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The rule of mirrors, p.32
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       The Rule of Mirrors, p.32

           Caragh M. O'Brien


  The Vault of Dreamers

  The Birthmarked Trilogy




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  Title Page

  Copyright Notice



  1. Rosie: The Voice That Stayed Behind

  2. Thea: The Voice That Left

  3. Thea: Blink Twice

  4. Rosie: The Smell of Green

  5. Thea: The Point of a Fortune

  6. Thea: Not Curiosity

  7. Rosie: Cherry Lip Gloss

  8. Thea: Face Lessons

  9. Thea: The Return of Cyrano

  10. Rosie: Desperate People

  11. Rosie: The Pickup

  12. Rosie: Jenny

  13. Thea: Behind the Blue Door

  14. Thea: Seeds

  15. Rosie: Guardian

  16. Rosie: Spitfire

  17. Thea: Home

  18. Thea: Maroon

  19. Thea: The Rule of Mirrors

  20. Rosie: Waffles2067

  21. Thea: Best Dog Ever

  22. Rosie: Flesh-Eating Maggots

  23. Thea: The Boxcar

  24. Rosie: A Cozy Bathroom

  25. Thea: The Midway Motel

  26. Rosie: Lightning

  27. Thea: A Tour of Forge

  28. Rosie: Visitors

  29. Thea: Meeting Rosie

  30. Rosie: Bagels

  31. Thea: The Tunnel

  32. Rosie: Campfire Boy

  33. Rosie: The Bargain

  34. Thea: A Beam of Light

  35. Rosie: Blood

  36. Rosie: Sunrise


  About the Author

  Also by Caragh O’Brien


  Text copyright © 2016 by Caragh O’Brien

  Published by Roaring Brook Press

  Roaring Brook Press is a division of Holtzbrinck Publishing Holdings Limited Partnership

  175 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10010

  All rights reserved

  Library of Congress Cataloguing in Publication Control Number: 2015035535

  eISBN 9781596439412

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  First hardcover edition, 2016

  eBook edition, February 2016



  Caragh M. O'Brien, The Rule of Mirrors



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