Big Girl, Small Country

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Sue, January 8th (noon)

The ferry was scheduled to leave Ometepe island for the Nicaraguan mainland at 12 noon so naturally the boarding process didn’t begin until well after twelve thirty. As soon as the gates opened, the mob waiting at the harbor began pouring onto the boat.
Looking down from a bird’s-eye view above, it looked like a stream of ants heading into their ant hole. Among the stream of brown ants there appeared a large white termite. The termite was Sue. She was heading back to Granada to continue her volunteer work with the NGO. More importantly, to her at least, she was heading back to inflict some heavy loving on Ramon.
While the brown ants appeared to be dry in spite of the mid-day heat and humidity, the large white termite was soaking wet with perspiration. This fact was not lost on the termite.
“Don’t these people sweat?!? They’re either dehydrated or they have some kind of genetic anomaly.”
As these thoughts crossed her mind, something sharp jabbed her in the back. Looking back, she saw that one of the small brown ants was impatiently struggling to advance in the line. In this, he was no different than every other Nicaraguan attempting to board the ferry. Patience did not seem to be a Nicaraguan virtue.
“Bloody hell! Why can’t these people behave like civilized human beings!” she thought as she cast a hate stare at the offending young man, who smiled sweetly at her, blissfully unaware that anyone could be offended by shoving or jabbing someone in the back with a small suitcase.
“Do you mind?!?” she shouted.
Well, that was what she thought she shouted. Because of her bad Spanish language skills, she actually said, “You matter to me.”
In response to this unusual utterance, the young man replied, “Gracias.”
Sweaty face red with heat and anger, Sue impatiently began to press against the woman in front of her in a vain attempt to speed up the boarding process. This woman, who was also pushing against the person in front of her, was oblivious to Sue’s sweaty body. Their joint efforts did nothing to speed up the boarding process. Nor did the impatient pushing efforts of every other person in the line.
At one-thirty the ferry left the island with its two hundred passengers aboard. Since the legal capacity was one hundred and twenty, this caused the passengers to be squeezed uncomfortably aboard the overcrowded boat.
Unfortunately for Sue, the locals were much more adept than she at squeezing their way through mobs of people. The result was that there was no seat available for her to sit, which left Sue with a choice: she could either sit on the floor in the filthy aisle or she could stand for over an hour.
Staring resolutely forward like the martyr that she considered herself to be, Sue stood. As the sweat trickled down her soft white back and with anger and resentment welling in her soul, she stood.

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