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     Holy Emotions

       Vincent de Paul
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The Call

Slowly I scanned the congregation
the aura was of medieval sanction
I saw this statuesque face
a replica of the Madonna
God’s wonderful work
My sermon trailed off
Human beauty tempts.
She was the Delilah of Samson,
She made me a sinner
She made me a winner
I became a breadwinner
She became my diviner;
The call I never recall
long gone and done with
Never again to be alone
but be as two in one.

Story of Love

Babe, when I look at you
I wonder what to think
Of the beauty staring back at me,
Lost for words of compliment
You scare me away wit’ your beauty.
Your lips can spill kisses like a fountain
I can’t kiss them lest I corrupt you
I restrain from touching your cheese-cheeks
You’d be thawed away by my fiery hands
And explode in to shards of passion
And tempt me to grope for the forbidden.
I look at your small perky breasts
How I yearn to fondle them,
Your bosom debilitates me with desire.
I feel erupting like a volcano,
I want to feel you all over me as we rock
When we escape from the flock;
I want to move with you in dance
A slow waltz of romance;
And then we shall have a chance
To tell each other the story of love.
Music of the Sun

So unfortunate you’re born of land in distance
it makes your being an unlucky existence
but with you so far away with this distance
I know a million ways to love somebody.
The sun rising, its splendour spreads
the fine satin of the linen the body caresses
Memories of the dreams the mind carries
The fantasy of the sweet forbidden cherries;
Warm welcome for the rising sun
Strength to trudge all day till it goes back down
The longing turns to dream,
Cold night tumble wishing it doesn’t dawn
I would just but have to let me drown,
To the tunes sang in June for the moon
Singing the music of the sun for the new day
When we’d make no boring fun of the distance
But until that day, you’re the verse and stanza
Of the music that I sing for the sun .

Happy Birthday

As though blessed with ubiquity
Babe, you touch all my holy iniquity
I long for the day of our unity
Unification like of the trinity,
Yet this distance creates frailty.
This very day you were born
You celebrate yet I ain’t there;
I want to write and sing you songs
I want to be one of among the throngs
Yet I never get what my heart longs.
In a world full of strange humanity
You’re the one I know and love,
Take n’ accept these words as my present
For I couldn’t make it to your birthday party.


Unlucky you’re so far away
but I think of you every day
You always get your way,
Creep up all the way
To be in my memories always;
Your pretty face is like a halo
Your voice music to the soul
Your touch heals all my ills;
But what I have is memories of you
I want all your fears to fade
And listen to your whispers on my ears.
The recent past I resent backing
The cloud this time is so bleak,
The visions are so ominous
Tomorrow seems dreadful
Yet I hope for a silver line
And the recent madness to go away;
I hate the feeling
That you’re so slipping away
That I am throwing it away
That I am losing you yet I pray:
Memories of you are so ominous.
Mad Love

Only yesterday
you came out of the blue
I was looking for nobody, true
today I get your missives Miss
Telling me how you miss
The times we never had,
Signed “Yours ...”
When did I own you please?
When did you mother a son so big at sixteen?
By the way I’ve no brother
this is not what it should be
I know love is different from madness.

Better Never Again

With foggy eyes did she look at me
Lips quivering, eyes wide shut, kissed me
Perfunctory than never before;
then full of tension she jerkily released me.
I gave her the anticipatory stare of “I love you”
Words she said always after such kissing.
Then she spoke what I was sure would be
Words I never thought were in her diction.
Still rooted to where we had stood kissing
Her bullet-voice hit me long after she was gone
Ricocheting and reverberating deep inside
That better never again see each other;
What a romantic goodbye?

A Long Time Ago

I just called to say hello to an old friend
Lest you tagged me fiend,
Now you mistook it for the first step
Of a long itinerary of romance;
You christened me your boyfriend
Yesterday you called me your lover
Today you promote me to fiancé
I’m soon to graduate as your hubby
Babe, you astound me, who knows
Maybe you loved me from a long time ago.

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