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       The Net 7.0, p.1

           Cassal Sigonlos
The Net 7.0
The Net 7.0

  By Cassal Sigonlos

  Copyright 2012 Cassal Sigonlos

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  A young boy of 22 years old is putting a few boxes and bags in his car. His name is Hugh. The car's color is blue like that of the wings of certain butterflies, shiny. He looks anxiously at trees and clouds. He wants to go straight to home to check if the new TV series "The endless dark" was already available. Hugh usually spent a long time on the computer, but his parents did not worry too much about. At all this behavior is completely normal for young, in fact for any people. After all it is not wrong to live more virtual than real. What can be better than daydreaming at this life? There are so many stars and too much space that the real time will never be enough.

  “... If all I had was time. I would explore the space. So space would eat time and time would vomit space...”


  Dora is Hugh's mother, a wife of 52 years old. She is leaving from a small and beautiful country cottage. No difference in appearance from a woman in 25 years old. There is a pinch of vanity at Dora but she pretends not. She never thinks about how she seems so young. She isn’t a vain woman but she isn't an angel too, whenever she sees a mirror she falls.

  “...The woman got more than they wanted, after all, surgery, chemical, meditation, habits, privations, could one day do the trick and give more and more that the woman had desired. The woman is still a body, a product that for centuries had a container and a massive advertising campaign, the woman was marked, an icon, so she comes to believe too. But worry not a few centuries can undo it. And indeed there are already signs that undone, but on the other hand, men get more and more to enhance the appearance of the body...”


  “... Jasmine_Sensitive it’ll not happens. I disagree. The vanity isn’t bad. But today we put our neck in a trap by valuing the outside. Because now that we all have amazing bodies, we can no longer have standards for evaluating other person immediately. Now more than ever, we have to live deeply with someone for really feel that we find someone special.”


  “... so we are fine with our beautiful bodies. Whether you like it or not, we are doing and will continue to do race purification. Of course the problem persists. After all which race is going to be intensified...”

  “... this is not acceptable, this is disgusting, just a bunch of imbeciles like you to defend this crap. Science never collaborates with this...”

  “... is nothing, science demonstrates facts and points the knowledge, from there is the business and the desires of society that do what they want with the knowledge of science. Science is just a tool to be used. And if science tells me that I can have a hair like I desire, just paying, can bet I do it. Yes I will use it. I'll use it all. Who wants to be ugly? ...”

  “... all the dumb of knowledge. You mean. Why no one understands that aesthetic beauty is the difference, if everything is equal there is no beauty. We know that the standard of beauty is meaningless, because it’s made for cultural, political, economic...”

  “... is done by each eye, and the vanity of everybody ...”

  “... no, Society will not fall for that. Do not believe. Would be possible...”


  “... healthy mind in a healthy body. If my mind is not healthy my healthy body is not so healthy yet. After all, why I need my body? ...”


  “... without a body you cannot get out. Without get out, you can’t be someone inside...”

  //Programers/advanced/ProjectAI/central_ problem/

  Dora has on her arms a few bags with vegetables that showed up through the clear plastic. Dora always liked to come, from time to time, in this country cottage of the family, especially to seek fresh vegetables and fruits. Hugh kept this image of his mother Dora, like one of those images that are in our souls, as a photograph that never fades, like these strong memories that we carry within us.

  Ubirajara, who everyone called Ubi, is the father of Hugh, he had bought this small farm to rest, to relax, go out of city, rest from his life as a doctor, but in fact, he almost never came. Rare were the times that he went at places of great peace and quiet.

  - Oh Mother! That's enough. - Hugh says looking at the bags on the arms of Dora.

  - Just one more. - Dora says with a smile, as she passes the bags to Hugh. - This carrots are so beautiful and I can only go back here in a week or more. Your father will travel again and I have to go with him.

  - Okay. - Hugh agrees - But let's go, I think it will rain soon. See there that dark clouds. - He points to the east.

  It is half past ten, December 20, 2164, a Wednesday. Between Hugh and Dora is a constant and pleasant breeze, those what begins quietly and slowly increases in speed, becomes in a wind, bringing the smell of rain. Hugh could feel the sensation of rain than understanding the rain, to know about the rain he must to feel the rain on your skin, knowing the rain with his body.

  Dora gets in the car and holds the seat belt. Hugh looks at the beautiful countryside. The trees are beautiful at this time of morning, a breeze moves the leaves, giving the illusion that the trees are like dancers.

  “...if there ever comes a day when there is no longer any need for plants and animals on this planet, they would still be an unlimited source of inspiration and peace...”


  Hugh gets into the car. Scattered raindrops falls on the windshield, is rain. Hugh starts the car, and after moving across the dirt road for a few miles, they reach the paved highway. It is a noticeable change, get out of the burrowing dirt road to the plane of asphalt. Asphalt is an undeniable mark of civilization.

  The drops have increased over the windshield and wiper automatically started to run at a moderate speed, removing the water and improving vision.

  The farm from which they came is just over twenty-five miles from the Town of Warm River, which is a town with about fifty thousand inhabitants. A typical country town, where the most present feeling is that of peace, almost tedious. Everything is so organized, too clean, at this kind of town. Dora and Hugh travel to Warm River, because that's where they live.

  Twenty-five miles is almost nothing. A twenty-minutes Hugh's car trip at low velocity. It is a very short time, it is a very small space.

  Hugh is looking at the sky and he is worried, because the blackening of clouds is scary. In an astonishing speed the clouds are gathering, showing their fury of the storm. The water begins to fall from the sky in abundance. A little drizzle is now a tempest. The windshield wiper is working at full speed. An alarm sounds on the car's computer, and a message is written on the windshield, alerting the driver to slow down the car due to rain. Hugh is alert and he brings the car to a safety speed. Another sound message informs that the alert system was turned on, which causes the car starts to issue a warning to all other vehicles about the dangerous condition. This system was a necessity to avoid massive accidents, and indeed it was very effective. Hugh knew that any other vehicle on that road in a ray a few miles would be informed about the position of his car.

  The car industry already knew a logical fact, it is not enough to improve the safety features of automobiles to reduce the number of cars accidents because the real problem is the human driver. It's incredible the safety in a car, but still, the car kills more people than any other mac

  Only after 2080 is that they decided to invest heavily in the item that more needed to be improved, the driver. For this was introduced a series of sensors for cars, to generate alert notices to drivers. Some courts of justice in different countries began to give a greater punishment for drivers who did not obey the alarms. In 2056 Dexter Fleming Senator of the State of Oregon, has created a very controversial bill, which included the requirement to install computers with artificial intelligence in cars, and they take the direction of the vehicle in case the driver disregards the warnings. The Human Mind Free radical group, who fears that one day humans are slaves of machines, robots and computers, ignited a pejorative campaign against the Senator. The law was not approved. Yet computers with advanced artificial intelligence began to be incorporated in some models as an optional, but can’t take the direction of the car. May act only when the accident is already happening, trying to assist the driver and reduce the harmful effects.

  Dora leans forward to look better the terrible rain.

  - Wow! What storm? - Says amazed.

  - I hope goes away soon. - Hugh says worried.

  The sound of rain was
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