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I was blushing and smiling so that my cheeks were a scarlet rose and my teeth hurt. Casper was standing

  there, waiting for an answer. “Sure I would!” I smiled. He was the one that was smiling like a fool now.

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  Casper picked me up and spun me around while I was laughing.

  March 4th, 2010 (Jaycee Smith)

  This. Is. Unbelievable! Divided Halo is finally a group! I wonder where Carter went… because we

  sort of need her. We are deciding who plays what, who sings, and who sings and plays what. KC plays

  guitar, Leanna plays piano, and I sing. We need her. Right now. We were discussing who plays and sings,

  when Casper and Carter barge into the room, out of breath.

  “Hey Carter! What are you doing here Casper?” I asked. He blushed, not knowing what to say.

  “I, uh, we were go-” Carter shut him up by saying,

  “I was taking him on a tour of the place, he didn’t know when-”

  “Carter, he knows every inch of this place, top to bottom.” Niall told Carter. She blushed and looked down.

  Casper did the same.

  “Awe! That is adorable! You two are dating!” Niall’s eyes were wide in shock. Then he started running

  toward Casper. Casper freaked out and ran the other way with Niall on his trail, yelling


  When Niall caught up to him, Casper was red- faced and Niall had him by his shirt sleeve. Niall

  then turned to Carter, letting Casper down, and walking toward her, telling her something and them leaving.

  Casper turned to his next- best- friend, which happened to be me! He talked to me saying, “Jaycee, don’t

  Let Niall break us up! I only met her two days ago! I said I would protect her from harm and there she goes

  off with Niall to convince her that I am not right for her! Go find where they are and report back to me ASAP!

  I saluted and ran off to find where Niall and Carter were. It feels nice, being part of something, when I am

  not at home in Bradford, reading and writing. Basically what I am doing is homework. I am homeschooled

  because being around other people and talking to them?! I would rather write in my journal if anything else.

  But the girls have grown on me, and I guess, I have to talk to them. Anyways, I am pretty sure you don’t want to hear my life story, so I am ending that.

  March 4th, 2010 (Niall Horan)

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  As we were walking, we both stopped and started laughing.

  “Do you think they bought it?” Carter asked, laughing.

  “I do” I stopped talking for a second and whispered to Carter,

  “Do you hear something?”

  “Yea, I think Jaycee is coming! Come on!” She pulled my arm, leading me into a room. She

  turned on the lights and we were in the break room! I love this room! It has a big couch with a big pillow on

  it, a refrigerator with a Coca-Cola polar bear magnet and other magnets on it. A flat screen TV is in the

  corner along with the couch. It was a pretty cool room. We sat on the couch and stared at each other for a

  while until I spoke up and said,

  “So, you and Casper, huh?”

  “Yea, we met two days ago and we just got along well!” she said, blushing and smiling. I smiled and asked,

  “You do know Casper is my cousin, right?”

  “Yea, considering you were giving him death glares…” I laughed and blushed. Jaycee opened the door with

  her head down, clearly embarrassed.

  “Hey Jaycee! Join the party!” Carter greets her. Jaycee’s head snaps


  “Oh with only two people? Wow. You are so downgraded. Haha, goodbye!” She then slams the door

  shut behind her.

  “Rude much?” I ask. I look over to see Carter on the verge of tears. I quickly go to get

  Casper, since he is her boyfriend. Oh the sadness. But I respect Casper. He is my cousin, anyways. You have

  to respect family.

  When I got to where Casper was, he was staring blankly at the floor listening to music on his I-

  Phone. When he noticed me, he quickly looked back at the floor again. I yelled,

  “Carter is crying and I didn’t know what to do”. Before I knew it, he was gone in a flash.

  March 4th, 2010 (Casper Reed)

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  As soon as I heard, “Carter is crying,” I ran out to find my beautiful girlfriend. As I was running,

  thoughts went through my head,

  “Is she ok?”

  “I can’t bear to see her cry”

  “I can’t believe she is my girlfriend.”

  “She is a twirler, she plays flute, and has amazing golden- blonde hair.”

  “I thank God for her every day!” As I am running, I check to see if my I-Phone is with me to see where Carter is and to see if she is

  ok. It is not. Great, I have it at every un- important moment, but not now. I must have dropped it when I went

  to go see Carter. Speaking of Carter, I run past a door that is marked, Break Room. As I stop and listen, I

  hear faint crying. Carter! I push open the door to see Carter sitting on the couch, watching The Little Mermaid

  and bawling her eyes out. I quickly run over, holding her hand. She lights up and whispers,

  “Casper?” I smile and nod while trying to comfort her. I then ask her,

  “So why are you crying, lovely?” She looks up, her eyes

  misty, red, and hazy from crying. She bites her bottom lip and looks away.

  “Well, it all started when Niall told me you sent Jaycee to go spy on us. We eventually ended up here,

  taking a lot of turns to hide from Jaycee…”

  She continued her mood brightening up as she tells the end of her story with my cousin.

  “And The Little Mermaid? We have lots of other movies too, you know?” By then she was happily smiling as

  she grabbed the remote and paused the movie. While she was up, she took a moment to get a drink from the

  refrigerator, but stopped and asked,

  “Would you like to go to Starbucks with me?” I smiled and said,

  “Sure!” Let me get my phone and keys.”


  We were in my red Ferrari and listening to, “Love Will Tell Us Where to Go” by Bridgit Mendler. She

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  started singing,

  “Take on the world, let’s go crazy, love will tell us where to go...” When we got there, I told her,

  “You have a really pretty voice,” She turned a deep shade of crimson and looked down. I told her to go

  find a seat and I would meet her there.

  “But my favorite drink here is Ja-” I cut her off by saying,

  “Java Chip Frappuccino,” She stuck her tongue out and I laughed. She went to go pick a seat. When I got back

  with our drinks, Carter was on her phone texting someone. She put down her phone once she saw her drink.

  “Breakfast is served, my lady.” Then I bowed, creating the effect. We both laughed a short while until Carter


  “Would you like to go get matching I-Phone cases, my trusty steed?” She asked, being polite.

  “Why, I would young miss.”

  March 4th, 2010 (KC Mitchell)

  I was chilling in the practice room with my best friend, Drew Nicholson. I was singing mindlessly and

  he was playing on his I-Phone. Looking at him, I got out my phone and looked at the case. It was a United

  Kingdom flag and his was an Alabama case.

  “So, Drew, what are you doing?” He looked up and smiled saying,

  “Kaylee, I noticed we are best friends but I don’t have your number.”

“Oh yea. My number is 367- 2405”

  “Ok, got it. I needed your number so we could text, call and Face time while you are on tour.” I rolled

  my eyes playfully.

  “Who says I am going on tour? I just want to play Madison Square Garden and help

  people all over the world!” He smiled and was about to tell me something when Niall and two other guys

  barged in, out of breath.

  “Kay, do you know where Casper and Carter are?”

  “No, and Niall I am sick of you stalking them! They are just teenagers! Just let them be who they are!” I burst

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  out. Seeing everyone stare at me was creeped me out.

  “Ok… Harry, Zayn, let’s go…” Harry had a questionable look on his face. I mouthed to Him,

  “It is nothing.” He nodded and left. My phone buzzed with a new text message from

  Carter. It read:

  Carter Grace

  Cart- Casper and I are going to get matching phone cases!

  Kayster- And I need to know this because?

  Cart- Because it is what good friends do!

  Kayster- Whatever! Haha! See you in practice room!!

  Cart- Mkay!

  I smile and Drew asks,

  “Why are you smiling?” I go over to him and let him read our texts.

  “Awe! Cute!” He smiles.

  “Yup! I set them up!” He laughed and shook his head saying, “

  “Matchmaker!” I then told him with a playfully serious tone,

  “Don’t be salty!” We just started laughing with Niall walked in on our laugh fest.

  “Whoa. Mates, calm down!” I just laughed some more and asked him,

  “Why are you here?” Niall shrugged and said,

  “I don’t know, I got bored” Drew then got up, and said,

  “I have to, uh, go. Bye” He told us awkwardly and left. Niall turned to me and said,

  “Can you text Leanna, Jaycee and Carter to tell them I need them in the practice room?”

  “Sure!” I quickly sent the texts in a matter of minutes.

  Fifteen minutes later we were all in the practice room, waiting for Niall to tell us something. “So

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  Divided Halo, you have to practice for tomorrow’s show and I picked out a couple songs for you guys to

  sing. Pick the best one and then you need to go to wardrobe, hair, and makeup. I will be in here with

  Demi to see how you are doing.” We all nodded in agreement, then huddled on the couch to pick out a song.

  An hour later….

  KC: Everybody needs inspiration.

  Jaycee: Everybody needs a song.

  KC: A beautiful melody when the nights are long.

  Jaycee: Cause there is no guarantee, that this life is easy…

  Everyone: Yea when my world is falling apart when there is no light to break up the dark that’s when I

  look at you…..

  Niall and Demi were smiling. They then turned to each other and said,

  “I knew we made the right choice!”

  March 4th, 2010 (KC Mitchell)

  After hair and makeup, the girls and I decided to go to Nando’s for the celebration of becoming

  a group. Since we grew distant over the, hour… Anyways, when we got to Nando’s, we had a ten-

  minute wait. Carter checked her phone and I noticed she had a new case. I asked her politely,

  “May I see your phone case?”

  “Sure.” She held up her phone so I could have a better view at it. It had a black

  mustache on it. She turned bright red and looked away.

  “So Casper has the other, uh, mustache?” We both laughed and she sighed.

  “Kay, why did he pick me? There are lots of other pretty girls out there.”

  “Carter, he likes you, let me rephrase that. He loves you because you are smart, very pretty, talented,

  nice, funny, cute, adorable, sweet, generous, and you are his other half! His best friend until the end! He

  loves you because you gave him a chance! He tries to trip you just to see you smile and you try and trip

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  him back. Sure, PDA is your thing and people hate that you are so much alike and they may hate you for

  it, but who cares? You guys were meant to be together! He probably texts you every night and day just

  to make you smile. If y’all break up, he will never find someone as nice and sweet as you! He will love

  you until the day he dies!!” She hugged me and I hugged her back.

  “Thank you” She whispered. The waitress cleared her throat and said,

  “Right this way” We walked to a far table in the back where no paparazzi or screaming fans could find


  “That was nice of you to say that to her, Kaylee” I would recognize that voice anywhere! I turned

  around and saw Casper and Drew standing there, smiling.

  “Casper!” Carter yelled and ran to him.

  “Hey Carter! I missed you.” She giggled.

  “You saw me fifteen minutes ago!”

  “Fifteen minutes too long!” He argued playfully. They hugged each other and sat down.

  “Hey Drew.” I whispered

  “Hey Kaylee.”

  “Why did you come here?” I asked.

  “To give you something.” He said and gave me a small smooth velvety box. I opened it and saw a little

  necklace with a ring with diamonds on it.

  “Happy Fourteen Year Best Friend Aversary!” My mouth was wide in shock as I took the necklace out. I

  smiled as I hugged Drew.

  “Thank you so much Drew, this means a lot to me.”

  “Welcome. Let’s eat shall we?” We all nodded in agreement before sitting down and ordering.

  “Wow, when are you girls going to play Madison Square Garden since you have made it this far?”

  Casper jokes. Drew and I locked eyes for a split second before looking down at our food and turning

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  off to find everyone going toward the limo. I slide out of the booth and walk toward the door along with them.

  “Kaylee, get your mind out of dreamland and get it back to earth!” I scold myself as I settle down in the back

  with Leanna and Jaycee. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  March 5th, 2010 (KC Mitchell)

  I woke up to receive a text from Niall:

  Nialler- The big day! Go to the dressing room, get dressed, hair, makeup, hair, the routine we went through! I cant wait! You girls will do good! Xxx

  Kayster- Ok! No pressure much? Haha, Just Kidding!

  Nialler- Don’t be sassy! Haha. See you in a few! Xxx

  Kayster- Oh my gosh. Ha!

  Nialler- What?

  Kayster- Inside Joke between me and Drew

  Nialler- Ok…..

  I laughed to myself as I walked to the dressing room. Once I got there, I met my stylist, Sarah

  Cortez. She smiled when she saw me.

  “Let us get to work, shall we?” She asked. I nodded and in thirty minutes, I had my hair curled, makeup,

  the works. My outfit consisted of lace up red boots, blue skinny jeans, a crème colored scarf, and a red

  short sleeve shirt. When I saw my outfit, I hugged Sarah. She is amazing! No wonder she is a stylist!

  Now off to find the other girls…..

  March 5th, 2010 (Carter Grace)

  I woke up and went to see my stylist, Hannah Gold. My outfit was just like Kaylee’s, so I don’t

  have to explain that. Kaylee and I went off to find the other girls. When we saw Leanna and Jaycee, they

  were getting their boots tied up.

  “Come on Lazy bones! Aren’t you exited?” I asked them.

  “Wait! I have to tie- Got it! Let’
s go!” We walked to the couch in the waiting area.

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  “So, I am a little nervous. I have barely performed in front of anyone! Only for my seventh grade choir

  concert!” Kaylee said, nervous.

  “Hey, it is ok. As you can see, we are all nervous!” I told her, hugging her.

  “Wow, you give good hugs! No wonder Casper likes you!” She said, smiling. I laughed and Demi called out,

  “Divided Halo, come on stage.”

  The X-Factor (Simon Cowell)

  The gi- excuse me, Divided Halo, walked out on stage. I could tell they were nervous. I told


  “Girls, don’t be nervous. You will do great!” Carter then yelled out,

  “Nervous? Us? Haha, you are so funny!” I just laughed and settled back in my chair to watch their

  performance. They sang, “When I look at you” by Miley Cyrus. I teared up but I stayed strong. They were

  amazing! Divided Halo was meant to be together! After their performance, the crowd erupted in cheers

  and screams. Leanna, Carter, Jaycee, and KC were laughing but I do not know why. Anyways, as the

  crowd settled down, I started talking.

  “Ok. Wow. That was… amazing! I can already tell that these-” I did the exact hand

  motions as Demi did to Niall and myself when she was talking to Jaycee,

  “-people over here say yes!” I then turned to Niall and Demi and said,

  “You people better say yes!” Leanna looked at me astonished, but then snapped saying,

  “Whoa! Mr. Cowell getting sassy, eh?” I playfully rolled my eyes and laughed.

  Niall then stated,

  “Like Simon said, that was amazing! No more comments needed!” They smiled. I can’t believe they made it this far! I

  really hope they win. They are all talented, smart, funny, and witty. I wonder what their thoughts are about it Hm…

  March 5th, 2010 (Leanna Stewart)

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  Ok, Ok. I am not freaking out, I am just really happy! Three yes’s! Demi said yes, but that was

  after our performance. Anyways, we were backstage being girly- girls: laughing, giggling, yelling at the

  Associate Producer because he stepped on KC’s toe, etc., etc. Actually, I wanted to tell you about my

  vision on this, so here we go!

  Leanna: Hey! It is Leanna. I just wanted to see how you are doing about our performance.

  KC: Leanna, they didn’t actually see the performance. Remember, this is a book, not the show.

  Carter: Yea, but it would be pretty neat if they saw the show.

  KC: Oh my gosh! I know right? That would be fantastic!!

  Carter: Yup!

  Leanna: Anyways, we did get three yes’s so we are moving to the judge’s house! Wait, off topic. Oh yea!

  What did you think of our performance? Or, at least what you’ve heard of it anyways. Thanks! Tell the

  author! That is all for tonight! So bye!! Wait! Why does Carter have a cupcake? After- performance

  snacks? Nobody told me!! Bye!!!!


  March 5th, 2010 (Drew Nicholson)

  I woke up and there were six people gazing at me. I screamed and everyone backed up.

  “What?” I asked.

  “Stop screaming!” A girl told me.

  “Who are you?” I asked, confused.

  “I am KC, but you call me Kaylee Chase. I am your best friend. Do you remember?”

  “I- I don’t know,”

  “Oh,” she said. I shook my head.

  “Who are you people?” Three girls walked toward me. One girl told me,

  “Hi! My name is Carter Grace! I am your best friend’s friend. Do you know anything?”

  “Yes, I know everything I am supposed to, but just not KC, you, that other girl, and the other girl.”

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  Casper stepped up, “Oh, so you know me?”

  “Yea, hey Casper!”

  “Hey!” I winked at him and he nodded, making sure the girls didn’t see. KC stepped up.

  “So, how do you know Casper but none of us. Me? I am your best friend!! You barely know Casper!! H-

  how could you forget our friendship?” I looked down and whispered.

  “It was a joke.” Kaylee looked at me oddly, and asked,


  “It was a joke. Casper and I planned this out when you guys were performing on The X- Factor. I didn’t

  mean to upset you.” I said a little louder. I saw everyone get mad, but Kaylee……. Was a different story.

  She ran towards me yelling,

  “Drew! You are SO dead!!!!”I ran down the hall, laughing. Ah, friendship.

  March 5th, 2010 (Drew Nicholson)

  As I was running with KC behind me, I ran into the break room and locked the door. I am

  surprised that the door actually has a lock… Weird. Anyways, when I locked the door, I frantically looked

  around somewhere, anywhere to hide. I had an “aha” moment when I looked at… the couch! I know,

  stupid but I had to hide before she tickled me to death. She shouted,

  “Please come out and see my kitten! He is adorable!!” I yelled back,

  “You do not have a cat you turd!” Then the door burst open. Uh-Oh. I ran from the couch into the hall

  and ran smack into Carter.

  “Hey Drew, whoa, what’s up?” I noticed that she had her phone out and was texting someone. I

  wonder if it is Casper… probably. Those two are just like peanut butter and jelly. What I am trying to say

  is that they are always together. Text, Call, Facetime. That is why I got KC’s number. We could spend

  more time together and become better friends. Just friends. Nothing else. Anyways I answered her by saying,

  “Kaylee, chasing me, out of breath.” I was very tired so when KC came around the corner, I sat down.

  She came up and sat next to me.

  “Hiya!” I waved and was about to speak when Carter said,

  “KC, Simon just texted me and said we need to be on stage.”

  “Ok, let’s go” KC said. Then they ran off to go to the stage, but not before she

  hugged me goodbye. Then, they went off to go meet Simon.

  March 5th,2010 (KC Mitchell)

  As Carter and I were walking to go meet Simon, a thought struck me like a lightning bolt.

  “Hey Carter, I left my phone in my cabin. Can we go get it?” I asked. Carter thought about it for a

  second, then stated,

  “Sure, let’s go.” We quickly turned around and went for my phone. When we got to

  my cabin, I looked on my bed, but it wasn’t there! I frantically messed up my bed just trying to find my


  “Whoa, what’s wrong?” Niall asked me, texting on his phone which just so happened to have a U.K Flag

  on it. My phone!

  “Niall, why do you have my phone?” He then looked at the case, turned a rosy

  color of crimson, and gave me back my phone. I snatched it angrily, unlocked it, and checked everything

  on there. Social Media, Calls, Games, and finally Messages. He had texted Jaycee, Carter, himself, Demi,

  Simon, and Casper. I slapped him on the arm lightly.

  “Why would you text Casper?! You know his girlfriend is a friend of mine. I might as well jump off a

  bridge! Everytime I try to talk to him, I mess it up! He has never talked to me in his entire life. Not that

  he would ever want to. I am so stupid and ugly!” Then I stormed off leaving Niall in stunned silence.

  March 5th, 2010 (Taylor Scott)

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  Hiya! My name is Taylor Scott and I am from Phoenix, Arizona! I am here in London, U.K. Why I

  am here you might ask is because I am here to visit my amazing cousin, Carter Grace! Hey, since I live in

  Arizona, I don’t get to visit my family much, Ex.) Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins, etc. because they

  all live on the other side of the world. And one step brother that lives in the Ukraine….. But let’s just not

  talk about that. Anyways, once I got off the plane, someone hugged me. I didn’t know who or what it

  was, so I screamed. What? The normal response for someone to do is scream or punch, when they get

  scared or frightened.. Not on a day-to-day basis unless you have really weird friends. The person who

  hugged me let me down so I could see who it was. Carter!

  “I haven’t seen you in forever!” I am literally not kidding. I haven’t seen her since I was four years old.

  Carter smiled and told me,

  “It has been forever! Especially since you live halfway across the world!” We smiled shyly before I tried

  to make conversation by asking,

  “So, you got your driver’s license, huh?” Carter beamed saying,

  “Yup! Seventeen and proud!” I laughed.

  “So, should we go, or…” She dangled her keys in the air yelling,

  “Let’s live ‘till we’re 22!” I stared at Carter before shaking my head and laughing. Then, we set off.

  March 6th, 2010 (Dillon Parker)

  Ugh! Exams are so extremely hard! Especially science ones! Quick prayer, “Dear Lord, why do

  college students have to take exams?!?” Ugh. Oh, hi! I’m Dillon Parker! Eighteen and proud! Second

  grader at heart! Intro: Done! Anyways, hello, Dillon Parker again. I was at my dorm at the college

  campus at ACC. In people talk: Arizona Christian College. In college talk: ACC. Well, I guess now I have to

  tell my life story now so, here goes nothing!

  March 6th, 2010 (Dillon Parker)

  Hey guys! I am Dillon Parker and this is my life! Louisiana born and raised! I was born into a

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  wealthy family, spoiled in every way. When I was eight, my mom died from lung cancer. It was hard on

  all of my family, especially on me. I did not know why she died until I was twelve when my dad sat me

  down on my bed and told me. I cried for hours. But luckily, she is in a better place! I miss her every

  day. I am glad I got to tell someone. Sob story over. Let’s get a happier note, how are you? I’m good.

  Wait, what am I doing again? Oh, yea! I am visiting my uncle, Simon Cowell. Apparently he is “famous”

  So I will be hanging out with famous people. Great, this should be interesting! As I was walking toward a

  door marked, Simon Cowell, I hesitate. He hasn’t seen me in forever! Ok, ok, six years. So I haven’t seen

  him since I was twelve. But that is still a long time, for me at least. I open the door, seeing Simon in real

  life, not just over text. Even then we haven’t seen each other in a while. Simon was there with Niall

  Horan. The Niall Horan. They were chatting about some people, but stopped when they saw me.

  “Dillon!” He came over to hug me, as Niall stood awkwardly by the vanity table. Simon motioned him

  over and he went over to where we were.

  “Hey. I’m Dillon. And you must be Niall Horan-”

  “Yea! Simon has been talking about your arrival! Would you like to meet Divided Halo? And the

  exception of Taylor Scott, of course!” He asked, obviously excited.

  “What?” I was then rushed to go meet this Taylor Scott girl and Divided Halo!

  March 6th, 2010 (Carter Grace)

  “Five, six, seven, eight…” Me and the girls were doing a dance routine, and failing. Taylor was

  laughing her head off. We have been practicing for half an hour now.

  “Break?” Jaycee asked.

  “Yea.” As soon as we sat down, Niall and a random, yet cute, boy ran in here. Taylor was standing in

  front of the boy, and he accidentally pushed her, making her fall to the ground.

  “I am so sorry! Hey, my name is Dillon Parker!” He says, helping her up.

  “Oh, hey! It’s ok! Happens all the time!” She told Dillon, laughing.

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  “You get hit by cute boys all the time?” He asked, cheekily.

  “Shut up!” She smiled before laughing some more.

  “Uh, I think my spaghetti is burning!” I lied just to get out of there.

  “But you do-” I put my hand over Leanna’s mouth.

  “I do, don’t listen to her…” I say, then run to get water.

  “That was weird…” I hear Dillon say. Then Dillon and Taylor walk off, having nothing better to do. I go

  back to rehearse when I see them doing the routine perfectly. I stand in the doorway and watch. The

  song is Diamonds by Rihanna. When they finish, I start clapping, the girls jump and turn around .

  “Oh, hey Carter…” KC trails off. I go toward her, giving her a hug. I give everyone a hug.

  “Let’s go outside. It is too nice out to stay inside.”

  “Yea, lets go,” Jaycee said, smiling. We then walk outside, being greeted by roses and sunshine.

  March 6th, 2010 (Casper Reed)

  I am currently in my cabin, on my I-Phone playing Call of Duty. It is very addicting! I heard a

  knock on my door and I yelled, “It is open!!” Jaycee opened the door, singing to Look After You cover by

  Louis Tomlinson.

  “Hey! What are you doing here, Jay?” I ask. She was surprised when she looked .

  “This isn’t my room?” She asked. I shook and told her,

  “No, this is my room!”

  “Oh,” Her face fell a little, but she turned around and walked out.

  “Girls,” I muttered before shaking my hair and going back to my game.

  Now it is nine o’ clock. I am in suit and tie, getting ready for Divided Halo’s banquet. It seems

  like fun. Hey, I think anything sounds good to an eighteen-year-old. Except homework, math, science,

  writing, reading. Actually writing is pretty fun. Since writing is amazing, I tend to do it often. Anyways, as

  I was getting jazzed up for the banquet when I heard a soft knock on the door.

  “If it is Jaycee, this is not your room!!” I yelled.

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  “It isn’t, this is Carter.” She yelled back.

  “Come in Carter!!” I basically screamed.

  “You have five minutes. And you don’t have to scream. Ana was worrying what was wrong” Ana is her

  Carter’s best friend back home in Canada.

  “Thanks for the notice.” She just rolled her eyes, turned on her heel, and walked out the door,

  slamming it behind her.

  “Sassy,” I muttered under my breath.

  At the banquet, Divided Halo is there along with Simon, Dillon, Taylor, Niall, and Demi. Our

  friends and family, fans and paparazzi were there too. We were just being stupid, idiotic, fun, crazy

  teenagers. Yea, we are weird.

  It is now eleven o’ clock. Divided Halo got an award for being, “Inspiring Singers”. Dillon and

  Taylor have been together the whole night, so either they are good friends or they are dating. I lost my

  best friend tonight. We talked a bit before we went our separate ways. He has his life and I have mine.

  We still talk to each other through the phone, text, Facetime, the works, but I am absolutely

  devastated. We met in fourth grade and we just were best friends ever since. But this is for the girls, not

  about me and my best f
riend. When the girls got off stage, we hugged them and went to get drinks and

  food off of the buffet table.

  “So, what looks good?” Jaycee asks us. I shrugged and glanced at Carter, who saw me look at her,

  glared and looked away. I was confused for a minute, then shrugged it off. I was here to have a good

  time. Not worry about others, sure, checking to see if they are ok, but checking them up 24/7 gets out of

  hand. As I was walking around the banquet hall, I realized something. Carter hates me.

  March 6th, 2010 (Carter Grace)

  No matter what he says, I do not hate him. Him is Casper Reed. I am dancing slowly in an empty

  room…. But literally, I am dancing, and it is in empty room. I hear the door open and I instantly turn

  Page 23

  my head to see who it is. Oh great, Casper. I fold my arms across my chest.

  “What do you want, Casper?” He then replied,

  “I like the song.” I listen to it for a moment, then realize what it was. Replay by Zendaya. My favorite

  song! I danced a little bit to it, and then realized someone was in here with me. I turned cherry red and

  looked down.

  “So you like dancing?” He asked, trying to make conversation. I nodded and answered,

  “Yea. Ever since I was thirteen!” Casper laughed a bit, but before remembering the situation.

  “Wait, in the banquet room you glared at me and turned away. Why?” He asked, confused.

  “Sorry, I meant to glare at Niall. He was doing kissy faces at me and you just- so- happened to look at

  me. Sorry about that.” He shrugged it off asking,

  “How ‘bout that banquet, huh?” I nodded and we walked back to the banquet, just like the best friends

  we were.

  March 7th, 2010 (Taylor Scott)

  After the banquet, we went back to our cabins. I mainly just went to bed because it was 11:30

  and mostly because I could go to bed quicker. Dillon and I were supposed to hang out tomorrow! He is

  an amazing guy, but we are just friends. I got his number and he got mine. Well, enough talking.


  The next morning after I did my hair, got dressed and did my makeup, I went downstairs to the

  kitchen to find Dillon, Casper, Leanna and Niall eating breakfast and talking about today’s schedule.

  Dillon noticed me and smiled and motioned for me to sit by him. I smiled and went to sit by him.

  “Hey Taylor, you look very pretty today” Dillon smiled.

  “Hey Dillon. Thank you! You look nice too! How is your morning?” I asked.

  “Better now that you are here.” Now I looked like a tomatoes’ cousin.

  “Um, yea guys. We are trying to eat here.” Casper said. Dillon smacked Casper’s head.

  Page 24

  “Not like you haven’t told Carter you love her before, Mr. Lover Boy.” Dillon teased. I looked at Carter

  and she was blushing also. Casper slapped Dillon making him give Casper the “What the heck?!” look.

  “Sorry. But we have a basketball game today!! I almost forgot!” He yelled.

  “You just forgot it a moment ago” I pointed out.

  “Yea, yea. I know. Hey, are you guys coming?” He asked.

  “Well, maybe Dillon and I could come to wa-” I said, then got interrupted by Dillon telling me,

  “I am on the basketball team.” I sat, shocked with the information he had given me, then smacked him

  on the head.

  “Ow! Guys, I might have a concession later on!” He whined. We all laughed.

  “What?” Dillon asked.

  “It’s concussion. Not concession.” Leanna told him.

  “Oh. I have to go to the store to get bread and all that jazz.” He said.

  “Bye!” We all chorused as he left. Right after, I was bombarded with questions.

  “Are y’all dating? Y’all should date! Awe! Daylor! That is so cute!!” I just laughed and shook my head.

  “Maybe, maybe not…” Was all I said before standing up and leaving.

  March 7th, 2010 (Leanna Stewart)

  Before Taylor left, all she said was,

  “Maybe, maybe not….” Which left me very confused. I mean, they should be dating because they are

  cute together, because they have a crush on each other, and because they sit by each other whenever

  possible! Does that sound like they should be dating? My answer: Yes. Your answer: They are just good

  friends. After she left, I tried to get as much information as I can from her.

  “Hey!” I say cheerfully.

  “No, you cannot know any personal information!!” Taylor said, annoyed. She then walked away, typing

  on her I-Phone, not saying another word.

  Page 25

  “What did I ever do to you?!?!?” I yelled in anger.

  “Everything!” She yelled back, equally loud. I just stood there, stunned. Then coming to the realization, I

  stormed up the stairs to my cabin, slamming the door, and flopping on my bed to text Carter. Our

  conversation was mainly about Taylor and Dillon. After I ended the text, I got up and went to the break

  room, receiving a text from my mum saying,


  Your father has cancer…..

  March 8th, 2010 (Leanna)

  I instantly went to Niall to see if he could help. I found him in the recording studio, working. I

  flung open the door and ran in and gave him a hug.

  “Whoa,” he said, completely shocked I was there, then he noticed me crying .

  “Wha- what’s wrong? What happened? Are you ok?” I did not answer him, I only showed him the text.

  Niall’s face went from confused to shock as his mouth formed an “oh” shape. He quickly pulled me in

  for a hug as I cried into his shirt. Once he let go, he asked,

  “Do you want to gather the team?” All I did was nod and he gave me a small smile as he contacted the team.

  A few minutes later, we were all in the break room, praying and quoting scripture. I could tell

  everyone was doing their best to stay strong, especially Carter. We exchanged small smiles as I got up to

  get a bottle of water. KC turned on the television and I noticed Bones was on. We all watched it until we

  realized the person who died had cancer, so we quickly shut it off. I took a deep breath and began my


  “When I was seven, my dad started doing drugs and drinking alcohol. I remember he used to come

  home and b-beat my mom, but every time he left, my mom would hold me close and say, ‘Ssh it is ok.

  Momma is fine.’ But I never believed her. Since my dad never was a Christian, he never knew how to get

  saved or knew who Jesus was. When I was about ten or eleven, my mother died in a car crash.” As I

  Page 26

  finished, I looked around the room and saw grief- filled eyes who tried to hide it. I briefly got up, and

  hugged every single person in the room before whispering,

  “I just don’t want to be at his funeral.” Before sitting back down on the couch.

  “How do you get saved? Or accept Jesus?” Jaycee asked. Everybody’s eyes were on her, shocked.

  “What? I just want to know! I want to get saved! I want to know who this ‘Jesus’ character is!!!!!” She

  yelled, crying.

  “Jay?” I asked her. Jaycee shook her head. Niall and I nodded to each other

  before Niall stood up and left.

  “This is going to be a lot of fun!” Carter said, smiling. This will be very interesting…….

  March 8th, 2010 (Jaycee Smith)

  Niall came back carrying some sort of present.

ll? What is that?” I asked him, confused.

  “Open it Jay! See what it is. The girls and I went shopping and we’d thought you’d like it. Go on now,

  open it!” He nodded his head, obviously excited. I opened the box and there was….. A Bible? I saw at the

  bottom in tiny print were the letters, J.C.S, Forever Sisters which stands for Jaycee Cole Smith. I looked

  at Leanna.

  “Sisters Forever Jay. Forever Sisters” She told me, smiling. I smiled back at her before opening it to the

  first chapter. Getting to Know Jesus.

  “Who is Jesus? Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus was born about 2,000 years ago, and he lived in a part of the

  world called Palestine. When He was about thirty years old, he began to preach and to heal. Three or

  four years later He was nailed to the cross to die. When the people who loved Him went to His grave

  three days later, Jesus’ body wasn’t there. He had come back to life, just like He said He would.” I read.

  “Wow. I said. But why did He die? I still don’t know much about Jesus,” I said.

  “Well, let’s read more, shall we?” Carter asked. She picked up the Bible and read another section.

  Page 27

  “Why did Jesus Die? Because sin came into the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. God asked

  Jesus to come and make things right again. It was all part of God’s great plan to make right what has

  become so wrong because of sin. We all deserve to be punished, but God loves us so much He sent

  Jesus to take our punishment. Because of Jesus, we can know for sure that God welcomes us into His

  loving arms- Right now and when we die and go to be with Him in Heaven.” She told us. I asked her,

  “Is Hell a real place? I mean, I do want to be a Christian and I do want to be saved, but how can I get saved?”

  “Yes. Hell is real. Just the same, Heaven is real. If you choose to do what YOU want to do instead of

  what GOD wants you to , then when you die it will not be roses and sunshine. But if you say, Lord, I

  know I am a sinner and I want to be with You. I choose to believe that You sent Jesus to die for my

  sins and I love You and want to spend eternity with You. I know I am a sinner and deserve to go die in

  Hell, but with Jesus’ blood shed I am able to be with You in Heaven.”

  “Wow. Can I say that prayer? Right now?” I asked. Carter nodded her head.

  “Could I say it alone? Just me and God?” I asked.

  “Take all of the time you need.” She said, and in a couple of moments, it was just me and God.

  “Lord, I want to be with You in Heaven when I die. I want Jesus to shine in me and for people to

  recognize that You are the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, Prince of Peace, Amazing,

  Wonderful. And the biggest of all, You love me. You will never stop loving me even when I die, or make

  the wrong choices. You will be there to guide me into Your amazing grace and so, Can I be with your


  March 8th, 2010 (Dillon Parker)

  Wow! Jaycee got saved! Praise the Lord for working in the ways that I cant even imagine! Taylor walked in the kitchen drinking water.

  “Hey Dillon, do you think Jaycee wants to go to church? I mean, tomorrow is Sunday, I have a dress

  picked out….” She trailed off.

  “I think we should bring everyone from Divided Halo to celebrate this moment of a new child of Christ!”

  Page 28

  I said, smiling. She smiled back, hugging me.

  “You are amazing!” She cheered, running out to tell Jaycee. I laughed and sent a message to Taylor. She ran back in, telling me,

  “Of course! You would be an amazing boyfriend!!” She said, smiling. I pulled her in for a hug.

  “And you would be an amazingly beautiful girlfriend, Taylor Rose Scott!”

  Tell the world because Dillon Jake Parker has an official girlfriend!!!!

  March 8th, 2010 (Taylor Scott)

  So me and Dillon spent the day getting to know each other, getting Starbucks, going shopping,

  getting matching phone cases, the usual. While we were at the movies, Casper and Carter came over to


  “Hey guys! How are you?” Carter asked.

  “We’re good. What movie are you going to see?” I ask.

  “Oh, well this cute ladybug wants to see The Purge. I really hope I survive.” Casper jokes. I shake my

  head and smile at Carter, who is looking down and holding Casper’s hand.

  “Hey, let’s all see it together, yea?” I ask and Carter looks up, smiling.

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