The Great American Western (The Lost Episode), A Musical Comedy

      Bruce Guelden
The Great American Western (The Lost Episode),  A Musical Comedy

This is a full length play written specifically for community theater. Any non-profit theater may produce it without royalties.(It is best read on a full size screen because of the fonts and format)This play has won several regional awards and has been staged over 100 times. It is an edgy, politically incorrect musical that pokes fun at politicians, government, and pop culture.Have fun with it.(I am offering this play to any theater company at no cost. You may produce it without royalties). We first meet the Masked Man and Tonto as they push a shopping cart through the audience. He is recycling aluminum cans. He is homeless and his unemployment checks have run out. The recession has been hard on him.But alas, good times are just around the corner. He lands a job as the sheriff in the small town of Dirtwater, Texas. (with an embellished resume, I might add) Then he meets Carrie Nation and her wild band of women radicals. They are breaking whiskey bottles in record numbers. To complicate matters, J. Edgar Hoover shows up and arrests the Mayor on corruption charges. On top of all that, poor little Fester--the orphan boy--needs money for another leg operation. What a mess.But hold on, you haven’t met Sioux (Sue) yet. She is hot on Tonto’s tail when she learns he has inherited millions from his father’s Indian Casino. There is also a cameo appearance of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders--just for fun. This is a politically incorrect play and proud of it. It pokes fun at Hollywood, sports, political activists, and the government.Most community theaters have used this play to increase their working capital. It has done well for them. The author will assist any theater company in the production of The Great American Western. Bruce Guelden

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