Big Girl, Small Country

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Big Girl, Small Country
Big Girl, Small Country

Wendell Blue

Copyright 2017 by Wendell Blue

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Sue, January 5th (3 PM)

“Skinny people in the seats, fat people in the aisle!” shouted the ticket collector as he struggled to advance through the mob of passengers.
Sue’s lips tightened, “Yea, right, like I’m going to get out of this seat to let a skinny person have it. Right! I guess it’s OK for you to call me fat and take my seat away, but I’m not supposed to call you a spic. Even though you are a spic, you little runt.”
After three months of constant heat, humidity and pestering by local men, Sue had just about had enough of life in Nicaragua. Yes, she was fat, but so were about half of the people in this country. And eating a steady diet of rice and corn tortillas wasn’t helping her or them in this regard.
“You come here to help the people,” she thought, “and where does it get you? What do they do? Hiss at you, comment on your fat ass – if it’s so fat, why do they try to pinch it?!”
With these thoughts in head and her broad posterior firmly planted on the hard plastic seat, Sue stared grimly forward, practically daring the steward to try and dislodge her so that a skinny person could have her seat.
The diesel fumes from the ferry were choking her nearly as much as the bile bubbling in Sue’s throat as she considered the injustices heaped upon her over the past couple of months. Not even the sight of the island of Ometepe, her destination in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, could completely mellow her troubled mind.
Her head full of angry thoughts, Sue slowly reached into her backpack, and pulled out a large bag of potato chips
“Well, maybe a few days out here in nature will be good for me,” she decided as she thoughtfully stuffed a chip into her mouth. “A few more days in Granada and there would have been a few dead brown boys on the streets.”
Aside from the chips and the beautiful sight of the approaching Ometepe, the only thing cooling the indignant fire in Sue’s soul was the thought of Ramon. While she had experienced nothing but frustration and anger with the macho attitude of Nicaraguan men, Ramon had been the exception. From the moment they had met in the volunteers’ office she had realized that Ramon was a pure and beautiful soul. And it wasn’t only his soul that was beautiful.
What began as a cooperative effort to help the underprivileged children in the impoverished barrios, had quickly developed into a passionate affair. Sue had been the one to take the initiative for, unlike the other men she had met in this godforsaken country, Ramon had not been aggressive or obnoxious with her. She had been the aggressive one.

Ramon, January 5th (3 PM)

“What are you doing, hanging around with that fat gringa”
Ramon looked coolly at Luis and replied, “We have a relationship.”
“Yea, right. A relationship. Face it, she just wants to have sex with an exotic loverboy and you’re hoping to get something out of it. What has she given you … other than access to her bloated body?”
“Ay, Luis, you don’t understand love.”
“I understand love, Ramon. In fact, I’m in love with about ten women right now. And all of them were born in Granada. And all of them will still be in Granada long after your so-called relationship with the gringa has ended.”
“So why do you think Sue should ‘give’ me something? What have your girlfriends given you?”
“Oh, come on, Ramon! Don’t be naïve. You’re not in love with that woman. Never mind that she’s so big, she must be at least ten years older than you. You’re hoping to get something, and we both know it. She’s got money; you don’t. You want out of this country, and she’s your ticket to the USA. Don’t tell me you’re not in this “relationship” to get something. I wasn’t born yesterday.”
“So, what have your girlfriends given you? Ramon demanded, “You still haven’t answered me.”
“Among other things, they’ve given me the same thing the gringa has given you: sex. Only in my case, it has been good sex with hot young Latinas. I haven’t been crushed in the process, like some people in this room.”
“Fuck off, Luis. You don’t know what goes on between Sue and me.”
“Thank God for that. I don’t want to know. It scares me just to think about it. On the other hand, this so-called relationship of yours just might pay off for both of us. Yea … if we play our cards right, we might just benefit from this. I’m going to think this over, my friend. There might be an opportunity here for both of us.”
“Well, when you have figured things out, be sure not to tell me,” Ramon muttered angrily.
“Hey, hey, easy there, boy. Don’t be so negative. Your big gringa might just be our big break. Just let me think about this…”

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