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           Casey Cleveland
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Divided Halo
Page 1

  March 2nd, 2010 (Leanna)

  ‘Leanna Smith, CALM DOWN! You know the song. Ok, Ok. Maybe I am overreacting. Its ju-” My

  thoughts were interrupted by Demi Lovato’s voice calling out,

  “Leanna Smith, please come on stage. I walked out on stage after my sister handed me the microphone.

  “Good Luck.” She told me with a smile before walking away.

  “Hi sweetie! What will you be singing today?” Niall Horan asked me. I gulped down my fears and replied boldly,

  “Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift.”

  “Proceed.” Demi told me. I began,

  “I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I’ll never let you go, when all those shadows almost killed

  your light. I remember you said, don’t leave me here alone. But all that’s dead and gone tonight. Just close your

  eyes…” When I had finished, my eyes were wide open, waiting for an opinion.

  “That was… Extravagant!” Niall said.

  “Thanks, I mean, thank you sir,”

  I said.

  “It’s ok. I don’t mind.” He told me.

  “Well, are you going to chat or can we actually vote?” Simon asked. I smiled cheekily at Niall and he said,

  “Yup! Let’s get going shall we?” They all nodded before replying:


  Niall- Definitely yes!

  Demi- Yes!

  “You have three yes’s so, you are through!” Niall beamed. I might as well jump to the moon! I

  beamed back at Niall then walked off the stage. My older brother, Cole asked,

  “So what do we do? You ca-” He was interrupted by Niall coming over and hugging me.

  “You were amazing Leanna! Sorry about coming out of the blue, but wow! Do you need anything?”

  “Actually, we do need something. What do we do now?”

  “Oh, let me show you guys.” He moved out of the way for the Associate Producer to come through, and then he

  walked to the front and led us to where we stayed.

  “A waiting room?” I asked him.

  “Your brother can leave, and there are a lot of girls here, you can chat.” I looked around and found my sister. I spun around

  and told Niall I found someone to hang out with.

  “OK. Have a good time!” He said and hugged me, then left to judge the other singers. I walked over to her and

  we chatted a bit before we had to go back on stage. It was a pretty good day.

  Page 2

  March 2nd, 2010 (KC Mitchell)

  “I am going to sing, ‘Walking on the Stars” by Group 1 Crew.” I told Niall Horan when he asked

  me what song I would be singing.

  “Proceed.” He said. I fixed my beanie and started.

  “I see my life sometimes and I ask why? My heartbeat came to stone and turned to ice, tell me, what have

  I become?”

  I sang the best of myself, because when I opened my eyes, three judges were standing up and clapping!


  “Sweetie, how old are you?” Demi Lovato asked me.

  “Fifteen” I told her, feeling self- conscious of my singing. They were whispering.

  “Well, fifteen doesn’t get you very far in singing, but, for you, that was different.” Simon said.

  “Yes sir, I mean, yea Simon.” I was blushing so hard right now.

  “It is okay love, happens all the time.” He just smiled and I smiled back.

  “Niall, what do you think?” Demi turned her head to Niall who was playing with his fingers, clearly bored.

  “What?” he asked.

  “Vote?” Demi told him.

  “Oh ye-” I interrupted him by saying,

  “Your thinking of Leanna, aren’t you?”

  “What? Psh, no. I was just thinking how my, uh, fingers would look like with nail polish?” he lied meekly.

  “Hey, it’s ok. She is very sweet! Don’t worry, I won’t tell.” I winked at him and he beamed.

  “She is through! Oh and when you see Leanna-” He was interrupted yet again by Simon.

  “Just go see her, Niall” He sighed.

  “Are you for real? Thank you!” He cheered, rushed out, and went to go see Leanna.

  “Since he is gone, I guess you are through! You were amazing! Good luck!” Demi told me. I started singing

  Page 3

  as I walked off the stage to go to the waiting room.

  As soon as I got to the waiting room, I found Leanna and ran over to see her and Niall. She was

  chatting with a pretty girl with blue eyes and blonde hair.

  “Leanna!” I exclaimed excitingly as I hugged her.

  “KC!” She said equally excited.

  “Have you met Jaycee? She is such a sweetheart!” I shook my head and smiled at Jaycee, who smiled and said,

  “Hello! Jaycee Smith and you are?”

  “KC Mitchell,”

  “I love your shirt!” I immediately looked down at my shirt. What? I am very self- conscious. My shirt was a navy

  dress shirt. Not very pretty, in my opinion.

  “Thanks! I love your hair!” and I did. It was just like gold! And her eyes don’t get me started! They were like

  sunsets. Niall interrupted.

  “Guys, your chat fest is nice and all but I have to go judge another contestant.” He said and hugged us

  goodbye and left. I

  wonder who the next contestant is…..

  March 2nd, 2010 (Carter Grace)

  OK. Before you say anything, I am not freaking out! My song is “All American Girl by

  Carrie Underwood”. I think I am pretty good at it, but let’s just hope the judges think so! I am

  suddenly called out. Wish Me Luck!

  “Carter Grace?” Simon asked.

  “That’s me!” I said boldly. If I did bad, I was going to do it in style!

  “What song?” He asks.

  “All American Girl by Carrie Underwood”

  “Proceed” he says and I start with passion.

  “Since the day they got married, he’d been praying for a little baby boy someone he could take fishing,

  Page 4

  throw the football and be his pride and joy….” I sang like nobody was

  watching and when I finished, I felt, like I was floating on a cloud. The judges were silent before I asked,

  “Was I that bad?” The crowd erupted in,

  “Go Carter!” I just stood there, not believing what I just got myself into.

  “Carter Grace?” Niall asked me.

  “Yes Niall?”

  “You are a really amazing singer! I hope you grow up to become a world famous singer!” I blushed and

  smiled at what he just told me.

  “Like Niall said, you are a good singer. That song was just, not the right one. You were too loud and

  the pitch was too high. Sorry” Simon told me. I nodded and accepted the criticism.

  “Darling. Both of the guys are right, but I will give you a yes if you promise me to do your very best on the

  next song?” I nodded my

  head and accepted it.

  “You are through! Barely, but you are.” Simon told me.

  “Hey, she deserved it.” Niall

  told Simon. They smiled at me before I walked off the stage, pretty happy with how the day went, in my

  opinion. I sat down in a chair and watched people go by before a girl with a fishtail ponytail asked me,

  “Hey, are you Carter Grace?” I nodded hesitantly befo
re I told her,

  “Yes, I am.”

  “Sweet! Well there is a waiting room with the other contestants if you wanted to I could show you where it

  is, wouldn’t want to force you to do something you don’t want to…..” She trailed off, leaving me with an


  “Sure! Why not!” She then beamed, lightly grabbed my hand, and walked me to the waiting room.

  I don’t know most of the people in here. The stereo is blasting “We Can’t Stop”. I looked around and

  saw about three or four girls in a group chatting and laughing, so I decide to go over to them. I walked up

  Page 5

  and smiled shyly. One of the girls noticed me and said

  “Hi! My name is KC Mitchell! And you must be

  Carter Grace! You were really good. Don’t mind Simon, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this

  morning, I guess.” We all laughed a bit before I asked,

  “So, what do we do now?”

  “Well, we just sit here and chat until the judges call us back out. Or you can watch the other contestants

  sing, or some, try to sing.” I laughed so hard! When I stopped laughing, everyone was looking at me. I felt so

  shy, small, and insecure.

  Instead of going back to what they were doing, they laughed at me! I began to walk out of the room, but I

  bumped into someone and fell to the ground. The person said,

  “Sorry miss. Here, I’ll help you up.” The stranger then helped me up and smiled, showing dimples.

  “Let me introduce myself properly; Hello, my name is Casper Reed, and you are?” I tilted my head to the

  side and asked,


  “I am Casper Reed and you are?”

  “Oh, my name is Carter Grace. Nice to meet you!” We sort of just stared at each other until I cleared my

  throat and said,

  “So are you are a singer or what?” He then looked up showing his blue eyes.

  “Oh no, Carter. I am Niall’s cousin!”

  March 2nd, 2010 (Jaycee Smith)

  I was on stage. The tension was building up as Simon said,

  “What song will you be singing?”

  “Keeping Me Guessing by Francesca Battestelli”


  “Coffee cup waking me up I got to board a plane and fly away sometimes it feels like I’m going the speed of

  Page 6

  light,” I sung until I knew I could win. After my performance, everyone was staring at me.

  “What?” Simon, with the room quiet, said,

  “That was incredible. The song you picked out was very impressive. Nice Job Jaycee” I smiled at his

  comment. I looked at Niall.

  “Well, it wasn’t the best, but promise me you will do better next time?” “Niall James Horan, I promise to do

  my very best to be my best!” We air- shake each other’s hands, then laugh. Miss Demetria Lovato came


  “You were amazing! I completely disagree with Niall. You’re through!” We both smiled and

  I walked off the stage and handed the microphone to a really pretty girl.

  “Good Luck!”

  March 4th, 2010 (Leanna)

  Lots of things have happened the past few days. Here is a summary:

  I go on stage with the other girl that I have met. We didn’t know what was going on until Simon

  cleared his throat and said,

  “You girls each have amazing talent. You all are very pretty, sing, amazing, and

  are wonderful people. We” Niall interrupted by saying,

  “I think what Simon is trying to say is you girls, if you guys sang together, it would be just like heaven came

  down! So what we are saying is that you girls are a group!” We all started jumping and squealing like girls!

  Who knew we would make it this far? All we need to do now is pick a name and blow people away with our

  singing! We all got off stage to pick a name with Niall close on our heels. That boy….

  March 4th, 2010 (Carter Grace)

  Wow! Who would of thought that we, four different girls, would make it this far? This is so life

  changing! Speaking of life changing…

  The girls, Niall, and I huddled in the meeting room to discuss the name for the band,

  “How about 4- Star?” Jaycee asked. Niall wrote it down.

  Page 7

  “Quadrant?” I asked. Everyone looked at me and smiled.

  “Nice! Vocabulary!” Niall praised and wrote it down.

  “Divided Halo is a good name, right?” KC asked. Niall questioned,

  “What does it mean to you?” KC shrugged.

  “I guess it means that no matter what, a halo may divide, but it will never be separated through the soul.” Niall smiled.

  “That is amazing. Where did you get that?”

  “From the inspiration that I had from these girls changing my life, I guess.”

  “So guys we have: Divided Halo; Quadrant; and 4-Star” We all chorused,

  “Divided Halo.”

  “Well, Divided Halo, welcome to the X- Factor!” Niall smiled, hugging us.

  “I have to go somewhere,” I told our band. Weird. Our band. I walked

  into a hall where Casper was standing. He walked over to me and gave me a note. I unfolded it and it read:

  Dear Carter,

  You are very kind, nice, sweet, funny, pretty, smart, cute, and lots more. I know we haven’t formally met or

  gotten to know each other well, but out-of-the- blue: OK, this is weird but, will you be my girlfriend? I

  promise that I will do the best I can to protect you from harm. I do sing, so maybe we could sing together

  sometime soon?

  Sincerely Yours,


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