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  **Three Years Later** December 21, 2013 (Carter Grace)

  Casper , KC, Jaycee, Leanna, Dillon, Taylor, and I were all sitting around the warm fire, singing

  and chatting about who is giving who a present this year, our lives, hopes, dreams.

  “Isn’t it amazing that three years ago, we wouldn’t have made it to where we are today?” Jaycee asks. I

  nodded my head.

  “Without the X-Factor, I wouldn’t of know you guys existed! Let alone become friends, or sisters with!”

  KC exclaimed.

  “Can you believe we played Madison Square Garden just a week ago?” I asked. KC said,

  “Drew was right. He knew we would play Madison Square Garden. We talked about it three years ago.”

  They have been better friends ever since KC’s dad died of a car crash.

  “That concert was amazing. You girls did great.” Casper responded, then hugged me as I rested my head

  on his shoulder.

  “Ew!! Ever heard of PDA?!?!” Dillon shrieked.

  “Says you Mr. Kissy Face!!” Casper shot back. It was the same argument they had three years ago. Ah,


  “Guys!!! How about we have a picture to send to our friends and family back home?” Leanna asked.

  Five minutes later, we were all on the couch with Christmas hats on. As I set the timer on my

  phone, I ran back to take the photograph.

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  The timer started, “Five, Four, Three, Two, One!” at the count of one we all shouted,

  “Merry Christmas!”

  January 15, 2013 (Carter Grace)

  Divided Halo is going pretty well! Leanna’s father died from the cancer on December 23rd.

  Divided Halo along with Niall, Casper, Drew, and Simon went to his funeral. We are all in the practice

  room practicing our new song, “Live Life”

  After practice, we went to Starbucks to get coffee. While we were waiting for our coffee, we saw Ed

  Sheeran in line.

  “Ed!” Leanna yelled. He turned around and smiled, walking over.

  “Hey girls! How are you?” He asks.

  “We’re good. What was recording with Taylor like?” I questioned

  “It was… what’s the word?”

  “Terrifying?” I asked.

  “Horrific?” Leanna asked.

  “Cheeky?” KC suggested. Ed laughed when he heard KC’s suggestion.

  “Order for Ed Sheeran?” The waitress asked.

  “That is me,” he told her as he walked up, getting his coffee. When he came back, he told us,

  “It was nice meeting you girls. KC” Ed said, winking when he said KC’s name. She turned crimson as he

  walked out the door.

  “Ooh, he likes you!” Jaycee squealed. KC just rolled her eyes as she said,

  “Jay, I have a boyfriend. Plus we barely know each other! Why would he ever dream of liking me?”

  Jaycee folded her arms over her chest.

  “Logic,” she told us before walking out the door.

  “What the heck does she mean?” I asked. Leanna shrugged.

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  “Order for Divided Halo?” Swarms of teenage girls ran up to the counter, waiting for us to give them an

  autograph or a picture.

  As we walked up, I noticed a little girl about the age of twelve or thirteen with a hat, but no hair,

  sitting in a booth with her family. As I walked up to greet her, her mother tapped her on the shoulder

  and pointed to me. Once the girl turned around, her face went from boredom to happiness.

  “Hi! My name is Julia Montez!” she told me with delight.

  “Hi! Mind if I sit next to you?” Julia nodded her head and I slid in next to her.

  “You are an amazing singer! I loved your X- Factor performances!” she told me, very happy. I noticed

  paparazzi creeping up slowly but surely, but I didn’t care. Julia was amazing. The girls came over with the

  coffee and Julia said, “Hey guys!” They smiled and waved.

  “Carter, we need to go” KC told me.

  “Oh, ok. Bye Julia!” I waved goodbye and hugged her. As we walked out, the paparazzi bombarded us

  with questions, but we just waved it off and walked to Leanna’s apartment.

  January 15th, 2013 (Leanna Stewart)

  “So, what do you want to do?” I asked KC. The others were out shopping.

  “I do need a new beanie along with a pair of high tops.” She suggested.

  “Let’s go!”

  As we got into my white sports car, KC noticed a picture of my brother, Cooper.

  “Who’s this?” She asked.

  “My older brother Cooper. He committed suicide from being bullied in school.” I replied with a grim

  expression on my face.

  “So you only have your mo-” I cut her off by saying,

  “My mom died in a car accident after my dad, well you know.”

  “So you live with your aunt?” She asked.

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  As we pulled into the mall parking lot, we noticed Neff and Fresh Kicks. Once we parked and

  locked my car, KC ran for the shoe store. It is a good thing I am a fast runner because I had to sprint to

  catch up with her.

  “Don’t you love the smell of new shoes?” She asks once we enter the store. I notice Carter and walk

  over to where she is.

  “Hey Carter! Small world, huh?” I ask.

  “Very small.” I hear Ed’s voice behind me. KC comes over and hugs him

  “Hey Ed!” She greets.

  “Hey small fry!” He teases. She pretends to pout as they go up to the register to pay for her blue high

  tops. They then walk over to Neff beanies talking about who knows what. Carter and I glance at each

  other before running over to them.

  As Ed, Carter, and I were looking for a beanie KC might like, Carter told Ed,

  “She has a boyfriend, you know.” He looks at her, confused.


  “Oh, don’t play dumb with me, Sheeran. I see the way you look at her. The way you smile and talk to

  her. She is about to fall into your little trap, but no longer! Because Carter is going to save the day! I will

  not let you push her into liking her when she has a boyfriend!! Making her hypnotized for you. I don’t

  want you breaking her heart and getting her confused! I know what that is like! I was with her when she

  had to give up her LIFE to go through her dad walking away from her family! She was beaten for doing

  nothing!!!!!! And you have the nerve to go and play your stupid game!!” I then turn on my heel with

  Carter and KC behind me. I turn back around and shoot Ed a look so menacing, people look away.

  “Ok, that was…. Interesting.” Carter said once we got into the car.

  “I had to say it. I couldn’t let him break her heart.” I say simply.

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  January 16th , 2013 (Jaycee Smith)

  We heard Leanna’s car pull up into the driveway. Once they got up the stairs, I pulled Leanna’s wrist just to make her mad.

  “What?!?!” She screamed, shooting me “The Glare”

  “N-nothing. Go ahead” I whimpered. Leanna rolled her eyes, muttering, “Drama Queen” Niall walked into the room.

  “Hey, what was that about?” He asked.

  “Nothing. Aren’t you supposed to be with One Star?” He shook his head.

  “I am twenty three years old. The band broke up when we were twenty three. And sweetheart, it is

  called One Direction. Or was anywas. We still keep in touch though.” Niall told me in his Irish drawl. I

  nodded my h
ead understandingly.

  “It is hard to lose your best friends, huh?”

  He nodded and told me, “More like brothers with everything we have been through.” I smiled.

  “I am very happy to have a friend like you, Niall”

  “Thanks, but we all know it’s the opposite” He smiled. I lightly pushed him and told him he was making me blush.

  “Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?”

  “Yea and you will always be my best friend.” We smiled at each other before exiting the small hallway.

  “We were talking in a small, cramped hallway. It seems like bad luck, doesn’t it?” I asked.

  He shook his head. “Bad luck is when you walk under a ladder.”

  (Niall’s P.O.V)

  “Bad luck is when you walk under a ladder.” I stated. Jaycee just started laughing.

  “What?” I asked her.

  “We weren’t even talking about ladders!” She laughed, then stopped abruptly.

  As we walked into the kitchen, the guys and girls started staring at us.

  “Guys, we need to come on before Simon gets mad!” Jaycee yelled at the girls. ‘Ah, nice save Jay, nice

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  save.’ I thought to myself. They all walked off to go get ready for their concert. I am so happy they got

  second place for the finals. They excuse me, Divided Halo is a great band that should never be


  January 17th , 2013 (KC Mitchell)

  As we practice our solo’s, I think about the biggest secret I have in my life. Drew know about it,

  only him. Taylor sees my glum expression and walks over after we have practiced and she is allowed to

  talk to us.

  “What’s wrong Kay?” She asks, concerned.

  “Oh, nothing” I say, putting on a fake smile. Unluckily, Taylor knows me too well, and so she sits by me and asks,

  “What’s wrong?” I take in a deep breath and say,

  “Why am I here? Why did God create me? I am worthless and don’t deserve to take up precious space. I

  used to think that popularity, celebrity fame, and all of that was the best thing in the world. But I…. I

  don’t know. I feel like Drew and you are the only ones who want to be my friends and are there for me.

  Most people I meet are fake, dumb and just stupid! You and Drew are nothing like that! You tell me I am

  loved and that I am here for a purpose, even if I don’t know what it is. God loves me, I know that. But

  why does He love me? Why did He create me if He knew I would mess up at life, with God, at school,

  with “family”, and with you? Why does He know I will stumble and fall, mess up and get frustrated, get

  teased, and stared at. That has to be the worst part. People look at me without knowing me or my

  story! Sure, people tell you not to stare, but they do!” At this point I am doing my best not to cry.

  “Kaylee, I don’t know all the answers, or why people tease you,You don’t mess up at life, or frineds or

  family. Especially not on God! You can NEVER mess up on God!! You are beautiful, smart, creative,

  awesome, and an amazing writer! Remember that day on your seventeenth birthday when

  Dillon, Casper, Drew and I came to your cabin to tell you we love you and we wished you a happy

  birthday?” She asked. I nodded slowly, remembering the day when they woke me up by playing my

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  favorite band, Sleeping with Sirens, favorite song and yelling, “Happy Birthday Kaylee!!” The others just

  stayed asleep. I remembered smiling when each one of them hugged me, even Casper. We had

  blueberry pancakes and chocolate shakes and talked about whatever we could think of.

  “You are loved, Kaylee. Just remember that.” She told me, and walked out of the room. I sighed and

  decided to go to Starbucks to clear my head.

  As I sat in a booth writing whatever came to mind, Drew comes over to me and sits down.

  “Hey Kaylee! What are you doing?” He asks. I roll my eyes and smile at him before answering,

  “Waiting for my Frappuccino.You?”

  “Waiting for my best friend to get her Frappuccino so I can take her around Cheshire.”

  “Order for KC Mitchell?” I stand up and Drew does too, walking with me to the counter. A couple

  minutes later, we are on the top of a double decker bus with a tour guide screaming in our ears from the


  “So how do you like London so far?” He asks meekly. I laughed, which I haven’t done in a while.

  “I would like it if we could move so the tour guide doesn’t fracture my ear!” He laughed and said,

  “You can’t fracture an ear Kaylee!” I rolled my eyes.

  “But could we move? Please?” I asked with puppy dog eyes and started to whimper. Luckily, he gave in and we moved to a new seat.

  We stopped at the last stop which happened to be Cleopatra’s Needle.

  “I have always wanted to go, but I never could…” his face turned from smiling to shock.

  “Why?” I shrugged my shoulders

  “ I don’t know. I guess I could never go because of financial problems.” He nodded in understanding. It was silent when we walked back to his apartment. When he unlocked the door, I went into his kitchen and pretended to starve.

  “I… am…. So…. Weak.”

  Drew rolled his eyes. “Get some food, you turtle.”

  “Did you know that turtles breathe through their butts?” I asked. He turned around and asked me,

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  “Why do I need to know that?”

  “My friend Katherine told me that. I thought it was awesome.”

  He nodded his head slowly. “Seems like valuable information. I have to take a shower. After I’ll take you

  to your apartment.” I nodded, eating a peach.

  “You have fun with your shower!” I teased. Drew stuck his tongue out at me and laughs.

  An hour later, Drew comes back in sweatpants and an Alabama t-shirt.

  “So, a person who lives in Cheshire is wearing an Alabama t-shirt. Not something you see everyday,

  that’s for sure.”

  “Let’s just go, ok?” He asks, a little angry.

  “Ok.” Just like when we were walking home, it was silent, but this was more of an angry silence. I have

  never seen Drew angry before, so I tried to ask him about it.

  “Please? I will help you no matter if you like it or not.” He huffed.

  “Fine. My girlfriend of two years broke up with me.”

  “How?” I asked.

  “Facetime.” He told me, sighing. I really didn’t mean to, but I laughed. Drew glared at me and I said,

  “Well, she was stupid because you are a funny, talented, nice, sweet, kind, amazing person. I can see

  that you are broken , but you shouldn’t be. If she couldn’t see all of the amazing talents and gifts that

  you have,. She should be crying. She is blind. She should be mad about the break up. Not you, that’s for

  sure. And another thing, you are so nice to everyone, I can see why she fell for you. You make everyone

  laugh, you are never sad or depressed, you let people know how special they are when they are sad or

  depressed, or feel like they don’t have a purpose, or feel like they are worthless. But they aren’t! I am

  sure those traits will be helpful in the years to come. And you passed my apartment.”

  “Bye forever KC. I hope I never see you again.” He says once he turns into my apartment driveway. Then

  he drove away without looking back.

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  January 18th, 2013 (Drew Nicholson)

  Oh. My. Gosh. Why did I just say that to Kaylee? Great. And sh
e probably hates me now. Just

  what I need. I called her but no answer. I got to my house, unlocked the door, and shut the door.

  “Why am I such an idiot? My life is horrible. She hates me. She hates me. She hates me.” I muttered as I

  flopped on the couch. I later got a call from Kaylee.

  “Hello?” I asked, my voice weak from crying.

  “Hey, could I come over?” Kaylee asked.


  A couple minutes later, she came over in ripped jeans, Toms, and a “Live Life” tanktop. Typical Kay.

  “Hey Drew” Kaylee says. I smiled at her before letting her inside.

  We were looking through the balcony when I say,

  “I’m sorry for what I said. I was just confused. But thank you for what you said. It made me feel better.”

  She smiled a little bit. “Yea, I have never seen you get angry before, so I didn’t know what you would

  do. I was scared, but I had to say it. It was all true. She is an idiot if she can’t see every amazing thing you

  have in your life.”

  “Hey, best friends forever right?” I asked.

  “Best friends forever!” She smiled.

  January 21st , 2013 (Casper Reed)

  Carter and I were watching The Little Mermaid, which happened to be her favorite movie, when Carter got a call.

  “Pause the movie.” She stated. I did, not thinking twice.

  “Hello? Oh, hey Kaylee! Nothing. Movie Premier? I would love to go! With Casper of course” She

  laughed quietly.

  “Yea, ok. See you in an hour.” Then, Carter turned to me, shutting off her phone.

  “Let’s go see a movie!”

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  January 21st, 2010

  I knocked on Carter’s apartment door. Casper opened the door.

  “Hey Kaylee. Ready for the movie premier?” He asked. ‘Wow. He is being nice. Actually talking to me,

  that’s a start!’ I thought.

  “Yea, I am trying to not be a jerk. But for Carter’s sake.” He said quickly.

  “Ha, so when y’all breakup you will just go back to not speaking to me, and us being mortal enemies?” I

  asked, being sassy.

  “What? I thought we were friends!” He said, stunned.

  “Yea, never going to happen! Never in a million years!!” I said, looking away. Carter shows up at the

  door, in her dress, looking amazing.

  “Let’s go!”

  When we got to the movie theater, paparazzi and fans lined up on both sides of the red carpet,

  snapping photos and screaming for an autograph like a hungry wolf. One comment caught me,

  “You are worthless! Why are you even alive? Divided Halo is so much better without you! Kaylee, you

  are so stupid and fat!!!” I looked down and tried to stay strong by putting on my sunglasses.

  “Hey Kaylee, don’t listen to her. She just wants to be you.” Drew said, hugging me. I nodded but kept

  my head down.

  During the movie, I thought that one comment over and over again thinking, ‘Am I fat?

  Worthless maybe, but fat? I never thought of myself as fat. I know the Lord gives me challenges to see if I

  can stay strong and still believe that He can protect me, but it is getting so hard to stay strong! I don’t

  know if I ca-’ I stopped for a moment and burst into tears. Taylor looked over and moved to the empty

  seat beside me.

  “Kaylee, what’s wrong?” She asked.

  “A- a girl c-called m-me fat and t-told me I am w-w- worthless!!! I can’t handle that kind of hate! Sure,

  Page 40

  people may look at me, but I can’t stay strong! It gets harder and harder when people call you fat,

  worthless, and stupid and look at you like you don’t belong here! I can’t do this! I know the Lord loves

  me and he wants me to stay strong, but when he gives me challenges like this…. I don’t know anymore.

  Maybe I really don’t belong here. Maybe I really am stupid, fat and worth-” Taylor stopped me by saying,

  “No! Ok? You are smart, skinny, and worth millions! Just like Drew said, they want to be you! They

  want to hate you, but it doesn’t help them in the eyes of the Lord! Jerimiah 48:8 says, “The one who is

  going to destroy you will come against every town. Not even one of them will escape. The valley and

  high flatlands will be destroyed. That is saying, Even the people who hurt you will not survive when The

  Day comes. You are loved more than you can ever imagine! So, don’t let hateful comments get to you!

  We can be strong in the Lord!” I smiled, got up, went down the steps and said to my manager Payton,

  “Payton, could you drive me to my apartment? I don’t feel well.” She nodded and unlocked her car.

  “Wait! Kaylee!” Drew yelled. I turned around to find him running towards the car. I waited until he reached the car to ask,

  “What do you want? I am going to my apartment”

  “Kaylee, I just wanted to say that you are lo-”

  “I know! Everyone says that to me but it is so hard to believe! Sure, Jesus died on the cross for our sins

  because He loved us. You don’t have to be my friend! You don’t have to love me! Why don’t you walk

  away from me? Why do you stay by my side?”

  “Because God called me to. I know that this is a rough time for you because of your family, but just

  know that I love you. And I will never leave you when you are in darkness. Here-” He gave me a journal.

  “Just in case you can’t talk, write. Write whatever you are feeling and Taylor and I will try to help you.

  Because as we told you-”

  “You guys love me. And I have no idea how much.” I say, smiling.

  “Don’t ever forget it. I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so talk to me whenever you want and I

  promise I will listen” He says, hugging me.

  Page 41

  “I have to go to, uh, my apartment. Bye” I say as I get in Payton’s car and she drives away.

  January 25th, 2013 (Drew Nicholson)

  “Bye” I whisper as KC drives away in Payton’s car. I sigh and walk back to my questionable friends.

  “Is she ok?”

  “Where is she?”

  “I don’t know!” I yelled in frustration. Girls can be so confusing sometime, yet I love Kaylee to death. As

  a friend, mind you. We have been friends ever since seventh grade. I hop into my car and drive away to

  Kaylee’s apartment. Nobody calls her KC anymore, it got old. Plus she liked her name, “Kaylee”. I like it

  too. Well, I promised her I wouldn’t tell her story, so I won’t.

  When I got to her apartment, I locked my car and walked up to her door, then knocked softly.

  She opened her door, hair in a bun in sweatpants and a tank top.

  “Drew!!” She yelled in happiness as she crushed me in a hug.

  “You think I would just leave you without a formal goodbye?” I asked as I stepped inside her apartment.

  “Of course not! Sorry for leaving you out there. It just got too much.” She whispered

  “It is perfectly fine. It seems like every time we come to each other’s houses, we say ‘I’m sorry’.” I


  “Haha, yea. Would you want to watch a movie?” She asked.

  “Sure” And in a couple minutes, we were sitting on the sofa watching The Last Song, Kaylee’s favorite

  movie, being the idiots we are, when we tried to make popcorn, we burned it.

  “Correction, YOU burned it.” She laughed, throwing a burned kernel at me.

  “Oh it is ON!!!!!!” I yelled, grabbing a popcorn bowl and filling burned popc
orn with it. She did the same

  and pretty soon, we were throwing burned popcorn kernels at each other like it was World War two.

  April 18th, 2013 (Kaylee Chase)

  My nineteenth birthday is here! Tell the world! I just wish I could see my parents. No, no, you

  Page 42

  don’t understand. I mean my real parents. I was adopted from the Ukraine, thus, I don’t know my

  parents or any of my family. So I really have the urge to find them. I really don’t want to discuss my

  “family” for now because…. There are reasons. Anyways, let’s discuss my morning:

  I got woken up by three idiots named, Dillon, Taylor, and Drew.

  “Happy Birthday Kaylee!!” They chorused.

  “So, what is everyone’s plans for my nineteenth birthday?” I asked.

  “Come downstairs and we will show you!” Drew told me.

  When we get downstairs, there is four plane tickets. They read: Dillon, Kaylee, Taylor, Drew—







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