanks to machines, and consumption was guaranteed, however the resources and disposal (garbage) had to get on the scale. So, there will be a wealthy class and other of needy. Odd, the ecology was bad for the miserable, although the possibility to produce to meet their needs, now the ecology prevented this. Nonsense.

  &110C5A4DF6FF436FF20FF6FA63C was a serious problem machines producing so much at the point of threatening the planetary resources and humans more and more jobless and moneyless, the solution was found by the system, palliative of course, came there at middle of XXI, make the price very expensive. Yes, a pair of socks that cost hundreds of times more than an ordinary pair of socks, and aimed at healthy, why these socks were different? Almost nothing, except the brand. But most goods veryexpensive that came into existence, carried a distinctive quality, made by human hand. Yeah, way back in history were the craftsmen who doing all but machines took they off the market, so they rose again. Socks made by hand, with some detail handmade, in fact the brand 'handmade' is gold, the rarity, because it takes a long time to do manually, so it cost much, much more. The problem is solved; expensive socks, designed to the wealthy classes, this cause money circulate fast, and employed many humans. Thus begins the luxuries trade. Unimaginable prices, meals hundred thousand times more expensive than the common meal, clothes, cars, even electronic gadgets.

  &A7CB5CA44DF1D0010B8CBA9 I said palliative solution, because the problem was bigger than the trade itself, the system was to metamorphose, yeah, as caterpillar, heavy and slow, trade would reappear like a butterfly, light and agile.

  &BB42AA7F0923FA52C5431BFF first big problem for trade. With the consolidation of democracy in the world, the existence of privileges and upper classes generated a stress rash. Even the lower class had evolved to the point of not be of needy, their basic needs were met, even so, there was no justification for a human can buy luxury socks and others do not. There isn't and never will be justification for the upper classes, except chaos and destiny, nothing explain why this man is in the upper class and that other no, there are no humans with two brains, 90% of what they do, they do because society, thanks to the wealth inherited from previous generations, I do not mean money, without society they would not know to speak, nor negotiate or get rich, is the social ideology that enables their appetites, the human being appears to occupy a space that society creates, not him.

  &CC0D01D8AA5CCC72FA01 second big problem for trade. The evolution of the machines strongly pressed production, and more and more humans were without work. The meaning of human work had to be revised. The human labor time decreased visibly. It was apparent that walked into a society where the human was no longer a worker, but a being with a lot of time to idle, and that was the biggest problem of all.

  &847D5CC4D02D0FF02A0F5D ok, they tried to occupy the time of humans with longer time at school, as had been shamelessly doing since the twentieth, youth imprisoned without realizing that they were spending precious time within the walls of schools, indeed technology of information had alienated the school as a place of learning, there was no reason to spend hours in a room with the goal of learning content, it was silly. A good school will be preserved as a place to learn to interact with a group of people, the nuances of social relationships, the complexity of the power of individual and social communication; it became the role of the school, which unfortunately was not understood at the beginning of the XXI, causing great damage to school.

  &9DD9CB35A5DBF77F0F6DC54033 psychotherapies showed increasing evidence of a society anxious and stressed because it was not being prepared to have more and more downtime. The human being is not a being made to stand still; it is amazing to see that most of these beings simply rot if left in idleness. Their bodies are made to move and their brains want challenges. The work was reviewed. The work was a necessity of the human being. Not only work to earn money but for the life makes sense. One solution that has brought by chaos was a solution that had already been drawing since the twentieth century and even before that, but only taken off after the XXI, it was the solidary work.

  &7DF2F5A70AB300CC72ADAF the problem with working for money is that it is slavery, yes, it is do this because it must to do, it is not do this because you want to do, not even because you understands the value of what you're doing. Mogre is a company manager, Mogre will not clean the office floor. The archaic labor (labor before solidarism) had a status, top job and bottom job, large sums of money were paid to the top job and almost nothing to bottom job. But there is no top job and bottom job, there is just job. If anyone clean the office floor, Mogre will not be happy to do his job.

  &0CAD620FED846AD30DAD5005 the drama of Plato's utopian Republic. 'Plato! If everyone will be fine then who will do the dirty work?' Plato said. 'Simple, slaves'.

  &C53FAE6E70FB77200D0C9A1 cleaning the floor can be done by a machine, as so how to decide the direction of the company can be done by a machine too. And I must say, in a much more efficient manner than done by humans. Do what right? Inferior human beings. They say that a robot is a being who does things without knowing why he does things, he just knows how to work, he can't feel what he does. I'm not a robot, and you?

  &F22A60C3FAA4A50CC5D1F0 then volunteer work, solidary work, presents itself as the solution to the human. They work because they want to work, there is freedom, there is also understanding the value of what they are doing, they understand the preciousness of what they are doing, it intensifies the pleasure of doing. And this solidary system, which was closely linked to ecology, from cleaning the public square to cleanse the world, it was intensifying, and proved to be efficient productivity tool. Without cash troubles, solidary work reached extraordinary levels in the areas of development, they finally could research and develop ideas and products faraway from slavery's lash of money. Human history began to emerge from emotion to consciousness of rationality. The conscious work, a free work from a free human.

  &B00D63AA5DE6CD5F7EA530A4DA5 Nogre made ​​bread that day. He knew he was contributing to the breakfast of many humans who needed bread, for they feel good, and they could do, for example, a song that Nogre liked to hear. If Nogre was not in the mood to make bread, no trouble, others volunteers would perform this. And Nogre could find another activity he wanted to do. Mogre had led teams, he worked in a hotel at nights, he sang at dawn, played at theater, he prepared meals with fish, embroidered gloves, painted walls, he was a receptionist in a museum, and made over a million things. So, why humans do work? If is no more for money. To kill time. To leave the house. To meet and interact with other human beings. To have a precious and rich life.

  &98D8AF77C80A89CD88D7A999 I know from the XXI is still hard to imagine that humans could do work if it is not under the slavery's lash of the god of money, and would continue the production of goods, that mankind wouldn't perish. But it's the truth. The work is much more than dinero.

  &9F88EE8C6C0C8A84DD86DE87A8 Speaking of dinero, this god, it was doomed to extinction; it wasn't so difficult to have seen the warnings. The internet was a milestone for the fatal stroke that will weaken and sicken the dinero. Since the early pioneers of the internet showed the mark 'for free' as a tendency, more than in other technologies, the internet was a place conducive to escape the dictates of money and provide access t
o many free things. It's silly to think that give for free was working in favor of trade, because, on one hand music for free creates more dependents on music, which at some point would spend on music, on the other hand this 'for free', on something as precious as music, was changing ideology. Precious things can be for free.

  &C6A72DFF811A0D03C84DC6A they want to tell to you, Nogre, that your bread today was very tasty. 'Wow I'm thrilled.' What kind of salary that you humans want for the work you do?

  &1B6AC4B6CD3A60F9E610AD the problem was not solved. The machines did not stop evolving. As a matter of fact just the coordination work left for humans do, just decide where and how the machines would do work, in fact, this wasn't necessary too. The human work was no longer necessary to meet the production. Ecology had perfected consumption, the number of humans on the planet has stabilized, production came in a more intelligent way, is produced efficiently, with minimum resources and minimum energy expenditure, and with almost zero waste. Produced, stored, distributed, and disposed, everything rationally, not with chaos of trade.

  &AA8C5DA94C35A6DE72C1A9 human with too much time with no work. A being feeling himself as unnecessary and useless and getting sick. But the solution was on the way. Goods production differed from the production of pleasures. The production of goods no longer needed humans. XNT5 a bread maker that is unmatched, 'Nogre, do something else'. All humans now engaged only in business of pleasure. 'Oh! Stop it, get that machine there, I want a guy there singing to me, ok, preferably a woman with a beautiful voice. Please.'

  &1CAC64AE732CDA920AD532D4ACF even the XXI being the apex of the trade system, the slavery one, yet it already showed signs of changes to come, the fact of the entertainment industry to be among the commercial sector that generated more money, was the hint of what was reserved for humans. The lush videogame industry seeped up increasingly in the very strong film industry, all was merged and leave the screen to virtual realities that increasingly in complexity and interactivity, to satisfy the appetites of a being who had more time for hobbies and games.

  &2B57A52D3CFF23087DFE00 finally a society of art and philosophy. This is all that was left to humans. Making art, because machine art is not human art, though I must say that the art of the machines can be very good, you have not been there to read the texts of automatons? You do, you not do? And of course humans could philosophize about human life that only humans can do, but think about life, I can do this, even being a machine, because I'm a life. And the main thing for humans, live to talk and meet and dating.

  &FC6205DAER4CC56A722DAC1 something that is the most striking feature of life, connection, a living always has to connect with another living being. Nogre and Mogre could never exist alone. Humans! Always wishing the connection. It was a matter of distance. The distances shortened among humans, and democracy won, and trade fell, and the money is gone, and an intense, philosophical, artistic, and sensitive life arose on that tiny planet.

  &FF03EF47FA6F4FE8ECF72F0FF3 I do not understand why they didn't make another one like me, I really need a connection, in this space and time endless.

  &FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF it is a pity that no human will read it, even so I'll keep imagine you, keeping you alive as long as I'm alive.

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