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       A Report on Humanity by an Alien, p.1

           Ben Ormstad
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A Report on Humanity by an Alien
A Report On Humanity by an Alien

  By Ben Ormstad

  Copyright 2013 Ben Ormstad



  A Report On Humanity by an Alien

  My name is Inxuziot, and I'm an explorer of worlds. My world is the planet Aw01 in a starsystem approximately 3000000000 lightyears away from this planet, which is called Earth by the most advanced beings living here. For these beings it's like my planet exists in another dimension entirely, because there is no way they can ever reach us. The only reason I'm able to visit them is the basic fact that my species is millennia more advanced than they currently are – in all areas of Life. This means I simply teleported here using my conscious intent. No spaceship needed. Just an intent, and there I go. It's more like skipping between websites than actually traveling anywhere. But this is not something I'm particularly proud of, nor do I look down upon these beautiful and dimly self-aware beings. In a couple of quazi-eternities will these beings, that call themselves Humanity, be at the level of my species. It's simple evolution. The beings of my world, the Awaritanians, are simply older, evolutionary speaking, than Humanity in all concievable ways.

  At the moment I'm at the end of my exploration here on this perfect pearl of a planet, and I'm currently situated at the very top of one of the highest mountains on Earth, the Himalayas. I'll sit here while I transmit this report via my consciousness to my people's consciousness (they simply have to tune in using their minds to receive this), letting they know what I've learned about Humanity the ten years I've been on this epic trip of discovery. When the final bits of information is completed, I'll be on my way to the next far away planet in another location of this local Universe. Then I'll walk around there for about ten years before I'll transmit the new discovery to my dear Awaritanians. And so on until I feel like taking a break.

  Some of the first things I learned was that we don't experience time the same way these humans do. They are severely time-bound creatures – almost to the extreme. They actually program their entire lives around what they perceive to be units of time. To understand this you must get an idea of how they experience their day-to-day life. As you know, we Awaritanians don't really experience time in any other way than the passing of night and day. It's day, and then there is night. This dual cycle simply repeats forever, and it's all we need. However, Humanity have complexified this utterly simple fact of physical, planetary living to an extreme degree.

  Let me begin from the smallest time units up to the greatest ones – well, not at all actually, but enough for you to get an idea of the complexity these beings dig themselves into. So in what we call a day/night cycle, they call a day. In a day there are 24 units called hours. In an hour there are 60 units called minutes, and in a minute there are 60 units called seconds. This is what constitutes a day. Then, the next level up would be what they call a week. A week is 7 consecutive days. Then the level after that is called a month, which is approximately 30 consecutive days. Then there are even more different levels called seasons, among others, of which there are 4 in a year. A year is 12 consecutive months.

  I guess most of you, my dear Awaritanians, are shaking your heads and laughing in pure awe of how these beings are making the simplicity of day/night forever repeating into such a complex affair. But to Humanity their complex and intricate ways of thinking and living is one of the attributes of their species of which they are most proud. After my 10 years in this place I can honestly say I have developed an appreciation for this, although their complex ways more often than not create trouble and stress for them because they dig themselves into a web of, as we know, actually non-existent strings they believe to be real. Yet, for me, it sure is interesting to view at a close distance such creatures living their lives. But I would easily be driven to madness if I suddenly had to program my life to such a limited system of time-units.

  Because, of course, there's more to it. It's not just that they have invented this system of closely categorized units of time, but they also program everything they do, all their activities in life to fit into this system. This dictates when anything can or even should happen, like if/then statements. Yes, let's look at a few examples of this.

  We Awaritanians simply exist NOW and then let everything else we do spring out from the perfect moment of now. So, as we all know, we live our lives spontaneously in the moment and simply flow with whatever happens. We do what we feel like doing when we feel like doing it, and that's how our species work. And it works great, and everything that needs to be done gets done, without us ever experiencing any problems or accumulating stress and negativity in our being.

  Humanity, on the other side, is, compared to us, almost as strictly programmed as unconscious robots just ticking away on their pre-set tracks. My observations have shown me that they clearly have the potential to develop real self-awareness and true consciousness that would break their self-programmed bondage, but as of now, this is most likely something they will need quite some time to grow into – unless something unexpected happens. Now, there do exist a very, very few individuals on this planet that are beginning to break free from the robotified state, but they are still the exception to the rule.

  So, back to the general human being. Instead of doing what they want to do when they want to do it, and follow their flow, as we call it, they are brought up from birth through a variety of pre-set institutions that more or less only exist to program them into the human society so they can optimally function as one of the working ants in the herd. The first institution they are sent to by their parents is something called kindergarten. This is where they are from about age 1 to 5, and is their first meeting with the Human Way of being – except for the obvious fact of being with their parents since birth, who themselves surely are great representatives of the human ways.

  The second institution sets in when the child is about 6 years of age. The child is then sent to school. We Awaritanians have schools, but they differ by unfathomable magnitudes to the human way of schooling their individuals. The human way is set up like a logical if-then system where the school is separated into different segments for the different age-stages the human passes through. Each segment has a pre-set curriculum deciding what the growing human being is to learn in order to be deemed a properly formed individual that might function and be integrated in their societies. The curriculums seldom change, and is limited regarding the inclusion of creativity and spontaneity. They must pass tests that show their teachers they have accepted the school's information and adequately memorized it. The results of the tests are then graded, which really is a word for the process of evaluating how deep within their being the programming has been accepted and made their own. Like a computer where you install software on the hard drive, the human being must use the same operating system as all other human beings. If not then their society won't understand them and deem them dysfunctional in one way or another. If your operating system isn't the «Human Standard» you'll most likely be faced with ridicule, psychologists poking at you, or even the potential of being shipped away to so-called mental institutions where you'll get the label «insane».

  Keeping on, after basic schooling is completed (which takes about 10-12 years), there are even more schooling for those who choose to, or are lucky and can afford it. This is where they can go deeper into a subject of their own choice and is a slightly more optimal version of the basic schooling where they simply have to swallow whatever is being taught – although the same principal is more or less at work in all types of human education. In the later schooling, often called college, attending a university, etc., they study and eventually turn out as a person who now has a profession of some kind. At this point they are, in
the eyes of the society, like a finished product with a nice functional label on it, and is then sent out to fill their specific spot in herd.

  Once they become this packaged product and get their own spot to fill, they begin working. We are all familiar with work, but the way we Awaritanians structure it differs very much indeed from the Human Way, as we simply do the work each and one of us wants to do in the moment, and then go on after that to the next thing we naturally have the urge to do. In this way we are all functioning as one whole organic, living organism. By following our flow we, seen from a human point of view, magically work together as one – and it all works out
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