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Breaking love broken lov.., p.16
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       Breaking Love (Broken Love #4), p.16

           B. B. Reid
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He pulled out of my body, ripped off the condom, and pumped his come on my stomach. His groans mingled with my cries and the room seemed to echo with them. Eventually, he collapsed on top of me and we both lay spent.

  It was a struggle, but I caught my breath eventually and even found the strength to run my hand through his hair soothingly. He had gone completely still and I wondered if he was sleeping.

  “I’m sorry, Angel.”

  Nope. Not sleeping.

  “For what? You didn’t hurt me… much.” The soreness between my thighs attested to it. I found myself giggling. An act I would have never been caught dead doing before.

  He lifted his head to look at me. His eyes were wide and emotional. He looked… scared. “I’m sorry that I can’t let you go now. No matter what happens. You’ll hate me… but I can’t.”

  “Who says you have to?” I smiled, but it wasn’t returned. “Come on, Dasher.” I emphasized the use of his full name as he commanded. “I expected pillow talk but not this… besides, you promised me something.”

  His face turned down with confusion until the blush heating my cheeks enlightened him. He smirked and once again, appeared entirely in control and cocky.

  “I remember now… I promised to kiss your pussy. I don’t want to keep my woman waiting but first…” He brought his hand between us. I gasped at the contact of his hand on my stomach, rubbing his come into my skin. “MINE,” he growled.

  * * *


  Dash had once again left me alone with a guard. He practically dumped me in his apartment and took off, only stating he had an engagement. The engagement being a dinner date with his fiancée, who had yet to discover how his ex-lover was practically living with him.

  This entire set-up was fucked up, and I was sick and tired of being Dash’s prisoner and damsel in distress.

  Thirty minutes after he left, I found that my damsel role was not quite over. I had helped myself to his kitchen and was making a quick spaghetti dinner when the front door opened. The warning beep of the locks disarming disturbed the calm of the empty apartment. I braced myself for Dash’s return but found myself trapped with far worse when Esmerelda walked through the front door as if she belonged.

  “What?” Confusion and fear paralyzed me.

  “Hello, Little Tree.”

  “How did you get in here?”

  “Oh, that.” She shrugged her thin shoulders. “Your new guard dog works for me.” Her tone was casual as if I’d just asked for the time.

  “Why are you here?”

  “Because you’re disappointing me. You still haven’t held up your part of the deal, so now I’m faced with the inconvenient task of killing you.”

  Oh, fuck. Think, Willow. I could beg for my life. I could fight. Both would likely get me killed anyway, but I had to try something.

  “I need time. If killing Keiran were simple, I’m sure you would have done it already.”

  “My dear, I’m not asking you to put a gun to his head or fight him. You have the poison. Why haven’t you used it?”

  “I haven’t had the opportunity. If I don’t do it, I’m dead. If I do it and I get caught, I’m dead. I’m working in a pretty tight space.”

  Her lips pursed and she seemed to ponder my excuse. When she took a step forward, I took one back. “Do you know why I decided to use you rather than to take care of it myself?”

  Because you aren’t a moron? I dared not voice my thoughts. Instead, I shook my head.

  “Because if I disagreed with you, and it was simple, I would have already put a bullet in him. I chose you because while you’re not friends as you say, you can get close to him. Close enough to administer the poison to his drink or slip it into his food. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. This is the last chance I give you. You have one week.”

  She turned to leave but seemed to think better of it. “Oh and that cute brother of yours? He’s first on my list. The girls appear to like the little man whore a lot. How tragic would it be that one day the girl he takes home slits his throat in his sleep or while she rides his cock?” She beamed at me and shut off the light, plunging the room into darkness. “Think about it.”

  Her mocking laughter taunted me as the door closed behind her. Against my better judgment, I rushed for the door and opened it only to find her gone, including the guard Dash had entrusted with my life.

  At that moment, it became clear that Dash couldn’t protect me. Esmerelda was too powerful. If she could infiltrate his security team, who knows what she could or would do next.

  Buddy’s life was now in jeopardy, and I had no reliable allies. No one who could take on Esmerelda and win.

  I knew what I had to do.



  I DIDN’T ALLOW myself to cry… at first. I spent the time plotting and only when I had a plan did I collapse and cry. The last thing I remember was falling asleep on the couch. What I didn’t remember was how I’d ended up in Dash’s bed. With him lying next to me.

  Anger flared at his audacity to spend a romantic evening out with another woman, his fiancée, and then make his way into bed with me. He had a lesson to learn about respect. I stared at him for a moment before determining that he was sound asleep and ignored the teenaged girl in my subconscious that cooed over how peaceful yet primitive he looked his sleep. His left arm was thrown over his head and his right hand rested over his massive erection. His pecs and abs were splayed out like a buffet, begging for me to feast with my tongue.





  I slipped from the bed and thought of just the thing to bring him to heel. At the door, I stopped to think of what could happen if I pissed him off, but then the image of him touching Rosalyn formed and with renewed purpose, I headed for the kitchen where I made a forty-quart pot of ice water.

  I’d seen this done on one of those reality TV shows Buddy liked to watch and never thought I would ever try it. The pot was heavier than I expected, but I managed to get it to the bedroom but not without soaking his expensive carpeting.

  I made my way over to his side, and because I couldn’t resist, I kissed those irresistible lips, luring him out slumber. When his eyes finally opened, giving me a first peek at his red-brown eyes, I almost said fuck the payback and climbed in with him.

  But I did kiss him again. Enough to get him interested so when I pulled back, he followed. With a quickness I didn’t realize I possessed, I hauled the water up and over, soaking him with ice and water. I leaped back just in time to miss his arm as it flailed about.

  “Fuck!” He jumped from the bed and swiped at his face. His complexion was pale and he shivered as he hugged himself.

  I covered my mouth to conceal my laugh, but it was too late. My giggle slipped through and it was as if a switch had been flipped.

  His arms came to rest at his sides and his body went completely still. Slowly, his head lifted until his eyes, now dark with unmistakable rage and promise of retribution, fixed on me.

  He spoke without speaking at all, telling me I fucked up. So… I did what anyone would do.

  I ran.

  I didn’t have to look back to know he gave chase. I made it to the front door and managed to get the door opened when it slammed closed again. My scream was muffled by his hand and then he wrapped his arm around my waist and carried me back to his bedroom.

  I thought he’d make for the bed once we were inside, but instead, he pinned me against the door with his weight. “That was stupid,” he whispered.

  “You needed to learn a lesson in respect.”

  “Yeah?” I could hear the smile in his voice. “Well, I guess it’s your turn, Angel.”

  His fingers tugged at my sleep shorts until they pooled around my feet. I stood perfectly still and let him trace my spine with his finger, sending shivers up and down my body. His frame engulfed mine when he stepped closer, forcing my body against the door.

s been four years since I’ve been inside you… You know I’m going to fuck you silly, right?”

  “It was just a joke.” My plea for mercy fell on deaf ears.

  “Funny… a second ago it was a lesson. Respect, correct?”

  Oh, God.

  “I have a lesson I’d like to teach you now. Bend over.” He didn’t wait to see if I would obey and he pressed his hand on my back. His hand slid down my ass until he reached my sex. I closed my eyes in shame because I knew what he would find.

  Surprisingly, he didn’t comment. However, the sound of his wet basketball shorts hitting the floor followed. I knew what was coming next and braced myself against the door with both hands.

  Dash had other plans, however. He took my left hand and placed it on his right shoulder, forcing my body to twist sideways. “I want you to touch yourself while I fuck you. I won’t deny you release. In fact, I’m going to give you more than you can stand.” He then grabbed my other hand, led it to my pussy, and ordered, “Fuck yourself.”

  Of course, he couldn’t just fuck me and be done with it. He had to torture me in the process.

  “Dasher—” His name was caught in my throat when he slammed into me. My hands immediately grabbed for the door for balance. We both froze with the realization of what we had just done. Dash hadn’t been inside me in four years, but it was just as explosive as it had always been if not more. However, he seemed to recover quicker than I did.

  “Keep your hands where I placed them. If you hold yourself against with the door, I’ll assume you’ll need additional lessons later.”

  Oh, he was being such an unreasonable prick!

  His hands gripped me and forced my hips to meet his as he pounded me mercilessly. He moved as quickly as a jackhammer and made it impossible to hold my position.

  “Dasher!” My plea ripped through the air, but he only increased his pace. I fought in vain to keep up while coming non-stop. The animalistic sounds coming from him sent chills up my spine, forcing more orgasms from me. “Please, baby, please.”

  He chuckled. “Have you learned your lesson yet?” Sweat dripped from his body onto my back, coating me with his exertions. “Fuck,” he grunted. “I’m coming.”

  Coming… he’s coming. I suddenly became agonizingly aware of the fact that he was not wearing a condom. His rhythm slowed and his thrusts deepened, signaling he was on the verge of coming.

  I had to stop him. I forgot about my hands and braced them against the door once more as I struggled to speak through my cries.

  “Dasher, pull out.”

  “Too late, Angel,” he spitefully teased. “I’m already coming inside you.”

  * * *

  “Why is it that you can’t find the man? He’s your employee.”

  “Sir, he’s new and it’s possible he had a change of heart about the job.”

  “Find out. I want a concrete answer by the end of the day. He had been guarding Ms. Waters and left his post without leave. That’s unacceptable.”

  It was painful hearing Dash as he ripped into the older man. I wanted to say something but was back at square one. If I said something, it would endanger Buddy’s life.”

  “Ms. Waters.” The sound of Dash calling me saved me from my inner conflict.

  “Yes?” I looked around, but Fisher was no longer in sight. It was just Dash and me inside his private office as he insisted.

  “Get me some water.”

  I wanted to scream at him to get his own damn water, but after the ‘lesson’ that I’d had this morning, I thought better of it. I entered the outer suite and poured water from the cooler. When I returned, he was talking at the computer monitor. Voices filled the room, and I realized he was on a video conference.

  I placed the water on the coaster and turned back to my seat. Before I could sit, however, he said, “I want ice.”

  I concealed my growl of frustration and reached for his glass again. “Bring it to me in a separate glass.” He met my stare this time and sat back, barely concealing his smirk. I smiled politely and turned to leave again. “And tell Celesha to pick up my dry cleaning and lunch.”

  “Where should I tell her to pick up your lunch?”

  “It doesn’t matter. She knows my usual preferences.”

  “Fine.” I stomped out this time and relayed the message to Celesha. I threw ice in a cup and stomped back to his office. This time, I couldn’t control myself enough to not slam the cup down.

  There was no way he hadn’t noticed, but he said nothing. He continued to talk, but I noticed he disabled the video feed. I could tell the conference hadn’t ended because the voices continued to fill the room. It sounded as if several people were bickering over the lack of benefits for acquiring a soup company in Japan.

  “Ms. Waters, come here, please.” I immediately tensed. I distrusted his tone that was far too calm. “Take a seat.”

  I stared at him as if he were daft. Maybe he meant his lap? No… that would be unprofessional and surely not while on a conference call. “Where?”

  He patted the tabletop directly in front of him.

  “I’m not sitting there.” He shook his head and moved the mouse, killing the mic as well. Now we could only hear what was happening.

  “You can sit here or on my face, but you will sit where I want you. Take your pick.” When I continued to hesitate, he made a grab for me so I quickly hopped on the desk. He grinned up at me, showcasing those awfully adorable dimples.

  “I find your defiance way too sexy, Ms. Waters.”

  “Why are you toying with me?”

  “I told you. I like when you defy me. Lean back on your elbows.”

  I did as he asked. “What are you doing?”

  “I’m rewarding you for your good behavior this morning,” he answered with sarcasm lacing his tone. “You were an excellent pupil, but you still have some learning to do.”

  “I don’t think this is the right time.”

  “It’s a perfect time. Quiet now,” he warned just before he cut the mic back on. His hands slid up my thighs and spread them wide. The heels he insisted I wear rested on the edge. When he slipped his fingers into my panties and tugged them down, I wanted to protest but knew I couldn’t say a word.

  A woman’s voice addressed Dash with a question and he answered as if he weren’t… stuffing my panties in his pocket! His fucking nerve.

  His fingers returned to my center and grazed my outer lips with soft caresses. I bit back a moan that had been too close to the surface. He sent me a warning glare, which I returned with an eye roll. I wanted to tell him to get on with it, admitting to myself that I wanted his touch as much as he wanted to touch me.

  But it wasn’t his touch I received. He leaned forward and the first stroke of his tongue on my heated center sent my body arching off the desk. His hands rose to restrain me as he feasted. I felt as if I would burst a vein or blood vessel from the strain of not moving and keeping quiet.

  “Dasher, please,” I begged, no longer caring who heard me.

  His hand shot out and pinched my lips closed in that infuriating way he used to tell me to shut up. The same hand slipped down to my neck and shoved me back to lay flat all the while his mouth never stopped his torment.

  “Mr. Chambers? Mr. Chambers?”

  It took me a moment to realize he was being called by a member of the conference. I tugged at his hair, but he resisted. An answering growl sounded from between my thighs, too low for the members of the meeting to hear, but loud enough to warn me. He wasn’t going to stop.

  “Mr. Chambers?”

  Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

  I jackknifed up to a forty-five-degree angle. Dash clutched at my hips and anchored me to his face.

  “Um… ohhh.” It was hard to conceal my pleasure and speak coherently. “Mr. Chambers is, uh—on a—call.”

  “Ms. Waters, are you okay? What happened to the video?”

  It became even harder to speak when I felt Dash’s tongue enter me. “We, uh—seem to be

  Please stop speaking.

  “Very well. Please make note of pertinent details and concerns to report to him.”

  “Y—yes, sir.”

  I made sure to mute the mic and then gave in. My hands clutched at his hair and my hips undulated, demanding more.

  Soon after, I came, screaming, onto his face and realized he was right. He could have me however and where ever he wanted me.

  * * *

  “What you did was despicable,” I gripped and fixed my clothes.

  He chuckled and kissed my lips. “Is that why you came so hard?”

  “My body has nothing to do with your behavior.”

  “I think my behavior has everything to do with what happens to your body.”

  “I hate you.”

  “Finally, you admit you feel something for me.” His tone had changed from playful to serious like the flip of a switch. I needed to change the subject.

  “Did the conference end?”


  “You’re CEO and President of the company. You shouldn’t do things like that.”

  There was a knock on the door before Dash could respond. Dash permitted them entrance and I half expected it to be Celesha and was surprised to find his father at the door.

  I didn’t really care for the man but saw it necessary to be polite and professional so I greeted him. “Good afternoon, Mr. Chambers.”

  He didn’t feel the same obligation and barely spared me a nod of acknowledgment.

  “What’s this talk I hear of you meeting with Simon next week?”

  “Hello, Father.”

  “I want an explanation.”

  “I thought I explained to you what would happen if you interfered again.”

  “I’m not interfering. I’m doing the professional thing and warning you. You aren’t ready!”

  “How about doing the fatherly thing and supporting me?”

  I went back and forth, watching the interaction between father and son. They both seemed to forget I was even in the room… or so I thought.

  Dash took my hand in his and squeezed tight. His thumb rubbed me back and forth. I looked at Dash’s father nervously, wondering if he could see, although the desk concealed our connection.

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