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     Holy Emotions, p.3

       Vincent de Paul
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Sexy Gal

Your eyes are a gelatinous orbs of love
smiley face like the Mona Lisa’s;
Your cherry lips intense kisses they spill
teeth whiter than snow
Your small young breasts are like apples
I can’t wait to wrap my arms around your waist
I dream to feel your luscious thighs against mine,
and your body is statuesque, willowy
Michelangelo couldn’t have done better.

Sister …

Oh my sister
You are an angel
A package of rare beauty,
Your breasts are like minarets
Calling men to worship
You hypnotize them
Make their heads twirl
Make their bodies swirl
What more can I tell you girl
You glory in the attention they give you.
Mother used to beat your legs closed
“Sit like a girl.”
Now all lessons are gone
you flaunt your body
Shake booty in men’s faces
and they tuck dollar bills
in your bust and butt
Mother would kill herself
If she knew the daily bread she thrives on
Is mined from the temple of the Holy Spirit
She believes you guard like a secret.

Hasta la Vista, Babe!

I believe you’re sent from above
Thank you for giving me your love,
The comfort I get from your bosom;
Receive my appreciation
For I didn’t have to pour libation.
Like a lily among thorns
You are, my love, among women;
When it comes to pass this moment
With you away from home,
In my heart of hearts you shall remain
A constant reminder of our love.
Now we have to say goodbye
Till I see you again after the holiday, in May
Hasta la vista, babe!

Lost Love

I thought you’re sent from above
So much I gave you for love,
The sun found us making love
Went down leaving us cuddling at the alcove;
You twinkled like the panoply of stars above
Our love the deepest of oceans;
I never thought you could’ve had enough;
Now we no longer feel the love.
Tell me why there’s no appreciation
Of the love we once gave so much attention
between us is great tension,
Babe, you’re giving me hypertension
Now we no longer feel the love.
I gonna shake the stress away and get moving
So long gone are days when you were so loving
Since now it’s lacking
All the walls cracking
The hurt so whacking
And no longer on it working
We’ve to move on, hurting
Our hearts still hacking the soul.
Missing My Babe

We lived of stolen moments
every time compliments,
I have lived all these months
battled with all my strength;
To delay the explosion of this passion.
Ten months I’ve been without sight of my love
Ten minutes longer will make it sweeter
in the arms of my love;
I see the flowers nod in unison
The pain and strain of the past months recedes.

Tell Me, Babe

I know loving me you’ve ceased
Don’t tell me it’s going to be like this till I’m deceased;
It hurts to know I’m no longer missed,
and this gets you pleased;
Why this feeling within me so deep?
Why do I wish you were still mine to keep?
Why do I do nothing but just weep?
Why do I no longer have comfort even of sleep?
Tell me this before you go down the cliff so steep;
I can sense the impending disaster
Tell me you are not going to miss the banter and laughter
Tell me you are not going to miss the caress,
The things we did without duress
For there has been no love of much love
Than the love I had for you my lovely dove.

Love is Wicked

You tell me my love is wicked
and you can’t pretend you love me.
You too have your own feelings
And with me that’s all right
It’s the notion deep inside you
I don’t like even in the least
And that’s why you say
My love is wicked I know.

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