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Breaking love broken lov.., p.15
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       Breaking Love (Broken Love #4), p.15

           B. B. Reid
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  “Which was?”

  “A conqueror doesn’t ask for permission.”

  Embarrassingly enough, I felt my sex respond shamelessly to his threat, and I cursed my body and my heart, which now beat out of control. “And you think I’m someone to be conquered?”

  “I want to be with you, Willow.” I flinched at his use of my name. It sounded weird and out of place. I’d always been Angel. God, what am I thinking? I shouldn’t be worried about what he called me. Especially a stupid pet name. “I’m no longer waiting for you to admit the same.”

  “I can’t stay here. Especially with you.”

  “Whatever you left behind isn’t your concern anymore. Your only concern from this day forward is to please me.”

  “Let me rephrase then. I won’t stay here. Especially with you.”

  “How do you plan to get away from me long enough to go back to wherever you came from?”

  “You can’t decide the rest of my life for me!”

  “You made a decision for your life four years ago and I didn’t like the answer. So you can either do this job or spend your days chained to my bed.”



  I HELD A tight grip on my anger and managed to make it through countless meetings. I was preparing for the last meeting of the day and had sent Celesha to show Angel the rest of the building. They were instructed to be back in time for me to introduce Willow to executive management, which was in just ten minutes.

  As if on cue, I heard the outer door open and their voices fill the suite. They were laughing as if they’ve known each other for five years instead of five hours. I threw on my suit jacket and met them in the reception area.

  On sight, Willow’s laughter stopped and her expression became guarded. She had done nothing but murder me with her eyes since I had threatened her into obedience. I told myself I didn’t care, but it was hard not to when she continued to look as if I kicked her favorite puppy rather than express my wish to be with her.

  Women were indeed complex creatures.

  “How was the tour?”

  “It went well, I think. Willow here might have even found a few suitors. Nate in accounting especially. I think the poor guy might have taken a liking to her with only a brief encounter.” She sent Willow a conspiratorial grin, not knowing the storm she was brewing. Angel, however, sensed my anger and shifted from one foot to the other.

  “How nice,” I agreed sarcastically. I could barely curtail the sneer in time. “We should be going.”

  The meeting was being held on the floor directly below us so the private tension between Angel and me in the elevator was cut short. Too bad really. I wanted her to sweat. I was curious about this encounter that caused the guilty flush on her skin.

  The conference room was already full of the company’s top executives and officers. Every head in the room turned when I entered, followed by Angel and Celesha.

  “Good evening, gentlemen.” A chorus of greetings followed as I made my way to the head of the table. “Most of you have been in meetings with me all day, so I promise this meeting will be uncharacteristically brief. My objective is to make an announcement and to issue a warning.”

  “A warning, son?” The question came from David, the head of international sales.

  “Yes. I’ll be getting to that. You may have heard by now that I have replaced Celesha temporarily as my personal assistant. Please welcome Willow Waters. She will fulfill Celesha’s duties until she can return in a year’s time.”

  Willow stepped forward and waved while the room greeted her and offered her welcome. Once she was through greeting everyone, I stepped forward to claim the room once more.

  “Now, it was brought to my attention in a rather displeased manner that some of you are less than optimistic about some of the endeavors I have taken up. I want to make it clear that my father is no longer head of this company, and unless he fires me, I am the only one you report to. If you are in disagreement about a business decision I have made, feel free to schedule an appointment to speak with me on the matter. From this day forward, anyone who shares accusation, complaints, or strategies with my father will be fired. Do I make myself clear?”

  * * *

  I needed to take the edge off. I was pissed and my cock was hard and I had an errant fiery-headed female on my hands.

  I watched her in my peripheral as I drove us home. She kept her head turned away, staring out the window at nothing remotely fascinating. I knew it was her way of ignoring me. She was nervous and she should be. Her confession last night was a game changer. I learned that she couldn’t be trusted but that she also needed protection.

  I shouldn’t have felt responsible for her. I had an international company to run and a fiancée to keep happy.

  “What happened between you and the guy in accounting?”

  “I met a lot of guys in accounting.”

  “It's not the time to try my patience.” I shook my head, and once again, wondered what she was doing to me. I’ve never had to threaten as much as I did as when I was with her.

  “You’re not seriously jealous, are you?” She never stopped staring out the window as she spoke. “I should hope not—when you can’t even recall his name.”

  “Can you?”

  “Nate.” Her expression was smug when she turned to face me.

  “Ok. So what happened between you and Nate to make him fall head over heels in love?”

  “I think Celesha exaggerated a bit.”

  “Celesha never exaggerates.”

  “There’s nothing to tell. He asked me out. That’s it.”

  “And you said?”

  “I turned him down. After all, I wasn’t under the impression I would be sticking around long enough to be accepting dates. Had I known sooner that I would be forced into slavery, I would have accepted.”

  “You should have told him you belong to someone. That someone being his boss, who could have him fired and out on his ass if he so much as looks at you again.” I fell silent and waited to see if my threat would take.

  “You’re a bastard,” she whispered, once again staring out the window.

  “If I’m a bastard, it’s only because you pushed me this far.”

  “Right. I pushed you to lie to me and to purposely make me fall—” She stopped short and took a deep breath. “It doesn’t matter anymore. We’ll never be together because we aren’t meant to be. Have you ever given the possibility any consideration?”

  “No. I control my future and now I control you. The only things I can’t control are my feelings for you.”

  “You don’t have feelings for me. You’re obsessed with being in control. Your ego doesn’t like that I didn’t fall for your mind games and walked away from you after finding out what a manipulative, lying bastard you are.”


  “That’s what I said.”

  “So what exactly did I manipulate you into doing because, as I remember, you begged for it every time I touched you?”

  “I don’t deny the physical, Dasher. I wanted you, but it was my heart you toyed with. That summer was the best time of my life. You made me feel so many things I never thought I would experience because of who I am. My taste in clothes and the way I wore my hair didn’t stand a chance, and I accepted that until you. But then our summer ended and the truth showed me the real you was far worse than I feared. You took something from me that I’ll never get back and I’m not talking about my virginity… But if I have to explain it to you, then you really don’t know what our summer meant. Your feelings for me, Dasher Chambers, is nothing more than your bruised ego wanting to mend your pride with lust. I’m not an all you can eat buffet. You can’t just take from me until you’re satisfied.”

  * * *

  My attempt to make her feel small in the car backfired and I was the one left confused. The truth is I did toy with her heart during our summer together but while I toyed, I fell. Hard. No amount of apologies and promise
s could see me past my lie. Angel had swept me off my feet so quickly that I can’t even recall when it was no longer a ploy and became the real thing.

  It could have been the first time of many when she had called me a narcissistic prick, or the first time I kissed her lips, touched her hand, smelled her hair, or watched her sleep. I have no clue because when it happened it felt natural as if I loved her my entire life.

  My decisions led us here. After a year of fighting for her affection, four years living without her, and a week of stumbling and fighting, I was no closer to making her mine than I was when I first approached her on campus.

  We had arrived at my apartment minutes after she put me in my place and because I couldn’t stand the silence, and because she fucked me up so bad, I did the unthinkable. I agreed to dinner with Rosalyn, who would likely make it into a romantic occasion. I wanted Angel to suffer so I made sure she knew exactly where I was going and who with. I wanted her to wonder while I was with Rosalyn. I wanted her to share my frustration. She was hell bent on returning to her life without me, and I couldn’t help but wonder what or who was worth leaving me for… again.

  No matter my wrongs, I kept coming back to that. It was as Keenan had said—she was the one who got away.

  “Dash, darling, come in. Rosalyn is just putting the finishing touches together. You can never look too good for your future groom.”

  “Good evening, Mrs. Cordell.”

  “Oh, stop and call me Mom.”

  Yeah, fucking right.

  She placed kisses on my cheek and I resisted the urge to scratch at the crawling sensation. Her father came out of his study and did the customary slapping on the back and shaking my hand.

  “My boy, how do you like heading a multi-international company. The power really gets you going, doesn’t it?”

  I faked my way through the pleasantries, but after ten minutes of waiting, I was ready to turn around and beg for Angel’s forgiveness. Just as I was ready to put thought into action, Rosalyn strutted down the stairs in a tight red number. The color somehow looked gaudy on her. Or maybe Angel just ruined the color for me on any 0ther woman.

  Her heels clicked on the marble as she sashayed up to me with a grin meant to be seductive but came across as leery. I mustered the will not to roll my eyes. “Hello, lover,” she whispered while sliding her hands up my chest.

  “Now that’s just incorrect.” I lowered my voice so only she could hear. “I haven’t touched you in years.”

  “We can fix that little problem tonight if you’re a good boy.” I silently made a vow to be on my worst behavior.

  “Don’t you two just make a beautiful couple? I have full confidence that you’ll make the most beautiful children.”

  “One agenda at a time, Mother. I need to get his ring on my finger first.”

  “You mean your ring? No doubt you’ll pick it out yourself.”

  “Dasher, don’t be rude.”

  “Don’t call me Dasher,” I growled a little too forcefully.

  “Why not? That is your name.”

  I wanted to hurt her feelings in the worst way, but I showed mercy since her parents were watching. “Come on. We have reservations.”

  And with any hope, the next couple of hours would pass quickly.




  WE MANAGED TO get through dinner this time without arguing. By the end of the date, my crush had turned into something deeper. It was indescribable and foreign.

  “Can I come in,” he breathed. Those four words ended our hot and heavy make out session against my dorm room door.


  He took my key from my hand and unlocked the door. We stumbled inside and tore at each other’s clothes in the dark. I would never forget what he did for me tonight by wearing this getup.

  Somehow, we landed on the bed and never stopped exploring each other to consider the twin size.

  “Fuck, baby. Are you sure?”

  I only nodded when words escaped me. This unraveling was the weeks-long culmination of time spent, make out sessions, and pent up desire.

  He slipped my sandals off and then slid his hand up my dress, pushing it to rest around my waist. Having him see so much of me suddenly made me self-conscious. I grabbed at my dress to cover myself, but his territorial growl shocked me so much, I froze.

  “What are you doing?” His eyes narrowed, giving him a dangerous appeal.

  “I’m not skinny.”

  “And?” The way he voiced the question made me feel silly. Having low self-esteem was almost as embarrassing as my chunky thighs and pudgy stomach.

  I shrugged and stared at the ceiling.

  “You have the…” I jumped when I felt his lips touch my waist, just above my panty line, “…the hottest…” his lips kissed another spot on my waist, “…fucking body.” This time, his lips trailed up my stomach, taking my dress with him until it slipped over my head. Once I was free of my dress, he leaned down to kiss me, now completely covering me with his own body.

  I felt his leg nudge mine apart so he could settle between them, fully clothed. Once he was settled, he seemed to think better of it and sat back on his haunches. “I want you to undress for me.”

  My eyes felt as if they were going to bug out of my head. The only things left on me were my bra and panties. “Can’t we do it with them still on?”

  He smirked. “We could…” I relaxed against the mattress, “but I won’t.”


  “If you want me inside you,” he leaned forward and planted his fist next to my head and stroked my hair with the other, “you’re going to have to give me all of you.” When I didn’t move, he took my hand in his and moved it down my body to my panties. “Trust me.”

  Trust him.

  I repeated it to myself and found the courage to pull at my panties. His red-brown eyes darkened as they made their way down my legs. My bra was next and once I was free, I knew there was no turning back.

  I lay stiff as a board while he praised me with his eyes. I could feel his gaze rake my body shamelessly.

  “I want you to place your hands under your head and don’t move them until I say.” Surprisingly, I followed his order without hesitance, which seemed to please him. It didn’t escape my attention that I was completely bare while he was fully clothed.

  When his lips trailed from the tips of my breasts to my stomach, my hand twitched against my resistance. I fought against his order to bare myself to him and keep my hands under my head while he worshiped my body. All I could think of was my pudgy belly he currently traced with his tongue.

  “Dash, please.”


  “What? Everyone calls you Dash.”

  “You’re not everyone.”

  “Then what am I?”

  “You’re just mine. So don’t fuck with me.”

  I tried not to melt from his words. I really tried but melt I did. Right against his lips. In such a short time, kissing him had become my drug of choice. I was a willing addict.

  “Are you ready?”

  “I think so.”

  “Be sure, Angel, because once I start, I’m not stopping. I won’t be able to.”

  “Please… I need you.”

  My plea acted as a spell, transforming him before my eyes. I watched the amber flecks in his eyes darken further and his tongue flicks his lips. He left me and stood beside the bed. Keeping my gaze, he undressed, starting with his shirt. He took his time and this time, I worshiped him with my gaze. I searched every muscular plane until I came to where his cock jutted almost angrily.


  That was the first word that came to mind.

  And long.

  I didn’t have experience to compare him to, but the size of him was remarkable. His body was lean and fit and unyielding.

  He produced a foil packet from his jeans and brought it to his lips. His teeth tore into the packaging wit
h a single tear. The act was simple but from him it appeared savage. A promise of what’s to come.

  Once he sheathed himself, he settled between my thighs again. I expected him to enter me, but his hand disappeared between our bodies, and I felt him touch my clit with a kiss of his fingers.

  “You’re wet,” he praised. I felt his cock press against my sex.

  “I want you.”

  “You have me.” My pussy came alive with the sensation of pain and pleasure all at once. He pressed forward and with each press of his hips, my discomfort grew until it became unbearable.

  “How bi—big are you?”

  “Big, Angel.” He clutched my thigh and brought it to rest on his hip. “Very big.”

  “I can’t.” I began to back away but his hand on my thigh stopped my escape.

  “No, baby. Don’t run away. You can take me.”

  “Maybe just a little.”

  “All of me.”

  “All of you?”

  “Every inch. And if you’re good… I’ll kiss your pussy better.”


  His lips brushed mine, distracting me from the pain. I deepened our kiss, searching for more pleasure as he moved lazily inside me. “You fucking bet. Spread your legs more for me.” I did as he commanded and felt some of the pressure ease. “Hold onto me.”

  His hips grew bolder and stronger until he was pounding me. I buried my face in his chest to muffle my cries, but his hand gripped my hair and forced my head back, making my cries fill the room. I worried that someone would hear, but I wanted more of what he could give me so I let go and… came. I fucking came.

  Dash’s eyes locked with mine so he could watch me. He plunged harder inside me, prolonging the sweet agony of my release. My body trembled and I screamed, and then I felt the inner walls of my pussy gripping Dash. He groaned and then roared, marking his own release. I could feel every inch of his cock throbbing, but what he did next shocked me into another release.

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