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     Holy Emotions, p.4

       Vincent de Paul
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I thought I was flying without wings
Knowing that you’re the girl of my life;
and the joy it brought
When I found you
and made my life whole, complete.
Out of the blue you no longer trust me
You now doubt my love for you;
You make me plummet down
I see nobody down there to salvage me
I’m afraid I’m gonna
Break my neck from the fall
Never again to fly without wings
Though I believe I can fly.
Seems there ain’t so much left to say between us
There ain’t so much left for you,
And you are going to move on wit’ your life
Mine has come crashing;
If this is your decision, n’ there’s nothing I can do
I’m gonna sail on a flotsam of dejection,
I’m the one feeling lost
Though I’m not gonna dethrone you
As the Queen of my heart
Forever you shall rule.
The Break-up

You broke my heart to pieces
And scattered the shards everywhere
In to the middle of nowhere;
When you walked away.
Smile seldom forms on my lips
I’m nervous, everything slips
just tell me this was a Freudian-slip
and you are coming back.
Whenever I felt you needed me there
I gave you the whole of my heart
you never told me you never wanted it.
Oh fire and desire of my hurt heart,
I’m no longer in thy sweet heart
Gone are the days of “my sweetheart”
And now you live in mine heart
As nothing but heartache
This must be a terrible mistake.
How could you be pain?
That’s alright, though
and whilst it’s hard
I shall puff and huff ahead
and learn to live wit’ a hurt heart.
Complicated Love

To me it’s quite tough
To get that light laugh,
When all you do is quarrel;
Never look me in the eye
Never give me a smile,
You forever smirk.
It feels odd
to hold a conversation
when words are not heard
to stretch my hand and touch you
when my hand is leprous.
I find it hard to look at you
When the cold in your eyes
Freezes me from a mile away
I find it quite hard
to love a complicated heart;
Yester night you loved me
In the morning you doubted
In the evening you no more love me;
Babe, I am confused
I don't know which way to go,
If your heart is so complicated.
I always tell you I love you, care for you
Maybe I don’t show,
Maybe you don’t know.
You tell me to love another,
And that you’re leaving;
And this is your decision
And there’s nothing I can do.
Have it your way, Babe
For there’s nothing I can do:
If you want to go alone,
And you love it away from me,
My love will still remain
‘Coz even though your love is complicated
I have learnt how to love a complicated heart
Here wit’ me you have a home.
She Left

The more I think of her
It’s the more I want her
Yet I can’t get
What she said outta my mind,
That she’s taking leave
And she wants to depart
Take some time alone;
I let go, let go of her.
I pray this is a dream,
Of course it’s a dream
And I know I’ll wake up
From this sleep, stop dreaming
When I see no more of her.

True Love

Time was passing away
Desire consuming me by the day,
Yearning for warmth
Longing for love to come along;
Longing for love to come along
where could I have gotten this love?
Who could’ve given me this love?
Who else except you, my love—
You gave my life a brand new beginning, a meaning.
You gave my life a brand new beginning, a meaning
Love is no longer the bubble-gum myth
existing only in movies and novels
‘Cause it happened to me
True love I mean.
True love I mean
I gave my heart to you
That day of our meeting, and
You gave me your heart
That day for cherishing
For it happened to us
Love I mean, the true one
When I found you my love.

I try not to remember
Yet I watch the smouldering embers
Of what used to be the fire
Of my desire for you
And I guess I’ll never be fooled again;
Every little thing I ever did
It was because of love
The love I believed was from above
The love that made me believe in love.
Wit’ the clouds I kissed the heavens
Wit’ the fog I hugged the oceans
only to realize too late I was part of the story,
the treacherous story of your deception.
Everything I did was for love
and now I know it’s over
I’ll never be fooled again.
Babe, you should’ve told me
When you’re taken
When you didn’t need me there
Now the pain is so excruciating
Hating the memories;
You lied and called me babe
I should’ve known I wasn’t part of you
And now that it’s over
I’ll never be fooled again.
To Love Again

I’m standing in the front yard
watching distant road
wishing I could see you from a distance
Drive through the gate, and
Walk up the front steps
and hug me the way you used to.
I’m sitting at the balcony
Wishing you were by my side
To watch the sunset together,
Hoping to see but just your ghost
To tell me that you’d be coming back
I want you to come back
I’m the one who wants to love you again.
I’m the one who wants to love you again
This lonely loneliness barters to maim,
I can’t watch a thousand sunsets alone
Or with someone else
My eyes will dry up forever.
Since you walked out the door
I haven’t been able to help the pain
I just realized I threw it all
Nothing can stop this emotion
Come, I want to love you again.
Come, I want to love you again
From distrust I shall refrain
I know what I have to gain
Nothing more I can’t contain
Nothing more I can’t obtain
Come for love so plain
The love you once craved
This love can’t be graved.
This love can’t be graved
Come, touch me once again
Crawl back to the darkest recesses of my heart
In there light that lamp
Never to be doused
Sorry, I’m the one to blame.
I’m so rich of very many things but shame
I would not stop till that moment you come
back to the arms you love
to the arms where you belong
Come, I want you to love me again.
Never Ever

Never ever had I an illusion than that of love
Never ever had I a feeling than that of love
Never ever had I been worried than for love
Never ever had I lied than ‘cause of love
Never ever had I been an al desko than for love
Never ever had I cried than because of love
Never ever had I been stupid than when in love
Never ever had I been a recessionista than for love
Never ever had I been an infomania than for love.
Never ever had I wined than when I was in love
Never ever had I wanted to forget than how to love
Never ever had I been heartbroken than by love
Never ever had I vowed than never ever to love.

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