Tales from Obscurity

       Tammy Light-Starr / Fantasy

Tales from Obscurity
By Tammy Light-Starr

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Table of Contents
My Country
The Arrangement
Teenage Outlaw
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Tales from Obscurity are four, fun, mystical-fantastical, flash-fiction, stories for young adults. "My Country" is a symbolic tale using a car has the protagonist. The car actually has feelings and rises from despair to exhilaration. "Destiny" is a tale of a young girl caught up in a job that is dangerous to herself and others. With the help of the nuns and the flutterbies, Destiny finds her way out. "The Arrangement" is a mystical story with a surprising outcome. It is a tale that illustrates aspects of infidelity. David's mistress goes to meet him and is surprised by who is waiting and where David went. "Teenage Outlaw" is a tale of a depressed teen who has lost her parents to an airplane crash. Charlie spends most of her time in bed until an unusual and quirky artist convinces her to do a midnight project.

My Country

Life was good when I was clean and sparkling. Life was good when I was full of premium gas and my music never stopped playing. Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end. But, today I am dropping into the cow dung at a rate of a quarter inch per week. It has been raining for months and rust has overcome me. My tires have recycled into the earth. Soon, I will be buried alive. There is an oak tree growing through my floor board and my vinyl is torn and cracked. I have been deserted. My faith and hope are tangled up in jeopardy.
Someone is trampling through the foxtails. Could it be Thomas? Could he be coming to my rescue after all of these years? Yes, it is Thomas and he has brought his girl. My days may not be numbered after all.
“Oh Caroline, my Country is sinking and close to death. I feel like crying,” said Thomas.
“Your parents should not have dumped her out here without your consent. That was insensitive of them and negligent,” Caroline said.
“I want to save her Caroline. Will you help me?” Thomas asked.
“Yes Thomas! We can transform her and restore her to be even better than she was.”
“Do you remember all the fun times we had in Country?” asked Thomas.
“Oh, quite well. There were so many movie nights spent in the back seat. I loved how we never watched the movie because we were into kissing the whole time,” Caroline said.
“Those were the days. Gas was only fifty cents a gallon and we could roll around all we wanted,”

Thomas reflected and paused imagining what it would be like to go back in time.
“Okay dreamer man. We need to get busy. We need to go get a chain saw, a tow rope and a tractor from the farm and rescue her right now while we are feeling it!”
The sun is shining on my rusted body now and I can hear the robins tweeting and the eagles are soaring up above. Spring has come at last and a second chance. I am going to be transformed into something even better. I am relieved because I have not been forgotten and I am loved. I look forward to the music playing within me again. I feel like purring. I forgot what it was like to breathe. My time has come to revive and restore. Thomas and Caroline are going to save me and I am grateful so, I will purr.
“Caroline, did you hear something?” asked Thomas.
“Hear what baby?” Caroline questioned.
“I heard Country sigh, I think,” said Thomas.
“Now, don’t lose your mind because I need attention. I want to know if we can keep the vertical headlights?” Caroline asked with great restlessness.
“Yes. I love those. They don’t make them that way anymore. I want to switch out the vinyl to cherry leather and bring back those days in the back seat together,” Thomas said.
Caroline began dancing and singing around Country with moves that excited Thomas.
“We will turn Country into a hybrid so that we can afford the gas. We will paint her deep purple and ride down the boulevard where people will smile and wave. We can restore Country together. I will have a hot woman and a hot car!” Thomas exclaimed
My heart jumped and my whole body followed. Caroline looked at Thomas and yelled,

“Thomas, she is alive!”


There is a sacred land far, far away where beautiful, butterfly, fairy, women reside. It is the home of the Flutterbies . A Flutterby is a female angel with large, blue butterfly wings and a petite body in between. Out of their rainbow hair grow two small antennas which divinely guide their direction. Each Flutterby has blue wings but each have different colored dots depending on their purpose. The angels work and play hard every day. Their mission is to help women on Earth escape excessive hardship. They help women because women raise the children. Their land is lush with wild flowers of every type. Swift flowing rivers and alpine lakes abound. Waterfalls are difficult to escape. The water is sweet but, thirst quenching and provides endless refreshment.
“Destiny, you need to be more focused, we need to infect at least 1000 people this week and if we don’t we will lose money. And if you lose us money, you will pay out of pocket!” shouted Mr. Tops. Mr. Tops is the chief executive at the warehouse and spends much of the day yelling and screaming at everyone. Destiny shrinks every time, but tries not to show it. Destiny despises working for Mr. Tops and The Network. It is a business that deliberately hurts and traps people and puts them in a giant tangled web of despair.
“Okay, Mr. Tops. You can count on me. Just how big do you want these beetle drones to be?” replied Destiny.

"About 3 inches long, they need to look like real mutant bugs so people aren’t surprised when they see one. Make sure and inject it with the right amount of mind reading substance otherwise it could kill someone or put them into a coma,” said Mr. Tops.
“How do we know what the right amount is? Certainly this experiment has potential to backfire and kill people before we know the proper dosage,” speculated Destiny.
“Yes, you are smarter than your years, but if someone dies, so be it. There are too many brats in this world as it is,” sneered Mr. Tops as he walked away to scold another employee.
Destiny worked hard at her lab sculpting the perfect sized beetle. She was proud at the realness of it. It had huge pinchers making it strange and scary. As she injected the first poison potion, the beetle’s pinchers started to squeeze in and out.
This frightened Destiny, she did not expect the potion to activate the beetle, she thought the remote would do it all. She screamed and dropped the potion. It splashed up into her eyes and she passed out and did not wake up for twelve days.
Day One
“Nurse, what is wrong with her? Is she going to die?” asked Mr. Tops.
“She is in a coma. There is no way we can tell if she is going to make it at this point. All we can do is watch her vitals and wait. Is she your daughter?”
“No, she is my best employee. She is so smart for her age. She has made our company lots of money and I don’t want to lose her,” said Mr. Tops.
“Oh, do you know where her parents are? They should be notified." asked Nurse Shirley.

“Her parents disowned her. They did not like her working for us and making more money than they did. She has just one sister that does everything right and in her parent's mind Destiny is always wrong. Poor kid. I am like a Father to her, since hers do not care,” said Tops.
“Well, I am glad she has you then. Come back tomorrow and check on her,” said Nurse Shirley.
Destiny could hear voices speaking, but could not respond. She tried to tell Mr. Tops that she wanted to quit but, she found herself falling and spinning down a dark portal. As she fell she was not afraid. She fell slowly. She could hear beautiful music in the distance. Destiny wondered if she was dying. Then she landed on a bed of daisies. She opened her eyes and saw a deep blue sky up above. Destiny thought she could be in heaven, but as she contemplated whether she would see her Grandmother soon, a beautiful, blue butterfly with splashes of yellow dots fluttered around her. Then it landed on her chest and started to speak.
“Either, I have gone completely mad or I am in heaven where butterflies look like fairy women who speak english. Isn’t this interesting!” thought Destiny.
“Hello, my name is Courage. I am here to guide you today and to bless you with fearlessness. When you wake up you must have the guts to break free from your job. It is far from the dream you seek,” said Courage as she sprinkled Destiny with no fear sparkling star dust.
Courage had a microscopic body, but spoke with abrupt clarity. Her colors glistened in the sunlight and Destiny immediately trusted what she had to say. But, Destiny needed some background information, nevertheless.

“Where am I and who are you?” asked Destiny.
“You are in the home of the Flutterbies where humans usually don’t visit. But, we made an exception for you, because we have chosen you to help us save people on Earth. Mr. Tops and his network are damaging millions of people. He must be stopped. Destiny, you can stop him with our help.”
“Well, I am glad you think so. But, the company has made me sign a life- long contract. I will never marry or have children, because our experiments are top secret. The pay is good and helps me afford my house and car,” said Destiny.
“Let us go on a walk and talk, I have a film to show you which explains the company's extensive damage upon civilization," said Courage.
Day Two
Destiny fell asleep after watching the horrific film. She found the courage to quit her job after seeing how many families the company ruined and how sad it all was. She doubted whether she was in a special land. She thought she could be dreaming. She found herself falling in slow motion. This time she landed in a group of sweet peas. Before she could collect her thoughts she saw a blue butterfly with red dots. It landed on her chest and said, “Hello Destiny, my name is Faith.”
“Hi Faith, it’s very nice to meet you. I met your sister yesterday, you are both so kind,” said Destiny.
“Thank you, I am here to tell you something and to sprinkle your head with stardust faith crystals,” said Faith.

“Okay, what are you here to tell me? All of this dust is going to stick to my oily head,” said Destiny.
“The stardust is indispensable to your mission. You will forget us when you wake up. The stardust will prompt you to action,” said Faith.
“You are important to people on Earth and in Heaven,” said Faith.
“I am not sure I want to be important, I just want to pay my bills. If I leave The Network I will have to work at the corner grocery store or at a greasy restaurant, yuck.”
“Just a tiny bit of faith will help you stop The Network,” said Faith as she sprinkled Destiny’s hair with glittery faith crystal.
“I don’t want people to get hurt so, I will try Faith,” said Destiny as she yawned and fell back into a blissful sleep.
Destiny slept and slept for ten more days and continued to see and talk to the Flutterbies. She fell in love with the exotic butterfly women. She resolved that she could save the world from The Network. On Day 13 she woke up and saw Mr. Tops looking out her window.
“Hi Mr. Tops,” said Destiny.
“Oh Destiny, I am glad you are finally awake. How are you feeling?” said Mr. Tops.
"I feel tired, but I am fine. Why am I in the hospital?” asked Destiny.
“You took a fall in the lab and have been sound asleep for the past twelve days,” said Tops.
“Mr. Tops, I don’t want to work for you anymore. Your company is dangerous," said Destiny.

“But, you can’t ever quit. You signed a contract for life. I own you Destiny,” said Tops.
“I want out Tops, I am done.” said Destiny.
“You will be killed if you leave Destiny. How about if I get you a raise?” said Tops.
“ I am not afraid to die. I am dying working for you and I almost died in the lab," said Destiny ringing for the nurse.
The nurse walked in and called for the Doctor after seeing Destiny fully conscious. When the Doctor came, they asked Mr. Tops to leave. They examined Destiny from head to toe and told her she could go home, but to wait a few days before returning to work. Destiny sent a text to Tops telling him what the hospital wanted. Mr. Tops agreed to three days, but demanded she return or she would regret it.
Destiny felt grateful to have a few days to figure out how to outsmart the company. She decided to reverse the companies twisted methods onto themselves. She would inject the beetles with the mind control goo and program them to bite the board members. She would find a journalist that would expose the company’s evil doings. Once the word got out, the detectives would discover the truth in the warehouse.
The Network knew her frequency and could locate her wherever she went, but she would know their location beforehand if her plan went right. Destiny wanted freedom from the tormenting network; she was willing to do whatever it took.

She knew that the company could only follow and target individuals with low frequency. They had tried to tag the nuns at the convent but, could not. It turns out that the nun’s run on high spiritual frequencies that block the companies monitor. Destiny decided to take a trip to the convent after going to the lab.
She went back to the warehouse to safely activate the mutant beetles with poison goo that would cripple the greedy old men. She went to the warehouse acting like she was coming back to work. Destiny did not want anyone to be suspicious as she worked on the anti-network beetle.
All welcomed Destiny as she returned to the black and white barren warehouse. She got busy and assembled six beetle drones to infect the board members. She programed the bugs to fly to their homes and wait on the fence until the members got out of their cars. Once bit they would be afflicted and helpless, victims of their own devices.
It went as Destiny planned, but unfortunately, Mr. Tops found out she was conspiring against them since he could read her mind most of the time. Mr. Tops was hiding in her house to kill her. But, as Destiny put the key in the door, a blue butterfly landed on her hand. Destiny dropped her keys and looked at the butterfly with curiosity, it was so beautiful and strangely familiar. She looked for a flower to set it down on. She set the butterfly on an oriental poppy and it started to talk, warning Destiny not to go in the house.
Destiny got scared and started to run down the road to the coffee shop. She did not know if she was more scared of the talking butterfly or Tops waiting to kill her.

She entered the coffee shop and saw the other board members there waiting. They all turned to stare at her with looks that she would not want to photograph. Jeremy (Destiny’s favorite barista) saw that Destiny was in trouble. Jeremy asked Destiny how he could help. They decided that Jeremy would spill coffee all over them pretending it was an accident.
Destiny gave Jeremy a big kiss as the men scrambled to the restroom appalled and angry. Destiny was then able to break away and ran down the street toward the convent where safety waited.
Once at the convent the nuns helped her and promised to expose the company so that they could not harm another person. The newspapers exposed The Network’s corruption and Mr. Tops and his men were sent to prison.
The community was grateful that Destiny put an end to the terrible company. The thankful people put on a parade and created a giant butterfly float for Destiny to ride on. She waved both arms to her fans smiling big as they shouted hooray for Destiny and hooray for the people!

The Arrangement

Rita rearranged her schedule so she could spend the weekend with David, her lover of one year. David had made the arrangements for the motel and had given her the key to room #11 where they would hide inside having raw, untamed sex to their hearts content. His wife would believe David to be on a mission with their church to help the poor in Mexico.
On the way there Rita aroused herself imagining David’s big strong hands stroking her from head to toe. Rita justified the affair by thinking about what David had told her about his wife. His wife cared more about their children than him and had grown to despise sex after three kids. Rita was now the fortunate mistress and David’s wife would have to pay the unfortunate price. She couldn’t wait to see David’s eyes light up when he saw her in her silky thong. She was dressed in lace stockings, black, satin high heels and a revealing red dress. She had packed silky lingerie to model for David. David said modeling before sex helped him unwind from his wife’s relentless nagging.
David would tell Rita how he’d rather be married to her and he would kiss her neck until she’d melt. The two of them would stay in bed for hours relishing one another’s scent and taste. David would hold her through the night until the sun rose.
Rita arrived early and hurried to their room hoping to set up a sexual atmosphere before David got there. As she turned the key butterflies twirled in her stomach. Rita opened the door and saw the room empty with made up beds and a strange man sitting on the porch.
“Hello Rita,” the strange man said. “I have been waiting for you, please come and sit down.”

The man gave Rita a cup of water and told Rita not to be afraid. Rita took a sip of the water and spit it out.
“What is in the water?” Rita questioned as she started to feel desperately afraid.
“It is a safe tincture that you must drink if you care about yourself and the others,” the strange man said.
“The others?” Rita inquired.
“Yes, your lover has many lovers and is endangering the women on the planet so, I have been sent to put his practices to sleep,” the strange man explained.
“Just who are you anyway? I think I should call the police,” Rita said as she held onto the glass wondering whether to drink or not.
“My name is Dr. Fix-Him.”
“What are you fixing anyway? You have ruined my night. I want my David now, where is he?”
“Try to relax and drink the tincture, it is safe. David has been taken. The female gender is in danger. Infidelity must be stopped,” answered Dr. Fix-Him.
“What will this tincture do Doctor?” asked Rita.
“It will save you and the others from the consequences of cheating. Infidelity is destroying your spirit and all of the others spirit by inflicting indescribable pain in a chain reaction is imposes on our planet,” Dr. Fix-Him said.

Dr. Fix-Him went on to describe the wounds brought on to people by the men and women who cheat. Rita listened with disappointment but, drank the tincture and fell into a deep sleep. She slept for 24 hours and when she woke the doctor was gone. Rita had no idea where she was or why she had come there. Rita no longer remembered David or Dr. Fix-Him. She looked at her phone and saw that it was Sunday and realized that she was late for church.

Teenage Outlaw

“Miss Charley, there is someone here to see you, will you please get out of bed?” asked Mr. Roy, Charley’s body guard and lifelong care taker.
“Go away Mr. Roy, I hate you.”
Charley use to be nice and sweet, but since her parents had been confirmed missing on her thirteenth birthday, Charley had resigned to stay in bed and hide in her room. She had gotten expelled from school because she punched a boy in the face for calling her parents spies. Now there was no reason to get out of bed. She hoped to die in her sleep or to die of starvation, so she ate very little.
Mr. Roy’s dedication was unnerving. “Now Miss Charley, you have a visitor and I have raised you to be polite and proper, not spoiled and pompous.”
“Well, Mister, you can see that you raised me in vain. I have turned out to be just another miserable human being without purpose and void of soul.”
“Indeed Missy, you have just forgotten who you are. I have recently read that enduring a traumatic experience can affect the mind in horrible ways. Missy, I would bring your parents back today if I could,” Mr. Roy said.
“They will come back. No remnants of their airplane have been found. I know they have been kidnapped. My Dad had knowledge that they wanted. You will see, it may take a while, but they will return,” said Charley now sitting up.

“Okay then, if and when your parents come home, what will they say about you being in bed for the past year, looking like you’ve gone through a tornado?”
“Mr. Roy, you do have a point, who is the visitor anyway?”
“Charley, I am so glad you asked, she has come a long way to help you.”
“Oh yeah? How much did you pay her? I am not impressed, whatsoever.”
“Actually, Charley, I did not pay her anything. She's agreed to come and help and has asked to be paid only if she is successful, doesn’t that sound like admirable philanthropy?”
“Ok, I will get up and meet this person, but you all know that I am beyond help.”
“Thank you Charley! You will not regret getting up for Miss Tammy, she is one of a kind.”
“Will you please leave so I can get dressed, I hope she is not another psychiatrist wanting to give me medications.” Charley said.
“No, Missy, she is actually an art teacher,” replied Mr. Roy.
“What? I suck at art. Is she any good?” asked Charley.
“She is brilliant Missy, one of the best, beyond description.”
Charley climbed out of bed for the first time in a while. Charley was curious to see who this artist was and why she cared. Charley once loved art, but had forgotten her artistic side. Charley had forgotten every side except for her angry side. Charley was angry at everything and everybody and hoped that if she stayed in bed long enough the whole world would pass away especially herself.
Mr. Roy then knocked on Charley’s door, “Are you dressed now Missy?”

“Lordy, I just got up, can you give me some time here? I don’t have a thing to wear.” Charley started to have second thoughts. Standing up made her feel dizzy, but she resisted lying back down. Mr. Roy is right she thought, if my parents return they’d be ashamed to see me looking like hell and acting like a brat.
Charley found some jeans and a sweater and a hat to hide her motley hairdo. She opened the door and walked down the spiral staircase clutching her hand to the railing. There was a woman on the love seat. The woman looked like Mary Poppins with a twist of crazy.
“Hello, you must be Charley!” said the strange woman.
“Yes, I am and who are you?” Charley asked.
"I am Tammy Bloomfield, and I have come from Florida to teach you the secrets of art.”
“Secrets?” replied Charley.
“Yes, artists have secrets,” said Tammy.
“Like what sort of secrets?” asked Charley.
“Well, like there is an artist in every person that desires to express herself,” answered Tammy.
“Ok, what can you teach me? Teachers and psychiatrists have tried to help me but, I don't want help. I have been hoping to die in my sleep but, Mr. Roy keeps waking me up for one thing or another,” Charley said feeling tired already.
“Our first lesson will take place at three o’clock this morning, can you make it?” asked Tammy.

“Well, if it is okay with Mr. Roy," Charley yawned and stretched her arms out wide.
“Yes, he has agreed to do the driving,” replied Tammy.
Charley then went back to bed to rest up for the three o’clock mystery lesson. Her curiosity was sparked, getting up for a lesson at three was not typical.
Mr. Roy woke Charley up as planned and gave her a black mask with black tights and a black skirt and shirt. Charley put them on. She felt too tired to argue. “Am I dressing up as a criminal or a super hero?” Charley asked as she Roy to the garage where their Bentley was warming up.
The art teacher sat in the back seat grinning also dressed in a black disguise.
“Where are we going?” asked Charley.
“We are going to paint the city with a mural or two. We will paint one mural per night until our message fills this city,” answered Tammy.
“What is our message?” Charley asked.
“We will paint waterfalls and rainbows on boring walls inscribing them with Kindness Matters," Tammy said.
Charley wanted to return to her cozy bed. But, while painting boring walls with bright colors, Charley felt purposeful. She stopped to look up at the sky and billions of stars looked back at her.


Tammy Light-Starr is a natural born student, teacher and writer. She is continually inspired by the beautiful Lake Tahoe where she has lived for many years. She has discovered that life provides second chances to pursue passionate dreams. She is currently earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. Her passion is to write for kids of all ages. She hopes to inspire the future generation with her fantastical/mystical stories. She dreams of crafting stories that inspire a world free of war, hate, and pain.
Find out more about Tammy Light - Starr at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elena-starr-69babb65/

Copyright  Elena Starr, 2017
All Rights Reserved
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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