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           C.M. Kars
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  Even if he says the usual ‘you’re so hot, you’re so tight, blah, blah, blah,’ it won’t matter ‘cause it’s Dean, and I know he’ll mean it.

  “Your skin,” he says, gliding both hands over either side of my ribcage, knuckles grazing the underside of my breasts.

  “So soft. And baby, look at your hips,” his hands move there next, digging into the suppleness there. I wasn’t expecting him to complement on such mundane parts of my body.

  “Can I taste you?” he asks, and my heart’s doing sommersaults. Another streak of heat dances from the top of my head to my pussy, and I pull in a sharp breath at his question.

  “Yes, you can.”

  Dean takes his time kissing up one of my inner thighs, slow, drugging kisses that make my heart trip, and make the ache inside me ten times worse. He’s driving me absolutely insane.

  “Dean…” I warn, spreading my legs wider, giving him more access. I look down at him, my whole body shaking with need.

  His tongue laps against me, slow, and careful. The sensation has me bucking my hips, my back bowing, as stars start to explode behind my eyes.

  There’s something to be said for going slow.

  “Dean…” I whimper, straining to get more of his tongue on me. “I want to come.”

  “In a minute, kitten,” he says, licking me again in that infuriating slow way of his. My whole body trembles and a moan escapes me. Dean licks me faster this time, his tongue the perfect friction. God, and then he puts his entire mouth on me and sucks.

  I cry out, body contorting as the orgasm rips through me, destroying all my cells, all my molecules and putting me back together into a different human being with the same face and body.

  Dean nips at the softness of my inner thigh, making me jump. He kisses his way up my belly, and frowns at my boobs. “I haven’t paid enough attention to these yet,” he says, voice deeper, impossibly sexier.

  “Do you want to take this to the bed?” he asks, pushing hair back from my face.

  I can only nod. If I speak, I might tell him I’m chaining him to the bed and not letting him out of my sight for the rest of his life.

  I stand on unsteady feet, Dean still in his dress pants and socks, who guides me into my bedroom where he turns down the covers for us, and opens the light.

  Dean drops his pants and his Star Wars boxers, and I’m confronted with the best looking ass I’ve ever seen on a guy. All muscular and perfect, I might just be taking a bite out of that later.

  “C’mon, kitten,” he says, patting the bed once he’s settled himself in it, covers over his hips.

  “Why are you being shy?”

  Even his cheeks are red, and he keeps licking his lips like he’s trying to remember what I taste like.

  “You’re one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen…” he says, staring at me with such authenticity that whatever I have left of my frozen heart gives a feeble thump, thump, thump.

  “Except for Mace Windu’s lightsaber. That shit’s purple.”

  I start laughing, crossing my arms over my stomach to try to keep it in, but the laugh’s taken over. I throw my head back and laugh, getting an ab workout in the process. When I look back at him, he crooks his finger at me, beckoning me closer to my prize.

  Where a very naked Dean Carter is now waiting for me to have my way with him.

  You won. Just like you said you would. You got him in bed. Now what?

  Chapter 26

  What do we do now?

  “Dean, now’s not the time to be telling me I pale in comparison to a fictitious sword, ‘kay? I mean, I could just put my clothes on and leave you alone so you and your hand can get reacquainted,” I smirk, running my hands through my hair, watching him watch me, eyes trailing tangible strokes of fire along my body.

  “No! I mean… no, don’t do that,” he mumbles, keeping his eyes on my face now. “I was just joking. You’re more beautiful than a lightsaber.”

  I nod. “I’m glad you think so.” I make my way over to the bed, one slow step at a time. My heart’s beating too fast, and I’m feeling dizzy, like I’ve been spinning in my office chair for a whole five minutes without stopping.

  My boobs do the whole gravity thing and Dean finds that completely mesmerising. His lips have pulled back from his teeth and he quickly jackknifes so he’s sitting facing me coming towards him, pulling me closer to the bed.

  Fuck, he’s really gorgeous, all muscle and skin, wide, wide shoulders dwarfing my headboard. The same headboard I intend to cause a dent in my wall with.

  “Come over here, Katarina,” he says, making me stop on his side of my bed. “Let me look at you,” he says, voice deep enough to cause rumbles in his chest.

  No one has ever stared at me like this before, well, except Dean, that very first time. It was a lot like this, just staring at each other’s bodies, trying to figure out how to touch, when to touch, and just how much without hurting either one of us. But this Dean is older, stronger, and while he doesn’t seem that much more sure of himself, there’s a calm knowledge in knowing what he wants.

  I let him look his fill, it excites me, the way his eyes trail over every inch of my skin, stopping at my more obvious parts, licking his lips, groaning, all by looking at me, imagining what it’s going to be like.

  This is our ten year reunion and there’s some pressure for it to last more than one night. I don’t know if I can do that, but I might just try.

  “Shit, when did that ass happen? I missed out on ten awesome years and I couldn’t worship at its altar?” Dean asks, hands moving to my hips, fingers digging into my skin there. “Every inch of you is making me go mental.”

  I run a hand through his hair, feeling the calm before the storm, my body ready to go after round one with Dean’s mouth. He’s probably in a lot of pain.

  Too bad I’m going to make it worse.

  I tilt my head to the side, smirking.

  “How about less talking, now?”

  Dean’s eyes get warm, and the green practically sparkles. The heat building up inside me is threatening to boil over, my body one pulsing mass of need.

  “You’re right. I should be putting my mouth to good use. Come over here, kitten, and let me make you purr.” I snort, but Dean holds up his hand and starts rubbing his mouth. “That sounded a lot better in my head.”

  I climb into bed, straddling Dean’s hips. His groan when I settle all my weight on him just right has me grinning, and his hands move over my back and ass like he doesn’t know whether to tear me apart or make me a part of him.

  His teeth graze along my throat, his tongue tasting every inch of skin. More dragging pulls as he starts sucking my skin, making my back arch, my hips bumping into his, making me grind on his covered bottom half.

  “Kat, baby, you need to stop doing that.”

  I keep moving my hips, over and over, adding a swivel to make him shudder and grind his teeth. His mouth is twisted in pain, and his hands dig hard into my skin, trying to keep me still.

  “I want you inside me now. No more games.”

  “Not yet. You get to beg me for it, kitten,” he whispers against my mouth. “You made me wait so long for you. So fucking long.”

  I get his mouth on mine again, tongues stroking, his desperation for me in every sweep of his hands over my body.

  My fingers grab his hair, and I kiss him even deeper, harder, more desperate than ever before. All he does is keep touching me, strokes of flesh on flesh that just isn’t enough, it’ll never be enough.

  I’m pushed onto my back, Dean somehow getting on top of me, pushing us further and further down the bed until his long legs and mine are twined together, and only air is keeping me from getting what I want.

  My body starts shaking, every particle I own needing this next orgasm like I need my next breath.

  Dean lifts himself off of me, leaning on one side of me, our mouths staying connected. He pushes hair from my face with gentle movements, everywhere he touches me has me goin
g up in flames.

  “Dean, stop teasing,” I snap, plastering myself to his body, sharing our body heat. “Give me what I want.”

  “Not yet, you’re going to have to wait for it.”

  His right hand drags along my skin, over my heart, and slowly, so slowly goes between my legs. He drives me crazy with his slow strokes, and the way he keeps looking at my face through it, demanding he be part of everything he’s giving me.

  “Oh, fuck,” I whimper, his fingers moving faster inside me, the sounds he’s making, the sounds I’m making driving me even more wild.

  My orgasm builds, my hips working in tandem with Dean’s fingers.

  “That’s it, kitten. Move for me,” Dean says in my ear, his breathing ragged. He’s completely mesmerised by my mouth. He pulls back, watching me ride his fingers, hips working faster now, jerking, bucking.

  “Fuck!” I groan, and feel my cheeks pull into a smile. Dean keeps stroking me, slower now, but my body wants more, my pussy’s drenched and now I really need him inside of me. “I need you to fuck me now.”

  Dean pulls in air through his nose, his green eyes boring into mine, fingers still inside me, still and waiting. He shakes his head, leaning in to give me another slow and steady kiss. He’s lost control already and is surrendering to it, letting himself feel every part of it, while I’m pretty sure the Earth has stopped moving, and fucking Dean might just be one of the best lays of my life.

  Too bad the sun is going to come up tomorrow morning.

  I’m dimly aware of a package being ripped open.

  He rolls us over so I’m on top of him. My inner thighs start to tremble as I move over his hips, positioning his cock at my entrance, ready to start the downward glide when his fingers at my hips stop me.

  I look up, unable to stop ‘cause, Jesus, this is so good, too good.

  Dean’s looking at me with tightened features, showing the animal underneath. He’s completely undone and having this Viking at my mercy is getting me raring to go again.

  “You have to know something,” he growls, as I start my descent, feeling every single inch of him spread me in all the most perfect ways. Every push fills me, deeper and deeper until Dean’s screwed his eyes shut and he’s panting so hard I think he might pass out.

  “Katarina,” he groans, trying to hold me still again once he’s completely inside me. “You’ve got me for the long haul.”

  Fucking bastard. Doing this to me now! When he knows I won’t stop?

  “You’re going to pay for that,” I whisper. I start to move, spreading my knees, moving my hips, up and down, over and over again. His cock dragging against my inner walls one second, only to plunge back in the next, firing me up, making my blood boil, hitting me just right.

  I watch his abs contract, all six bundles of them, his hips rolling to meet me, bouncing me with an edge of violence that’s about to send me through the roof again.

  “Dean, you need to come now,” I tell him, nails dragging along the skin of his chest as I lean forward, getting the angle even more fucking perfect, lighting up my insides as his base kisses my clit every down stroke.

  Oh God, oh God, oh God!

  His harsh breathing’s the only thing I hear, and the light taps of my headboard against the wall.

  “Dean, you have to come now,” I say again, a bit louder this time. His hands go to my breasts again, pinching, rolling the nipples creating another path of fire from my pussy to my chest, pulling me under whatever lust-filled haze he’s created for me.

  I work my hips faster, bucking them, squeezing my inner muscles, feeling them start to flutter around his length, reaching for the finally drop.

  “I love you, Katarina,” he groans as I start coming, clamping down on him, feeling him swell even further until there’s no me and him, just an adventure into another dimension where we’ve flown in together.


  “Why don’t you come take a shower with me?” Dean asks.

  I tried to keep my distance, seriously.

  He just invaded my space and dragged me over to his side of the bed, effectively demanding that I pay attention to him. He really is an insecure man-child after all. Then again, maybe he just knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

  “I don’t want to move right, now, thanks.” I say against his chest. His heartbeat’s under my ear, and I’m lying naked on top of a naked Dean who’s tracing odd designs on my back, brushing away my hair, just being loving and affectionate but my heart’s ready to jump ship.

  He sighs, the breath so long and heavy, it might rival the weight of an elephant. Or the drama seen in tweens. “I’m not going to apologize for what I said.”

  “I didn’t ask you to.”

  Dean grunts, the rumble vibrating through his skin to mine. Just like that, I want him again.

  “Then why are you being like this?”

  “I’m not being anything.”

  “Kitten, just tell me what’s going on in that head of yours. I just basically just dropped the epic “I am your father” line, and you have zero reaction.”

  I try to fight the grin, but I fail miserably. He knows how to get to me.

  “I told you it wasn’t going to work, and now I’m going to want to have sex with you on the regular, and you had to put a label on it.”

  “You still don’t get it, do you?”

  I push up, ignoring the way his hand tries to put pressure on my head to keep me where I am.

  Not today, bucko.

  “What am I not getting? You deserve better than what I can give you. I can’t say those words back. I won’t say those words back.”

  He just smiles at me. Where’s a fork when you need one? “I don’t want you to say them back when you don’t need them.”

  I narrow my eyes. “Why aren’t you worried? We are basically friends with benefits.”

  “Nah, I’m not the benefit. You’re the one I’ve been waiting around for. I’ve been waiting for you to catch up. And when that day comes, well, I’m hoping you do me the honour of marrying me, but since that’s a touchy subject we don’t have to talk about that right now.”


  “I’m a grown man – most of the time. I know what I’m getting into. I know what your deal is, and I’m going to try and help you fix it, get through it, whatever you want to do. Why do you think I said yes that day, kitten? Why did I say I wanted to hang out with you when all you caused me was misery?”

  “Because I’m hot?”

  Dean laughs, getting crinkles at his eyes. “Yeah, baby. You’re beautiful, no denying that. You’re also fierce, and strong, and an incredibly hard-worker. But you hide behind a wall, scared to death of living, of loving. That might just be a job for Carter-man! Cheesy, I know, but let’s see this through?”

  “You really love me?” I ask him, incapable of understanding. This was never meant to be for me, this relationship shit, love, it just wasn’t meant to be. And I was okay with that, until I ended hitting a Viking with a car. Until he did something to my heart and made me want to live again.

  “Guess you’re stuck with me for the next little while, then.”

  “That’s my girl. Now, what do I have to do to get you to make me a sandwich, or maybe seven of them?”

  “You know, I was going to introduce my lips to your cock, but then you had to go and open your mouth and say that. Junior here looks mighty disappointed.”

  Dean’s eyes open wide, his nostrils flare as my hand creeps closer and closer to his dick. I move back a little, and turn my head towards his stomach, watching my progress, watching every single nuance of muscle contract and pull in a way that has them arrowing towards my destination. Dean’s getting harder by the second, his entire length slowly standing at attention for me.

  My teeth nip a piece of skin on his ribs, making his entire body jerk just about the same time I get my hand wrapped around him. His hips roll, up and down, moving his length in opposition with the movement of my hand.

/>   I grin.

  I squeeze him on the way down, increasing pressure, increasing speed as his legs start contracting, the ropes of muscle in his quads standing out.

  “Kitten, torture is not nice,” he groans, moving in my hand. I watch him move, feel the answering ache between my legs, scissoring them to get some sort of relief.

  “I told you you were going to pay.”

  “Fuck, if you do this to me every time, I’ll never stop telling you I love you.”

  I start twisting my hand, his hips start moving faster, tighter movements as he groans, and says my name like it’s going to make me stop. I don’t want to stop.

  “Katie,” he groans, pulsing in my hand, his body pushing him harder to get what it wants.

  He’s so gorgeous like this, hips grinding into my hand. I’m burning just by looking at him. I push myself up, looking down at the entire length of his body, his face a mask of sweet agony as I stroke him towards what he needs.

  When he comes, his muscles tense for a whole minute before he lets them go, his entire body one taut string that’s about to snap. He relaxes briefly, green eyes lost and hazy. Dean looks at me with such conviction that I can’t help but have a sliver of belief that I may be able to tell him I love him, too.

  Just not today.

  Who knows about the future?

  Chapter 27

  “Hey, Dad,” I say, leaning in to kiss my father’s cheek. He gives me a smile, and grabs my hand to kiss it. He’s sitting in his favourite chair, a beat up La-Z-Boy that’s older than I am back home in the house I grew up in. As always, he’s sitting in front of the TV, watching a Juventus game and swearing whenever he thinks they don’t so something right.

  My childhood home was too big for the three of us, and we had a cleaning lady when I was growing up who became like family. I should track Lucia down, see how she’s doing. Try to make amends for the brat I was during my parents’ divorce.

  “Cara, how are you? It’s been a long time since you’ve come to see me.”

  Yeah, Dad, I think we both know why. You haven’t left the house since the day your divorce was finalized. I got my pride from you, and I want you to take it back.

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