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           Carol Marrs Phipps & Tom Phipps
Heart of the Staff: Complete Appendix
he Heart of the Staff,

  the Complete Appendix


  Carol Marrs Phipps


  Tom Phipps

  Copyright © 2015 Carol Marrs Phipps & Tom Phipps

  All rights reserved. No part of this document or the related files may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (including electronic and photocopying) without prior written permission of the publisher.

  The Heart of the Staff, the Complete Appendix is a work of fiction. Characters, names, places, incidents and organizations are a product of the authors' imaginations and are used fictitiously.

  Cover art by Marija Vilotijevic, Expert Subjects

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  To our very dear friends and beta readers, Lana Dobbins-Cramer & Susan Waterwyk

  To Monte and Miles Overton, the best farmers in the whole country

  A few of the characters in Doom speak Archaic Modern Niarg. This language uses very few words not found in present day English. By all means read it in any manner which allows you to enjoy the book. Its spellings are at least as easy to make sense of as those in the notes passed by grammar school children. However, if you wish to have it sound as we intended when you read it aloud, please heed the following simple rules. Do not hesitate to refer to the glossary.

  Archaic Modern Niarg should be pronounced thus:

  There was no vowel shift between Archaic Modern Niarg and Niarg Standard, so vowels sound much the same as in modern Appalachian English.


  Each letter of a diphthong tends to be pronounced separately, for example:

  maister would be pronounced may-ist-er.

  Es at the end of words are not silent, but are pronounced.

  Certain consonants which have become silent in Niarg Standard are sounded,

  for example:

  the k in knight

  the gh in knight. The gh is hard, much like a kh.

  the gh in thought, just as in knight.

  Remember that Ich means I and should be pronounced to sound like ike. Hit means it and ybe is similar to is and are.


  Dramatis Personae



  Dramatis Personae

  Aalid - Obbree's shawk spoogh. (strike falcon)

  Aalin - little Gwaelic Elven girl whom Rose knew was killed by trolls.

  Abaddon - Spitemorta's devil child (One year older than Myrtlebell's Edward. Eight in Reaper Witch).

  Abbey - Abaddon.

  Abracadabra - Razmorten's stud cyflymder unicorn.

  Adela - chamber maid at Darcastle.

  Aden - son of Doona and Oisin, 141 (10) years old when first seen by Neron.

  Aedan - young Elf, killed by a troll while leading a party of children on a seedling collecting jaunt.

  Aedan - baby Elf born to Eunys, delivered by Caly and Doona, first born at Baile Tuath.

  Aeron - son of Pryderi, brother of Bran. Drove King James's getaway wain (cart).

  Air Rod - Spitemorta's disparaging name for Arianrhod.

  Aland - Mian's little brother, killed with Mian by the trolls in Mount Sliabh.

  Alister - Elf youth who suggested that sod houses be built on the Strah, and who played the bodhran at Doona's wedding.

  Alvina - the Fire Sprite who first saw the Elf children.

  Alvita - a Fairy, one of the Three Sisters who cooked the most.

  Always Along - the mate of the blue eyed male giant (howlie), Blue Eye.

  Amergin - an old timer whom Jamys recalled talking about Fire Sprites.

  Amheus - corporal in the Niarg Royal Guard, discovered in Niarg as the stranger Nose by Fuzz and Karl-Veur. His mother was Janed Bro-Saoz.

  Anaoc - Gwaelic mercenary who fetched Spitmorta's skinweler to General Coel's cabin in The Reaper Witch and twenty years after that in Doom, led an exploration party into the Black Desert which was set upon by howlies.

  An Daouarn - dragon sculptor who made the Great Fountain of the Dragon Caves.

  Ann - queen of Ellsmore, wife of King John, mother of Fannimore.

  Arianrhod - advisor to King Theran of Bratin Brute.

  Ariel - Rose's Elven handmaiden.

  Ariel - Daniel's twin sister, child of Soraya and Lukus.

  Armee Shawkeyrys - Strike Falcon Army of the Gwaelic Elves during Spitemorta's time.

  Arrachtach - (monster) the Elven name for the giant hydra which lived along the Magic River.

  Arrdseyphnyrma - reference to Fnadiyaphn (Spitemorta as troll Goddess) as the first mother of creation.

  Arrdseyphnyrpheyfne - the trollish first father of creation.

  Artamus - son of Vortigern who was eleven years old when betrothed to Spitemorta.

  Arthur Shacknasty - alias used by Neron when he was in Niarg, posing as a cattleman from Ashmore.

  Arwr - diatryma, son of Ceidwad and Lladdwr, husband (or mate, if you must) of Meinir.

  Ash - female dragonet, Laora's sister, Ariel's lifelong friend and mount.

  Asmund - Elf who died fighting Trolls in the Eternal Mountains, just before the Elves moved to the Northern Continent. His magical claymore, Scolteyder, was given to Neron and in turn to Razzmorten, who enhanced it so that King Hebraun was able to slay Razorback with it.

  Avel - (Wind in Headlandish) feathered dragonet of Spark and Lipperella, Laora's sister, Lily's lifelong friend and mount.

  Awst (August in Old Niarg Standard) - the young man sitting in front of Tafarn Bonheddig whom Spitemorta made to quarter Nightshade.

  Azenor - of the House of Dark, Emperor of Head (Pennvro) and the Dark Continent, Yann-Ber's father.

  Baase - Olloo's shawk spoogh (strike falcon).

  Badharan Bhfarraige - (Drowned at Sea in Jutish Elven) a lost fisherman held prisoner by Veyfnaryr.

  Badhbh Catha - crow of battle whose appearance foretells imminent bloodshed.

  Bailitheoir Cailli - (Collector Witch in Jutish Elven) Ugleeuh.

  Baineor Buile Cailli - (Mad Reaper Witch in Jutish Elven) Spitemorta.

  Barnhut, Gina - Abaddon's substitute nanny in Demonica's absence.

  Beatrice - maid at Castle Goll. Abaddon put out the eyes of her daughter's puppy.

  Bedivere - Spitemorta's head cook who hired Herio and later told him how to handle gonne powder.

  Bee - Queen of Goll, wife of King Brutlee, stepmother of Spitemorta and poisoned to death by her.

  Beli - innkeeper at Tafarn Coch in Goldtown who hid Dewr for King James.

  Benjamin Gweld - twin of Timothy, brother of Sophie, the first one whom Herio met in Goll.

  Berc'hed - (Brigette in Headlandish) head cook for Azenor.

  Bernard - blue-eyed Captain of Niarg's Royal Guard.

  Bernez - gnarly prisoner in Demonica's keep.

  Bethan - Razzmorten's hired lady, who raised Minuet and Ugleeuh, known to Princess Rose as Grandma Bethan.

  Bevan - (son of Evan) a corporal in the army of Niarg, assigned to help Blodwen with Spitemorta's goats until the army reached Duradan Deannaigh. From there, he went with Captain Bernard to Jut Ford where he was killed in the battle of Bernard's Bane.

  Big Butcher - Gwaelic Elven reference to Fnanar, a Marooderyn Imshee (troll) leader, killed by shawk spooghy (strike falcons) Jeelys and Aalid.

  Bill - offspring of Hubba Hubba and Pebbles, killed in Razzmorten's tower.

  Billey ny Cruinney - Olloo's herbalist and healer.

  Birlinn - apprentice to Talamh Coille Graham.

  Biskee - (Biscuit) mare unicorn of Martyn's, killed by the wild strike falcons.

  Blaise - feathere
d dragonet of Spark and Lipperella, sister of Laora.

  Blodeuwedd - Razzmorten's first wife who died in childbirth, the mother of Minuet, and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in all his 329 years before he married her.

  Blodwen - (White Flower) Nasteuh's last remaining wet nurse at the time of Niarg's attack on Castle Goll.

  Blueboy - Demonica's sarcastic name for MeqqArccis.

  Blue Eye - blue eyed male giant (howlie), mate of Always Along.

  Boar - Captain in Spitemorta's service who distributed the first of the skinweleriou.

  Braith - husband of Blodwen, killed at Ashmore.

  Bran - stable boy (Pryderi's son, who could read) at Castle Goll, brother of Aeron, who had ready James's donkey and wain (cart).

  Brand - feathered dragonet of Spark and Lipperella, brother of Laora.

  Bran-Hoodie - Ru Talorg's name for Ocker.

  Branwen, Princess of Far - princess who was Prince Hebraun's first betrothed, who died in the great plague.

  Brede - Creena and Rory's mother.

  Brenden - husband of Onora.

  Bronbuwch - (Breastcow) the last of Spitemorta's gaggle of wet nurses to flee the terrible bite of Princess Nasteuh.

  Brutelee - King of Goll, husband of Queen Bee, stepfather of Spitemorta and poisoned by her.

  Brutus - Spitemorta's Captain of Royal Guard of Goll.

  Bryn - (hill or mound) a sergeant in the army of Niarg, assigned to help Blodwen with Spitemorta's goats. He he jousts, jockying Flash.

  Budie Nist - captain in the Army of Gwael who deserted back to Gwael with the remains of the army when Queen Spitemorta killed General Cunneda.

  Budog - one of Demonica's guards, whom she sent to prod and oversee Smole.

  Bushman, Thorn - Fuzz's name for himself whilst being interrogated by Demonica and Spitemorta.

  Butcher - Nafnarrfafyr (which see), trollish King before Fnanar (Big Butcher).

  Buthut - dungeon guard in the Beak castle.

  Butterbutt - butterscotch butterfly who called Lukus "Stinky Breath."

  Buwcharglwydd - (cow lord) well-to-do landed family in the Henheath district of Gollmoor.

  Buwcharglwyddi - (cow lords) plural of the same family.

  Bwced - cook at Tafarn Coch who, at the request of Beli, prepared sacks of supper for Neron and his party.

  Cabbyl - Tramman's Doolish unicorn.

  Caelis - dungeon guard in the Beak castle.

  Caggey - strike falcon of Roseen's.

  Cairys - strike falcon of Lilee's.

  Caly - Gwaelic Elven midwife during Doona's time.

  Carlin Cruinnich (Goblish-Beakish) - Ugleeuh.

  Carrey - (Friend) Rose's female strike falcon.

  Cathal of Head - Demonica’s father, Ugleeuh’s grandfather and Spitemorta’s great- grandfather.

  Catigern, Prince of Pow Jyantylesk - deceased brother of King Vortigern and father of Osulf.

  Ceidwad - diatryma, wife of Lladdwr, mother of Arwr.

  Cedwick - a leadbeater cockatoot with Mary's exodus.

  Cefin Bedward - Bratin Brute spy and knight.

  Cefnogi Rhywun - (Stand-Up-For-Someone in Old Niarg Standard) Herio's little Brother.

  Celeste - a Fairy, One of the Three Sisters, Meri Greenwood's (Dyn Gwyrdd's) lover.

  Cenfiant Da, mistress - (cattle herd) a lady cattle breeder near Goldtown.

  Centipede - twenty-six oar galley, the first ship sent to the south end of the Gulf of Orrin to get oregano.

  Chadwick - Prince of Ellsmore who escorted Rose's childhood friend, Violet to Rose's 16th birthday party.

  Cheezo - a guard at the big door of Castle Goll proper.

  Chester - dragon slayer knight, weakened by sukere and killed by Razorback.

  Chirp - slave sparrow (squeaks).

  Chisholm - scout for Talorg.

  Cinder - feathered dragonet of Spark and Lipperella, brother of Laora, temporary mount for Olloo.

  Cinderella - feathered dragonet of Spark and Lipperella, sister of Laora.

  Cinid - Mage (the Old One) in the Beak castle.

  Clarice - chamber maid for Empress Spiremorta.

  Clodagh - a little Elf girl at the New Dragon Caves who was seriously bitten up and down by a dogfish shark on the beach at Bae Ar Goll.

  coachman - an Elf who hurled flaming oil onto the front of Suds and Steer.

  Coady - (vindication in Gwaelic Elven) Karl-Veur's strike falcon.

  Coel, Colonel - a Gwaelian mercinary, brother of General Mor Coel.

  Coel, General Mor - leader of the Gwaelian mercenaries and later, Spitemorta's Northern Continent forces.

  Coileach - Queen Vorona's male strike falcon.

  Cook - feathered dragonet of Spark and Lipperella, brother of Laora, temporary mount of Roseen.

  corn peddler - thought Hubba Hubba was too fat to need corn.

  courier (unnamed) from Loxmere - was in the Peppermint Forest in search of Rose.

  Colm - an old timer whom Jamys recalled talking about Fire Sprites.

  Colonel Yestin - See Yestin.

  Crafiad - drunk in Buck and Doe Tavern, Bratin Brute, beheaded by Spitemorta.

  Crak-taran - (Thunderbolt) a chestnut war unicorn loaned to Demonica by General Coel, leader of the Gwaelian Mercenaries.

  Creena - Rory's sister.

  Cuchulainn - royal house of Neron, Soraya and her brothers.

  Cuchulainn, Danneth - Jutish Elf, Soraya's Brother.

  Cuir - old Elf servant for Rose and Fuzz.

  Culwch - soldier caught plotting to betray King James's liberators to Spitemorta.

  Cunedda - (Kenneth) general in the regular Gwaelian Army.

  Cyclops lady, red faced - meat cleaver wielding defender of cream puffs.

  Daaney - Gwaelic Elven austringa.

  dainty old lady - sweet old thing who fed King James when he escaped the dungeon.

  Dandy - yellow headed male offspring of Hubba Hubba and Pebbles's second Brood.

  Danneth - (Danneth Cuchulainn) Jutish Elf, Soraya's brother.

  Daniel - twin, child of Soraya and Lukus.

  Darklander - the name used during the time of Spitemorta's empire to refer to Headlanders.

  Darragh - Elf soldier saved by Neron at the Massacre of Oilean Gairdin.

  Darragh - Isbal and Reina's pet troll, who was albino and could speak Old Gwaelic Elven and was killed by the Marfora Siofra.

  Dee, Miss - see "Powder Face."

  Demonica - Ugleeuh's mother, Spitemorta's grandmother, sorceress and behind the scenes power figure on the Dark Continent.

  Denez - prisoner in Demonica's keep.

  Devi - the Cia (or Watcher) in Demonica's service who took up body possession.

  Dewin - (wizard in Old Niarg) wizard Razmorten's last name, and Ugleeuh, Minuet and Rose's maiden name as well.

  Dewr - King James's chestnut stud cyflymder unicorn.

  Dink - (Poopdink, Wilmer) Frankin's brother.

  Dish Bitch - Spitemorta's reference to Bedivere.

  Dofanayyrpi - (Bunghole) one of the scouts appointed by Dyr to find the Elf children.

  Donachan - one of the two old timers who scouted out the blind tunnel to the chasm in Mount Sliabh, and who played the whistle at Doona's wedding.

  Donnel - King (Brude) Talorg's son and half brother of Myrtlebell.

  Doona - sister of Olloo, married Oisin.

  Dorchadas - Ugleeuh's reference to a particular Dorchadas.

  Drest - Beak lieutenant with Captain Girom at the Dragon Caves.

  Drfnyrifyrry - Dyr's first sow, mother of Ganf.

  Drid Bog - Obbree's pack unicorn.

  Dung Beetle - Ugleeuh's name for one of her guards.

  Dunvel - sadistic sergeant who saw Herio to Castle Niarg.

  Dusben, Florence - fictitious scapegoat for King Edmond's murder.

  Dyn Gwyrdd - see Meri Greenwood.

  Dyr - leader of the Gwaelic trolls a thousand years before Rose and Lukus's time.

  Dyrjiny - (Wi
zard) troll shaman on the Eastern Continent a thousand years before Rose and Lukus's time.

  Dyrjinyryy - old troll shaman, with the trolls on both continents.

  Dyswryans - (Annihilation) a pure-bred dapple grey casvargh war unicorn loaned to Spitemorta by General Coel, leader of the Gwaelian Mercinaries.

  Dyyp - the Thunderman who was killed by Dyr when Dyr became Thunderman.

  Erlene (also spelt Earlene) - antagonist guest princess at Rose's 16th birthday party.

  Edard - Elf healer who stayed behind when the Elves fled the Eastern Continent.

  Edmond - King of Loxmere, James's father, married Myrtlebell after Queen Ruella died.

  Edward - Myrtlebell's son. (One year younger than Abaddon) (has sixth birthday with Laora and the dragons in Stone Heart, seven in Reaper Witch).

  Eflamm - (Headlandish) firehead dragon who courted Laora.

  Eflamm - (Headlandish) prisoner in Demonica's keep.

  Eldan - Fairy from Gerddi Teg who had seen dragons when traveling in the Black Desert.

  Elmer - guard to the door to the back gardens at Castle Goll.

  Enid - younger brother of Blodwen, killed at Ashmore.

  Elise - Spiremorta's wet nurse.

  Enoil - (beloved) Obbree's new hen strike falcon.

  Eochaid - The Great Unicorn, a god and spiritual progenitor of King (Brude) Talorg. Talorg claimed that Eochaid was his direct ancestor.

  Erp - Beak lieutenant with Captain Girom at the Dragon Caves.

  Erwan - physician who attended Yann-Ber at the House of Dark.

  Etharnan - young Beak soldier who accompanied Tramae.

  Eunys - Lilee's mother, who named her baby after Aedan.

  Fa - Tramae's name for her father, Brude Talorg.

  Faragher - Elven King, brother of Neron.

  Fire - dragonet

  Fannimore - guest at Rose's 16th birthday party, escorted by Prince Longlee of Boneshire.

  Feena - the youngest Elf child traumatized into shock by the trolls at the Great Rock Wall.

  Fforch - (Fork) the hired hand in the stables at Tafarn Coch, who looked after Dewer.

  Fifi - Razzmorten's dog, his life-long companion due to enchantment.

  Finbar - orderly in King Faragher's court.

  Fioreun - Beak eagle god.

  First Wizard - created the Heart and the Great Staff.

  Flame - feathered dragonet of Spark and Lipperella, brother of Laora, mount for Herio.

  Flash - feathered dragonet of Spark and Lipperella, brother of Laora.

  Flirt - yellow-headed female offspring of Hubba Hubba and Pebbles's second brood.

  Flit - a bat in Fuzz's den who helped haul away the Heart.

  Flutter - wife of Tweet, the sparrow.

  Flying Maiden - ship in mercenary Captain Jockford's fleet which Spitemorta was transferred to when a waterspout took off the main mast of the Sea Jewel. This fleet consisted of six of Jockford's ships and six of Vortigern's ships.

  Fnadiphnignyd - trollbrute amongst Fnanar's renegades who scouted for wild unicorns to distract the wild strike falcons.

  Fnadiphnignyd - alpha male in charge of the trolls when they discovered Oilean Gairdin.

  Fnadirrfanf - (buttock, rump) one of the brutes who found Ninardern and brought her to Dyr.

  Fnadiyaphn - Spitemorta's troll persona, the Great troll Goddess, who was supposed to be "first-mother" of the Dyrney and was indeed Veyfnaryr's real mother.

  Fnadripf - (Urinate) one of the scouts chosen by Dyr to find the Elf children.

  Fnanafnyr - second kid of Dyr and Fnarryirrny.

  Fnanar - (seed, enmity, war) eldest kid of Dyr and Fnarryirrny.

  Fnanar - Big Butcher (which see), twin brother of Nafnarrfafyr (Butcher).

  Fnanariyrrgnoph - trollbrute amongst Fnanar's renegades who took a swing at a wild unicorn and missed.

  Fnayirgy - (Anus) threw gnydy-ball (skinweler) into hog wallow for Veyfnaryr.

  Fnarryirrny - Dyr's second sow (bigsow), mother of Fnanar and Fnanafnyr.

  Fnayooph - Vefnaryr's fmoo.

  Fnoophnyy - trollbrute of Fnanafnyr's who sat on Vafagyrfniyy's legs whilst poor Vafagyrfniyy had his tongue removed.

  Fornigell - (Cooker in Headlandish) feathered dragonet of Spark and Lipperella, sister of Laora.

  Frankin - the stinky beefy kid who beaned Hubba Hubba with his sling.

  Frioc - corporal under Captain Waso, who was in turn under General Coel.

  Fritet - (Fried) dragonet.

  Fry - dragonet.

  Fustus - gong farmer
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