Never Been Nerdy

      C.M. Kars
Never Been Nerdy

Katarina Katie DiNovro is cursed.

She’s got enough malocchio and bad luck to last her a lifetime. So when she lightly taps a guy with her car, she’s hoping he hasn’t crossed into the afterlife and has only suffered a mild concussion. With her bad luck, the guy lying in the middle of the street is mega hot and Katie wants nothing more than a few hot and sweaty nights with him.

Except the guy doesn’t bite and Katie has to wonder why a nerdy guy like him wouldn’t want to be with a hot-as-hell girl like her? Seriously. It’s not like she’s looking for a relationship, especially when she doesn’t believe in love in the first place.

It doesn’t take long for Katie to realize that Dean Carter is someone from her past, someone she left behind a long time ago, and he’s stirring up feelings she thought died an excruciating death back in high school.

With her bad luck causing her enough strife, and her relationships in turmoil, Katie has to wonder, is she nerdy enough to keep a guy like Dean Carter to infinity and beyond?

Or does the fact that she's never been nerdy going to ruin her one shot at true love?

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