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Breaking love broken lov.., p.24
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       Breaking Love (Broken Love #4), p.24

           B. B. Reid
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  KIMBERLY ERVIN-ECHOLS: Dash, you are by far the most mysterious of the three. Were you ashamed of Willow or did you believe she wasn’t good enough for you and your upper crust family outside of your games with Kieran and Keenan?

  DASH: Despite the upbringing, my father insisted on for us, I’ve never believed I was better than anyone. My financial advantage was all because of my father. I earned none of it; therefore, I claimed none of it. I guess that would make Willow and me equals. We’re from different worlds financially, but when it was just the two of us, there wasn’t any room for money. I enjoyed her even though she intimidated me. Her caliber of human being far exceeded my own.

  ILLIMANI RAMIREZ: Dash - how could you have let Willow walk away!?

  DASH: I asked myself that very question every day she was gone, but secretly, I was glad she did because I never would have had the strength to let her go. We weren’t ready to love each other because we weren’t able to accept who we were individually.

  LYDIA COTHRAN: Knowing what you know now... looking back, what would you have done differently with Willow?

  DASH: I wouldn’t have been such a fucking coward. I would have told her I loved her sooner. I would have taken the time to heal the wounds I had caused.

  LAUREN STRYKER: Did you feel bad using Willow because Kieran asked you to?

  DASH: Before Willow—in every sense—I thought going along with Keiran’s plan was the lesser of two evils, not knowing I was ruining the best thing I never had. Did I feel bad about it? Of course. I’m a dick, but I’m not an evil dick, baby.

  SAMMY BAKER: When did you realize you had real feelings for Willow?

  DASH: If I were a smart man, I would have known she was mine the first time she gave me her ass to kiss… I don’t know when I realized I had feelings for Willow because falling for her came as natural as my heartbeat.

  KRISI FULLBROOK: Why haven’t you pulled your head out of your ass yet and gone and dragged her back home? And ‘because I don’t know where she is’ is NOT a good enough reason!!!

  DASH: Damn, baby. I fucked up, okay? I wasn’t yet a man. I let my pride and my ego decide my future and that’s never a good thing. I know that now. Believe me—no one will benefit more from how sorry I am than my lady.

  BRIE BURGESS: Dash, the day you dressed up all Willow style crazy, what were your motives? What did you think when you saw her dressing down for you? And how did it make you feel?

  DASH: Keiran wanted results and Willow was still too smart for her own good. I needed her to trust me, but more than that, I knew what that night would lead to. I felt it in my fucking gut. We were closer than I ever expected, and I knew I could have done many other things to make her fold, but I decided if I had to take from her what I had no business ever touching, she needed to know I accepted her for who she was because I did. I wanted Willow more than I wanted anything in my life, but I didn’t want her to regret it afterwards. I owed her that at least. Seeing her dressed normal only showed me that what I felt was real. I missed her crazy get-up, though I appreciated the gesture.

  ROSEMARIE ADAMS: The summer you spent with Willow, you said it was real. Was that your true feelings? Or just part of Kieran’s game?

  DASH: Even the best-laid plans never go accordingly. Willow changed the game, wrote her own rules, and fucked me up in the process. My feelings for Willow were very much real, and I have Keiran’s game to thank for it

  FEENA DON: Was it just a stupid game for you from the start? Or maybe you had some strong feelings for Willow way before Kieran even asked you to fuck with her life?!

  DASH: If I had ever held a fraction of the feelings I had for Willow when Keiran wanted to play his game, I would have told him to go fuck himself and meant it.

  RACHEL CAMPBELL: got with Willow because Keiran told you to and you’re going to work for your dad because he told you to. When are you gonna stop being everybody’s puppet and go after what you want?!?

  DASH: I made the decision to give in to my father and I made the decision to follow Keiran. I’m no one’s puppet. A man takes responsibility for his decisions. This is me being accountable.

  CHEYENNE DAVIS: Dash, did you like Willow from the start or after you slept with her?

  DASH: I liked what I saw and planned to own all of it, but that mouth of hers had to go first or after… whichever came first.

  BRIANNA BLACK: Why did everyone leave Willow on her own knowing she was going through shit with her parents? None of you deserve her!

  DASH: Willow’s chip on her shoulder became a mountain when Lake left. None of us could get through or around it. We never left her alone. She shut us out. But I get it... We should have tried harder to help her heal.

  RHEA EPPERSON: What was your initial reaction when you saw Willow for the first time?

  DASH: I wondered how someone so bold and sexy and wild could have been so close but to have escaped my attention… and then I wondered if she owned a brush.

  LILLY ROSALES: Why are you such a fucking douchenugget?

  DASH: Sorry, Lilly. It’s in the gene pool.

  JAMIE BUCHANAN: Why didn’t you fight harder for Willow?

  DASH: If I got any harder for her, Jamie, I could fuck through a brick.

  ANGIE ESQUILIN: Do you really want to work for your dad or would you like to become your own man?

  DASH: I’ve always been my own man. I’m just finding that out. It’s why my father hates me so much. My father might have started the company, but it’s mine now, and I’m going to make sure everyone knows it. Including him.

  MARIA WILLIAMS: Dash, if you truly cared for Willow, why did you hurt her so badly? When you took Willow’s virginity, was that the moment when you decided you were going to keep her? Also, do you hate or strongly dislike Keenan, Lake, and Keiran?

  DASH: When I realized I cared for Angel, I wanted to fix it, but I didn’t know how. How do you explain that their body and heart were nothing more than a pawn in a game when someone else was the true prize? There’s no coming back from that, and I wasn’t prepared to lose her. Keenan, Lake, and Keiran are more than friends. They are family. I could never hate them but… I wouldn’t mind killing Keenan a few times a week if a reset button were available.

  HATICE SAHINER: Dear Dash, what was going through your head when Willow gave back to you the angel bracelet you bought just for her? Did it fucking hurt? Will Willow ever become your wifey?

  DASH: Angel didn’t realize it was more than just a simple trinket. It represented how deep in my skin she’d gotten when no girl had ever gotten close. When she’d given it back to me, I wanted to brand her with something she could never give back. Now… I have. She’s carrying my kid, and soon, I’ll have papers on them both. Let’s see her try to give that back.


  Family and friends – Thank you for putting up with my double life. Your encouragement and support has never gone unnoticed.

  Rogena & Ami – To you, I leave my precious in your capable hands and you do a fan-fucking-tastic job every single time. I enjoy working with you ladies. I’m unorganized and indecisive but you work with my looniness so well despite it all.

  Amanda – Your graphic design skills never misses an opportunity to amaze me. I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future.

  Lisa P. Kane – I’ve never felt the need to do brain exercises before, but I whole heartedly appreciate your dedication and commitment to helping my books make sense… and putting up with my need to debate every single thing… and dealing with me never remembering what I actually wrote and in what order... and never sending you the manuscript to beta read on time…. WHY are you still friends with me?

  Masters – My crazy 38. You ladies rock my world on a daily basis. Thank you for all you do and dealing with my erratic way of running things. We’re small by choice and we still fucking kick ass.

  Blogs – Twisted Sisters, Crazybook_lovers, Need Epic Reads, darkreadings, Twin Sisters Rocking Book Review
s, and the list goes on. So many of you support me without me ever having to ask. Big or small, I appreciate all you do and every post you share.

  Josi (J.L.) Beck – Pregnant and all, nothing slows you down or hinders your desire to kick ass. I’m proud to be your friend.

  Ashleigh Giannoccaro – You’re nuts. One day you’re going to have to teach me how to pronounce your name or else I’ll butcher it whenever I meet you.

  Mary E. Palmerin – You’re bananas. It kills me how someone as twisted as you is so nice!

  Penelope Douglas – I still can’t believe I actually get to hold conversations with you! I fangirl every…single...time. Thanks for being so nice and receptive. There aren’t enough authors or people in general like you. Your humbleness is something to aspire to. Also, I want to apologize for sounding like a frog during my video tutorial. LOL! I’d just woken up so no judgments, lady. Even though I am judging you for not liking man buns. The fuck?

  The psycho four whose names shall not be revealed – Lydia, Adrienne, Katie, Tiffany. Oops… Stay away from my chocolate. Let’s not have this conversation again. Mkay, pumpkins?

  Last but not least. I just want to thank chocolate, shrimp, and barbecue sauce. God, I love you.

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  ABOUT B.B. Reid

  B.B., also known as Bebe, found her passion for romance when she read her first romance novel by Susan Johnson at a young age. She would sneak into her mother’s closet for books and even sometimes the attic. It soon became a hobby, and later, an addiction, influencing her life in a positive way.

  Bebe is fresh out of undergrad college and has always wondered about the existence of her talent. When she finally decided to pick up a metaphorical pen and start writing, she found a new way to embrace her passion.

  She favors a romance that isn’t always easy on the eyes or heart and loves to see characters grow—characters who are seemingly doomed from the start but find love anyway.

  Fear Me, her debut novel, is the first of many.



  B.B. Reid, Breaking Love (Broken Love #4)



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