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Breaking love broken lov.., p.6
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       Breaking Love (Broken Love #4), p.6

           B. B. Reid
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  She was out the door before I could recover, but I wasn’t worried. There was a code on the elevator, which she must have just figured out if her shriek of anger was anything to go by.

  I was standing upright and had gained controlled of my anger by the time she came stomping back.

  “Open the elevator.”

  Unfortunately for her, I hadn’t gained control of my anger. I seized her wild, red hair in my fist and dragged her to me. “Bitch.”

  I forced her further into the apartment, and for the first time since she fell back into my life, she had nothing to say. It had lasted only a heartbeat before she started kicking and swearing.

  “Watch your mouth.”

  “Watch your hands,” she countered. When her foot nearly connected with my still aching dick, I hauled her luscious body over my shoulder, and because I couldn’t resist, I slapped her ass once, twice, three times.

  I shouldn’t have enjoyed the sound of pain she made, but for some strange reason, it made my dick harder than ever before.

  By the time I made it to my bedroom, I was ready to fuck. I threw her on my king size bed and watched her scramble. As soon as she was on her knees, I was on her, forcing open her knees and settling between her thighs.

  It felt like home.

  I didn’t bother to conceal the sound of pleasure that tunneled it’s way from my chest and up through my throat.

  “Dasher, stop.” She should have sounded stern, but her protest was little more than a moan.

  “Why? It’s been a long time. Too. Fucking. Long.”

  She pushed herself up on her elbows bringing her lips just a breath away from my own, and because the temptation was too great, I seized her lips with mine. When her lips were nice and red and pouty, I pulled back. I needed more. “Open your mouth.”


  My fingers dug into the outer skin of her thigh, and I slammed her against my growing erection. “Open.” I followed the order with a bite of her lip.

  “Dasher, please.” Her eyelids lowered with lust, and I could practically feel the heat emanating from her skin.

  “I love when you say my name.”

  “Don’t get used—” I cut off her statement when I began sucking on her tongue for the split second it took to seize her wrists in my grip and completely take over her lips. Her protests died into whimpers, but then quickly increased to throaty moans. She was delirious by the time I let her up to breathe. Her eyes were shut tight, and I could hear my heart pounding. I listened to her struggle to catch her breath and fight back tears.

  “You’re going to make this up to me.” The words and the force of them were unexpected. It didn’t matter. I meant every word.

  “What am I supposed to make up?”

  I made sure I had her undivided attention, wanting her to hear the promise in the threat.




  I didn’t see or hear from Dash again the rest of the night. He left me alone in his bedroom after violating me with his lips. When I awoke the next morning, I was still reeling from the force of his kiss as if he were still there covering me with his hard body and kissing me brainless. I groaned when my mind decided to replay just how much of a fool I briefly became for him all over again.

  It always starts with a kiss. So innocent and simple without promises or commitment.

  I shook off the bitter reminder of what almost had been and managed to catch the sound of his brusque voice delivering orders to no doubt one of his lackeys.

  I was not to leave.

  He shouted the order making it clear it was meant for me to hear. I wondered how he could know I was awake. I quickly sat up and looked around for my purse but didn’t see it in sight. I needed a phone, and I needed money because, despite his orders, I was leaving.

  I left the comfort of his large bed and raced to the front room where he stood alone. It gave me pause as I wondered whom he had been speaking to, after all. When he turned to face me, I found a new reason to lose my thoughts. He looked completely devilish in a dark gray, two-piece suit complete with a crisp white shirt and blood red tie.

  “What is it, Willow?” He shot me an impatient look and glanced at the large watch on his wrist that I was sure cost more than my mother’s house.

  The use of my name, and not the pet name he gave to me, snapped me out of the vegetative state of lust. “Do you plan to let me go anytime soon?” There, I said it. No good morning greetings or familiarities. “I have a flight to reschedule and a life to return to.”

  “I’ll be back tonight,” he stated emotionless as he slipped on his suit jacket. “The kitchen is stocked if you’re hungry.”

  I tried to mask my frustration. I really did, but I failed. Plain and simple.

  “You aren’t deaf or stupid. You know food isn’t what I want. I—” I was silenced by the long fingers pinching my lips together in an infuriating warning for silence. I never even saw him move.

  “What you want isn’t my concern. You came back and now you won’t be leaving.”

  I attempted to speak, but he only gripped my lips tighter. I could only use the power of my glare to convey my contempt and hope that none of the misplaced desire I felt shone through—but my body burned with it, but I’d be damned if he’d see.

  “I have nothing I wish to hear from you, Angel. Therefore, you have nothing to say. As I said, I’ll be back tonight. The kitchen has food.”

  The cold, crisp tone of his voice gave me chills and simultaneously, made me want to obey. To add insult, he assaulted me with an especially invasive kiss while he groped my ass before leaving me trapped in an empty apartment—his empty apartment, which was now my cage. I stood dumbfounded and without a single thought other than his kiss and the promise it held before I came to and snapped into action.

  I ran for the door thinking there was surely a stairway in case of a fire. The door was without locks and with one tug, it opened. My victory was short lived by the presence of a man with platinum blond hair and more muscles than humanly necessary waiting in the private corridor.

  Think, Willow. Think.

  “Um… Hi.” I tried for a cheery tone to mask my deception.

  “Ms. Waters,” he greeted brusquely. He watched me warily from his position waiting for what I might do. “Is there something you need?”

  “I have a small request.”

  “Go on.”

  “If you could unlock the elevator, I’ll be on my way.”

  “You are aware I cannot do that.”

  I feigned inconvenience and confusion, hoping to win my way over the burly guard who looked as if he would rather be any place but here. “You’re his employee, are you not?”

  “You can say that.”

  “Is kidnapping part of the job description?”

  “When the occasion calls for it.”

  I hid my surprise well at his blasé tone

  “I’m sure you are aware of the legal boundaries being crossed here. I’m being held against my will and want to go.” Immediately, I added, guessing he needed the extra kick toward common sense.

  “Please, lady. I’m just doing my job.”

  “And I’ll forget that fact when I go to the police if you let me go now.”

  “Sorry. No can do. Go on inside now and I won’t tell.” He actually had the nerve to wink and look self-assured as if he were doing me a favor.


  Frustration led me to slam the door shut as hard as my strength would allow, and when it wasn’t enough, I kicked it until my foot became sore.

  What am I going to do now?

  * * *


  “Ok.” I attempted to control my breathing to no avail. “What just happened? Get it together, Willow. That did not just happen.” I turned back praying he wasn’t still there while at the same time hoping to catch another glimpse of him.

  He was there all right. Only his head was bent, and
what I could see of his facial expression looked ready to strangle the phone.

  “Hey, wait up!”

  A severely muscled guy in a letterman jacket that matched the school’s colors and destroyed jeans jogged up with a cocky smile as if he already had me in the bag.

  “I’m not interested.” I was sick of cocky men for one day.

  “You can’t turn me down until you at least ask my name.”

  “Fine,” I huffed. “What’s your name?”

  “Shane,” he offered simply as his smile grew. I could tell he expected his name to spark a reaction, and when it failed, his charming smile fell.

  “Well, Shane, I’m not interested.” I moved around his hulking body, but his hand on my arm kept me from getting far. I tugged to no avail. “Let me go.”

  “You’re obviously new here, so I’ll let your rudeness pass, but let me explain something to you—”

  Before he could finish, a threatening hand clamped around his thick neck, circling it in its entirety. “No. Let me explain.” I blinked in surprise at the angry vision of Dash. I didn’t know what surprised me more. Dash coming to my rescue or him choking someone twice his size. “You’re going to take those stubby little fingers off her, or I’ll crush your windpipe.”

  Whoa. Scary much?

  Instead of being afraid, the guy laughed and snapped his fingers. Just like that, we were surrounded by other jocks dressed in letterman jackets. There were two, and both just as hulking as Shane.

  Dash wasn’t lacking in the muscle department, but he was much leaner and outnumbered. “I think you better run along, pretty boy.”

  He was right. Dash was extremely pretty, and yet the way he handled the guy was completely natural. Nevertheless, it was five against one, and since male ego wouldn’t allow him to back down, it was up to me. After all, it would be a crime against nature to see that pretty face bashed in.

  Shane’s distraction caused his grip to loosen allowing me to pull my arm from his grasp. Dash seemed to notice because a second later, his hand took hold of the same spot that was still warm from Shane’s grip, all without taking his eyes off Shane—or removing his hand from Shane’s neck.

  “I think you can let him go now,” I prompted when a moment passed and he had made no move to let him go.

  “You should listen to your girlfriend.”

  “She’s not mine,” he said, sounding suspiciously defensive. I narrowed my eyes at him, taking the insult to heart. Why wouldn’t I? No one would want to be rejected by someone as finely made as Dash Chambers… especially, in front of company of any kind.

  Shane’s snort was mocking and eventually, grew into laughter. “All this for a girl who isn’t even yours? She’s just a piece of ass, man.”

  Great. I attracted an even bigger ass. This one just happened to be more of a douche than arrogant. It seemed that the arrogant ass shared my feelings when his fist curled and slammed into the douche’s nuts.

  “I guess you won’t be needing her ass now.”

  When their leader hit the ground, the other two pounced, slamming Dash with hard hits that would have made a lesser man fall. Dash amazingly proved capable of defending himself and stood his ground against the vicious blows, a skill that could only be acquired through fighting.

  I watched him kick jock one in the ass and send him flying to the ground and left with a mouth full of grass. “You’ve proved your point. Leave them alone.”

  “But I was just beginning to sweat.”

  I huffed, feeling tingly in places that had yet to be awakened. Afraid I would be caught lusting after someone unobtainable to me, I did what any person with a brain would do.

  “I’m leaving.”

  I didn’t wait around for an answer and stomped away feeling like a child throwing a temper tantrum. I only wish I knew why I was irritated. I had been having an okay day, though a little boring, when he came along and screwed it up with his half smiles and addictively sweet dimples.

  “Will you stop walking away from me?” I had heard the growl before I felt an arm wrap around my waist to haul me backward.

  “I don’t recall giving you permission to touch me.”

  “Don’t you feel safe?” he whispered against my neck. The feel of his breath smoothing over my skin was too good. It was embarrassing how my legs actually trembled.

  “I feel violated.”

  Rather than let me go, he brought me closer. Oh, God… my ass was actually resting against his… his…

  “Is that why you’re blushing?”

  * * *


  When I woke up hours later in a sweat after succumbing to boredom, I didn’t remember falling asleep. I attributed my soaking skin to the rich leather of the enormous couch and the hours I spent sleeping rather than the dream I had of the first time I felt Dash’s body against mine. My damp blouse stuck to my skin and my hair, if possible, curled even more.

  “One day in his presence and I’m already a simpering idiot,” I muttered bitterly. After a long and lazy stretch, I stood to my feet and let my gaze travel the front room, searching for a clue to my freedom. The entire day had passed, and I knew Dash would be true to his word and be back soon. His eyes had promised. I ignored the sudden racing of my heart and thought about taking a cold shower until I remembered I had no clothing other than my clothes from yesterday. They remained in my backpack—which was never returned to me.

  Irritated, I stomped over to the door and swung it open. The platinum guard jumped to attention and watched me warily. “My backpack. Where is it?” I was rude, but I didn’t have the patience for false pleasantries.

  “I don’t know about a backpack, girl. Go back inside.”

  “Do you know when he will be back?”


  “You must be so important to the team.” My sarcasm wasn’t lost on him judging by the scowl.

  “I follow orders.”

  “I’m sure you do.” I closed the door and sunk against it, wondering once again how I ended up here. Of all the things Dash was capable of, I never thought he would hold me against my will.

  Maybe he has the code written down somewhere…

  With renewed strength, I rushed through the apartment, turning every doorknob until I came across a door that was, unfortunately, locked. Another door revealed a room that appeared to be a guest bedroom with the addition of toys scattered about and various teddy bears. Against better judgment, I ventured further inside and picked up a stuffed turtle with a bandana tied around its face like a mask.


  It was still hard to believe Sheldon had a kid… with Keenan of all people. He had been the biggest pussy hound of Bainbridge High, who I had pegged as someone with commitment issues. When he ran away four years ago, my assumptions proved to be a fact. I knew one day, I would meet them all face to face again. I never thought it would be on a wedding day.

  With it came the harsh realization that they all grew up without me.

  Over the years, I lived with regret, its intensity growing every day until I had no choice but to feel resentment for everything I had to give up, and everyone who led me there.

  I didn’t blame anyone, but it didn’t stop me from resenting.

  When I felt the first tear, hot and offensive, trail from my eye and down my cheek, I hurriedly set the stuffed turtle back in its place and fled the room.

  “Don’t be stupid, Willow. Don’t be stupid.”

  When my pep talk to myself didn’t work, I rushed for the kitchen and downed glasses of water until I was choking on it. I hated that my emotions were running out of control for friends I didn’t know anymore.

  When I was done drowning my emotions, I aimlessly drifted out of the kitchen and looked around for signs of the person Dash had become. The luxury of the apartment only spoke of the wealth I already knew him to have, but what I really wanted to know was if there was someone else—if there had ever been someone else.

  Someone he found comfort in, shared h
is dreams with, held close at night. Someone worth falling for.

  The living room held exactly what I needed when the walls didn’t. I picked up the first picture from the fireplace and found an adorable picture of Kennedy when she was a baby. I didn’t know much about babies, but she appeared to be the size of a newborn. A thin, pretty pink bow adorned her tiny head, and her dark eyes stared innocently at the camera.

  I couldn’t help but to smile down at her while fighting tears of regret. I was torn away by the low beep of the door as it unlocked. I set the picture down and crept out of the living room, assuming Dash had come home early. Just as I entered the hallway, the door opened, and only a second later, the apartment was filled with the sound of a single gunshot. I stared soundlessly at the bleeding hole in the guard’s head. I didn’t react until he hit the wooden floor but found it was too late.

  There were three who closed in on me. The first grasped me tight against his body. My futile struggles spurred my anger enough to bring my knee up between his legs much as I had with Dash, except this time I really wanted to maim. Apparently, he felt the same when he brought me down with a backhand that had my head ringing hard enough to rival Big Ben.

  The skin of my knees were being burnt as they scrubbed across the floor. As if that wasn’t enough, my hair was nearly yanked from its roots when a strong hand gripped it tight, forcing my head back. A cloth appeared over my nose and mouth, and sadly, I was only able to struggle for seconds before I succumbed to darkness.



  I LEFT A guard at the door with a trapped Willow inside before heading to my office. I left earlier than usual when I got the idea of staying home and spending the day losing myself in her. Somehow, she made it easy to forget that I had an entire company to run and thousands of jobs relying on me.

  I needed to think, and I couldn’t do that while being within a hundred feet of her. After admitting she couldn’t be trusted, I realized kidnapping her was for the best, if not to prevent her from doing whatever she came to do, then to save her. Now, I only needed to figure out what or who she needed saving from.

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