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A vampires embrace, p.5
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       A Vampire's Embrace, p.5

         Part #2 of Blood Rose Time Travel series by Caris Roane
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  With one hand, she held the shirt up. With her free hand, she pushed at the side of his pec until her mouth took in as much muscle as she could get. When she began to suck, a groan left his mouth that reverberated into the heavens.

  His erection hurt him in leathers that were now way too tight. But he hardly cared because damn if this wasn’t one of his fantasies come to life.

  From the time Holly had healed him after he took Stone’s beating, he’d thought about her just like this, here, under the oak tree he’d climbed as a boy. More than once, he’d awakened from a dream in which he’d done a whole lot of things to Holly that he shouldn’t have even been thinking about.

  But here she was, almost naked and feeling him up like maybe she’d had a few fantasies of her own.

  Needing to move things along, he drew back and got rid of his shirt, then went to work on his leather boots. His gaze became fixed to her cleavage. She had beautiful breasts.

  A few seconds more and he was buck naked. He would have grabbed her and gotten things started, but he realized she was checking him out.

  He wanted her looking.

  He grew very still as he watched her eyes widen at crotch level. He took his cock in hand to support his arousal and let her get a good look.

  When he thumbed the tip, she gasped softly and moved in closer. She bent down and reached for her jeans. He wasn’t certain why, until she dropped to her knees in front of him on the soft denim. The ground beneath the oak was littered with twigs and acorns.

  Then she took him in her mouth.

  Rez did not expect this. Nothing about what was happening seemed like the woman he’d known in Millerell. She’d healed him then they’d argued. He’d known she’d been into him even then. But she didn’t hesitate to tear apart his life choices. He’d set it down to her relative youth, though he’d also made his own assessment: Uptight, critical, no fun at all.

  How wrong he’d been about her.

  She used her hand to slowly stroke the length of his cock, a soft touch that tightened his balls. She licked the head in long, wet swipes, then sucked. She did this over and over until his hips began to thrust.

  He needed to call a halt. “Holly.” His voice came out rough.

  She must have understood his dilemma, because she rose to her feet, her eyes hooded. “You need something else, Mastyr?”

  She picked up her mass of hair, twisted it in her hands then tossed it onto her back. The woman had a lot of beautiful, thick hair. She arched her neck, exposing her white throat. He groaned. She’d made room for his fangs.

  Sweet Goddess and all the elf-lords in hell.

  He stepped up to her, his cock pressed against her lower abdomen. He hooked the narrow band of her thong with a thumb on each side.

  She settled her hands on his shoulders. “Rip it off me.”

  Who was this woman?

  He knew the strength of the elastic and stitching of a thong and he didn’t want to hurt her. But damn, he wanted to rip it to pieces.

  He shifted just enough to grab one side with both hands, got a good grip, then twisted and pulled. He was a strong man and the scrap of fabric gave way.

  She was still bound with one leg, so he didn’t hesitate to tug it down her thigh, lowering himself at the same time until he was on his knees. He kissed her belly and rimmed her navel with his tongue.

  She grabbed hold of his hair and held on. Her hips rolled into him. He knew what she wanted.

  He shoved the ripped thong all the way to the ground. She lifted her foot. He slid the fabric off then cast it aside.

  Grabbing both her hips, he kissed his way down toward her rounded mons. She was completely bare, which had his hard-on twitching all over again.

  His tongue found her seam and her hips rocked again as he began to lick. She tasted so good, that geranium edge and womanly flavor combined.

  He got lost in trying to reach her with his tongue. She spread her legs and he craned to lap at her sex. The tip of his tongue teased her, hunting for her depths.

  “Rez.” With both fists in his hair, she tugged him in an upward motion.

  He wasn’t slow to take the hint.

  He rose to gather her up in his arms and slanted a kiss over her lips. As she opened for him, he ground his hips against her then drove his tongue into her mouth.

  She cooed and cried out as he thrust in a steady rhythm, his tongue teasing her mouth in the same way he wanted his cock working her sex.

  When he was rocking hard against her, he drew back and slid his hands to her waist. He held her gaze. “I’m going to give it to you, Holly. I’m going to give it to you hard.”

  ~ ~ ~

  Holly could barely breathe. Her chest felt on overload, like she was carrying too much blood and her sex kept rippling and pulling within her.

  She watched him dip down and grab his leathers, shake them out and roll them up. The earth was littered with sharp things, so she levitated just enough to keep her feet from hitting all the oak debris.

  Her gaze was glued to him and kept drifting over his body. She’d never been with a vampire warrior type. Rez had muscles on muscles. The tips of her fingers tingled, wanting to trace all the corded lines of his shoulders and arms, his chest and abs.

  He hooked her arm and because she was levitating, he swung her in the direction of the tree trunk. The movement was like ballet, because before she hit, he slid his rolled-up jeans behind her and had his arms around her to ease the impact. It was awesome.

  He lifted one of her legs up, then the other, splitting her wide. Had to be the best feeling in the world.

  She leaned her head against the rough bark. With the leather as a cushion, she was ready.

  He took his cock in his hand, a sight that made her clench.

  She was breathing hard and they hadn’t even gotten started.

  He swept a hand down her waist and thigh. She felt the pressure of his knuckles and her breath caught. She tilted her pelvis as the head of his cock pressed against her sex.

  “Oh, Rez. That feels so good.” She took a deep, shaky breath and her head rolled back and forth as he began to push into her. He was a big man in every sense. He filled her and then some.

  Sweet Goddess.

  She moaned as he reached the end of her then began the long erotic pull back. She could feel her sex tugging on him, trying to hold him in.

  “That feels incredible.” His voice was so deep. “What are you doing to me, Holly, with your sex. You’re tight as hell.”

  Her voice was breathy. “I’m trying to keep you inside me.”

  “I’m not leaving your body. I just want you to feel the full length of me. Over and over.”

  She offered a long, raspy moan. “Do it again.”

  He pushed in once more, stroking her all the way. Then he drew back. Slowly.

  She locked her ankles around his waist and hips. The whole experience felt otherworldly, like she was walking the border of a land she’d never explored before.

  He shifted his head and his lips began to pluck at her throat.

  She wanted this, wanted his fangs. He pressed his tongue into her skin, then licked in stiff swipes. She felt her vein rise for him, beckoning him.

  Your blood smells like fire and flowers and I want to bite you. Can I bite you, Holly?

  She loved his deep, husky voice in her head.

  He hunched his hips and stroked her quickly. His tongue on her throat matched his movements.

  Yes. Yes. Yes. How easy it was to path with him, like she’d always been inside his head. And he was teasing her vein.

  She was ready.

  Do it, Rez.

  She felt his head draw back, then a jerk of his jaw and a sting as he broke flesh. A second later, his mouth had formed a seal and he was suckling on her throat.

  His hips had grown quiet, but he groaned heavily as he began taking down her life force.

  Holly grew very still. She was feeding a vampire, but it wasn’t like anything she’d imagined.
Instead, what she felt was a profound euphoria as though suddenly she knew all the answers to the riddles of life.

  Her entire body vibrated softly, to the tips of her fingers, even her toes. Very slowly, she rocked her hips. He responded and began moving inside her once more.

  For her, the two experiences were completely and utterly connected. He took her blood and she could feel him moving inside her, soothing and enticing her heated sex. Odd sounds came from her throat and mouth, like soft gasps and coos combined.

  His hips began moving faster and her breathing accelerated right along with it.

  She’d been wanting this for two longs months. That’s what she knew. From the time she’d healed Rez at the Wild Boar until right now, this was what she’d been craving.

  Her mind sparkled with lights and music like wind-chimes. Deep inside, her mating vibration came alive for the first time.

  She gasped. Do you feel that? I think your frequency is inside me.

  What do you mean? His telepathic voice came back strained and husky. Then, You’re right. That’s my mating frequency. Holly, your blood is an elixir I’ve never experienced before. His hips moved in deep thrusts now. What’s happening here?

  She didn’t know. I’m not sure. But your mating frequency is moving over mine. Sweet Goddess, I never thought it could be like this.

  ~ ~ ~

  Rez drank fire down his throat. It kept hitting his stomach and radiating so much pleasure through his veins his brain was only partially functioning.

  He knew his mating frequency was all over Holly’s as though trying to find a way in. So, what was left of his rational mind worked hard to keep from bonding with her. But it was tough, as though his mating drive had already decided she was the one.


  He’d never experienced anything like this in his life, not with any of his numerous doneuses. Not even with his wife.

  As the blood-craving began to relent, he became focused on Holly and her reactions to him. He could hear her gasping coos and how tightly she held her legs wrapped around his ass.

  Goddess, she felt good and he wanted her to feel even better.

  He sped up the thrust of his hips just a little and felt her body writhe stem to stern. It was a beautiful erotic sensation that tightened his balls.

  He could tell she was close.

  So was he.

  Satiated, he drew back from her throat and swiped the small wounds on her neck. He kissed her repeatedly up and down her throat finally rising to land on her ear.

  She cried out for him as he swirled his tongue inside. I wish I was doing this to your sex.

  Another cry and her hips jerked against his.

  I want to lick you till you scream.

  Goddess, Rez, you’re going to make me come.

  Then let’s take this all the way.

  Her arms tightened around his neck. She spoke aloud. “Yes, Rez. All the way.”

  He drew back just enough to kiss her. She opened right away and he drove his tongue inside. He thrust faster now, slamming his hips into her.

  Yes. Yes. Yes. Rez, I’m coming.

  She tilted her head back, pressing it into the tree. His vision grew bright and her beauty hit him hard. Her scent rich with sweet geranium pummeled him. Deep inside, his mating vibration tightened over hers and rippled erotically.

  She cried out over and over and that’s when he began to come, pulses of ecstasy that had him shouting, then roaring into the branches overhead.

  He was man.

  He was vampire.

  He was life and fire and power.

  To his amazement, the orgasm kept rolling.

  Holly gripped his shoulders and met is gaze. Rez, I’m coming again. Sweet Goddess! Yes.

  As he pulsed into Holly’s body, he felt it now, that he was ejaculating a second time and the intensity of the sensation had him roaring all over again.

  How was this possible?

  He didn’t care.

  And he wanted to do it again and again.

  ~ ~ ~

  Holly leaned forward and wrapped her arms tightly around Rez’s neck once more. She was breathing hard and her mind felt oddly loose like she couldn’t quite come back to herself.

  Thank you. It seemed the right thing to say to Rez. He’d just given her the ride of her life. She’d never experienced anything remotely like this set of orgasms.

  She couldn’t figure out if it was because he’d taken her blood or because he was so beautifully built.

  Or was it just something about Rez?

  Again, her mind kept rolling around these intriguing questions. All she knew was she felt wonderful and her heart felt light and free once more.

  She realized she was holding him way too tight but she didn’t want to let go. She knew once she did, all the feel-good would begin to drain away, reality would assert itself and the euphoria of the moment would diminish in quick stages.

  “I don’t want this to end,” she whispered.

  “I get it.” He drew her away from the tree and slid his arms around her fully, holding her close. She felt his rolled-up leathers slide down behind her and fall to the ground.

  “I’m amazed by what just happened.”

  He hugged her. “It was incredible. You are incredible.”

  She hadn’t expected a compliment. She drew back enough to meet his gaze. It struck her how little she knew him. She felt her cheeks warm up.

  “What is it?”

  “Nothing. I’m overwhelmed. I’ve never had an experience like this before and the truth is I barely know you.” She resisted the urge to run her fingers through his hair. Would he like her doing that? Or would it bother him?

  “If it’s any consolation, what just happened between us is new to me as well. Can you feel our mating frequencies?”

  As she shifted her focus from his exquisite blue eyes to the inner place of their realm frequencies, she gasped. “Sweet Goddess, we’ve almost bonded.”


  She blinked rapidly several times. “I had no idea we’d gotten so close. That would have been –” She couldn’t complete the thought because it would be too harsh. The word ‘disastrous’ had almost fallen from her lips.

  He sighed and nodded. “I know. Neither of us wants whatever this is. You don’t need to spare my feelings. I remember your opinions all too well from the first healing two months ago. I’m going to start pulling my mating frequency back, but I don’t want you to be alarmed. This might feel strange.”

  She nodded as the furrow between her brows tightened. Whatever this was between herself and Rez, it held layers of complexity she didn’t want to think about.

  Rez wasn’t for her. He was a vampire, a deserter, and hung out in a biker bar.

  She was a professor at the Tannisford University, her father a renowned fae scholar. She also had the distinct impression Rez didn’t exactly approve of her either.

  This relationship, or whatever it was, could never work.

  As he began to disengage his mating frequency, she felt an odd impulse to stay connected to him and to keep him from leaving. She also knew she could do just that. She could arouse him all over again with her own mating frequency and sustain their intimate contact.

  Instead, she drew a deep breath as he continued to withdraw and let him go.

  She just didn’t understand what was happening between them.

  Chapter Four

  Rez focused on his breathing because he knew he couldn’t do anything else. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had sex like this. Maybe never.

  And Holly’s blood, like fire in his body.

  But the moment had passed and he was coming down rapidly. He’d already disengaged his mating frequency which left him with a cold sensation in the center of his chest.

  Slowly, he began to withdraw from her body. Her arms fell away as his cock slid from her sex. He immediately reached for his shirt, shook it out then handed it to her.

  “Thank you.”
She pressed it between her legs.

  He’d come twice and she’d been so wet. The least he could do was offer his tank top.

  He turned away from her, making a show of gathering up each piece of their clothing. He returned a lot of oak debris back to the grassy dirt.

  The chore helped. He needed the separation.

  What the hell had he been thinking to make love to Holly? He shook his head as he stepped into his leathers. Yet at what point had rational thought been part of the equation? He’d needed to feed, he’d wanted sex, he’d craved the woman and she’d been willing.

  The trouble was, she was Holly McCrae, the daughter of a well-known professor at Tannisford University. She even taught classes herself.

  He, on the other hand, was a disgraced Vampire Guardsman. He knew damn well she despised him for not returning to the Guard. But he’d long since given up trying to justify anything about his life. He had his reasons for the choices he’d made and he just didn’t give a damn if anyone approved of his decisions or not.

  The part of his life where he’d given his heart fully was long over. He had only one real desire. He wanted to find his daughter. If she was still alive, whether paired with an Invictus wraith or not, he would do everything he could to save her.

  Beyond that, the world could walk into a septic tank and stay there forever.

  He pulled up his leathers and tucked his satisfied cock well behind the open zipper.

  That’s when he froze.

  A wind rushed through his head as a specific awareness of the state of his gut became clear.


  It couldn’t be.

  It wasn’t possible.

  By all the elf-lords damned to hell.

  He slowly zipped as he glanced at Holly. She had her bra already on and was stepping into her jeans. She was also frowning. Something was bothering her. Whatever it was, though, her life was about to be thrown up into the air.

  He shrugged on his boots and zipped them up as well. She’d set his well-used tank on the ground. When she was busy putting on her red sweater, he grabbed up the tank and her torn thong then turned to stare at her. She levitated as she put on her shoes.

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