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Breaking love broken lov.., p.14
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       Breaking Love (Broken Love #4), p.14

           B. B. Reid
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  “Nothing feels as good as you.”

  “I’m not sure I believe you. It’s been years since you felt me.” I sat back against the cushions and ran my hands up my bare thighs and his eyes followed.

  “I remember,” he gritted.

  “It’s a shame really…” up and down, I teased my own skin, “…a memory is all you’ll ever have.”

  “You and I”—grunt—”both know”—grunt— “if I wanted you in bed”—grunt—”I would have you.”

  “Anything you can do, I can do better, Dasher. Maybe it’s me who is seducing you.” The reminder of our first time together brought a dangerous glint in his eyes, and he reared up and jumped to his feet before I could react.

  His hands grabbed and caught me when I attempted to scramble over the back of the couch. I was flipped onto my stomach and then held by his hand on my neck while he raised my ass in the air.

  “Dash.” I squealed his name, but it was mostly muffled by the couch.

  “Shhhh,” he whispered and then flipped up my skirt to slap me on my ass.

  “Oww! Don’t hit me!”

  “Shhh.” He repeated the punishment. I groaned and he repeated it once more. On the fourth slap to my ass, I pleaded with him to stop. It earned me another slap. This one harder and more forceful. Wisely, I didn’t make a peep on the fifth, realizing it was the reason for the slaps.

  “Good girl.” His hand invaded my panties and rubbed the skin he’d just abused. “No more kid games. When I tell you to do something, you do it. Understand?”

  “Fuck off.”

  He chuckled and the next moment my ass was on fire as he rained down three controlled slaps. I fought to get away, but his hand kept me in place. The burning sensation made me wish his hand would rub me again, and just as I wished it, his hand found the spot again. He rubbed once and then dipped his hand lower until it was resting between my legs and tangling with the sticky evidence of my arousal mingling on my thighs.

  His silence stretched for seconds too long. I held my breath through every second. I knew he knew it was there because his fingers ran through it. “Is this what I think it is?”

  My shoulders slumped in defeat at having been caught for coming. “I don’t know, Dasher. What is it?”

  His other hand gripped my hair and pulled my head back at the same time his fingers left my thigh. I watched as he brought his fingers, coated with me, to his lips. His tongue darted out briefly to touch the tips and then an entire digit disappeared in his mouth. He made a hungry sound while keeping eye contact and then his finger slid back out. “Still my favorite part of you.”

  I was breathing hard as if I’d just run a race. “Why did you do that?”

  His eyes flashed with… something. I thought he wouldn’t answer, but then he leaned forward and rested his forehead against mine. “Because I’d almost forgotten what you tasted like,” he whispered with pain in his voice.

  I was engulfed in his body heat and his cologne mixed with his sweat. It made me crazy. It made me want.


  He lifted his head and peered into my eyes. I let him see my need and to know that whatever he was offering, I was willing to take. I knew the moment he recognized it.

  “Yes, Angel.” He caressed his face against mine. “I know.”

  I reached for his pants, but he grabbed my wrist. “Shit… I almost forgot.” He snapped his fingers and smirked.

  “Huh? What did you forget?”

  “I’m having dinner with my fiancé tomorrow.” He let me go, settled back on his pallet, and turned over, giving me his ass to kiss.




  AFTER TEASING AND flirting with him, I found my back up against the door and was assaulted by hungry kisses. I was ready for him to complete the final act of our month long foreplay by the time he showed mercy.


  “I wouldn’t forgive myself if I took you before I even took you to dinner so stop tempting me before you find yourself full of me and screaming from the pleasure.”


  “Good girl.” He kissed the tip of my tongue, took my hand, and led me from the dorm. When he opened my car door for me, I practically melted into the seat. Why is it that everything he did made my legs weak?

  This was my first time riding in luxury. I looked around the foreign car in amazement. The gray leather was so soft against my skin and his intoxicating scent filled the car.

  He slid in and started the car, bringing the sporty car to life. I was a little nervous, having seen what these cars can do on TV. He must have sensed my nervousness because he leaned over and kissed me softly. “Don’t worry, Angel. I got you.”

  We took off for the restaurant, and I found that he could handle the car quite well. I thought it was a bit much for a seventeen-year-old, but maybe it was the way of the wealthy.

  The restaurant was a short drive, but just the exterior made me feel out of place. Dash took my hand again and led me inside the restaurant. He seemed to like being in charge, and since I was out of my element, I let him lead.

  The hostess beamed as we approached and laid it on extra thick for our benefit. I fought the urge to roll my eyes and then wanted to claw hers out when she touched his arm.

  Figures he could pull a girl looking the way he did.

  I expected Dash to thrive in the female attention. After all, she was undoubtedly gorgeous. I was thrown when he pulled me around to the side where the hostess walked and wrapped his arm around me, effectively dislodging her hand and rebuffing her.

  Take that, cheeky bitch.

  She showed us our table and walked away without asking if we needed anything. Dash’s shoulders shook and he snorted. His twinkling gaze locked with mine, and I smiled at him across the table.

  A waiter approached with our menus almost immediately and announced the specials. Dash instructed me to order whatever I wanted.

  One look at the menu, and I was lost. None of it was familiar.

  Where were the appetizers or the burgers?

  I flipped to the page and read the first entree or what I assumed was an entree. Cocotte de Légumes. There was no mention of meat so I skipped over it.

  “I can order for you.”

  “But you don’t know what I want.”

  “Do you?”

  “I don’t recognize anything on this menu.”

  “Ok, can I make a suggestion then?”

  “Sure.” Seemed harmless enough. Dash signaled and the waiter came over.


  “Yes, my lady and I will have the Coq Au Vin with baby carrots and potatoes.”

  He nodded and collected our menus while I glared at Dash. I waited until he walked away before voicing my displeasure. “That’s not a suggestion. You ordered for me.”

  “I did.”

  “How do you know I like Coq Au Vin or carrots or potatoes?”

  “Coq Au Vin is chicken. Everyone likes chicken, and I’ve seen you eat both carrots and potatoes, and if you can eat what the school serves, then you can eat the carrots and potatoes here, so what exactly is wrong with what I ordered for you?”

  “The fact that you ordered for me.”

  “It’s okay that I hold the door for you, but I can’t order for you?”

  “It’s not the same thing.”

  “Ok, what’s the difference?”

  “Holding the door open is a kind gesture. You would do it for anyone regardless of gender. Ordering for me is just pretentious.”

  “Would you prefer that to call the waiter back and have him read every line of the menu so you won’t feel as if your right as a woman is violated? I’m sure the waiter wouldn’t mind. We are the only table he has to wait on, and I’m sure he isn’t counting on the tips from the other tables to help pay his bills or feed his children.”

  He sat back and gestured for me to do exactly as he suggested. His smugness was too much. In
stead of crying like I wanted to do, I stood from the table and walked away.

  Yup. I’d done it. I’ve fallen into stupidity. I knew going out with him was a bad idea. And now I’ve fallen from grace. I looked down at the clothes I put on to please him and felt like a sellout. I ruffled my fingers through my hair, destroying the control.

  I stepped to the curb to hail a taxi and hoped the ride back wouldn’t be too expensive.

  “Where are you going?” His tone was gentle, but I dared not look at him. I stuck my hand out for a taxi, but his arm shot out to stop me. “Don’t. I’m sorry.”

  “Apology accepted. Now go back and eat your Coq Au Vin.”

  “I apologize for insulting your right as a woman. I rather enjoy your womanhood.”

  I spun around and slapped him on his chest. “Don’t make jokes.”

  I wasn’t prepared for him to hug me. “At least I got you to look at me.”

  “Once again, you’re taking liberties.”

  “Please accept my apology.”

  “Why should I?”

  “Because I know where the real food is.”

  He pulled me down the street to a bar and grill. There was a Friday night crowd but luckily, we were able to secure a booth. I picked up the menu and was delighted to find foods with names I recognized. “Ahh, there are the burgers.”

  “You like burgers?”

  “I hate them, but it’s good to see them on a menu. I’ve got a taste for chicken.” I sent Dash a sweet smile across the table and then burst out laughing at the grumpy look on his face. “Cheer up! What are you getting?”

  He looked at the menu and flipped back and forth before deciding. “The bacon cheeseburger looks good.”

  Just then, the waitress arrived to take our orders. I made sure to speak up this time. “Yes, my guy and I will have the chicken alfredo and two cokes.” She took our menus, and I made a point to make eye contact with Dash across the table.

  “That was cute,” he said slowly.

  “Now I forgive you.”

  “I think it’s sexy when you’re snarky.” The heat in his eyes gave credit to his statement, and I found myself squirming in my seat.

  “That wasn’t really the point.”

  “I get your point, but I still find you incredibly sexy. Even if you need to brush your hair.”

  Shit. Shit. Shit! I’d forgotten that I mussed my hair when I stormed from restaurant number one. I touched my hair, feeling self-conscious when I never had before. “Excuse me.” I jumped from the booth and rushed to the bathroom to salvage what I could of my hair.

  What is this jerk doing to me?

  * * *


  We arrived back to the city around mid-day. Dash drove us to his apartment, showered, and changed. Did I mention he dragged me into the shower with him? He hadn’t spoken a word to me but manhandling apparently wasn’t off the list.

  The air around us felt different. He didn’t feel like Dash and that scared me. When he handed me a shopping bag I hadn’t seen before, and ordered me to get dressed, I was even more confused.

  Soon, I was wearing a tight gray pencil skirt and burgundy top with a modest neckline. It was the type of attire worn in an office setting, and I wondered why he had me dressed for the occasion. We arrived at his office building and rode to the very top floor.

  We entered a large suite, and straight across were a large desk and a woman tapping away at the computer with a phone plastered to her ear. “Mr. Chambers is unavailable at the moment, but I can take a message.” Dash moved forward to stand in front of the desk and waited while the woman took the message. When she hung up and turned her attention to us, I got the full effect of this woman’s striking features. “Good morning, Mr. Chambers.”

  “Good morning, Celesha. Apologies for my absence. I had personal matters to attend. This is Willow. She’s going to be your temporary replacement.”

  Dash just disappeared inside a room, leaving me standing alone with his secretary after dropping that bomb. He didn’t even bother to offer me an introduction so I could only assume she was his secretary.

  Celesha’s surprise was nothing compared to mine. She recovered and stood up to shake my hand. She was beautiful with slender cheeks and dark curly hair that wasn’t wild but tamed and don’t even get me started on the length of her legs. They would put Lake’s to shame. And then she spoke.

  “Hello, Willow. I’m Celesha Amsel. Dash’s personal assistant.”

  For fuck sake! She even has an accent. I guessed German. I’d never thought it was an especially sexy sound until this woman, who looked like sex on legs, spoke.

  And she was Dash’s personal assistant. I couldn’t help but wonder how personal her job description got. I know my assumptions were cliché, but the two incredibly attractive had worked closely together. I’m sure the desire and opportunity had arisen more than once.

  “Hi, nice to meet you.” My own voice sounded gruff and strained and every opposite of sexy. I felt frumpy and out of place. She moved around the desk, bringing her ridiculously high heels that were a bit bold for office wear into view. She towered over me, but I didn’t feel protected or womanly the way Dash made me feel. I felt intimidated though she seemed nice enough.

  “Why don’t I show you around?”


  I moved around the private office suite with Celesha. She showed me a kitchenette and small living area. There were three other rooms within the suite. Immediately to the right of the entrance was marked Storage. Straight across was Dash’s office. I stared at the third door curiously. “And this room?”

  “This is Mr. Chamber’s private quarters. He keeps a spare bedroom whenever he’s working late but rarely uses it.”

  Or whenever he wants sex with his morning coffee and lunch.

  “Have you worked for Dash long?” Her eyebrow lifted at my tone and use of his first name and I wanted to scream, “I had him first, bitch!”

  “Only for a few months,” she finally answered, unfazed. “He hired me in Germany. My husband had just lost his job a few months before when his company downsized. To help with the finances, I started looking for a job and applied for the assistant position.”

  “You moved from your home to the United States for an assistant position?”

  “When Mr. Chambers interviewed me, he asked if I was willing to relocate. At first, I declined since my husband was looking for a job and my working would be temporary. Mr. Chambers asked what my husband did, and the very same day, he brought him in to interview him. He offered us both jobs here in the states.”

  “That seems a bit extreme to hire an assistant.”

  Her laugh filled the suite and I wondered what was so funny. “If you’re asking if Mr. Chambers and I are having an affair, the answer is no. I’ve wondered myself why he would go to such lengths to employ me as well as my husband. I’ve asked him as much.”


  “He told me it wasn’t something his father would do.”

  “That’s it?”

  She shrugged and picked up a folder. “I’ll need you to fill out these forms for human resources and then we’ll get started on your training.”


  I wasn’t even aware when I woke up this morning that I would have a job. A job meant permanency and I had no intention of sticking around. I intended to decline but thought better of it when I recalled the dangerous vibes I got from Dash this morning. Refusing to fill out simple forms for a job I had no intention of taking would spark a fight I didn’t have the energy for, so I filled out the forms. When they were complete, Celesha scanned and emailed them to human resources.

  Immediately after, she began to fill me in on the basic requirements of the job and one of them was to be available to him at any time.


  I had no intention of being at his beck and call since leaving by the end of the week. I would make sure of it.

  Dash finally emerged from his office an h
our later to send Celesha to lunch. I sat feeling out of place when she rose and picked up her purse. Once she closed the door behind her, Dash grabbed me from behind the desk and pulled me into his private office. Gently, he nudged me toward the couch and then turned to lock us in.

  When the door was secure, he quickly strode toward me. I backed away without looking and found myself on my back on top of the cushions. I didn’t have time to recover before he was on me.

  I was confused about what was happening until he lifted my left leg and hooked it over his hip. Next, his hands searched out my shirt and pulled at the hem until my breasts were exposed. His thumbs rubbed each side of my rib cage in a soothing caress, and by then it was clear he wanted sex.

  Too bad.

  I wanted answers. When I refused to respond to his touch and bit into his shoulder as hard as I could, he growled at me and sat up.

  “What’s your problem?” he barked. I resisted the urge to laugh because frankly, he was acting like a rebuffed, horny teenager.

  “Is Celesha leaving for vacation? This temporary replacement thing is only for a few days, right?”

  He blew out air in a sign of impatience, but I held his stare. “Celesha is pregnant and will be on maternity leave for the rest of her pregnancy.”

  “But she doesn’t look pregnant. Especially not enough to be returning in a few days.”

  “She’s eight weeks along.”

  “And what about the other seven months? Why wouldn’t you hire someone who can stick around that long?”

  “I did. I just hired you.”

  “There are two problems with that theory. One, I never agreed to any job. Two, I can’t stay here that long. You’ll have to find someone else.”

  “Don’t worry. I’ve cleared your schedule.”

  “What are you talking about?”

  “I mean, you’re not leaving.”

  “Excuse me?”

  “For some insane fucking reason, I crave you. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything or anyone. I didn’t know what to do with that until a meeting with my father yesterday. He taught me a lot I didn’t agree with, but for the first time in a long time, he taught me something useful.”

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