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A vampires embrace, p.21
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       A Vampire's Embrace, p.21

         Part #2 of Blood Rose Time Travel series by Caris Roane
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  He ran his fingers down the length of her hair. He used to hold his wife like this. He didn’t want to think about her, but being with Holly felt familiar, the way it used to be with his wife.

  His wife. His family. His lost sons. His missing daughter.

  He should let Holly go. He had a hole in his heart where only darkness lived.

  He could see it in her eyes, he could feel it in the way she touched him, she was attached now and it hurt him.

  “Stop thinking, Rez.”

  “I never lied to you.”

  “I know you didn’t and I don’t expect anything. I promise.”

  He believed her. But as she’d recently said to him, would it be that simple?

  She was so beautiful with her large hazel eyes and thick black lashes. Her geranium scent floated all around him now, teasing his senses. She’d made a new portion of blood for him. How strange that the longer he was with her, the more he tuned into her. He could feel an unusual resolve in her as well, something that hadn’t existed until now. But resolved to do what?

  She released his shoulders but grabbed the lapels of his coat. “Would you make love to me, right now, Rez? It would mean a lot.”

  He was in dangerous water. He could feel something from the depths pulling at him, coaxing him. “No promises.”

  She shook her head slowly. There it was again, a profound resolve.

  In a moment of clarity, he understood. She’d accepted who he was and after tonight, she would move on. As a blood rose, she didn’t have a choice. She would have to choose a mate, or the wrong mastyr could force a bond.

  It was the thought of any other mastyr vampire so much as touching Holly that sent him over the edge. He pulled her close once more and kissed her. Hard.

  For this moment, he would possess her fully, nothing held back, his own form of resolve. He picked her up and carried her to his bedroom.

  The next minute became a tangled process of getting her clothes and jewelry off while kissing and fondling. His boots became his biggest issue since he couldn’t stop suckling her breasts. She wasn't helping. She kept moaning and pushing his head against her chest.

  He gave in and with his pants half down his ass and his boots still on, he pushed her back on the bed and devoured her body. He teased and licked her nipples until she was panting and arching off the bed. He massaged her sex then slid two fingers inside and set up a quick rhythm. He added a vibration to his hand that had her crying out in harsh gasps. “Rez! Sweet Goddess.”

  A heavy moan followed and he felt her sex pulsing on his fingers. He sustained the quick drive of his hand until she began to ease down on the bed, her eyelids closed.

  “That was good.” Her words came out breathy. “But I’m not done with you. Maybe you’d better get your pants off.”

  He took his time. He was so hard and the zipper of his leathers had a few sharp teeth he needed to avoid.

  He shoved his pants to his knees, turned around and sat down on the bed. He leaned over and worked his boots off.

  He felt movement on the bed. But he was still surprised when Holly came up behind him. She pushed his hair away from his neck and moved in.

  He’d forgotten about her fangs.

  He groaned as she began to lick his neck. Her voice pierced his head. I’m going to bite you, just like this, from behind.

  Was this Holly? The professor’s daughter?

  She was so much more than he would have ever believed.

  He sat very still and let her adjust and readjust as she tested the angle, and finally slid her arm across his chest. She held him steady as she nipped his throat.

  A jolt of pure pleasure ran in a streak from his neck to his cock. He had a rocket in his lap.

  When she began to drink, he put a hand on his cock and began to stroke.

  But she wouldn’t have it. She pushed his fist away and with her free hand caressed him. Her body rubbed up against his back, her fingers teased him, and the whole time she sucked on his neck.

  He closed his eyes and gave himself to the sheer pleasure of the experience, of this woman touching him, drinking from him, enjoying his body.

  ~ ~ ~

  Holly shuddered as Rez’s life-force filled her mouth. Every nerve in her body was alive with pleasure.

  She needed this time with him, but it felt like a farewell. In some ways, she’d already moved on. She wasn’t the same woman as the fae who had healed Rez in Millerell two months ago.

  She was a time-pather and a blood rose. She had a new calling, one she had finally embraced.

  But Rez was the man she wanted with the eucalyptus and thyme flavor of his blood in her mouth. The fire of all that he was streamed down her throat and into her stomach. With every swallow, new power came to her and an even stronger resolve. She knew who and what she was. Maybe Rez couldn’t travel this path with her, but she was okay with whatever he needed to do.

  She’d always tried to control every aspect of her life, but that was impossible. Yet, she had lived with an undercurrent of rebellion. She bought merchandise from the black market. Truthfully, she loved that a part of her had always insisted she not live her life so rigidly. She couldn’t have had her present flexibility without a small rebellion living inside her.

  When Rez groaned and grew tense, she took her hand away from his cock and licked the wounds at his neck to seal them. She kissed each puncture then sent a soft stream of healing to close them up for good.

  “That feels amazing.”

  Still from behind, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight. She kissed his hair, his cheek, his chin. He reached up and caressed her arms.

  “Just letting you settle down a little.”

  “Good idea.” His deep voice sounded hoarse.

  “I still can’t believe I have fangs or how wonderful it is to take from you.”

  At that, he turned in her arms and she released her hold on him. He rolled to move over on her. He slid his hand across her breasts and up her neck to caress her face.

  The tender gesture made her eyes sting. He kissed her, a deep kiss. His tongue pulsed, a promise of what he would do to her.

  Her heart swelled. She loved him so much. She hadn’t known this kind of love was possible. Her mating frequency began to pulse and call to him. He groaned and his own frequency pushed into her body and covered hers in a beautiful writhing dance.

  She moaned heavily.

  He drew back enough to levitate suddenly and pick her up. “We’re too far down the bed.”

  She chuckled as he settled her closer to the headboard.

  He lay on top of her. “My mating frequency is all over yours.”

  She caressed his face and once more tears started to her eyes. She ran her hands through his wavy brown hair. She fingered the sexy blond highlights he came by naturally. She stroked the dimple on his chin with her thumb.

  Goddess, she was going to miss him.

  She lifted up enough to capture his lips. He followed her back down and kissed her once more, his tongue thrusting, his mating frequency stroking her deep inside her body.

  He shifted to settle himself between her legs. Yes, she pathed. I need you. I need this.

  I’m here, Holly.

  She felt his hand dip low to take hold of his cock. She arched her hips to help him find her opening.

  She gasped at the feel of the tip of his cock pressed to her entrance. She surrounded him with her arms and held on as he began to push. She wanted to feel everything, to remember this moment clearly in her mind forever. She knew it would be the last time she’d be with him.

  Holly. He spoke her name within her mind.

  She returned the favor. Rez.

  His mating frequency tightened and released over hers as he began to pump. She loved the push-pull, the feel of him inside her and the drive of his cock into her sex, all the way in, then drawing back out.

  When he added a vibration to his cock, she moaned and her body rolled.

  “Look at me
, Holly.”

  When had her eyes closed? She opened them and there he was, gorgeous man. The tips of his fangs showed.

  She thumbed his lips then reached inside just enough to touch the upper parts of his fangs. He groaned and pumped faster.

  She lifted to run her tongue over his lips and fangs, though avoiding the sharp tips. She felt his fangs retract, but she knew what was next as he kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

  She gripped his shoulders then sunk her nails.

  His body arched as he groaned. That was hot.

  She did it again which caused him to slide his lips down her neck. She cried out as he began licking the side of her throat. Yes, bite me, Rez. Sweet Goddess, do it now.

  His hips slowed down then stopped completely. He was so hard within her and it felt good to be filled up.

  She felt the sharp sting and an immediate sweet euphoric pleasure cascaded in a wave down her body.

  She held him close as he nursed on her neck, taking what had ended decades of suffering for him. Once they no longer saw each other, she hoped he would remain free of pain. Rez deserved at least that much.

  His hips began to move once more. He thrust in and out as he suckled.

  Her breathing grew uneven at so much sensation. A vibration still flowed from his cock and his mating frequency tightened and released over and over. His scent poured from him in waves, sharp eucalyptus and mellow thyme.

  Her eyes were closed now as her body heated up. She moaned heavily. Her arms tightened around him. She wouldn’t last long now.

  Pleasure built, rising and driving her toward the edge. She wanted to hold on, though. She wanted this with him, right now.

  Rez, I’m close. Come with me.

  He groaned, suckled a few more times then released her throat. He licked to seal the wounds.

  Lifting up, he stared into her eyes. She touched the blood on his lips. He drew her thumb into his mouth and sucked.

  The sight of him, with her thumb in his mouth …

  The feel of his body rolling over hers and his cock thrusting deep …

  The scent of him flooding her brain with intoxicating sensations …

  She couldn’t breathe.

  He released her thumb. “You’re beautiful, Holly. Especially with your lips parted and your face warm with passion. Are you close?”

  “So, close, Rez? Are you?”

  His head did a quick double nod. His hips sped up. She clutched at his shoulders. His mating vibration tightened around hers.

  Ecstasy hurtled toward her then suddenly caught her up and carried her into the night skies. She cried out. His roars followed as he pulsed into her.

  He continued to thrust and her cries didn’t end.

  She felt the orgasm begin to wane, then another followed.

  He shouted and her back arched as more pleasure tossed her around as though caught in an ocean wave. Ecstasy flowed up through her abdomen and spread fire through her heart.

  Love for him ignited and spread to every cell of her body.

  She wept. She cried out. Pleasure continued to pour from her sex, waves and waves.

  I’m coming again. He was in her head now and nothing felt more overwhelming or wonderful.

  She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in close as he thrust harder still. Just as she was coming down, she felt his final release. Tears flowed from her eyes.

  She’d never been in love before. That’s what she understood as she felt Rez’s body relax against hers. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world and carried the elements of life with it, of forever love, of family, of the birth of realm-kind. She felt the Goddess’s presence, a warm light that filled her heart and her mind.

  She loved the man she held in her arms with all her heart. He was more precious than anything she’d known before. She would carry him in the warmth of her love forever, even if he never knew the truth.

  She was breathing hard as he balanced himself on his forearms and looked down at her. His brows rose, “You’ve been crying.”

  “There’s something I need to tell you. But not like this. In a few minutes. Right now, I want to enjoy the moment.”

  “Did I hurt you?” Very Rez, always wanting to make sure she was okay.

  “Of course not. It was … spectacular.”

  She slid her arms around his neck and pulled him close. He was heavy on her, all that muscle. She loved it. She savored the sensation believing it would be the last she would ever experience with him.

  ~ ~ ~

  Rez knew something was bothering Holly, but he had no idea what it was. He could see she was overcome, yet not in a bad way. On the other hand, he sensed her despair, but over what?

  Maybe him.

  He stayed put until at last her arms relaxed and he could draw back once more. He’d expected her to want to talk. Instead, she seemed oddly distant.

  She didn’t stop him when he slowly pulled out of her. He left the bed but returned to hand her a washcloth. She thanked him but didn’t meet his gaze. She seemed distracted. “Anything on your mind?”

  She rocked her head on the pillow. “I’m fine.” Eye-contact this time, yet he could tell she wasn’t present. “We can talk in a few minutes.”

  He headed for the shower. When he was done, Holly was no longer in bed, but he could hear the shower from the other bathroom. Her clothes were gone as well.

  With a towel around his hips, he experienced a strange shot of sorrow as he gazed at the empty bed and the absence of clothes. Her wonderful scent had dimmed as well.

  How strange to think she wasn’t more than thirty feet away, but he was missing her.

  He rubbed his chest and took a deep breath. What the hell?

  He squeezed his eyes shut and reminded himself why he’d resisted Holly from the beginning. Maybe his opinion of her had changed. Okay, it had transformed into profound admiration for the time-pather.

  Even so, what did he have to give? Not a damn thing. He knew the state of his heart and he was sure Holly did, too. In fact, her behavior convinced him she understood him perfectly.

  Yet, making love with her had been extraordinary, full of realm power and tremendous passion. He wished their circumstances were different since he wouldn’t mind sexing her up every night for about the next year. Hell, the next decade.

  The train of his thoughts dispelled the odd sense of sadness he’d felt and he changed into some regular leathers, boots and a tank. When he left the bedroom, he was surprised to find Holly dressed in something completely different. She wore a gray tunic over black pants. She had on flat shoes with small leather ties. Odd he would notice her shoes, but then she shopped on the black market. Her shoes reflected the truth of who she was. Somehow, that seemed important right now, though he wasn’t certain why.

  He felt confused as much by the distance he felt from her as by her change of gear. “You took the time-path home.”

  “I did.”

  Even her words sounded clipped, very much unlike her. “So, what’s going on?” He moved in her direction, but she seemed changed, unapproachable. He drew close and searched her eyes.

  There it was again. Tremendous resolve.

  She took a deep breath. “I saw your daughter, your mother and your wife at the cavern auction just before we left.”

  He knew his mouth fell open, but he couldn’t lift his jaw to close his lips. “What are you talking about?”

  “Your daughter was in one of the glass enclosures. But your mother told me to get you out of there. Your wife backed her up.”

  “I’m not getting this. You’re talking about ghosts.”

  “Yes. I am.”

  He stared at her for a long, hard moment. “But we could have gotten to Isobel and taken her out of there. What right did you have to make that call? We could have done something, used the time-path.”

  “Your daughter was naked like all the other captives. The truth is, Rez, the moment you saw her, in that condition, you would ha
ve lost your mind. Marion knew that and I’m of the same opinion.”

  He took a step toward her, his jaw now clenched. “It wasn’t your call or my mother’s or my wife’s. It was mine. She’s my daughter.”

  Holly didn’t back up. She didn’t flinch. All she did was breathe, deep and easy. More resolve.

  He saw her strength, another surprise. She’d acted on what she believed was right in the middle of a dangerous situation. But, he didn’t care. He’d lost a critical opportunity to save his daughter. Holly had robbed him of that.

  He was about to tell her so, when she said, “You have one job to do right now. Figure out where Cruce’s cavern is and have Stone mobilize his army. I have my own path to follow from this moment forward. I can’t help you anymore.”

  “What the hell do you mean by –” Before the words left his mouth, he felt her time-pathing vibration light up then she was gone.

  “Holly!” His voice echoed around the room. “Come back here. We’re not finished!”

  He was shouting into empty air.

  One thought began looping through his head. Holly had prevented him from saving Isobel.

  Holly had betrayed him and he’d made love to her.

  His mind flooded with rage. A red haze covered his vision. His heart pounded hard in his chest. His hands made fists. He couldn’t think. He took breaths in deep, bull-like snorts.

  He had to get out of the house or he’d start smashing things.

  He flew down the hall by the kitchen and out the back door. He’d taken Holly’s blood, so he was full of power as he shot toward the hills to the north. He passed above his orchard, over the sheep and horses grazing in the pasture.

  He saw the infamous oak and headed for it. He might have made love to Holly there for the first time, but it had always been a place that claimed him.

  He set down on the twig littered grasses and began to pace. The April air was cool on his face, but he was burning up with fury.

  He could have saved his daughter. The only surviving member of his family. He could have saved her.

  Damn Holly to hell for doing this to him.

  He shouted his rage and heard his voice echo against the hills.

  He turned in a circle, hands in fists, arms stiff.

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