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     Winter Nights, p.1

       Baheya Zeitoun
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Winter Nights
Winter Nights
Baheya Zeitoun

A Poetry Collection
(100 Poems)

Copyright ©2017 by Baheya Zeitoun. All rights reserved.
This e-book is licensed. Any reproduction of this book is strictly prohibited.
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Winter Nights

1. Alone
Alone in the world
Surrounded by noisy crowds
Consumed yet detached

Quickly swallowed whole
Yet left completely intact
A pure loneliness

2. The Black Revenge

Raven-haired vixen enters the room
In all black attire she approaches the groom
Fearful was the bride of this mistress of the night
Darker was her heart than the grimmest sight

Her eyes of coal stared through the bride in contempt
But to harm her, they did not attempt
It was he she sought after on this night
It was his betrayal that fueled her might

Tar-like was the substance she released from above
Enveloping his figure like a glove
Mortified was his bride on their wedding day
A horrific revenge from a witch against her prey

3. Boredom

A sculpted boredom
Cemented in their gazes
Wishing for relief

Biting through pencils
In the massive exam hall
No patience just wait

4. Born in the Shadows

She walked among the shadows
And disappeared in the crowd
Afraid of the gallows
Worried her screams would be too loud

The worst sinner on this Earth
Destined to be a warrior
But condemned at birth
For being the bearer and the carrier

A formidable creature
Is found watching from afar
Has the most admirable feature
She is wounded but never scarred

5. Breaking the Silence

Silent as the grave
Silent as the dead
Silent out of fear
Silent out of dread

Words slay the darkness
Words show the light
Words set you free
Only if you have the might

Break the silence
Scream the words
Write them down
Share them, let them be heard

Because whether you are true
Or whether you are not
Your silence condemns you
Because your words can mean a lot

6. Calmness Within

A calmness within
When freed from trepidation
A soothing quiet

A needed balance
Residing in purity
An internal peace

7. The Calm after the Storm

After the violent winds
After the strong rains
After the lighting and the thunder
Comes the calm after the storm

When the clouds open up
When the sun shines
When the rain stops and the winds are softer
Is the calm after the storm

But the damage is done
But the trees have been uprooted
But the houses are ruined
What’s the use of the calm after the storm

Because it is peaceful
Because it is serene
Because it is clear
Because it is the calm that can only come after a storm

8. Ceaseless Catastrophe

Catastrophic creatures
Creating constant chaos
Causing clear calamity
Never ceasing

Collective capability
Coercive capacity
Calculating casualties
A consistent strategy

9. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms in the spring
Rosy colored, smiles they bring
On hard branches they always bloom
For mere moments and disappear too soon

Joyous trees without a fault
Bright pink with soft edges that will eventually molt
But for the spring, blossoms on branches are stuck
And their sweet nectar the bees shall suck

10. A Child Within

Living with a child
Deep within never growing
Innocence is kept

Purity remains
Untarnished by corruption
Carrying much hope

11. China Doll

Fragile china doll
Such a beauty on display
Nick her and she’ll break

Well put together
From afar, but full of cracks
Small and delicate

12. Chocolate Paradise

Covering biscuits
Covering fruits
Covering none
It still suits

Heavenly delicacy
Decorated elegantly
Beautifully done
Melting gently

Cascading fountain
Molten Mountain
Morning bun
Exquisitely rounded

Edible sensation
Godly creation
Eliciting fun
Through the smallest ration

13. Confinement

Confided inside
Eagerly freeing myself
But still feel entrapped

Quite knowledgeable
Yet drowning in ignorance

Reality stunned
Unable to cope with life
Permanent limbo

14. Confused Little Girl

The confused little girl woke up this morning again
Wondering when her life will begin
Agitated and scared, a tantrum she threw
Lashing out at everyone she knew
Unable to comprehend they called her spoiled
Causing her fury to further boil
As reality crushed her down to the bone
It turned a muscle into cold hard stone
Bleak became the future through her eyes
And unnerving was her slow demise
Many tried to help piece her back together
But she believed that hope was lost forever
So sad was the reality she couldn’t bear
And so real was the sadness she couldn’t share

15. Cruel Kind Heart

A cruel kind heart
So passionate and tender
Tough through its harshness

Aggressive at times
And violent when challenged
The gentlest of all

16. Culture of Carelessness

Chaos, carelessness
A culture of destruction
Waiting to collapse

Through incompetence
The mighty become ashes
Awaiting abyss

17. Culture of Fear
Instilled in us at a young age
To tremble with fear at every stage
Without it you would be lost to the wind
Like a bird that hasn’t learned to sing

Fear will protect you from your doom
Hold on to it, or you’ll vanish soon
An armor meant for the weak of heart
Is given to us from the very start

Not by choice, is what they say
Wear it true or else you’ll pay
To the skies above you always pray
For an alternative in any way

Born free is every creature on this Earth
To roam and wander in endless mirth
But the iron weighs us to the ground
Forced to constantly hammer and pound

They who crave to seize control
They who believe they can eat us whole
They who don’t look to the skies above
Because they don’t believe in enough

18. The Darkest Night

In the darkest night
When you scream of fright
When terror is at its height
You pray for strength to keep going on

In the depth of fear
When you fight a tear
When you’re paralyzed from toe to ear
You ask for the power to keep you hoping

It is that pain you need
It is that anger you bleed
It is that inner demon you heed
It is the night that wakes you up

19. Delicate Threads

Thin delicate threads
Woven together make life
Slight motion they break

In need of balance
To always remain intact
Tread with greatest care

20. Do I Dare to Dream

Is a dream too much to ask?
Is it every person’s right?
Or is life merely composed of tasks

Do I dare hope for a life of my own?
Do I dare wish for love?
Or am I to settle for an existence I’ve outgrown

Can I explore the world?
May I experience living?
Or would such requests never be forgiven

If a dream is bigger than its dreamer
If an ambition is too outrageous
Could it still be pursued or would it be ridiculous?

Am I insane to want to make the most out of life?
Am I unnatural because I want to follow the path I choose?
Or have people grown accustomed to being blind to what they truly desire?

21. The Dollhouse

Anxiety dreams
Fallen teeth
Aging professors
Messy suitcases

Heavy breathing
Endless sleeping
Racing heart
Troubled insomniac

What? Where?
Who? How?
Why? When?
Always questioning

22. Drumming Hearts

He held her tightly
Relaxed in his warm embrace
Drumming were their hearts

Intertwined bodies
Passionate intensity
A calm filled the room

A silent beating
Laced with soft security
Total perfection

23. Dying Bird

The small dying bird
Producing one final trill
Silenced by captor

A free life ended
Becoming merely a feast
For a heartless pest

24. Ebony

In ebony halls
Are ebony walls, pitch black
With just drops of white

In a haunted house
Filled with haunting memories
Lies dear Ebony

One day a beauty
Now lifeless and motionless
Ebony in white

25. The Effects of Modern Expectations

The line between what is real and what is not is blurred and faded away
Thus the demons and doubts in my head decided to come out and play
As they run around, I sit here on this silent night and pray and pray
Wishing that God would hear my prayer and save my soul today
For these fears and anxieties are driving me insane in every way
And the darkness has consumed my all, leaving behind ashes of grey
But I still dream of a future not too far, one that’s here to stay
So I continue to plead in prayer “Dear God, please return what has been taken away”
And once again I hope they’re heard, for the madness I cannot delay

26. Empty

In this empty room
With empty cupboards
And bare walls

Is an empty person
With an empty heart
And little future

In this uncertain future
With little hope
Is the path of life you need to take

27. Failure

Failing to understand, failing to succeed
Fearing the failure that did the deed
Burying yourself and dying inside
So as not face it, you choose to hide
But you will soon learn that this very failure will help you stride

28. The Fallen Flag

Defeated at last
A fallen dishonored flag
Natives take the land

Foreign rulers leave
While dragging their flag in shame
Their ships take them home

Allies are honored
As civilizations merge
Different is one

Peace erased the past
Foreign and native combined
They create a whole

29. Fear

Fear is a warning
A signal to stop and think
Reassess your life

A strong stabbing pain
Ordering intervention
Growing over time

A paralyzing feeling
Hiding true meaning

Trusting your instinct
Will kill the horror within
Prisoner released

30. Fictional Worlds

In fictional worlds
Molded, morphed and deceptive
The mind wanders free

Without restrictions
Unbound by reality
These worlds come to life

In the mind one lives
Away but within real truth
Such is its wonder

31. Fiendish Friend

A sly fiendish friend
Slithers in the darkest nights
Shivering I lay

The arrival of my doom
Without fear or fright

32. A Flash of Reality

Reality flash
When dancing in the surreal
It passes quickly

In a world of dreams
Away from supposed truths
Floating towards life

33. Flaming Gem

Luscious flaming gem
Below watery surface
A part of a past

Gleaming from the depth
And enchanting explorers
A mighty jewel

34. The Flame of Youth

A youthful flame once burning bright
Is now too weak for this draining fight
As gusts of wind impede its growth
It vows to break its solemn oath
Afraid of burning out for good
It screams louder than it probably should
The screams and cries are muted each day
Silencing the flame in every way
Wishing for water to sooth its sores
The mighty flame becomes no more

35. Floating in the Emerald Kingdom

Is this you I see in the hollow space?
Almost disappearing without a trace
Far beyond the forest bridge

Is it you that hides among the trees
Enjoying the mellow morning breeze
In the depth of the emerald kingdom

Is this your voice singing a tune?
Merrily in the month of June
Soothing all the passersby

Is this you upon the lake?
Floating like a single flake
Enchanting all who behold your grace

36. The Foreign Island

Out of place in a home that is my own
Out of touch in a world where I should belong
Out of breath from running after a mirage
Out in a little island, foreign to all but me

Minuscule yet has an abundance of joy
Petite yet visible in an ocean of sorrow
Tiny yet full of will and courage
Small yet dripping with unharnessed potential

Its little heart beats loudly
Its blood runs deep
It aches from constant cruelty
But its soul it is destined to keep

A foreign island all alone
A little island standing tall
An unnoticeable island to those who can't know
A peaceful island with dangerous waters below

37. The Forest Path

A long forest path
Many creatures frequent it
Woodland and urban

Their lives intertwine
The path leads to many trails
Grounded on this Earth
38. Free is the New Crazy

How wrong is to want to just be?
Or is it truly “to be or not to be”
Is it insane to desire to be free?
Or is free truly the new crazy

Every being wants to run without facing any boundaries
Every soul hopes to wander the world without restrictions
But it is the mad that are really free
Because the sane believe that being free is the same as being crazy

For that, I wish to be mad
I wish to be insane
I wish to be crazy
That way I can be free

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