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           Blu World International
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BWI Business Plan
Welcome To Blu World International, a division of Southern Entertainment X-treme. This book will serve as an all in one guide to running operating and maintaining Blu World International so that it is the best energy and health company in the world. Let's dive right in, and get started on what is sure to be an incredible journey.

  Vision: Blu World International will provide high quality, top of the line energy and health drink products.

  Mission: To be the Number One Choice in health and energy products.

  Why Do We Exist?

  Blu World International exists to provide high quality products, and to give the ordinary person a legitimate chance to own and operate their own business.

  How Do We Succeed?

  We will succeed by giving both the consumer, as well as the independent business owner, high quality products, and the opportunity to succeed at their venture.

  Blu world International (B.W.I.) will be both a product & opportunity company.

  Management Roles & Responsibilities

  Management of BWI is to ensure the quality of product & service at all times. We will treat every single IBO, Customer, ETC. with the up most respect and dignity. We will oversee every aspect of the business, from production, to helping every single IBO succeed on a one-on-one basis.

  Next up, we will go over and detail the rank chart here in BWI. Anyone can get to any level that they wish, as long as minimum requirements are met.

  Official Rank Chart

  IBO (Independent Business Owner)

  You are an ambassador for the company. Your goal is to get as many customers as possible.


  You will earn the rank of MANAGER once you have accumulated 30 product orders in a month's period.


  30 product orders in a month for 6 months. You must be able to create at least 3 managers.

  ILE (Individual Location Executive)

  You will operate a BWI store under corporate direction.

  Corporate Executive Officer

  You will be a part of BWI's corporate team. It will be your job to help oversee the company, from the inside out and upside down.

  Nice Day Energy Nutritional Information

  The following information is important for our consumers, and is good to keep handy when making presentations


  B6 & B12 vitamins

  have an important role in energy, such as the build-up and break-down of carbohydrates, fat and protein. B vitamins support mental and physical performance.


  is a conditionally essential amino acid that is naturally occurring in the human body. "Conditionally essential" means that in certain conditions, for example, situations of high stress or physical exertion, increased amounts of taurine are eliminated from the body and cannot be replaced by the body in sufficient amounts. Taurine has a vital function to the human body, it acts as an antioxidant and has been shown to promote detoxification. This process accelerates the excretion from the body.


  is a carbohydrate. It is naturally in the body, it is involved in the detoxification processes, supporting the body in eliminating waste.


  is known for its beneficial effects on mental and physical functions. It has been shown to improve alertness and concentration. Caffeine also stimulates fat-burning during endurance activities, therefore the fat stores in the body are being used. In turn, a more efficient supply of energy is provided to your body.

  Panax Ginseng Extract

  is known to alleviate fatigue and improve immune system function. This energizing herb has been found to aid in overall endurance. The active ingredients are a set of compounds called ginsenosides. These complex chemicals have a variety of effects, ranging from stimulation of the nervous system to reduction of blood sugar levels. It should be noted that there is no recommended daily allowance of Ginseng.


  helps the body convert fatty acids into energy, this process is the fat metabolizing (conversion of fat to energy).


  * Supports the body to sustain its natural resources for energy * Boosts energy, without the crash * Strengthens the Immune System with B6 & B12 Vitamins & Anti-oxidents* Stimulates metabolism * Increases endurance, to reach peak performance

  The BWI System

  The engine behind the BWI System is duplication. The heroic efforts of one person often produce short term spikes in productivity at the expense of long term success. On the other hand, training yourself and your group to consistently and repeatedly perform simple and effective steps over and over again creates stable, long term growth.

  The secret of success is to lead a large group of people to consistently do a few simple actions over a sustained period of time.

  As an IBO, it is your responsibility to teach those you enroll and the IBO's in your organization what it takes to succeed. Begin by studying and mastering the BWI System. The next few pages will take you step by step through the concepts, actions and information you need to understand and act on to build your organization and help others to do the same.


  Find your WHY.

  What motivates you? Is it more time to do what you enjoy with friends and family? Perhaps improving your health and the health of others gets you going every day. Maybe you have financial goals that you haven't been able to accomplish.

  For many people, it's a combination of things that get you to take action. Before you do anything else, spend some time thinking about your WHY. The more specific and detailed you get the better. It is largely this process of identifying and accomplishing exactly what you want to accomplish that will make your efforts worthwhile and carry you through the inevitable challenges you face.


  Go Core!

  What does it mean to Go Core? Simply that you make the core commitment to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. It is the desire and determination to develop the qualities and do the things necessary to succeed. Sign a "commitment letter," keep a copy for yourself, send a copy to your upline and send the original to BWI's CEO.

  Core Qualities include: passion, consistency, focus, patience, and hustle. Core Actions include: product, develop customers, be coachable, plug in, study, be accountable, edify, commit to action, improve yourself, and always do the right thing.


  Make a Contact List

  Create a list of everyone you know. Don't leave anyone off because you think he or she wouldn't be interested.

  Time and time again you will be surprised at who is interested. The purpose of creating a list is to create an exposure roster. These are the people you get to First Base by simply exposing them to the company and inviting them to take a further look.


  Expand Your Warm Market

  Your "warm market" is that group of people who you know better than just as mere acquaintances. This warm market is your greatest source of prospects because they have a pre-existing relationship with you and have built up a trust for you as a person and your opinions.

  You can expand your warm market by getting active in community, church and social activities. Get on Facebook, Linked In and other social networking tools. They are free and provide an excellent way to get back in touch with old friends and colleagues you may have lost contact with. The natural Bottom line is that you need to get off the couch and get back into the action.


  Invite and Follow Up

  Invite prospects to take a look at BWI. Give them a tool such as a DVD or brochure or send them to the company website ( Constantly provide people you know with product samples.

  Your objective is to pique
their curiosity and leave them wanting to learn more about the company, its products and the opportunity. Again, under the BASEBALL system, your purpose is to get the prospect to first base. Once you have invited them to learn more, let them know that you will follow up with them in a few days. When you follow up, answer any questions they may have and tell them that you have arranged for a three way call with your sponsor or an upline leader. On the phone call, introduce your upline and let them talk. Third party validation is very effective. The purpose of the call is to reinforce what you have told them and not to have you do the talking.


  Utilize Available Tools

  There are many powerful tools available to you to build your organization.

  Just like you wouldn't build a house without the right tools, it doesn't make sense to build your BWI business without the right tools. Great tools to begin with are the company dvd, product brochures, business cards, and replicated websites. Many other tools will be available to you as you continue to build your BWI business.


  Host a Party By Blu (PBB)

  The business is built in the home. Hold small opportunity meetings in the home, a coffee shop, break rooms or anywhere a small group of people can meet. If you haven't ever done a home meeting, ask your upline to do your first one or two for you so you can learn how they should be run.

  A good opportunity meeting should only last about forty-five minutes. Make sure you have product on hand for tasting and sampling. By the end of the meeting, you should have them enrolled and invited to the next large group meeting or regional event. If the opportunity presents itself and the new enrollee has time, start training them in the BWI System immediately.


  Attend and Invite Team/Guests to Weekly Large Opportunity Meetings

  Large opportunity meetings are held weekly in every city or area in which there are BWI distributors. These meetings follow a consistent companywide formula. Corporate prepared PowerPoints are used and a standard format is followed. Just like Starbucks or McDonalds, you get the same product in San Diego that you do in Dallas or St. Louis. You can be comfortable directing a guest that lives in another state to attend in his home Here's what happens at a weekly meeting:

  1. 45 Minute Presentation including information regarding the company, product, financial opportunity and product testimonials. 2. 15 Minute Product Tasting Break 3. 30 Minute Getting Started Training for New Enrollees

  The Game Plan

  More often than not, putting together a good game plan and sticking to it makes the difference between winning and losing in baseball. The same is true with building your BWI Business. Over the next few pages you'll learn how to create your game plan with BASEBALL, what to do to get caught in the Momentum Cycle, and the basics of the BWI System.

  Critical concepts and Game Plan components that you should learn and continually study are the following:

  1. BASEBALL - Move prospects from base to base to get them from invitation to activation. 2. THE MOMENTUM CYCLE - Duplicating the BASEBALL system causes an increasingly strong cycle of belief, action and results.

  Continue Reading


  Step Up to the Plate

  Create a list of everyone you would like on your team. Time and time again, you will be surprised at who is interested. This is your exposure roster. These are the people you will get to First Base by simply exposing them to the company and inviting them to take a closer look.


  First Base: Invitation

  In the game of baseball, you can't score runs if you don't get base runners. While watching a player hit a 450-foot homerun is certainly exciting, more often than not runs are scored by getting a leadoff single and moving the base runner around the bases one by one. By inviting someone to "take a look," you have moved a prospect to first base and exponentially increased your chances of getting him or her safely across home plate. This is accomplished by sparking interest through your own enthusiasm and sharing your own personal BWI experience. Giving product samples; extending invitations to a three-minute corporate call; or simply talking about an event or meeting you attended are great ways to get someone to first base. The point is to pique their curiosity and open up options for moving them into Second Base and scoring position.


  Second Base: Presentation

  Once your prospects have taken a look, make sure they see a presentation. Host a home meeting, have them log in to any of several weekly webinars or accompany them to a corporate event. What matters is that you put them in a position to learn what they need to know to move forward and make a decision.


  Third Base: Validation

  According to Hall of Fame Second Baseman Joe Morgan, there are nine more ways to score a run from third base than there are from second base. That's why it's critical to move a prospect to Third Base. In the BASEBALL system, this means getting third party validation. We recommend that you get a prospect on a three-way call with your sponsor, an upline leader or a member of the corporate team to validate the company and the information they received. Third party validation is a critical step in the process of engaging a prospect in the business.


  Home Base: Activation

  Once you get third party validation, the next step is to get your prospect across the plate. A team that consistently leaves runners stranded in scoring position at the end of an inning is likely to end up losing a lot of games. Conversely, over a long summer of baseball, getting ten or fifteen percent more runners in scoring position than the opposition is often the difference between a successful season and telling yourself, "There's always next year." Get your prospects home safely. Teach them the BASEBALL system and repeat the process over and over again.

  Building your BWI business is a lot like baseball. It's about numbers. Over the long run, increasing the number of prospects you get to First Base will certainly result in more and more people sliding safely into Home Base and becoming active members of your business. There is no guarantee that someone you invite to check out Blu World International will score a run, but there is absolutely no chance they ever will if you don't extend the invitation. Remember: Invite; Present; Validate; and Activate.

  This next section will include business tips for IBO's

  Tax Advantages:

  As a small business owner there, are numerous tax deductions available

  to you. Your tax strategy will be to convert as many "lifestyle" expenses as

  possible into legitimate tax deductions.

  The tax advantages of your business begin right away. Potential tax writeoffs

  may include such items as computer, phone, Internet, DVD player,

  car mileage and expenses, business meals, travel, seminars and events, and

  marketing tools.

  By devoting a specific area of your home exclusively to your business,

  additional home-office deductions such as a portion of the rent and utilities

  may also be available.

  Being on AutoAdvantage is vital to your tax strategy. The IRS requires

  you to demonstrate good-faith intent to make a profit, and you cannot earn

  commissions unless you are on AutoAdvantage.

  In order to deduct your business expenses, you do not necessarily need to

  make a profit. However, the IRS requires that you intend to make a profit,

  have a 5 year business projection, and keep good documentation of your

  BWI activities (including receipts where applicable).

  A good way for you to document your BWI-related activities is to write

  down the details, including times and mileage, in an appointment book. For

  example you should keep track of all phone calls, times spent prospecting,

  conference calls and events, presentations, training meetings, research and


  AutoAdvantage Program

addition to tax strategy, being on AutoAdvantage enables you to receive

  an uninterrupted supply of Original Limu at the lowest possible price

  (below wholesale) and also qualify for commissions.

  When you enroll in AutoAdvantage, you may select any day between the

  1st and 25th as your monthly processing date. Orders will be automatically

  processed on or around this date each month. Shipment will take place

  once payment has cleared. The first AutoAdvantage shipment will be

  sent in the calendar month following enrollment. An additional order

  must be placed at enrollment to ensure immediate qualification to earn


  In order to qualify for commissions and to purchase Nice Day! Energy? at the

  lowest possible price, you must be a BWI IBO and be enrolled in

  the AutoAdvantage program.

  Each BWI Distributor receives a unique ID number for use in ordering

  product or enrolling others.

  Independent Business Owner websites: Websites produced by IBO's are

  Permitted and welcomed! We can even set it up to where you can place orders on your official website. To ensure proper payout, however, you must call or e-mail the office with the order information so that we may pay you.

  Resources and


  Online Office

  24/7 Internet access to secure ordering, package tracking, downline

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