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       BWI Business Plan, p.2

           Blu World International
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  genealogy reports, earnings information, downloadable forms and images,

  presentations, training materials, live and recorded Web Meetings, and


  BWINation Monthly Online Newsletter

  See "News" link on BWI website at

  Latest news and events, business tips, recognition, inspirational quotes,

  health snippets and more.

  Calendar of Conference Calls & Events

  Click "Events" tab on BWI website

  Up-to-date listing of Conference Calls, regular Weekly BWI Briefings,

  Trainings, special Field Events, Leadership Academies,

  International Conferences and President's Dream Trip.

  Monthly President's Call

  Click "Events" tab on BWI website for schedule

  Bi-Monthly Leader's Call

  24-Hr. Recorded Hotline

  IBO's and prospects can listen 24/7 to a BWI Briefing call, Getting

  Started training, the latest President's Call and more.

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