A report on humanity by.., p.3
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       A Report on Humanity by an Alien, p.3

           Ben Ormstad
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somewhere, but for those human beings who happen to find this document - yes, that is you, my dear reader. This is for you. You are part of the beautiful species known as Humanity, and you have a potential beyond your wildest dreams. And for you I will now end this report with letting you know how you can take the next step in your evolution as a living being; an intricate part of Life Itself. This is my gift to you. Actually, this is a gift delivered from all Awaritanians, to you, since we truly wish you to succeed and not self-terminate.

  What you must do is remove the blindfold of the dualistic mind-tool, and realize what you have in common with all beings existing on your perfect blue pearl of a planet. Take breaks from the chaos of the closely structured time-units you program your lives by. Sit in silence by your self and let your mind come to rest. Instead of thinking about it, see, know, feel Life that you are not only a part of, but that you in truth are. There are no others anywhere. All is you, my dear human being. This the duality of your mind-tool with it’s conditioned thought structures have no way to process and understand. But, as all Awaritanians know, all beings are much more than they understand in their early stages of species evolution. But each and every being must dig deep within themselves and find out who they truly are for themselves, without resorting to learned knowledge passed on from others who themselves didn’t know who they are. This is your next step, if you so choose. This is what will save your species and your planet from your own unconscious, unaware and unintentional destruction. You don’t have to believe me, and you don’t even have to believe I exist. Just find out for yourself who you really are. The answer can only be found in this moment.

  Maybe I, Inxuziot, the explorer of worlds from the planet Aw01 in a starsystem approximately 3000000000 lightyears away from Earth, exist, or maybe I’m simply a figment of a human being’s imagination. Maybe this report was found by accident in some desolate location, then carefully written down, and now you are reading it. There is no way for you to actually know any of this.

  Maybe this whole experience is a dream and you’re just trying to wake yourself up.





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