The Monachopsis Girl

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The Monachopsis Girl

Monachopsis – (noun) the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.
Maeve Brown has always been a happy-go-lucky girl with her bright smile and soft chocolate brown eyes. She’s always been content with the way her life is taking shape. Going with the flow of life is what she’s been always doing.
So when she gets an opportunity to continue her further education in an entirely new country, she couldn’t be more happier. But when her life takes a turn of its own and Maeve starts experiencing life when she starts discovering that life isn’t as straight as a popsicle.
Alastair Barton is a notorious prankster and a born charmer. So when he starts college his ultimate goal is to enjoy his life to the fullest with his friends. But what follows next is something he never expected.

Esha Gupta as Maeve Grace Brown

Matt Lanter as Alastair Luther Barton

Chloe Grace Moretz as Amber Marlie Symona

Jenna Coleman as Shantell Aira Woods

Chad Michael Murray as Jayden Piers Karston

Brenton Thwaites as Chase Dawson

Blake Lively as Krysten Ritter

Diego Barrueco as Ace Jackson

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 : When it comes to this you become more wiser than Obama and give out your reasons.
My converse clad feet came to a stop as I tried to steady my breath and tried not to look like a girl who just ran the longest race of her life. I checked my watch and noticed that I still had 10 minutes before the lecture started, so I decided to eat something – which means eat whatever leftover I had in my backpack because I certainly didn’t had much time to go to a café and order something.
I took my seat on the third last row of the class and began eating a granola bar I had found in my bag. I checked my phone and winced when I saw that I had 7 missed calls – 2 from Ma, 2 from Dad and 3 from my two best friends – Amber and Shantell. I made a mental note to call atleast one of my parents later on in the evening because hell would break lose and even before I know it my parents would fly half way across the world just to make sure that I was very much alive and breathing. I sent a quick text to Amber and Shantell stating that I would meet them for lunch. Just then our professor for the history lit came in and started the class.
I tried not to doze off in the two hour lecture and wrote down as many necessary points for the notes I needed to help me while studying.
I sprinted out of the class as soon as the class ended and started walking towards the Blue Lagoon Café outside our campus for lunch because first I was as hungry as a cub lion who hadn’t eaten in like 18 days okay so maybe not that bad but still I was hungry and that always made me feel like stabbing someone in the stomach. Secondly I missed my best friends too much because they had gone back to home because of the 4 days holiday we had but I had stayed back and decided to complete off my work which I could have done at home also but then I would have been terribly home sick by being at home. Believe me its weird but still something which happens a lot.
I entered the café and as I knew my best friends would already be waiting for me at our favorite booth. Both looking fresh, showered and adorable and here I was looking like a mummy out of the cave. I had fastly put my hair in a long ponytail on my way to class this morning because as you knew I was late for class since I had ended up sleeping at 3 in morning while sobbing my heart out for Sam Claffin as he decided to die and just couldn’t help myself. I knew that I had a 8 am class but still decided to watch Me Before You at 1 am.
Hey you can’t blame a girl for being hopeless romantic.
As I approached my best friends I decided to be punctual which I have been trying to be since the last two years, so you could say that I was a bit procrastinator and by a bit I meant a lot.
So as I greeted my friends they were busy in a conversation and as if they heard me, they turned to me and Shantell asked me,” Don’t you think so Amber is being too clingy with Chase?”. And as if on cue Amber turned to me with a scowl on her face and said,” Please tell me you don’t feel the same!”
Both were looking at me with a challenging look and I knew that taking side of any one of them were dangerous borders. So instead of taking any one of their sides I said,” Well to be honest Am, you are actually being a bit clingy with Chase but you are in your honeymoon phase of your relationship so it kinda makes up for it.”

“ Ohh I forgot that I should never ask you questions where you are supposed to take someone’s side because when it comes to this you become more wiser than Obama and give out your reasons.” muttered Shantell.
“ Well don’t you know me so well!” I said to her and took a sip of the coffee they had ordered for me and sighed in the delight.
Amber nudged me in the ribs when I started dozing and said,” No no missy you aren’t going to sleep now , we still have a lot of work to do and you are supposed to eat.”
I gladly took the plate of white pasta from her and started stuffing my mouth with it. I know it isn’t at all like a lady and my Ma would definitely have a field day if she found out, but hey I was hungry and exhausted with close to no sleep at all.
Amber’s phone started ringing and Shantell sighed and turned to me,” She’s gonna ditch us again isn’t she?” and just on cue Amber uttered,” Guys, I m really sorry but Chase is outside and I gotta go.”
“Yeah, go to your lover boy who keeps following you around like a love sick puppy.” And this was ladies and gentleman a war which would never end unless and until Chase and Amber broke up. So the following thing was always my job to do.
“ Go on Amber. Don’t worry about her.” Amber sighed and took her leave. I turned to Shantell,” You gotta let go of that. She won’t get hurt. Believe me. Chase is a nice guy.” Even though I was telling Shantell not to worry I myself was a bit worried because Amber could be naïve at times.
As I opened my dorm room and sighed in relief when I saw that my roommate Charlie was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t like I despised her or something. I liked her she was my kinda girl (not like that you pervert minded people). She gave me my space and I gave her hers. But that feeling of being alone and doing whatever you want is just something else.
So as I flopped down on my bed, I remembered that I needed to call my parents and let them know that I was pretty alive. So I messaged my Ma to Skype with me and imagine my surprise when not even two minutes later I was Skyping with my parents.
“ You have gotten paler. Are you sure you are eating well my love?” that was my dad. Meet my dad Mr.David Brown the ever caring and a loving man. He was a lawyer by profession and even though he had a busy working life he still found time for us.
“Yes Ma I have been eating and sleeping well.” This was the tenth time I was reassuring her since the last 45 mins and yet she was regretting the decision of sending me away from home because according to her I had considerably lost weight and needed to eat more. That is people my mother – The ever so beautiful and talented Mrs. Ananya Dham-Brown.
Well after our “little” skype session I ate my dinner at the lunch room with Charlie who had came back in the middle of my skyping session.
So as I started studying at night, I just hoped that tomorrow would bring out a new change in my life and be more adventurous.
And believe me when I say that my life did change after that I mean it. Like for real.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 : "Everyone knows you weren't the one who she was eyeing like a piece of meat."
"Hey man, come on now stop crying over it. Cheer up. We could even go to the club tonight if you want to and I promise I will be on my best behaviour." Chase trys reasoning with Jayden.
"Fuck off, man." Jayden grumbles and goes ahead to take a shower. Chase turns to Alastair and raises his eyebrow as if he asking for him to do something. Alastair just rolls his eyes. Alastair knows Jay like no one else probably because they have been friends since they were 5.
Their friendship started when accidently Alastair had dropped some ketchup on Jayden and Jayden being the kind person he was had immediately forgiven Alastair. Just that was the only thing required for the start of brotherly love between them and they had been inseparable since.
Chase had come in on the later years when he shifted to Washington with his parents. He was always considered the younger one of the group because of his childish antics.
Jay will be fine Alastair thought. He was just being his usual self. He's always harsh on himself. They were just practising for the upcoming soccer game on friday. Jayden was trying to follow of his coach's rules and trying not to make the mistakes he had done in the last game. But he had been so engrossed in trying not to make mistake, he had missed out an opportunity for an open goal. Coach had noticed this and made sure that Jay knew too.
Just as Alastair was taking out his spare clothes to change into Jay came out of the shower ready to get out of there. Alastair took a quick glance at the pic of his family he had in his locker. It had been 3 months since he last saw his parents and he won't be able to see them for atleast 2 more months since they were on a business trip.
It was not an easy job to manage such a huge hotel enterprise. It was a worldwide known thing that Barton's was one of the best hotels you could ever imagine and the fact that the Barton family was very much serious about maintaning it's reputation was a no joke.
And then there was his sister Naomi Barton- one of the most fiercest women he had met. He chuckled at a memory of his sister setting fire on a kid's book because he had been bullying a friend of her. Shaking his head he closed his locker and went on for his shower.
"Would you mind shutting up for a minute?", Jayden exclaimed at Chase.
"You have a girlfriend for God's sake!"
"It was just some harmless flirting, man. No big deal." Chase rolled his eyes.
"You know I feel so bad for Amber sometimes. Like how come she tolerates you throughout the day?"
Alastair cuts Chase off before he could speak," Can you both stop fighting over this? Everyone knows you weren't the one who she was eyeing like a piece of meat."
Alastair smirked over at Chase and Jay.
The waiter returned to their table with food and drinks. And asked if there was something else they wanted.
"Wouldn't mind having you too,babe." Alastair smirked at the waiter. The waiter flushed red and wasn't sure if Alastair was joking or not.So she just stood there awkwardly.
Jay noticed her discomfort and decided to answer her himself," Everything is fine.Thanks."
And so as she was leaving Alastair winked at her making her flush red even more than she already was.
Jay just rolled his eyes.
And as everyone got back to their food Alastair just hoped that everything would be as great as it was going on for atleast awhile.
But he didn't know what was going to hit him. LIKE LITERALLY.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 :  Pissing off Shantell is as dangerous as it was pissing off Hitler.

" Will you stop looking at me like that?" I said to Amber, giving her a pointed look. 
Shantell sighs from beside me and turns towards me. I know what she's gonna say because that scowl on her face gives away that she's annoyed.
" Why do you have to act like a bitch?" she questions me.
I know you all must be thinking what is going on.So this is what happened this morning when i was busy trying to take down all the notes Mr. Johnson was giving , I got a text message from Shantell telling me to meet her at The Blue Lagoon Cafe as soon as i was done with my lecture.
So behold my frown when i strolled into the cafe half an hour later all tired from the lecture and saw a smirking Shantell in our regular booth along with Amber. 
I knew it was not going to be something nice with the way S was smirking.
And that smirk came in the form of a frat party. A party which Shantell was very much interested in.
And she wasn't going to back down without making me agree to go to the party with her. 
" I m acting like a bitch? Wow, ain't it feeling great to see you siding with A." I rolls my eyes as i speak.
I know I m acting like a bitch and a child for that matter. But i can't help it .
" I know siding with A is not always a bright idea." Amber tries to interferes, but before she could speak Shantell motions her to stop with her hand.
Amber closes her mouth shut because she knows when Shantell is annoyed not to mess with her.
" But its been a month since college started and you haven't even been to a single party with us." Shantell tries to reason with me.
I sigh loudly. I knew this was about to pop up one time or the other.
" Guys, you know i m not one for parties and stuff." I reply looking down.
" Oh please, bitch. If it would have been upto you, you would have taken every party by storm yet. But what I don't understand is that why aren't you going to any one of them?" Shantell scoffs at me.
" Yeah. You are not the shy type girl Mae. Is everything alright?" that is Amber this time.
Shantell snorts." SO nice of you Amber for finally taking time out for us from your precious love life."
Amber looks guilty and murmurs an apology. What Shantell was trying to say was true. Amber had actually started spending less time with us since she started dating Chase. In the beginning Shantell was very pissed off with Amber but then she eventually saw that Chase was actually making her happy.
All i ever hoped that if Chase ever decides to break Amber's heart, he needs to be ready to face the consequences. Because pissing off Shantell is as dangerous as it was pissing off Hitler.
" Now all I know is that Mae, me, A and that pathetic little excuse of your boyfriend are going to the party tonight and that's final." Shantell declared leaving no room for argument.
Amber squealed in delight and I just sat there thinking how the amount of teenage hormones I was going to witness tonight.
Shantell whistled as she turned me around as if I was her masterpiece she needed to finish well. I would  even think that i was her masterpiece considering the fact that she had been dolling me up from the past 1 and half an hour. And with the way she was smiling it was quite noticeable that she was pleased with the outcome.

I turned around to take a look in the mirror and i had to give it to Shantell. I looked like someone who was't burried with all the college work and the outfit added some color to my face too.
I hadn't looked this good in a while and i was really glad. That's it i Maeve Grace Brown was going to have the time of my life tonight and no one was going to stop me from it.
Shantell clutched my hand in her and gave it a firm squeeze. I gave her a smile in return as we entered the frat house. 
Amber was the one to took off first because she needed to meet Chase and his friends. Chase had been calling her non-stop on our way here and at one point Shantell even screamed into the phone telling him to keep it in his pants yet.
Amber had turned bright red and I was just there laughing my ass off.
I noticed that many people from my class were here and definitely hot college guys. So that was the main reason Shantell wanted to go. I can't really blame her. 
People were having fun after the long tiring day and drinking. Shantell tugged on my hand forcing me to walk with her towards the kitchen i think so. Yup, it was where the alcohol was stored and the way her eye's lit up i knew that we were gonna have a lot of it tonight.
Shantell thrusted a red cup in my hand and took one of her own. It was definitely something strong so I downed it in a go and felt a burning sensation in my neck. Shantell looked at me like a proud mom and refilled my glass again.
I decided to say hi to the people i knew around. Shantell was with me at all times never leaving me alone. I was very much grateful. She would occasionally go around and flirt with someone if she found someone cute but never too long and before i know it she would be by my side.
We danced around for a while singing at the top of our voices  to our favorite songs. I had seen Amber twice dancing with Chase. She seemed content with him so we decided to leave her alone.
As i was talking with a girl from my class, Shantell nudged me. I turned and saw who she was pointing at, it was one of the friends of Chase we had seen earlier. He was definitely Shantell's type. 
" You go ahead and talk to him. I will fine.Don't worry about me" I pushed S in the direction in which the guy went. Shantell winked at me and took off after him.
I continued talking with other people. After a while, Shantell was still gone and I saw Amber sitting on the couch with Chase.
 I felt the need to pee real bad. I decided to go looking for a washroom down the hallway. I found one but there was already a line there. So i thought about looking one upstairs. It won't be that hard to find a washroom, would it?
I managed to get on the first floor.It was crowed but not that much as compared to the living room. There wasn't any empty washroom available here too.
So I decided to look for one on the second floor. Most of the rooms were locked, I think so because of safety. So as I saw that one of the rooms was open, the door slightly ajar. 
As I was about to push it open, it came backwards and  hit me on my face making me fall down. The person on the other side stopped pushing the door and  opened the door. Crouching down beside me. He was a boy of my age.
Any other person would have helped me up but this person just decided to snort at me.
" What are you blind or something ? Couldn't  you see that the door was closing?" the guy said to me making a face at me.
" Have you lost your mind? You are supposed to help me up and not shout at me." I scoffed at him.
He was smirking at me and as if on cue my anger increased.
" So tell me are you always this Dickhead like Prince Hans or is this a special occasion I m witnessing?" i said smirking at him.
His smirk was gone and he was red from anger. I was surprised that he didn't do anything at that moment.
His phone rang distracting him from me. I took that time to get up and straighten my clothes.
" Yeah? I m on the second floor , left wing. " and he cut off the call. He turned around to face me.
" You. Do you even know who I m? " "No?" i said cutting him off making him even more mad.
" Don't cut me off while I m talking. No one cuts Alastair Barton while he is talking."
" Woah. Wait a second, are you actually talking about yourself in  third person?"I replied. This guy was too much of himself.
" Are you deaf or something girl?"
Just as i was about to reply, I heard Shantell calling my name. I turned to my left to see her and the guy from before walking towards me. 
The way they were holding hands meant that everything went good. Extremely good.
"Are you okay? Why is there a bruise forming on your face?" she gently touched my face. I didn't realize that.
" Nothing. I'm fine." I said to her.
I turned to find that the guy with Shantell and Dickhead were friends and talking about something.
I wasn't in the mood to argue with that guy anymore. So without glancing back I took Shantell's hand and asked her to lets go back.
She came with me without any questions asked. I just needed to get out of here before I did something i would regret.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : I felt like Dwayne Johnson ready to beat the shit out of him.
I jerked up from my damn good sleep as I heard my phone ringing. I tried finding it without looking, but I couldn't. It must be somewhere here only, near my table. But my hands couldn't find it. So I sighed finally sitting up on the bed and then realizing that I wasn't in my room. I don't remember much after we left the part last night.
But I m guessing that we must have decided to crash at Shantell's and Amber's place last night. I was distracted once again from my thoughts by my phone's ringtone. I couldn't see it anywhere. I must have thrown it on the table on my way to bed but i couldn't find it.
Finally the ringtone stopped and as I was about to go to back to sleep again, it started ringing once again.I groaned knowing that it was my mother calling to check up on me because she had specifically chosen a ringtone for her. So that I would already know that it was her even before picking up.
I know that she is extra but whose mom isn't?
I finally found my phone hidden under a pile of clothes but I was having a really bad headache so instead of answering the call i decided to send my mom a message.
Well there wasn't any meaning in going back to sleep now that I had a headache ,so instead I decided to go freshen up.
I knew I looked like a bad mess even before looking in the mirror. But who gave a fuck about it. So i carried on with my business and got ready for the day.
As I was done mixing the pancake batter,Shantell strode in the kitchen looking just a bad mess as I was when i woke up.
"Oh my god, I have such a bad headache. Can someone just kill me already?" Shantell muttered as reached up. to fill her glass with water.
She gulped down the medicine as fast as she could. Shantell wasn't a big fan of medicines and it was always evident on her face.
"Good morning to you, too. My gummybear how did you sleep last night?" I asked her as I pour the mix into pan.
"Like a baby? Yeah because I probably can't remember anything after your little fight with Alastair. And boy I had such good dreams last night." She winked at me.
"Yeah, right that douchebag. That's his name, Alastair?Suits him as much of a jerk he is."I replied passing Shantell her plate of pancakes.
She got a spoonful of nutella on the side and passed the bottle to me..
"What even happened between you too? I have never seen him or you so angry before?"
"Ohh, nothing. He was just being a dick. Wait a second. You have met this guy before? And why didn't you ever tell me about him?" I replied looking suspicious.
" Please tell me you haven't slept with this guy ever Or wait maybe just don't tell me. i don't want the mental image." I cringed .
"No. Geez, would you stop? No, I would never imagine doing anything with him at all. he's not even my type, but his friend on the other hand definitely my type." the smirk that came onto her face was enough.
"How long have you two been hooking up?"
"Not long. Just after Chase and Amber got together." Shantell replied bored.
At that moment Amber decided to enter the apartment still very much in her last night's clothes.
By the way her face was glowing, anyone could tell that she had an amazing night.
"Where were you?"I asked her.
"Do you even need to ask M? Don't you see the hickey on her neck?" Shantell replied smirking.
At this Amber flushed deep red. I gestured her to come join us and eat breakfast. She hastily sat in her seat and started eating. She straightened in her seat, clearly noticing the way Shantell was looking at her.
"Will you stop doing that?"
"Doing what?"
"Making her feel uneasy.She is already guilty of not spending more time with us, aren't you A?"
Amber mumbled a small yes and resumed eating looking down.
"Alright, fine. I will stop. But you have to promise us that you will start spending more time with us than your lover boy?"
"I promise." Amber almost jumped up in joy.
I huffed and sat down on the bench trying to catch my breath. I was too tired, sweating too much and out of breath after our little jog. And by little that jog was around 4 miles.
Shantell didn't even looked like she had just jogged around for 4 miles. Nope, she was just heavily breathing. Amber on the other hand looked ready to pass out on the ground.
We had decided to go for jog after stuffing our stomach this afternoon. Well we had ordered chinese and stuffed our faces with it. Then we had binge watched chickflicks. We had difficult time trying to keep Shantell cool, she hated chickflicks like anything. So then we decided to watch the Bourne Ultimaum because it had Matt Damon in it and Shantell is whipped by him. So it was a win-win situation for everyone.
So after our movie marathon we were here jogging and had decided to go out shopping for grocery too.
After everyone was done with the jogging, we headed for the shopping market. As we were roaming around putting the things we needed in the cart, Amber's phone started ringing.And the way her face lit up after seeing the caller id it was very much evident who was calling.
"You are here? -pause- Where? I can't see you." She turned around looking.
And out of nowhere Chase came up from beside me and hugged her from behind.
Amber nearly dropped her phone from the impact. Shantell just stood there rolling her eyes as they kissed.
"Alright, guys stop it. We are done with our daily dose of PDA." Shantell said literally separating them with her hands.
Amber flushed deep shade of red and Chase just cleared his throat.
"How have you guys been?" Chase asked us keeping his hand on Amber's waist.
"We have been great,since the last time we saw you." Shantell's sarcasm was unmissable.
Chase looked uneasy so I decide to help him out of the wrath of Shantell.
"We are really good, Chase. thanks for asking. How have you been doing lately? " I said giving Shantell a pointed look. Shantell just huffed at me.
" I have been doing really well, since I met Amber atleast."
Even Shantell melted at this one. Amber just melted in her place.
" So, are your friends here too?" Shantell asked clearly interested in knowing if the guy from last night was here too or not.
"Yeah, my mates are here too. They are just over there by the freezing section getting stuff."
"Come on, M we need to buy some Ice cream." Shantell dragged me along with her.
I steadied my pace and followed her. As we neared the freezing section, Shantell increased her pace more. I have never seen Shantell's eyes lit up, other than the time when there was fight going on in our campus. Shantell was the one cheering everyone of them.
"Hey, Jayden."
"Shantell? what are you doing here? wait that is a stupid question."
Shantell just giggled at his adorable reply. I was just standing there enjoying their exchange. I might as well get some popcorn and watch them.
I was pulled out of my thoughts when Jayden asked me," Hey you are Maeve ,right?It's nice to meet you, I m Jayden.Did you get home safely last night?"
But just as I was about to answer him,I heard a loud giggle. As i turned my head around to see from where the sound was coming, I saw HIM.
I saw that Douchebag Alastair flirting with the worker.
I felt rage after seeing him. I was so angry that I didn't realize that I had started walking towards him.
I felt like Dwayne Johnson ready to beat the shit out of him. I just followed my gut instinct and walked over to him.
I tapped him on the shoulder and did something I never could have imagine doing it in a million years.

Chapter 5
Chapter 5 : It was like watching Jess from New Girl turn into The Hulk.
I stood there, frozen at my place shocked at what I had done.
 I had just slapped "The Douchebag".
 I couldn't believe myself. 
I the shy (well kinda shy girl) had just slapped the shit out of the idiot.
Well to be precise he did deserve it as to what things he had said about me last night.But it was kind of a brave thing for me to do, so i internally giggled and patted myself.
i was brought back to reality as Alastair grumbled in front of me. His right side of the face was kinda red because of the slap and the lady worker who he was flirting with before had suddenly disappeared.
"You! You bitch, how dare you?" Alastair pointed at me.
Jayden and Chase were instantly on his side and trying to calm him down.
Shantell and Amber both were clutching my hands, looking just as shocked as Alastair.
"You deserved it, asshole."
I knew I was digging my own grave but this new found confidence and the anger were minding their own business.
This made him even more angry than he was before.
"You are gonna regret ever doing this. I m gonna make your life a living hell. You just wait and watch."
He walked away hunching his shoulders back. Jayden and Chase went after him apologizing profusely to me.
"Ohh, I m so ready for this." I mumbled under my breath rolling my eyes.
"Will you stop pacing around?"Shantell glared at me.
"You are not helping with that look on your face." I shook my head trying to clear out my thoughts.
"You need to stop freaking out so much!" Shantell tried reasoning with me.
"How could you let me do that?" i accused both of them.
Yeah,we were talking about how I, Maeve Grace Brown had lost my senses in the morning and went with my guts and slapped Alastair. I know my Mom and Dad would have been proud about what i had done but it wasn't my best action.I had been calm all the way back here to my room thinking about what I had done. 
As we reached my room, I had finally come to my senses and that's when I started freaking out.I wasn't someone who slapped the bad boy in public.No, I was someone who would avoid these kinds of boys at all cost,never going out of my way to slap someone.
I m someone who loves sweet ,caring,innocent people like Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls.
Not going all Hulk on someone.That's Shantell's forte'. 
"You need to make some time for us too, rather than always spending your time with your lover boy Amber."I glared at Amber.
"I.. I.. I don't know what to say." Amber said shyly.
"Stop blaming it on Amber, M. It was all your fault."Shantell said to me.
"I know,okay. I just can't believe myself. " I sat down on the chair.
"I wouldn't even had stopped you if I knew you were going to do something like that. It was like watching Jess from New Girl turn into The Hulk. I loved it." Shantell cried out in joy.
"Oh my God,Shantell you are supposed to be helping me and not enjoying it. You just let me walk into Osama Bin Laden's house knowing that he hates anyone other than his own people."I sighed.
"First of all stop being so dramatic,okay.Second of all Osama Bin Laden is dead. Third of all it isn't like he is gonna hang you over a rope and try to torture you. Or maybe he will."
My eyes widened at that,"I knew it. He's sadistic,isn't he?Shit,shit, SHIT!!!"
"M, you need to calm down and just relax okay?We won't let him do anything to you,I promise. Don't we, Amber?" Shantell gestured to Amber to come and sit beside me.
"Yeah, we do.I mean we won't let him get to you."Amber tried calming me down.
"I just hope nothing bad happens."I sighed and hugged them.
Surprisingly, I woke up even before my alarm went off the next morning.Or maybe not so surprising because I couldn't sleep throughout the night. 
Tossing and turning around in my bed,trying different positions to fell asleep-with blanket,without blanket,one leg outside of my blanket,flipped over,blanket till my chin,blanket till my waist,blanket over my head.But nothing worked.
So here I was tired and without sleep  trying to get ready for my morning class.
 I grabbed some black leggings and a cream t-shirt which said "I'm Future Mrs. Styles " and a hoodie over it. Putting my hair up in a ponytail and decided to put some effort for my face.
 I was not late for once and looked like shit,so might as well use makeup today.So i put some concealer under my eyes, mascara and some lipgloss and I was ready for the day.
I looked better than I normally would. I should probably get up early morning everyday and atleast try to look good but I loved sleep too much.
I left for my class grabbing some books and shut my room's door.
My eyes were watering because of yawning too much during the class. Professor had even given me a pointed look saying STOP YAWNING.
Believe me I had tried so damn hard not to yawn but did my body ever listen to me? Nah. I had yawned like 3 times per 10 minutes.Yup I had counted,because I couldn't concentrate on the lecture.
Now here I was finally done with the lecture and ready to sleep till eternity, but did the universe ever worked the way I wanted it? No, always the opposite.
Barely seeing where I was going trying to find my handkerchief from my bag I bumped into someone and the books I was holding fell down.
"Shit."I bent down trying to pick up my books.
"That is what you are gonna keep saying everytime you see me,girl."
I froze at his voice and looked up. I was dreading this moment since last night.
The Douchebag aka Alastair was smirking down at me. The evil way he was smirking at me,I knew  my life was gonna get worse.
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 :" You looked at me like I was some psycho horny serial killer ready to kill you."
I looked up at him and saw him smirking at me.
I gulped down and stood up.
"So we meet AGAIN."
I just stared at him wide eyed not saying anything.
"You know, I'm gonna take my revenge from you for the other day."Alastair said in a serious tone to me,looking  at me straight in the eyes.
I just stood there and he was just smirking at me in a really cruel way.
And then suddenly he started laughing out loud like a maniac.
I was so shocked that I couldn't even decipher if this was a dream or not.
Alastair closed my mouth like a with his hand and continued laughing more. I didn't even realise that my mouth was hanging open.
"You should have seen your face.You looked  at me like I was some psycho horny serial killer ready to kill you.It was epic."
I quickly regained my senses and was sure that I looked like a tomato right now.
I was so embarrassed that I couldn't help feel awkward at the moment.
"See you around,Mae."Alastair winked at me and left.
And i just stood rooted at my place,still not sure about what had happened.
"Is it just me or are you too quiet today?"Shantell started sounding suspicious.
"Are you alright?"
"Are you sure about that?"
"Did something happen today?"

"Okay. Stop this bullshit. You only speak one word answers when something happens.So come on,spill it.What happened?"
"Nothing really happen actually."
"What do you mean by that?"
"I ran into Alastair this morning."
"He didn't do anything.Nothing at all.Just joked with me about some sort of revenge and then started laughing out loud."
"And you are unhappy because of that?"
"No. I'm just surprised.I thought he might pull some prank on me. Because of the slap,but nothing-Zilch."I sighed.
"Isn't that great,though?Maybe he forgot all about it or just doesn't wants to bring that up again.It works the best for you."
"Yeah,maybe. Who knows what goes through his big head."
I sigh and get up to make some sandwiches for me and Shantell. I made sure to add some bacon in it as Shantell loves bacon like nothing else in the world.
I hand out her dish once i m done and she smiles like a baby on Christmas.If ever a story is written about Shantell,it would be The Lover of Bacon-Shantell Woods.
I chuckle at her as she starts eating her sandwich sitting Indian style on my bed.
I m skyping my parents when my phone suddenly starts ringing.I jerk up because of it's vibration in my pocket.
My parents give me weird a look.
Dad asks,"Are you okay,love?"
"Yeah,I am. It was just my phone."
I quickly reject the phone call without checking who it is and resume talking with my parents.
My phone keeps on vibrating the table.I have the urge to check who's calling but it would be rude to do so. So,I just ignore it for sometime.
As I bid my farewell to my parents,I grab my phone curious to see who might be calling me.
I notice that I have five miss calls-all from a private  and unknown number.
I try to recall if I had given my number to someone for some work,but I can't remember anything.
I check my messages to see the same private number has messaged me 15 times.
Messages :
Unknown : You know, you are the first person to ever to slap me besides my mother.
Unknown : I should be angry at you,but I m not.
Unknown : I don't even know why.
 Unknown :  I don't even hate you,I should.But I don't.
Unknown :  Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?
These all msgs were sent five minutes ago.
I knew from the first message that it was Alastair. But how did he got my number?
Maeve : Hey,it's Maeve.But you already know that since you texted me first. So just a quick  question-How did you get my number?
Alastair : I'm Alastair Barton.I can have anyone's number I want. And why are you texting me,Maeve?
Maeve :  Lol,are you drunk? You texted me first.
 Maeve : Holy shit, you are drunk!! That's why you are texting me in first place.
Alastair :  I'm nooot drunk. Who told you that? Someone is feeding  you lies Brown.
Maeve :  Where are you right now?
Alastair :  I don't remember. Just some place i usually visit.
Maeve :  Alright.Can you take a cab home?
Alastair :  Why would I do that?  
Maeve :  Because you are drunk and you need to get your ass home.
 Alastair : I said I m NOT drunk.
Maeve :  Alright, fine.
 Alastair Barton was drunk at some place, was texting me and probably alone.I had to quickly think of some plan to get him back at his place.
Come on,think Maeve. What can you do?
Shantell was out on a date with Jayden and Amber was at Chase's place.
Yes!Jayden would know where Alastair would be.
I quickly texted Shantell and asked her to call me back ASAP.
Just as i finished changing clothes,my phone started ringing.It was Shantell.
I updated her and Jayden on the condition of Alastair.
Jayden was pissed off hell.He knew Alastair had been acting weird all day.
He know where Alastair would be, at some place named "The Monkey Loops".It was closer to our campus and was a 10 minutes drive.
But Shantell and Jayden had gone out of the city for their date and would require atleast an hour to get back. They were already on their way back.
I couldn't leave Alastair all drunk out on the street for an hour or so.Who knew what he might end up doing.
So I took my coat and decided to help him out myself.

Chapter 8
Chapter 8 :"I won't be shocked if Alastair took out a knife went all Hannibal Lecter on them."

Part II : The Drunken Night.

Holy Shit.
What the hell was Alastair thinking?Was he out of his mind?
Ohh,yeah.I keep on forgetting that he is drunk.Idiot me.
"HEY!"the man shouts at me.
It breaks me out of my thoughts and I come back to reality.
Right,so Alastair is drunk and there are gangsters here.Who knows what they will do to us.
I need to quickly think of something and get us out of here.
As the man comes closer to us,I turn towards Alastair finding him looking curious at me and the man.He so doesn't has any idea what's going on.I sigh.
"Look,we don't want any trouble.We go our way and you go your way.No hard feelings.Okay?"I try reasoning with the leader of the gang.
Everyone goes quiet for a moment and there's utter silence.
Suddenly everyone starts laughing loudly and maniacally.The leader comes closer to me and I take a step back.
"And why would we do that,kitten?"he asks grazing his hand over my cheeks.
I cringe at his choice of words and swipe his hand from my face.
"No need to touch the girl.We can have a talk and sort this matter."Suddenly Alastair is standing upright and in front of me.My eyes widen at this sudden change in his tone.
The man was taller than me but Alastair still towered over him.
"What would you do if I keep on touching her,huh pretty boy?"the man has the audacity to talk back.
"Lets see."Alastair scratches his chin and looks up as if thinking a lot.
"I would just beat you to pulp or maybe kill you?Which option sounds better,Maeve?"Alastair turns to look at me.He said it so seriously that I couldn't decide if he was joking or not.
Was Alastair actually drunk or was he just pretending to be drunk?I got my answer when I looked into his eyes.He was actually drunk.He was angry drunk right now.There was so much rage in his eyes that I had to look away.

The man got more angry than he already was and looked around his gang,getting them ready for a fight.
"You don't want to do this,boy."he growled at us.
"WAIT!"out of the blue Jayden shouted.
I turned to look at him and Shantell huffing and trying to catch their breaths.
Finally,they were here.
I was as happy as I was getting my fair share of KitKat just by seeing them here.
Mmmm..I was hungry.KitKat and nutella pictures started floating in mind.Just as I was about to go into my wonderland,I realized that we were stuck in a situation and I have to focus.
"Are you okay?"Shantell asked as she came beside me and hugged me.
I was so glad that they came here before something happened or were they late?
Now,Jayden stood beside Alastair ready to fight.
I gulped,chanting in my mind-Please god,no fights.
Suddenly,Alastair started laughing out loud,clutching his stomach as he tried calming himself.The leader and his gang looked confused.
Tonight was just full of surprises,so I won't be shocked if Alastair took out a knife went all Hannibal Lecter on them.
Okay,so maybe I was exaggerating.I was just tired and needed sleep.
"I was just joking,jeez.You all got too serious or was I?"Alastair smirked and winked at Jayden.
Turning around Alastair threw a punch at the leader and he went tumbling back.On cue,Jayden started fighting people who came at them.
The leader just laid unconscious on the road,blood coming out of his mouth.
Quickly,Alastair started throwing punches and kicks towards anyone coming onto him.
I just stood there dumb and too shell-shocked.
Shantell was shell-shocked but she quickly recovered when a guy came towards us with a pocket knife.She found a small log of wood and held it in her hands ready to swing.
It was hilarious watching Shantell wearing a dark red LBD in high heeled boots with a log of wood in her hands in action pose.
She swung the wood into the guy's head so harshly that he fell down on the ground and clutched his head from the impact.
I was still trying to process everything.What can I say I'm very slow in these things.

Jayden and Alastair came towards us and held our hands,"Come on,we gotta go.They all are just unconscious and might get up anything.We need to get out of here."
We both nodded our heads and followed them towards Jayden's car.Everyone got into car and that's when I realised,"Wait,what about my car?It's still at the bar."
"Don't worry,I will call my driver and he will pick up your car from the bar when we get home."Jayden assured me.
"Thanks.,really.For everything-"I started but Jayden stopped me.
"Actually,I should be the one thanking you."He looked back at me as he drove.
"For what?"
"For helping out Alastair.He can be a big ass when he is drunk."Jayden said chuckling.
I turned to my side to look at Alastair just to find him sleeping against the window.
"It wasn't much of a big deal.I'm just glad that I didn't die tonight."I chuckled lightly to make the tension in the air a little less.
"Yeah,about that.I'm really sorry on behalf of us both."Jayden looked genuinely sorry about it.
"It's fine."I said and rested against the back of my seat.
The rest of the car ride went smoothly.Alastair snoring lightly and Jayden and Shantell talking,while I just kept quite and looked out the window.

We reached The Barton Manor a little while later.Yeah,I said Manor.Being this rich had it's perks.

Everyone climbed out o Jayden's car.I and Shantell waited patiently as Jayden carried Alastair out of his car and started towards the door.

The house keeper's eyes widened at the sight of Alastair and his bloody knuckles.As she was about to ask questions about what happened,Jayden shook his head.She got the idea.

We headed towards Alastair's room on the second floor.Opening his door,Jayden kicked his shoes out and went towards Alastair's bed.He gently placed him on the bed and removed his shoes.

I went towards what seemed like a bathroom and found some towels and first aid kit.The maid came in with a bowl of water.I took the bowl from her and dipped the towel in it and started cleaning Alastair's hands.Alastair mumbled something in his sleep but didn't wake up.

After I was done cleaning his hands,I took the cream from the first aid kit and spread it over his hands before bandaging his both hands.

Jayden came out of the bathroom,his hands cleaned.

I smiled at the maid and gave her the remaining things.Jayden pulled the blanket over Aalastair's legs and switched off the lights.

Jayden closed the door behind him as we all got out of the room.
He sighed,"Thank you for everything,Maeve.I just can't thank you enough."
I shrugged and smiled at him.
"It's very late at night.We should just head home."Shantell said.
"Yeah,I will drive you both home.Just give me a minute."Jayden said as he got ready to drive us.
"No.Alastair must have a driver,right?"I spoke.
"So he can drive us back.You need to rest too,Jayden."I smiled at him.
"It's not a big deal,really.I can-"just as Jayden spoke Shantell kissed him to silence him.
She broke the kiss but it seemed like Jayden was still induced in it.
"Maeve's right.You need to rest.Good night,okay."Shantell smiled at him.
"Okay,if you say so."Jayden was so whipped.
Jayden walked us towards the main door and there was already a car waiting for us.
"Jayden,one more thing."I stopped.
"Yes?"He looked confused.
"If Alastair doesn't remembers anything in the morning then don't tell him what happened,okay?"
"But why?"
"Just because."I shrugged at him.
"Okay,as you wish."
I smiled at him and got into the car.
Shantell hugged him one last time and got into the car.
The driver took off towards Shantell's apartment.
I sighed and leaned across Shantell's shoulder and closed my eyes.
Tonight had been strange but exciting.

Chapter 9
Chapter 9 : "It's just sometimes he's worse than Joffery."
The next afternoon I woke up feeling very tired because of last night's events.It had definitely taken a toll on me.So much that i hadn't gotten out of the bed all day.
Shantell had been an angel and brought me food in bed.My head hurt as if i had been hungover.
Wait a minute,hungover reminded me of Alastair.He completely slipped out of my mind.
I hope he's okay and not grumpy.He's more grumpy then one of my ten year old cousin who always wants pizza on a saturday night.I know weird and stuck up but he's the only son my aunt has and that's her way of showing affection.
I finally get myself out of the bed for socializing.Shantell and Amber both had given me my space throughout the day.
I enter the living room to find Shantell and Jayden making out.I clear my throat to get their attention and they spring apart.
"Hey,you finally got out of the bed.I thought you weren't going to.How are you feeling?"Shantell gives me a sheepish smile.Jayden's blush is pretty much evident.
I smile at him and take a sit on the couch.
"I'm okay,I guess.There's a bit of headache but I will be fine."I sigh.
"That's great.Amber and Chase went out to get us takeouts.Chinese okay with you?"Shantell asks.I nod at her.
"How is Alastair?"I turn towards Jayden.
"He will be fine.He was a bit grumpy when he woke up,but then he took some medicines.After eating he went to sleep again.The hangover wasn't helping him at all."Jayden replied shrugging.
"Does he remember anything from last night?"I got curious.
"I don't think so.He hasn't mentioned anything yet."
On cue,Jayden's phone rang."Hello?"
There was a pause."Calm down.I'm at Shantell's house.I will come by later on-"
Another pause."Is it so important for me to come now?Is he not listening?"
Jayden sighs and replies,"Okay,fine.I'm on my way."
Me and Shantell remain silent as he ends the call and gets up to leave.
"It's Alastair.Sorry,i have to go.He woke up and is in a bad mood."he sighs and kisses Shantell on the forehead before heading out.
Just as he is leaving,Amber and Chase come home.Jayden informs them about Alastair and Chase also decides to head to Alastair's.
Both bid us goodbye and head out.
The three of us eat the takeouts while watching the reruns of Gossip Girl.
While watching tv,a thought crosses my mind-what would have made Alastair to message me yesterday?
I ignore the thought and go to sleep.
I hurriedly try to get down every information the professor had written on the board.Call me a nerd,but hey I was just trying to go through university without failing any subject.
I don't mind being called a nerd as long as I'm compared to Hermoine Granger.She's my role model since childhood.
Gathering my things,I head out of the class after the lecture is dismissed.I get my ear phones out and plug them into my phone.
As I'm on my second song-Move by Little Mix,I feel like getting some ice cream.So i walk towards my dorm to get my car.
But I'm met by Alastair and Jayden half way through.
He doesn't look good,but he doesn't look bad too.Somehow he makes being grumpy look nice.Wait,why am I finding Alastair attractive?
I'm broken out of thoughts as Alastair approaches me.I'm flustered because of my thoughts.
"Hello,babydoll.How are you?"Alastair winked at me.
"I'm okay."I replied shyly.Why is he being nice though?
Jayden mouthed at me-HE DOESN'T REMEMBER.
Realisation dawned on me as if Alastair was just being his usual self and not because of last night.I nodded at Jayden.
"I don't really care much."Alastair smirks at me.
And the douchebag is back.
"Why do you have to be such an asshole?"I replied feeling hurt and moved toward's right to get out of there.
"Not so fast,sweetheart."Alastair stood blocking my way.
"Dude,let her go."Jayden reasoned.
"Yes,you should listen to Jayden.He is smart unlike you.Maybe you should be more like him."I replied rilling him up more.
"You need to watch your boundaries,babydoll Or you might get hurt?"
"Let me go."I replied stubbornly.
"Alright,have it your way."He moves aside.
As I'm in a hurry to get out of there,I don't watch where I'm going and collide with someone.Damn,me being clumsy all the time.I mean other people like Gigi Hadid can walk in heels on the treadmill and here I can't even walk normally.
I'm cursing myself and gathering my stuff from the floor when a voice calls me out.
"Hey,are you okay?"
Is that angel here to save me from earth and take me to heaven?
I look up and see that it's just a boy until he lifts his face up.And I'm speechless.He is just too good looking to be true.
Am I dreaming?
But he isn't as good looking as Alastair-my subconscious reminds me.Why am i thinking of Alastair?
We both stand up and he hands me my book.
"Are you alright?"he asks me once again.
"Are you sure?"
"Okay."Why am I giving one word answers?
He smiles at me.I'm sure I'm drooling right now.
"Alright,Ace.You can go now."Alastair speaks ending our small moment.
"What is your problem,Alastair?"I say irriated.
"Nothing.I just don't want you to talk with him."He shrugs at me.
"Who are you to decide who I talk to?"
"Nobody.I just don't want you to talk to him.Okay?"he says as if he's disgusted by him.
"Alastair,why don't you mind your own business?"the guy speaks up for the first time.
"You stay away from her,Jackson."Alastair growls at him and takes a step forward.
"You know what I'm leaving."I say and turn towards my dorm.
I hear someone jogging up and turn to find the guy besides me.
He smiles at me,"Sorry about that."
"It's fine,really.It's just sometimes he's worse than Joffery."I sigh.
He chuckles at me,"You really hate him,don't you?"
"I don't hate him.I just dislike him sometimes."I smile at him.
We reach the dorm and I fully turn towards him.
"Sorry,I didn't introduced myself.I'm Ace Jackson.I'm in your history class."he puts his hand out as if to shake my hand.
"Maeve Brown.You are?I haven't seen you much.Wait,I don't really know much people too.So that's why I haven't seen you around."
"I gotta head back."I say as a new message pops on my phone.
"Sure.I'll see you around,then?"
"Bye."he winks at me and leaves.
And I turn towards my dorm flustered.
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