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     Memory, Light & Medicine, p.1

       Brian S. Wheeler / Fantasy / Science Fiction
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Memory, Light & Medicine
Memory, Light & Medicine
Brian S. Wheeler

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

Copyright © 2017 by Brian S. Wheeler

For Kate.

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Chapter 1 – Medicinal Light

Thousands of small, blinking lights surrounded Thomas Voss, kneading his memory, searching for the for the man others believed Thomas Voss to have been.

Thomas’ wife, Elaine, and oldest daughter, Vicki, stared through the small window of the viewing chamber at the man illuminated by so many flashing diadems of silver, pearl and gold. They said nothing. They concentrated to maintain the regularity of their breath. They regarded the ceremony of those lights to be as solemn as any magical practice that summoned the dead. Staring through that window, they prayed that the man they loved, and not the monster they feared, would rise and return to them.

Vicki glanced again at the blue, digital clock whose numbers retreated towards zero. “What if it doesn’t work?”

Elaine smiled. “It’ll work. The lights are already bringing him back to us. We only have to be patient and give the therapy time to take hold.”

“That’s not what I mean, and you know it. What if father rages again?”

A soft hum of melody escaped Elaine’s lips. “Then we’ll just have to wait until whatever memory is making him angry fades before we start another cycle with the light.”

Vicki stepped back from the window and leaned against the cold, metal wall. Her hopes had been much higher when her father started his light therapy many months ago. Vicki had hoped that the lights might’ve brought better results, would’ve returned more than just fleeting glimpses of the Thomas Voss the man’s family desired. Yet the lights failed to provide any lasting balm, and Vicki grew tired of the spectacle. All those small LED lights dulled in her eyes.

“How can you put him through another turn so easily?” Vicki shook her head. “You’re only putting him through more. You’re putting us through more. Don’t you think it’s time that we consider letting him go?”

“I won’t do that. Not when the doctors tell me it can keep at any time.”

Vicki sighed. “And what if that memory holds after the light brings back another monster?”

“You know better than to worry about that. You know there’s still a loving man in your father.”

Vicki peeked again at the lights blinking in that small window. “You always believed that. Nothing that ever happened beneath our roof ever threatened your faith. But I’m not so sure. I don’t think Logan is sure.”

“I promise that the lights will only bring back the best of him. The rage will be gone. You’ll see, Vicki, and we’ll all be happy. Even Logan will be happy.”

Vicki found a plastic chair of her own in that small viewing chamber and returned her attention to the blue digital numbers that continued to blink towards zero. That clock would buzz. The lights would extinguish. The doctors would open the door to that treatment chamber and escort whatever shade of Thomas Voss their medicine lights summoned into that small viewing room, where Vicki and her mother would hold their breath as they gauged how much anger returned with their family’s father. How many more cycles must they all endure? How many more times would the lights need to flash before Elaine finally retrieved the husband she mourned? How much more hurt would her mother’s heart endure if she was forced to watch more memories recaptured by the light fade again into the fog? Vicki’s shoulders slumped. She had said her farewells to her father a long time ago. Wasn’t it best if her mother finally said her own?

Elaine hummed in her plastic chair. “The lights are dimming. We better hurry to his door and greet him the moment he steps out of the room.”

“Be careful, mom,” and Vicki followed Elaine out of the viewing room. “Be ready, just in case the lights don’t summon what you’re hoping for.”

* * * * *
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