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  After the movie, we went to Books-A-Million to get coffee, then went to the Apple store to get

  Divided Halo an I-Pad.

  Once we arrive at the Apple Store with our coffee, we look around until we find what we are looking for.

  “An I-Pad Air!!!” Carter yelled.

  “Carter! Stop! They might kick us out!” I hissed.

  “Oh well!” She yells, then went to try out the I-Pads. We looked around until we all met back at the exit.

  “Hey, we have to go back to the set to practice, well I have to anyways.” Carter said. “Let’s go then!”

  We get back to the set in quick-time. We waved goodbye and went to our lives. It is Divided

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  Halo’s last performance until we find out who the winners are! I am so excited! But we have to reherse!

  So bye!!!

  March 8th, 2010 (Carter Grace)

  After we practiced, we had to go straight to hair and makeup because we had thirty minutes to

  get ready before the show.

  “I am so nexited!!” Leanna said.

  “Nexited?” I asked.

  “Nervous and exited!!” She said happily. We all nodded our heads and sat down on the couch.

  Thirty minutes later, we grabbed our microphones and walked to our positions on the stage to

  do our dance moves. The music started, the tension was up, and we had one chance to make this all

  right. But no pressure, right? As we were singing, I saw Simon smile a little bit as we were singing.

  When we were finished, just like my first audition, the judges were all standing and clapping. We

  all held hands and bowed. As we went up, Simon started speaking,

  “Wow. The song, everything was just, wow.”

  Leanna then asked, “Good or bad?”

  “Well, there is only one answer to that and of course it is good! You girls will make it far .” The audience

  clapped, screamed, and squealed. Like last time, we all laughed. Niall told us,

  “You girls have come a long way from where you started! I can just tell you that it was for the better!

  Because, like Simon said, wow!!” We all beamed proudly before KC screamed into her microphone,


  Demi smiled saying, “KC, you are so right. Divided Halo? You girls were meant to stand on that stage!

  You girls were meant to be heard!” Jaycee started smiling and soon we all huddled up and hugged each

  other. This was the best moment of our lives!

  An hour later, we were standing on the stage with another group and a solo singer. We were

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  waiting for the judge to tell us who won.

  “Alright. Let’s get down to business. The first place winner is………. Moonstar!!” The crowd erupted in

  high pitched screams as “Moonstar” started hugging us as they left the stage.

  “The second place winners are……….. Divided Halo!!” At that moment, everything stopped for a

  moment as we heard out band being called. We didn’t have time to process it, and soon, we were being

  hugged by thousands of people.
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