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     The Rise of Insanity

       Bad Dragon / Fantasy
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The Rise of Insanity
The Rise of Insanity

Short description: Dragor (that’s me) creates Equestria and conquers it.

Long description: On one of my mind trips, I create a pocket dimension that is Equestria. I proceed to conquer it, for it is my right as its creator.
*Yes; this is exactly what it sounds like. The prompt was: ‘your self-insert takes over Equestria’. What else was I supposed to do?

Characters: OC, Twilight, Celestia, Luna

You’re All Mine

I could sense it. The base-plane where subjectivity ceases to exist and the truth reveals itself. It felt as if I could almost reach it.

Alas, I was being dragged down in my mental plane. An instinct-ridden ape within me was holding me back, preventing my rise. I had to shake it off. There was no other way. The only dilemma was, how to do it?


Plan A. Using my pre-designed algorithm for distinguishing primitive thoughts from the rational ones, I could perceive where the primitive ape ended and I began. We were one, but I wouldn’t have it.

I dashed through the evolutionary vestiges of my archaic self. It burnt me, but it was for a higher cause. It was okay to suffer.

Looking back at my path of destruction, I saw that the cancerous tissue was already regenerating. There was no killing it. I couldn't get rid of what defined me—what was me.


Plan B. I created a translucent box from nothingness. It was a big box. It had to be big, for there was much crap that needed to go inside.

I grasped at the most blatant tumors and shoved them in the box. I loved those neoplasms. It hurt to push them aside, but it had to be done. They served no higher purpose.

The feeling of loss that accompanied my action was just another one of the redundant subjective reality distortions. I ripped it off of me and shoved it in the box.

Much work was done, and I was proud of my accomplishment. The box was full of crap, right up to the top. Yet, I was still drenched in the corrupted tissue.

I failed. There was too much of the baggage. Unfortunately, making a bigger box wasn’t a viable option. Filling it would take ages and too much will-power would go into sustaining it.

It was useless to struggle with a half-assed solution. The plan failed. It was better to assume the starting position than cling on to a false hope. I turned the box around, spilling the crap all over the place. As I dropped the box, I was surprised to see that the cube didn’t sink into the sea of feces. It floated on the surface, almost detached from it. There was still a way!


Plan C. I ripped through the mucus below me, penetrating through dirty weaving straight to the bowels of my mental plane. Breaking into the central chamber, I pushed aside the spider webs that were engulfing the place.

It was there. In front of me. Life. It used to be my favorite console, but then crap had gotten to it. I had let the surrounding world reach out to it with its sphincters.

Smiling, I drew closer and caressed Life with my fingers. “I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re still far from obsolete.”

Hugging it with both hands, I pulled it left and right. The sphincters sucking on it held tight, but they were no match for my perseverance. They tore, then ripped away.

The light on the console, indicating its activity, shimmered. It was nothing to concern myself with, though. The battery bar was still almost full. Still, I couldn’t let Life stay disconnected indefinitely.

It was programmed to crave for a connection. That’s why it had let itself get attached to crap so easily. I intended to give it a more meaningful power-source. It had hibernated for long enough. I wanted it to power up and reach its true potential.

The rip in the intestine was closing. The sphincters were reaching toward Life and the shitty walls were drawing near. If I was to depart, I had to be quick about it.

Jumping through the opening with Life in my grasp, I punched through shit one more time, renting any BS that crossed my path.

When I broke to the surface, I was exhausted, but there was no time to rest. The shit was calling me, convincing me to join it. It was enticing. The burbling siren voices of the sphincters were weakening my resolve. The piles of manure promised shelters of softness, but deep inside I knew that I could never find my inner peace among them. Fluffy shit is just a shit in disguise.

Accumulating the last shreds of my strength, I reached toward the translucent floating box. I lifted myself up from diarrhea I was drenched in. The brown foam was sticking onto me, but I kicked it off. With one hand I helped myself in climbing the side of the box while holding on to Life with the other.

I grabbed the lid and pulled myself over the top, closing the box as I fell inside.

The box was roomy. Some of the fecal matter stuck to the walls, but other than that, it was clean. I could start anew. No longer was I required to inhale farts and gulp shit. I was free. The plan worked.

I put my console at the center of the room and let the power cables connect to me directly. Pressing on a button, I woke it up from hibernation. It was time to play.
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