Dracula, p.1
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       Dracula, p.1
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           Bram Stoker

  Produced by Juliet Sutherland, Reiner Ruf, James Adcockand the Online Distributed Proofreading Team athttps://www.pgdp.net

  Transcriber's Note ##################

  This e-text is based on a reproduction of the original 1897 edition.All modern material has been removed.

  Italic text in the original version has been placed between underscores(_text_); passages in small caps have been symbolised by forwardslashes (/small caps/). [oe] symbolises the corresponding ligature.Subscript numerals have been placed between curly braces ({2}).

  Inconsistencies in hyphenation and spelling (to-morrow/tomorrow;aerial/aerial, etc.), as well as incorrectly used phrases in VanHelsing's speech have been retained. A number of obvious errors inpunctuation and inconsistencies in single/double quotation have beentacitly removed.

  The following typographical errors, have been corrected:

  # p. vi/vii: header word "Page" has been moved from page vii to page vi. # p. vii: "Chapter VXVII" --> "Chapter XVIII"; "Chapter XXI" --> "Chapter XXVII"; "320" --> "324" # p. 16: "a long" --> "along" # p. 30: "W[oe]" --> "Woe" # p. 44: "wondow" --> "window" # p. 43: "that" --> "than" # p. 58: "number One" --> "number one" # p. 63: "Hopwood" --> "Holmwood" # p. 82: "role of paper" --> "roll of paper" # p. 98: "dreadul" --> "dreadful" # p. 99: "pounts" --> "pounds" # p. 112: "Holmmood" --> "Holmwood" # p. 133: "pharmacop[oe][oe]ia" --> "pharmacop[oe]ia" # p. 147: "do do" --> "to do" # p. 157: "confortable" --> "comfortable"; "everthing" --> "everything" # p. 186: "greatful" --> "grateful" # p. 212: "Arther" --> "Arthur" # p. 241: "next the Professor" --> "next to the Professor" # p. 257: "gloated with fresh blood" --> "bloated with fresh blood" # p. 286: "Rat, rats, rats!" --> "Rats, rats, rats!" # p. 339: "preceeded" --> "preceded" # p. 358: "the bit box" --> "the big box" # p. 380: "they mean fight" --> "they mean to fight" # p. 384: "respulsive" --> "repulsive"


  "Under the Sunset." "The Snake's Pass." "The Watter's Mou'." "The Shoulder of Shasta."




  Constable . London

  First published by Archibald Constable and Company, 1897






  /Chapter I./

  Jonathan Harker's Journal 1

  /Chapter II./

  Jonathan Harker's Journal 15

  /Chapter III./

  Jonathan Harker's Journal 28

  /Chapter IV./

  Jonathan Harker's Journal 41

  /Chapter V./

  Letters--Lucy and Mina 55

  /Chapter VI./

  Mina Murray's Journal 64

  /Chapter VII./

  Cutting from "The Dailygraph," 8 August 77

  /Chapter VIII./

  Mina Murray's Journal 91

  /Chapter IX./

  Mina Murray's Journal 106

  /Chapter X./

  Mina Murray's Journal 120

  /Chapter XI./

  Lucy Westenra's Diary 135

  /Chapter XII./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 148

  /Chapter XIII./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 166

  /Chapter XIV./

  Mina Harker's Journal 182

  /Chapter XV./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 198

  /Chapter XVI./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 212

  /Chapter XVII./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 223

  /Chapter XVIII./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 237

  /Chapter XIX./

  Jonathan Harker's Journal 254

  /Chapter XX./

  Jonathan Harker's Journal 267

  /Chapter XXI./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 282

  /Chapter XXII./

  Jonathan Harker's Journal 297

  /Chapter XXIII./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 310

  /Chapter XXIV./

  Dr. Seward's Phonograph Diary, spoken by Van Helsing 324

  /Chapter XXV./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 339

  /Chapter XXVI./

  Dr. Seward's Diary 354

  /Chapter XXVII./

  Mina Harker's Journal 372

  How these papers have been placed in sequence will be made manifestin the reading of them. All needless matters have been eliminated, sothat a history almost at variance with the possibilities of later-daybelief may stand forth as simple fact. There is throughout no statementof past things wherein memory may err, for all the records chosen areexactly contemporary, given from the standpoints and within the rangeof knowledge of those who made them.


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