Ashley the naughty grey squirrel

       Sue Wild

Grey Squirrel

Grey squirrels are not always grey.

They have often have red in the grey.


they can be other colours!

the naughty grey squirrel

Hi, I'm Ashley a grey squirrel.

Some people love me, others call me a pest.
We are very agile.

We leap up into trees and play among the branches.

It's great fun.
We can run down tree trunks upside down.

Not many mammals can do that!
We sometimes pretend to hide food if we are being watched . . .

. . . hiding it somewhere else when no one is about.

As well as up in the trees, we spend a lot of time on the ground foraging for food.

We are active during the day

and can be quite relaxed when people are about.

Parks and gardens are a good source of food.

We can become very tame when we live near people.

And we love to be fed!

Even feeding from your hand.

Grey squirrels can have two litters a year.
The food people

put out for birds is ideal for us.

It's great fun swinging from the feeders as we help ourselves.
People try to make it hard

for us to get food from bird feeders.

But, it's just a game to us as we figure it out.

It doesn't matter if the food is bad for us, we will eat it.

I love crisps!

If the bird feeder is empty . . .

. . . we have been known to come to the window and ask for food!

I have fun teasing cats . . .

. . . You can't catch me.

Poor Mum always had a challenge with me.

The cheeky one with no fear.

I was always the show-o�f . . .

the clever one.

Although, sometimes not so clever . . .


I'm not a baby anymore so I can do as I please, or so I thought!

One day I was playing in trees showing o�f as usual.

I was leaping on branches which stretched above the road.

When a tall lorry knocked me out of the tree!


I was lying in the middle of the road unable to move and

a car was coming straight at me.

The driver must have seen me at the last minute as she swerved and just missed me.

She pulled up, jumped out of the car and put me on the back seat.

Just then, another lorry came around the corner.

~ Phew that was close!

What a strange sensation.

I knew what was happening, but my body seemed unable to move.

The car moved.

It was very frightening.

I had seen them up and down the road making an awful noise, but had never been in one before.
As we went round the corners, I slid from side to side on the leather seat.

If I wasn't so frightened it could have been fun.

I could see things passing by out of the car window.
Soon she stopped, found a box and put me in it.

I was carried into a house and slowly recovered.

When the box was opened . . .

. . . I shot out and tore around the room.
I made quite a mess (with my foot still bleeding) and knocked things flying.

I jumped up onto a high shelf.


I was caught and my foot bathed in salty water.

I didn't make that easy to do!

She put me in a cage.

There was a dish of water, some nuts and a few leaves.

It was late at night now and

I just slept.
In the morning light,

I could see an open window but, I could not get out of the cage.

The lady looked at my foot through the bars.

It had stopped bleeding.
I was trying very hard get out.

I still don't know to this day if she opened the cage to get a better look . . .

. . . or to release me,

but I took that opportunity . . .

. . . grabbed a nut and jumped onto the window sill.

I was through the gap and gone before she could do anything.

I was free!

I jumped for joy!

I had learnt my lesson,

I will never play near a road again.
There are currently just two species of squirrel in the U.K.

grey (not native)



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the naughty grey squirrel
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