The Blue Pixies: War Against Humans

       Sheilane Nadia

Battle against the Humans

A fight for dominion. Who will win?

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Text copyright© 2016 Sheilane Nadia
All rights reserved

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Published by Sheilane Nadia.

Chapter 1

From the very top of Marble Hill, I can see the edge of Pixie Land. It is bordered all around, in a perfect circle, by very thick and extremely tall thorns- taller than the tallest trees. None of us blue pixies can fly that high to see over them. Not even the grown-up pixies.
But if I look at just the right spot, when the sun is at just the right angle in the sky, I think I see a sort of purple-blue light between the thorns. Of course, I know that what I think I see can’t be right. It is just my ever active imagination at play; because the elder-pixies say that there is nothing beyond the borders. Nothing but pure blackness. It is no wonder, then, that everyone thinks that I’m weird; since my deepest desire is to go beyond the edge.
Most blue pixies, when they come to marble hill- which is the tallest and most central hill in Pixie Land- busy themselves by picking as many Hibiscuses as possible. The nectar from the Hibiscus flower is the best tasting; and the Hibiscuses on Marble Hill are the biggest and best.
I, on the other hand, always get lost in concentration as soon as I land at the top. I sit very still, squint my eyes and try as hard as possible to see the purple-blue light. Most times, I don’t see it; and I get so disappointed that I could cry- but I don’t, of course. I’m too old for that now.
On the days that I do see the light, I can hardly breathe from excitement. My heart beats painfully fast against my chest, and I stare so hard that my eyes get extremely red and dry.
Then, I come up with all sorts of wild ideas for why the light might be there. Maybe it’s caused by a Pixie God, in passing over Pixie-Land; or by some mystical creature paying us a visit; or maybe it is a cry for help from someone trapped over the border. Those are the days that I completely forget my chore of picking Hibiscuses for dinner; and my brothers and sisters get furious.
“Pris, you can’t day dream today!” Says my brother, Prad. “Come and help us!”
Prad is the eldest of our batch of seven, and my least favorite sibling. He has no sense of adventure or fun.
I ignore him and keep my eyes on the thorns. It makes no sense to explain to him once again what I am looking for. He just does not care.
“Don’t pick a fight with him today, Prad! It’s our eleventh birthday.”
That is my sister, Pracey. She is my favorite. She at least tries to understand me, and even makes an effort to see the light for herself- although not a very good one. She is too impatient to sit for hours and wait for it to come.
“Stay out of it, Pracey!”
Prad is angry now, as he always is. “He’s got to stop with this nonsense! Why should we have to do all of the work every time we come up here? Mom sent all of us to pick flowers.”
“Yeah!” chimes in Purdy. “We wanna pick as much as we can and get home early.”
I don’t like Purdy either. He is much like Prad’s shadow- always agreeing with him on everything. I would love nothing more than to kick the both of them in the gut right now, but I stay focused.
Suddenly, I see something between the thorns. A light! Not the normal purple-blue. This one is bright and white. I have never seen a white light before. Then in a flash, it is gone.
I shoot up into the air. “Guys! Guys! Did you see that?”
Some of my brothers and sisters stop what they are doing. “See what?” they say, in bored voices. They are too accustomed to my excitement about the edge.
My heart is pounding so hard that I can hardly speak. “That... b-bright l-light… b-between the thorns!” I manage to say. “We’ve got go see what it is!”
My brothers and sisters laugh.
“I’m serious, guys!”
“We’re not going anywhere!” says Prad. “We’re sick of hearing you go on about the stupid edge!”
“This time is different-” I try to say.
But Prad ignores. “Come and help us take these hibiscuses home!”
“Yeah! It’s the least you can do!” Purdy pipes up.
“No!” I shout, angrily. “You guys can take them home yourselves! I’m going to the edge!”
And I take off without a second thought.
“Wait Pris!” I hear Pracey shout. “I’m coming with you.”
“You two get back here!” Prad shouts. “Mom and Dad will kill us if we go home without you!”
“Well I guess you have no choice but to come along then!” I shout back.
I hear some more angry shouts behind me. Then the flutter of wings, as my other siblings follow along.

Chapter 2

“Can we turn back now?” my sister Prissy whines. “I’m exhausted.”
I look back at all six of my siblings trailing behind of me, sweat dripping from their blue faces; and I immediately feel sympathy towards them.
We decided to walk, instead of fly, so that the other Pixies cannot see where we are headed. But in all of my excitement, I did not realized how long we have been walking. We left Marble hill when it was high rise- around midday. Now, the sun is setting and we are barely halfway towards the edge.
“I told you guys to turn back already.” I say, coming to a halt. “I can go on alone.”
“You know we can’t.” says my brother Purdy, irritably. “Mom’s and Dad’s rule is that we should all come home together or not at all.”
“Well I say we tie him up and drag him home” says Prad, approaching me menacingly.
“Touch me if you dare!” I say, walking towards him as well. I have been itching to give him and Purdy a beating all day, for continuously trying to rally everyone against me.
Pracey quickly stands between us.
“Okay guys. How about this?” she says, calmly. “We let Pris fly ahead, while the rest of us wait here for him. He will get there much faster on wing. And since it’s just him, the other pixies will hardly notice him; especially if he flies between the trees.
“You are always on his side, Pracey!” my sister Pricilla pipes up, angrily. She and Pracey are bitter enemies. I suspect that Pricilla is jealous of Pracey’s looks- with her: long, bright- yellow hair, and smooth, sky-blue skin. Pricilla’s blue is relatively dull-looking and her hair is a green that resembles boogers. “Why should we have to do what he wants?”
“Yeah! You’re being very selfish, Pris.” Prissy whines again. “It’s our eleventh birthday and we can’t even get to enjoy it.”
“Yeah!” The others chime in.
My heart tugs a little with guilt; because I never had any intentions of ruining this birthday for everyone.
“I’m really sorry, guys.” I say honestly, looking around at them. “But I just can’t let this go.”
“We don’t care!” says Prad. “We just want to go home!” He then turns to the others. “Grab him!”
Prad suddenly lunges at me; but Pracey puts out her foot just in time and trips him. He falls to the floor with a loud thud.
“Go!” Pracey shouts at me.
In an instant, I dash into the air, barely slipping through the grasps of my other siblings. They don’t fly behind of me this time. They are afraid to be seen.

Chapter 3

I am finally here.
The border thorns are just a short distance in front of me, but I hesitate to go any closer. I am suddenly afraid of what I might find on the other side. What if there is something dangerous that can kill me? Or worse, nothing at all?
If there truly is nothing on the other side of the edge- like the elder-pixies say- I am not sure that I will be able to handle the disappointment. It will mean that all of my years of concentration was in vain; as well as the countless hours that I have spent fantasizing about a whole new world that would take me away from my current humdrum existence.
All that we blue pixies have to look forward to in life is getting married as soon as possible and having as many pixie babies as we can. You see, something depleted our population many years ago, before any of us were born- except for the elder-pixies. However, the elder-pixies say that they were too young, at the time, to remember what it was. They only insist that it is our duty to build back our population to its previous grandeur, in honor of our ancestors.
I lower myself onto a nearby tree branch, to rest for a while. I flew here as fast as my wings could take me. Still, the journey took much longer than expected. The night is pitch black- except for the small pecks of moonlight shining though the dense clutter of trees. I am certain that it is long past my bed time.
The darkness, coupled with the near dead silence-except for the rustling of tree leaves against the wind- gives the area a creepy feel; and I start to wish that my brothers and sisters were with me. I wonder where they might be at the moment. I hope that they have not gone home without me, because I am not sure that I can find my way back alone in this dark; and there is no one else around that can help me. The pixie community is far behind me. I am completely and utterly alone.
This last thought makes me shudder, and I have to take deep breaths to calm myself.
I am now ready to go up to the thorns and finally discover what has held my curiosity for most of my life.
I fly forward slowly, until I am within arms’ reach of the thorns. They are much more scary-looking from this close up- like huge, dark creatures, ready to pounce. And there is not the slightest hint of a purple, blue or white light shining through them.
I try to spot a peep hole. This is difficult, for the thorns are entwined very tightly- almost in the way that my sisters braid their hair. I fly higher and higher, until I finally see a gap big enough for me to peep through. I approach it tentatively, and touch the thorn. Suddenly, I am jolted backwards.
I slam hard against a tree and slump to the ground with a plop. My vision is blurred and I feel an intense pain all over my body. I cannot move.

After lying there for what seems like a very long time, I finally struggle to my feet and fly through the trees as fast as I can. I want to put as much distance as possible between me and whatever that powerful force was.

Chapter 4

I have never seen my father this angry. His round blue head has turned a bright shade of purple, his eyes seem to be popping out of their sockets and his long antennas are standing on end.
It is almost dawn and my siblings and I have only just gotten home.
“How could you have done such a thing?” my mother cries from behind my father.
Her face is wet with tears and she is juggling two of my eight baby siblings in her arms. Both of them have started to wail from our father’s shouting. Their cries wake the other babies, and they too begin to scream from their leaf cribs in the adjoining room. It is all a loud mess. I can hardly think straight to come up with a viable excuse.
“WELL?” my father bellows, over the babies’ cries. “WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELVES?”
My siblings tremble violently next to me, still refusing to speak. They know that my parents will punish all of us, even though it was just me that had gone to the edge. You see, my parents have the bad habit of treating the seven of us as a whole, instead of like the very different individuals that we are- which is good for me, but horrible for the other six. I reap the rewards of their good behavior- particularly Prad’s; while they are constantly being punished for my bad deeds.
“Fine!” my father says, through gritted teeth. “If no one is going to talk, then you’re all confined to your room until you do. And all of your birthday gifts are going into the trash!”
Prissy starts to whimper, and I feel a sharp pang of guilt. I normally don’t mind much about the others paying for my crimes (except for Pracey, of course); but it’s our birthday. I can’t let them suffer.
I step forward. My father’s glaring eyes focus in on me.
“What do you have to say?” he snaps.
I hadn’t thought of a good enough lie, so I decide to tell the truth.
“Don’t blame the others.” I say softly. “It was all my fault.”
“What’s all your fault?” my father says irritably.
“I-I… I went to the edge.”
There is a loud, sharp gasp from my mother, then complete silence. Even the babies seem to sense the seriousness of the situation, for they suddenly stop crying.
My father’s fierce expression changes to a mixture of shock and fear. “What did you just say?”
“I-I just wanted to see what was on the other side.” I say, in a trembling voice.
My father looks at me in disbelief for a few more seconds, with his mouth moving wordlessly, as if unable to speak.
“Do you know what sort of trouble you could be in?” he finally says, in a barely audible whisper, with his eyes wild. “If the elders find out that you went anywhere near the edge they’ll…”
My father is unable to finish his statement, and I know why. No one really knows what the punishment is for going to the edge. We only know that the elders are adamantly against it. And no one has ever dared to disobey, that I know of- except for me.
You see, all of the blue pixies are deathly afraid of the elder pixies, since they are the only blue pixies that can do magic. The elder pixies say that whatever killed our ancestors those many years ago had also wiped out their supply of pixie dust; and that the eleven of them were only fortunate enough to swallow the last scrapings of it- giving them their power.
And so, although no one has ever seen or heard of the elder pixies using their powers to punish another pixie for going to the edge, knowing that they had the ability to do so, if they so desired, was enough to curb everyone’s curiosity and keep them in line.
My mother cuts in over my father. “What were you thinking? You could have been hurt.” Fresh tears are now pouring rapidly down her cheeks.
“I know, Mom. But there was a bright, white light this time. Not just the purple and blue-”
“No, they’re not!”
I am angry now too. I hate that they are always doubting me. I admit that I was not sure in the beginning, but the unknown force that jolted be backwards is proof that something is happening at the edge.
“Don’t you dare raise your voice at your father!” My mother says, incredulously. “What in all of Pixie Land has gotten into you, Pris?”
“I’m sorry. But you all have got to believe me.” I say, desperately. “There’s something weird about the edge-”
“I don’t want to hear another word!” My father shouts. “Get to your room! All of you!”
Chapter 5

I don’t think that I fit in with my family. Not even Pracey. She comes along for most of my adventures and agrees with most of my ideas, but I can tell that she is not really that into them. She is only going along to make me feel better.
As a matter of fact, I don’t think that I fit in with anyone in Pixie Land. No one seems to think the way that I do. And it makes me feel very lonely at times.
I wish that I could just relax and accept things for what they are- instead of questioning everything. When I was six, I asked my father why blue pixies needed teeth, when all we do is drink flower nectar. He said because teeth make us look better. I can’t really argue with that, but I still believe that our teeth serve a bigger purpose. Like the fruits that grow on trees are more than just for decoration. The elder pixies say that the fruits are poisonous if eaten, but I know for a fact that they aren’t- at least not all of them. I secretly ate an apple last spring and suffered no ill effect. It was so delicious. I’ve been eating them in secret ever since, whenever I get the chance. I plan to try pears soon. That is what I believe teeth are for. To eat hard things.
Only Pracey knows of my discovery. She has not tried the apples for herself as yet, but she sometimes sneaks a few under my bed for me to enjoy. I dare not tell anyone else about my apple eating, for fear that they might laugh me to scorn. Like they did last winter, when I stuck layers of leaves all over my body to keep warm outside. We blue pixies wear nothing at all over our bodies. And I have trouble understanding why. Because, during the winter, we have to lock ourselves inside, in front of the fire. If we dare to venture outdoors, we would freeze to death almost instantly.
I only got to stay outside for a short time in my leaf covering, because my mother quickly ordered me inside and gave me a spanking that I will never forget. But I know that I could have lasted much longer. I was not that cold at all.
There have been many more occasions where I’ve been punished and criticized for acting outside of the norm. So I guess that I should not be this hurt that no one believes me now about the edge. I should be used to it by now.
I hear a ruffling sound close by. I quickly wipe the tears from my eyes and turn to see Pracey climbing out of her grass bed. The five others are fast asleep in theirs, scattered about our small room. None of them has said a word to me since our father sent us to our room. Not even Pracey. They were all so devastated that they jumped straight into bed in silence.
Pracey walks over quietly and sits next to me on my bed.
“I was scared that you were mad at me too.” I say softly.
“I am mad at you!” Pracey says, scowling.
I am surprised. Pracey has never been angry with me before.
“I’m sorry, Pracey. I really didn’t mean to hurt you guys like this.”
“What does it matter if you meant it or not?” says Pracey. “You still did.”
“I- I don’t understand. It never bothered you before.”
“Well maybe it’s time that it did.” Pracey says. “I encourage you too much in your delinquent behavior. And you keep getting the rest of us into trouble. Today, you ruined our birthday. But one day you might end up getting yourself, or all of us killed.”
“But Pracey, you know more than anyone else that the elder pixies have lied to us in the past. Remember our discovery about the fruits? And now they’re trying to keep us trapped here in Pixie Land for some reason.”
I can’t believe what I am hearing from Pracey.
“Pracey, please understand. I believe that there might be something outside of Pixie Land. A whole new world even-”
“Pris, stop!” Pracey snaps; and I hear some of the others stir a little in their beds. “This has got to stop- this obsession of yours with the other side!”
“No, listen!” Says Pracey, firmly. The dim, morning sunlight now shining through the window reveals the fury on her face. “You have got to stop this!”
Now I am angry too. “So what am I supposed to do, Pracey? Just forget about the lights that I saw? Forget what happened to me at the edge? Forget that the elders are lying to us?”
“Why not?” says Pracey, throwing up her hands in frustration. “Is Pixie Land that bad? Aren’t we enough for you?”
“Don’t be silly! Of course you’re enough. And Pixie Land is a wonderful place. But if there’s more out there, then I want to experience it.”
“You’re always itching for some new experience. When will it end, Pris? Why can’t you just be satisfied with the way things are now?”
“I can’t believe you’re being so…”
“So Prad-like?” Pracey finishes.
“Well, yes.” I say.
“Well maybe Prad is right. You need to relax a little. Try to be more… normal.”
A tense silence falls between us and I turn my back to her. I feel hurt and betrayed. Pracey is my best friend and main confidant. I need her to be on my side.

After a long while, Pracey puts her hand gently upon my shoulder. I am tempted to throw it off, but I don’t.
“Look, Pris.” she says calmly. “I can’t tell you what to do. But I want you to know that, as your sister and friend, I care about you. And I don’t want your curiosity to lead you into danger… Maybe the elder pixies are lying to us. But maybe it’s for our own good. They’re older and wiser than us all. So maybe whatever is over the edge is just not for us blue pixies to see.”
Pracey’s voice trembles, and I know that she is crying. It pains me, because she does not cry very often- only when she is really hurt about something.
I turn around and give her a hug.
“Promise me, Pris that you won’t go back to the edge… Please.”
“I promise.” I say. And I mean it.
Although it takes everything in me to make such a promise, my family comes first. I can’t continue to hurt them like this. And maybe Pracey is right. Maybe over the edge is not for us blue pixies.

Chapter 6
6 years later

My heart is pounding, and I am sweating all over.
My bride, Tris, appears alone at the bottom of the aisle of hibiscus flower petals. I suddenly feel as if I can’t breathe. She is beautiful. Her light-pink, knee-length hair is blowing dreamily in the wind; and her blue skin is glistening brightly in the morning sunlight. She has the brightest blue skin that I have ever seen. It is what attracted me to her the very first time that we met.
We had been dating for six months, and so I decided that it was time that we got married; especially since the rest of my batch of siblings, including Pracey, are already married with pixie kids. So, at seventeen years old, I am actually a few years late.
I take my eyes off of Tris to examine the guests’ reaction. They are spread out across the top of marble hill, perched between the tall grasses. There are: my five batches of siblings- which makes up thirty; and all of my other family members and friends. Most of them are teary- eyed as they watch Tris walk slowly towards me.
She finally reaches me and gives a shaky smile. I take her hands in mines to comfort her- although I am certain that I am more nervous than she is.
My father is marrying us- as is customary. He clears his throat loudly and begins the ceremony.

“Tris, do you take Pris to be your husband?”
“Yes, I do.” Tris says right away, with a big smile on her face.
My father now turns to me. “Pris, do you take Tris to be your wife?”
I look at him, then back at Tris, then to the ground. It is on the tip of my tongue, but somehow I cannot bring myself to say ‘yes’.
I know that if I just look over my shoulder, I will see the thorns of the edge; and it is driving me crazy. I knew that this would happen. That is why I never wanted to get married up here. But Tris and my mom thought that it was the ideal place. “Marble hill is so breezy and spacious!” they said. “And the view is amazing!”
Unfortunately for me, the view is a little too amazing.
“Well, Pris?” my father prods. His voice sounds concerned.
But I still can’t make up my mind. I keep my head down to avoid looking at Tris.
If I marry her, we will have to start making pixie babies right away, as is expected. And, as a father, I am responsible for caring for and protecting my offspring. That means, I will have to give up all hope of ever going back to the edge; for I would never want to abandon my kids or to put them in any sort of danger.
Over the past six years, I have fought hard to control my curiosity. Still, the mystery of the edge still plagues me. I think about it almost every day. It is only my promise to Pracey that has kept me away. But now that I am faced with a final decision, the impulse is almost unbearable.
I give in and look over my shoulder, towards the edge.
“Pris, what’s the matter?” I hear Tris say, frantically.
I don’t answer. I am too busy staring at the thorns. I have not seen the lights in six years- since the night that I ventured to the edge, on my eleventh birthday. That is because I had not been looking for them. But I know that they must still shine through every so often, and I still believe that there is something over the thorns. A surge of emotions run through me, and I realize that I can’t give it up. I am not ready to give up on the edge!
Tris holds my face and turns it back to her. I see that her cheeks are wet with tears. “Are you going to marry me or not?” she says, angrily.
I look from her to the anxious crowd, then back to her again.
Then finally, I shake my head slowly and say “No. I’m sorry.”

Chapter 7

“This sort of disgrace has never happened in Pixie Land before! How dare you refuse to take a perfectly good pixie wife! You have well reached the age of reproduction!”
“Why is reproducing so important to you guys?” I say, angrily, to the elder pixies.
Right after the wedding, my father and I were summoned to stand before them in their meeting room. This only happens when a blue pixie has committed a serious infraction.
All eleven of them are seated behind a long, high, wooden table, looking down at us with their beady little eyes. Their skins are extremely baggy and of a very faded blue; and their hair is as white as the clouds.
“What did you just say?” says the elder pixie in the very center of the table.
“Pardon my son.” my father says quickly. “He doesn’t seem to be thinking clearly today.”
But I don’t want my father to make up excuses for me. I want some questions answered now that I have the chance. I don’t get to see the elder pixies very often; and when I do, I barely get a chance to speak to them. They only come through the villages once a year, during the annual census; or to hold general meetings with the pixie community at large.
“My thinking is fine, Dad.” I say, firmly.
“Please son.” My father begs.
I have never seen him this frightened. He knows what I am about to say. But I brush him off and turn my attention back to the elder pixies.
“With all due respect elders,” I say, “there is just a lot of unanswered questions that are bothering me.”
“Pris, stop!” I hear my father shout. But I ignore him and continue on. “You want us to keep reproducing as much as we can, in order to build back the pixie population. But it is hard for me to believe that the previous population was any bigger than it is right now. Pixie Land is overcrowded if you ask me. We hardly have any tree space left to build our homes. So why the pressure still?”
One of the elders shoots up from his seat, with the agility of a much younger pixie. “We’ve explained this to the public before! We are trying to get the population to the size that it was during its glory days, which was ten times larger than this, and much better functioning. You would not know this, of course, because you weren’t there!”
“But how is that possible?” I say. “There is no way that all of those pixies would fit-”
“They did!” the same elder pixie shouts, pounding his fist hard against the table. “Like I said, you weren’t there!”
I don’t understand why the elders are so upset by such a simple question. It makes me even more convinced that they are hiding something.
The elder pixie sits back down, looking slightly embarrassed. “I’m sorry that I lost my temper for a moment.” He says. “I think it is time we got back to the matter at hand. Your cancelled wedding-”
“One more thing first.” I say.
My father quickly grabs my hand and squeezes it. I pull away. Now that I’ve come this far, I have to clear up my main concern.
“No more questions!” one of the five elder-pixie-women says.
Still, I blurt out “What-is-over-the-edge?”
The elders all pause for a moment. Then some of them begin to chuckle awkwardly.
“Young pixie, you keep asking questions that have already been addressed. Everyone knows that there is nothing over the edge-”
“Yes, there is!” I say. “I saw it! I saw a white light shine through there. And when I went to check it out, I was jolted backwards by some sort of invisible force.”
Instantly, there is complete silence in the room. Through the corner of my eye, I see my father staring at me, open-mouthed. All of the elders are examining me intensely as well. They seem to be taking the news much harder than I imagined they would.
I begin to feel scared.
“You’ve been to the edge?” one of the elder pixie finally says, softly.
I don’t know if I should risk telling the truth. I wish that I could take back everything that I just said. But instead, I nod my head slowly. Then in the next instance, everything goes black.

Chapter 8

I open my eyes to a bright, blue sky. Nowhere in Pixie Land is ever this bright.
My head is throbbing with pain and I struggle to catch my breath. Finally, I am able to sit up and look around. There is a vast field of green grass before me. I don’t know where in Pixie Land this is. How did I even get here?
The last thing I remember is standing before the elders, attacking them about the edge, then… nothing. Did I dream the entire thing? Did I really cancel my wedding and was summoned before the elders?
I get to my feet and turn around. My heart stops. Right before me are the border thorns. I rush backwards, afraid of being jolted again. This really must be a dream. I don’t remember coming to the edge.
I turn around in a circle to see if I can recognize anything about the area and make my way home. But everything is totally unfamiliar to me; and very bright. In all my years of examining the edge from the top of Marble Hill, I have never seen anywhere like this. I can’t even see Marble Hill from here. Marble hill can be seen from almost anywhere in Pixie Land.
Then it hits me. I must be on the other side!

Countless amount of time pass while I stand frozen on the spot, trying to gather my thoughts. Why did the elder pixies send me over the edge? It must be them, because I definitely did not fly here, and they are the only ones that can do magic.
Suddenly, I feel a surge of excitement. There really is something over the edge! I was right all along! I am actually where I have always wanted to be!
But, where do I go from here? And, how do I get back into Pixie Land with the invisible force still guarding the thorns? I love the adventure and everything, but I would never want to be stuck outside of Pixie Land forever- away from my family. Maybe the force does not work on this side. Maybe it is only meant to keep pixies from leaving Pixie Land, not from going in. But I am too afraid to test that idea.
I begin to panic. I need to do something. Is there anyone out here that can help me? I finally begin to walk, until I am a good way out into the field. Then, a long way off, I spot a house. At least, I think it is house. But I am not sure, because it is on the ground. I have never seen a house on ground before. We blue pixies always build our houses in trees.
But I have no choice. It is the only hope that I have. And so, I make my way towards the house. Maybe whom or whatever lives there can give me some answers.

Chapter 9

“I-Is anybody home?” I call from the front yard. I am surprised to find that the house is about the same size and style as any house in Pixie Land- with a pointed, twig roof and circular body, made of tree bark.
I hold my breath and listen closely. My entire body is shaking because I have no idea what to expect. I don’t know what sort of creatures live here on the other side.
There is no answer. I call again. Still, all is quiet except for the whistling sound of the wind.
I take a deep breath and attempt to make my way up the rickety front steps. It creeks loudly under my weight, and makes everything seem that much scarier.
I cross the tiny verandah. Then, just as I raise my hand to knock on the blue front door, it flies open.
“What are you doing here?!”
My eyes pop open at the sight of an old, cross-looking blue pixie, hovering in the doorway. Her long, white hair is flaring wildly about her, as if bewitched.
“I-I-I’m sorry.”
“If you’re so sorry, then get off my property!” the witch pixie bellows, her eyes ablaze with fury.
As much as I am afraid and want to get as far away from this witch pixie as possible, I know that I can’t. She is the only one that might be able to tell me how to get home.
“I-I need your h-help.” I manage to say.
The witch pixie looks even angrier now; and I take a few steps back.
“You all say that!” she screams. “And then you betray me!”
I am very confused. I have no idea what she is talking about.
“I just want to know how to get ho-”
At that, I dash down the rickety steps and run for my life.
I don’t stop running until I get to the border thorns. It is time to test my idea and see if the shield works on this side. I find a gap large enough for me to fit through. But just like last time, as soon as I get close enough, I am flung backwards.

Chapter 10

I open my eyes and find myself lying in an unfamiliar room.
I bolt upright. The room is small, dusty and empty- except for the bed of grass that I am on.
Terrified, I get to my feet and begin to make my way quickly towards to the only door, which is wide open. But just as I reach it, the witch pixie, from earlier, appears. She is on her feet this time and her hair is lying still.
I scramble backwards, all the way to the opposite wall. But there is no way out. The only window is bolted down with wood.
“W-what do you want?” I say to the witch pixie, who is still standing in the doorway.
“Sit down and shut up!” she snaps.
“No!” I say, trying to sound brave. But my voice just came high-pitched and awkward.
The witch pixie laughs, cruelly. My fear apparently amuses her.
“I said to sit!” she says- angry again.
This time I obey. I scramble over to small bed of grass and plop down upon it.
The witch pixie comes over to me and places a small tray at my feet. It is filled with several tiny jars and bulbs of cotton. She carefully dips a cotton bulb into one of the jars.
“Let me see your head.”
I shake my head vigorously. “W-what are you going to do to me?”
“I’m going to clean that gash on your head!” the witch pixie says, coarsely.
I quickly put my hand to my forehead. It is wet with blood, and I suddenly feel the sharp sting of it.
“Did you do this to me?” I say to the witch pixie, more bravely.
“Would I be cleaning it if I did?” she snaps.
I don’t reply. She makes a good point.
“It was that blow you got outside from the border thorns.”
I all suddenly comes back to me. I was trying to get back into Pixie Land, when that unknown force pushed me back again.
“Are you gonna let me clean that cut or not?”
I look back up at the witch pixie, then slowly lower my hand from my forehead.
The witch pixie dabs gently at my cut. From this close up, the lines on her face are much more pronounced - like deep scrapes, made by finger nails. She looks just as old as the elder pixies, and can apparently do magic like them too.
When the witch pixie is finished, she picks up the tray and makes to leave.
“Wait!” I call after her.
“Get a few more hours of rest before you leave.” She says, without turning around.
“But I need to know why I am here, and how to get back home?”
“I said to get some sleep!” The witch pixie bellows, turning around to show her wrinkled face- which is now contorted in rage.
I fall silent, immediately. The witch pixie then flies through the door and slams it shut behind her.
I am left in complete darkness- afraid and confused. I really hope that this is all just some extended nightmare.

Chapter 11

I awake to the witch pixie roughly shaking me.
“Time to go!” She says, coarsely.
“But I have nowhere else to go.” I say, jumping to my feet. “I need your help.”
“I’ve helped you enough! Your cut is perfectly cleaned and you’ve had enough rest. Why should I do anything else for you?”
“Because you have a heart.”
“Excuse me?” The witch pixie says, seemingly taken aback.
I don’t know where this courage is coming from, but I step closer to the witch pixie and stare right into her wrinkled, surprised face.
“Underneath all of your evil persona, you’re really a caring person.” I say. “Otherwise, you would have left me outside to bleed out and die.”
For a moment, the witch pixie looks lost for words. Then she becomes angry again. “Well I wouldn’t want to have a dead pixie out in my yard, now would I? But since you’re not dead, get going!”
At that, she grabs my hand and starts to pull me towards the door. She is much stronger than she looks, and my feet are partially off of the ground.
“Please!” I say, desperately. “Can’t you just tell me why I’m here and how I’m supposed to get home?”
The witch pixie stops and turns to me.
“No!” she says, wide-eyed. “I don’t want anything to do with any of you blue pixies. Every time you come here, you always lie to me!”
“What? Other blue pixies have come here?”
“Of course they have!” the witch pixie says. “Did you think that you were the first? That you’re special or something?”
“No I- I just never heard of anyone leaving Pixie Land before.”
“That’s because the elder pixies don’t want you to know about them.”
I am really confused now. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I say. “What sort of things are the elders hiding from us? Are they bad?”
“Oh no you don’t!” says the witch pixie, wagging a long, crooked finger in my face. “You’re not gonna suck me in with your questions. I have nothing more to say to you.”
She then pulls me out into a tiny living room with tons of weird looking, square things on the walls.

“There’s nothing you can do!” The witch pixie says, still pulling me. “You can never go back!”
At that, I plant my feet firmly on the floor and manage to snatch my hand away. “What do you mean I can never go back?”
Without answering, the witch pixie grabs me again and drags me to the front door, which opens on its own. I grab on to the door frame with all of my might, before she can pull me outside with her.
“I have to get back to Pixie Land!” I shout. “My family is there! It’s my home!”
I brace myself, expecting the witch pixie to pull me again; but instead, she loosens her grip on my arm. Then, to my surprise, when she turns around to face me, she no longer looks angry, but sad.
“You pixies always say that you want to help, but you’re never willing to do what it takes.”
I still don’t have the slightest clue as to what the witch pixie is talking about. All I know is that I will say and do anything to get back home, to help my family.
“Don’t judge me by what the other pixies did.” I say. “Give me a chance. Please.”
For a moment, the witch pixie looks conflicted. Then she sighs heavily and says “I fall for it every time.”

Chapter 12

The witch pixie takes a seat across from me in the tiny, dusty living room. She looks at me, expectantly, but I don’t know where to begin. There are so many things that I need to know. Fortunately, the witch pixie assured me that she would answer everything to the best of her abilities.
She seems to have let her guard down towards me, for there has been a complete turnaround in her attitude. Instead of a witch, she now seems like just a gentle and harmless old pixie woman. I look down at the bowl of nectar that she placed on my lap a moment ago; but I can’t bring myself to drink any- even though I am famished. I have to formulate my thoughts first.
“What is this place?” I say, finally.
“This is human land.” The witch pixie says.
“What are humans?”
The witch pixie points to the strange-looking squares on the walls.
I immediately rise out of my seat to examine them closer, casting the nectar aside. They look like drawings. We blue pixies draw all of the time, with flower ink; but these drawings look so much more life-like, and are held behind some sort of glass, and bordered by wood.
“Those are pictures.” I vaguely hear the witch pixie say. I am too entranced by the creatures in the drawings to pay her much mind.
I have never seen anything like them before. They look almost like blue pixies- except that they are not blue, and have no wings or antennas. They are also wearing strange things on their bodies- almost like the leaf covering that I made to go outdoors during the winter.
I begin to turn around and around, from the center of the room, trying to get a glimpse of them all of them.
There are pictures of what looks like children humans, playing with very exciting looking objects. Some humans appear to be eating very strange-looking food, instead of nectar; and others are sitting in large boxes with circles at the bottom.
I am so dizzy now that I fall.
“Are the humans really real?” I say breathlessly to the witch pixie, from flat on the floor.
“Of course they are!” The witch pixie says, looking down at me and smiling broadly.
“And are they as amazing as they look?”
The witch pixie’s face suddenly turns serious. “Hardly anything is ever as good as it looks.” She says, simply.
“I don’t understand.”
The witch pixie reaches down and pulls me to my feet. “Do you want to know what happened to the blue pixie population those many years ago?”
“Of course I do!” I say, quickly.
“Well, have a seat.” The witch pixie says, pointing to the chairs. “This is a long story.”

Chapter 13

“Many years ago,” the witch pixie begins, “before any of the pixies in Pixie Land today were born – except of course for the elder pixies and myself- pixies and humans co-existed.”
I gasp in shock.
“Yes, my dear.” says the witch pixie. “I was just a small child-pixie at the time, but I remember it well. There was no Pixie Land or human land- just one great big land for both pixies and humans.
I try to imagine how such a land must have been; but I can’t. It is unthinkable. “We all used to get along, splendidly.” the witch pixie continues. “The pixies would supply the humans with pixie dust for them to do magic, like flying; and, since the humans are much bigger than pixies, they used to protect us from large, fierce animals, such as: dogs, cats, lions and bears.”
“What are these animals?”
“Oh they are big, wretched creatures that always used to try to eat the pixies. I especially hated the cats. They were both evil and clever. They used to hide up in the trees until nightfall, when the pixies were all asleep in their beds, and then stick it paws through the windows, looking for a treat. Not to mention, it would cough up nasty balls of hair everywhere.”
The witch pixie shivers at the memory.
“But what happened to them- the animals and the humans?” I say, eager to know everything. “And what is pixie dust?”
“I’ll get to that soon enough.” the witch pixie says. “Now, at the time, my very best friend was a human, and I loved her dearly. I used to give her some of my allowance of pixie dust, and then I would sit on her head, and we would fly all over together.”
The witch pixie smiles, dreamily, at the memory; then she suddenly appears sad as she says “Then one day, the leader of the humans – the president he’s called- and the leader of the pixies had a heated argument. I was never told what it was about. All I know is that, from that day forth, the humans and pixies were bitter enemies; and my parents told me that I was not to speak to my best friend anymore. I was devastated.”
I now see the glistening of tears in the witch pixie’s eyes.
It was a horrible time.” she continues. “The humans and the pixies were always arguing, and the pixies often casted wicked spells on the humans- like making them lose their hair, or turning them into frogs. And the humans, in turn, let the animals terrorize the pixies as they pleased. Until finally, the humans and the pixies separated into Pixie Land and human land.”
“Then the feuding stopped?”
“Not at all.” the witch pixie says, sadly. “It got worse. “A great big war eventually broke out, which left the pixies almost extinct.”
My mouth falls open, in shock. “So that’s what happened to the pixie population? The humans killed them?”
The witch pixie nods. And for a moment, I am filled with so much anger that I am lost for words. “But couldn’t the pixies use their magic against them? The elder pixies say that all of the pixies could do magic back then. But just that it sort of died out.”
“No, my dear.” Says the witch pixie. “The elders lied to you. It was the pixie dust that gave us magic. And there wasn’t enough left at the time. You see, months before the war, the humans had started to sneak into pixie land to steal our pixie dust. Our main supply was hidden in a secret damn, but they found it somehow. So when the war began and the pixies went to fetch more pixie dust, they found the damn near empty. And it would have taken too long to make more.”
“So how did you and the elder-pixies survive?”
“Do you remember the human friend that I told you about?”
“Yes.” I say.
“Well, we never stopped being friends. We used to sneak to see each other whenever we could. And the night before the war, we decided that she would hide me in her room until it was over.”
The tears now begin to flow out unto the witch pixie’s cheeks.
“It was so hard leaving my family behind.” She says, between sobs. “But they didn’t want to hide. They thought that they could win, and I was just so young and scared; so I went with my friend, and… they died. They all died. Some humans died too, but mainly pixies. When my friend and I returned to Pixie Land, we only found eleven child-pixies that had survived- the eleven elders. They had hidden really well, you see. And my friend took them in and cared for them, and for me too. Of course, her parents didn’t know; because she kept us always hidden in her room.”
“So if you and your friend helped the elders, why aren’t you with them now? Why are you barred here on the other side?”
“Because the elders preferred to hold a grudge, rather than to let go and forgive.” the witch pixie says, bitterly. “After a while, the elders didn’t want to live with my friend anymore. They wanted nothing to do with humans at all. So they decided to return to Pixie Land, to repair it and regrow the population. I went with them at first to see what could be done. When we got there, we found that there were a few scrapings of pixie dust left in the damn- not nearly enough to last us for any time. So one of the elders had the idea to swallow it, instead of sprinkling it over ourselves, as we usually did- to see if that would make it last longer. And it did. It has lasted us to this day.”
“But why couldn’t the twelve of you make some more? So that all of us blue pixies would be able to do magic?”
“We didn’t know how. We still don’t. We were really young, remember? The older pixies used to make the pixie dust.”
“Oh.” I say, simply; and I sit back in the chair to think over everything that I have just heard.
“So, it’s the humans’ fault that the blue pixies were almost extinct.’ I say, after a while. “And it’s their fault that all of us blue pixies can’t do magic. It’s their fault that I’m stuck over the edge, away from my family. Everything is their fault.”
“No! Don’t be mad at the humans.” the witch pixie says, quickly. “The pixies hurt them too. It’s just that they won.”
But I don’t care what the witch pixie says. I can understand why the elder pixies hate the humans. They seem like a bunch of big, evil bullies.
“And remember, the pixies had magic.” The witch pixie adds. “So, if the humans hadn’t stolen the pixie dust, then they probably would have been the ones that were almost extinct, instead of the pixies.”
“I would have preferred it that way!” I say, angrily.
The witch pixie looks taken aback. “You don’t mean that, do you? Because neither of the two is right. Neither the pixies nor the humans should be extinct.”
“Yes, I do mean it!” I say, glaring at her. “And I think that you are nothing but a traitor! No wonder the elder pixies banished you out here!”
In an instant, the witch pixie flies up from the chair, with her hair flaring wildly about her. She looks just as cross as when I first saw her, and I fear that I have pushed her too far. She’s now going to kill me!

Chapter 14

The witch pixie’s long, bumpy nose is pressed against mines.
“The elder pixies never banished me!” she shouts. “I left them because they are set on revenge! And that makes them just as evil as you think the humans are! Why do you think they never told you other blue pixies about them?”
I am too afraid to say the wrong thing, so I remain silent.
“Answer me!” the witch pixie bellows; and my face is heavily sprayed with saliva.
“I-I don’t know.” I say, softly.
“It’s because they want to start another war against them!”
That was the last thing that I expected her to say. “What do you mean?”
The witch pixie leans back from me. “The elders want revenge.” she repeats, more calmly. “They want to get rid of the humans the way the humans almost got rid of us.”
“But that doesn’t make any sense-”
“So you’re calling me a liar!?”
“No, no.” I say quickly, afraid that the witch pixie might blow up again. “It’s just… if the elders wanted to start another war against the humans, wouldn’t they have told us about them? So that we know who we are fighting against?”
“That is what a naïve and simple mind would think!” the witch pixie snaps. “But you see, there is nothing more powerful than fresh anger.”
The witch pixie pauses, as if waiting for her profound words to sink in. Then continues: “The elders are afraid that if they tell you about what the humans did, too long before they are ready for war, then your anger might subside and you might have mercy on the humans. And so, I believe that they are waiting until just before they are ready to strike. That way, most of the blue pixies will be uncontrollably angry and do maximum damage - just like you were angry a while ago when I told you.”
“But what are the elders waiting for?” I say. “There are more than enough pixies in pixie land now.”
The witch pixie squints her eyes at me. “Oh, so you want a war then?”
I don’t answer right away. I look at the pictures on the wall in front of me, and try to imagine these human creatures terrorizing my ancestors those many years ago. My anger returns almost instantly.” Maybe a war isn’t such a bad idea.” I say.
The witch pixie leans into me again.
“Well, I hope you know” she says, through gritted teeth, “that there has never been a war where both parties didn’t suffer. So try to imagine your mother and father, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and even your friends being killed or seriously hurt in battle. Or even the emotional torture that they’ll feel after they’ve become murderers… The elder pixies won’t give anyone a choice. All will have to fight!”
I feel as if my blood has turned cold. “How can you be sure that the elders are planning all of this?”
“Follow me.” The witch pixie says, suddenly flying towards the front door. “I’ll show you.”

Chapter 15

We are standing in front of the border thorns. I am careful not to get too close this time.
“These thorns and the sky above then were enchanted by the elder pixies to keep those on the inside from going out, and those on the outside from coming in- no matter how magical they are.” The witch pixie turns to look at me. “I’ve tried many times, but only the elders can remove the enchantment.”
“But how is this proof that they’re planning are war?”
The witch pixie does not seem offended by my skepticism this time.
“Look carefully between the thorns.” she says.
I squint my eyes and look right between the holes in the thorns. It does not take long for me to notice the purple- blue light.
“Oh, wow!” I say, excitedly. “I’ve seen those lights before! From the top of Marble hill. What are they?”
“In the beginning, the enchantment around the border was clear and undetectable.” The witch pixie explains. “But over the years, this tinge has become brighter and brighter. Now, it is almost the exact color that I remember the pixie dust to be; which tells me that there is some powerful magic going on within Pixie Land. Pixie-dust-making magic. And it seems that the elders have almost unlocked thecrecipe.”
“But there was a white light too! I saw it a long time ago!” I say, remembering my eleventh birthday, when I was compelled to venture to the edge.
“Ahh… I’ve seen it too.” The witch pixie says. “Many times. I believe that the white light occurs whenever the elder pixies try to test out the dust that they’ve made.”
The witch pixie looks at me, waiting for a response; but I am still trying to think things through. Can the she be right? Does the purple-blue tinge really mean that the elder pixies are making more pixie dust? And are they going to use the pixie dust to create a pixie army to battle against the humans?
I’ve always believed that the elder pixies were hiding things from us blue pixies, but this all seems too much.
“You still don’t believe me, do you?” The witch pixie says.
I still don’t respond. I don’t want to upset her again.
“Well, ask yourself this. Why are the elder pixies so desperate for the blue pixies to reproduce? And why did they send you here, with no hope of return? It’s because you were curious about the edge, wasn’t it?”
I nod, surprised that the witch pixie accurately guessed the cause of my banishment.
She then leans in close and looks me squarely in the eyes. “What do you think happened to your family after you were sent here?”
My heart rate instantly quickens. “What do you mean?”
“Will you even believe me if I told you?”
“Tell me!” I demand. I am angry at even the mere thought of anything bad happening to my family.
“The elders erased their memory of you.” The witch pixie says, simply.
“No!” I say, shaking my head. “They wouldn’t!”
The witch pixie now looks annoyed. “Why do you think you’ve never heard of all of those pixies that have been sent to the edge before you? Because the elders erased the memory of them from all who ever knew or even met them? And that’s the same thing that they did with you. Right now, your family and friends don’t remember that you ever existed. And they are moving on with their lives without you.”
I can’t find any words to speak; and I suddenly feel the hot sensation of tears stinging the back of my eyes.
“I’m sorry.” the witch pixie says, looking genuinely sympathetic.
“So…” I begin, finally finding my voice. “D-do you think that I may have had my memory erased before? Of people that I’ve loved?”
The witch pixie shakes her head, sadly. “I’m not sure.” She says. “But it’s possible.”
“But why didn’t the elders just erase my memory, instead? And make me not remember anything about the edge?”
“Because,” says the witch pixie, “you and the others before you have what I call a curious bone. You are just naturally curious. And the elders know that if they simply wiped your memory, you would just become fascinated with the edge all over again.”
The witch pixie then places a gentle hand upon my shoulder. “I’m telling the truth.” she says. “Give me one reason why you think that I would lie to you?”
I think hard for a few moments, but I can’t come up with a single reason. There seems to be nothing that the witch pixie could gain from telling me any of this. She didn’t even want me around her in the first place.
“What can I do to help my family?” I say, finally.

Chapter 16

“The only way that you can help, is to become human.”
“What?” I say, nearly falling off of my chair.
We are back inside the witch pixie’s tiny living room.
“You can do that? You can make me human?”
“Of course I can.” The witch pixie says. “I’m magical, remember?”
“But why? Why do I have to become human?”
“To warn them, of course.” The witch pixie says, simply. “Just like the blue pixies in Pixie Land, the humans don’t know that we exist either. The war happened many, many years ago; so most of them, who witnessed it, have died off. We blue pixies have a much longer life span than the humans, you see. They can only live to about one hundred years, if they’re lucky; whereas, we can easily get to two hundred. So only a few very old humans have heard about us, from their parents or grandparents; while the younger ones think that it’s all just crazy, old folktale. So, if you were to just pop up on a human, in pixie form, you can imagine that they would be scared out of their wits.”
My mind is whirling now. “But, as a human, won’t they think that I’m crazy for telling them about pixies?”
“That is why you need to become friends with them first.” The witch pixie says, leaning forward in her chair. “One will more often believe their friends than anyone else. Then your friends will tell their friends and their friends will tell others. And soon, the entire country of humans will know and believe.”
I take some time to think again. “But, why do we need to warn the humans? How will that help my family and the other blue pixies in Pixie Land?”
“Well,” says the witch pixie, “I believe that a little remorse can go a long way. If the humans appear genuinely sorry for what their ancestors did in the war, then the blue pixies might feel sympathetic and forgive them. That way, your loved ones won’t become a gang of murderers; and the elder pixies won’t have any more control over them- especially since the blue pixies will have magic of their own, from the pixie dust.”
“That idea seems like a long shot.” I say, sighing deeply.
“Well, it’s the only shot we’ve got.” says the witch pixie, leaning back and crossing her arms.
I’m so anxious and confused at the moment that I start to tug on my yellow ponytail, which is resting upon my shoulder. I stop, abruptly, when I see a clump of hair come out in my hand.
“Have you ever become human?” I say, tossing the broken strands of hair aside.
“No.” says the witch pixie. “I would, but I haven’t figured out the magic formula to turn back from human to pixie form yet.”

“What!?” I say.
But the witch pixie quickly continues on. “I need to remain a pixie, so that I can have my powers on that day when the war begins. That way, I can defend myself and maybe help some of the humans-”
“So you’re telling me that I have to remain human forever?” I say, incredulously.
“Or just until I figure out the magic formula to change you back.” says the witch pixie, sheepishly.
“And how long might that take?”
“Roughly a couple of months… Or forever.”
I glare at the witch pixie for a while, before looking past her and fixing my eyes upon the pictures on the wall.
Although the humans are not too dreadful-looking, and their world certainly looks exciting, I can’t imagine being one of them forever. I would never want to permanently lose my pixie form... But I have to, for my family’s sake.
I slowly turn to the witch pixie once again and say “I’ll do it.”

Chapter 17

“Now remember,” the witch pixie says to me seriously, “in the human world, your name will be Kris, not Pris. Pris just sounds too weird, and you need to fit in. And you’ll have a surname, Matthew.”
I merely nod my head because the witch pixie has explained all of this to me already. Over the past few days, she has drilled me with information on the humans’ norms and practices, including: their ways of covering their bodies- clothes, she calls them- their music, food and different types of something called Technology; particularly the cellphone and TV. I don’t really understand the technology part; but I guess that I’ll figure it out once I’m there.
“You will be a High school student. I’ve already explained what a High School is. When you get there, I want you to join what is called the football team. That will make you very popular and people will listen to you more. I’m also going to make you extremely handsome, so that should help as well. And you’ll live alone, but you’ll tell everyone that you live with your grandmother.”
My head is starting to hurt again. There are just too many things that I’m supposed to remember.
“Yes! I know!” I snap, flying out of my seat in frustration. “And the part of the human world that I’m going is called Chicago, and I’ll be sixteen years old, and I’ll get some pieces of green paper, called money, from something called a bank account, to get all of the things that I need. You’ve told me it all! I can’t take in anymore.”
“I’m sorry.” Says the witch pixie. “I just want to make sure that you don’t mess up like the others did. They were so awkward in the human world that they failed to make much friends, and were considered freaks. So, nobody wanted to listen to their warnings. And the few that got the hang of things became much too comfortable and happy to remember or care about their mission. The human world can be very enticing, you know.”
“Well, I’m not like them.” I say, defensively. “I care more about my family than anything the human world has to offer.”
The witch pixie shakes her head. “That’s what they all said.”
“Well, I mean it!”
“Alright.” The witch pixie says. “No need to get upset.”
She flies up to meet me and looks me intently in the eyes. “I’m counting on you, Pris. Everyone’s counting on you- the blue pixies and humans alike.”
She keeps her gaze on me for a moment longer, then says “Are you ready?”
“Let’s get it over with.” I say.
The witch pixie promptly turns and flies through the front door. I follow behind her. We fly until we are a good distance away from the cottage.
“The transformation is powerful magic.” the witch pixie explains. “I don’t want to blow my house down.”
I remain silent. I’m too nervous to speak.
“Do you want to see your reflection for one last time?”
I shake my head. I fear that seeing myself will only make the transformation that much harder. I still can’t get over the fact that I might never be in my beloved, pixie body again. And if I only glimpse my beautiful, transparent wings, which has brought me so much pleasure over the years- by allowing me to soar through the skies- I might just change my mind.
“Alright.” says the witch pixie. “Close your eyes.”
I promptly obey. My heart is pounding so fast that I am certain that I can hear it.
“This won’t hurt at all. Just count to five. Then, when you open your eyes again, you’ll be in your new home, in your new body.”
Chapter 18

In an instant, I feel my feet rise up off of the ground, then land on a hard, cold surface, before I immediately topple over, onto my face.
The witch pixie lied. The pain is excruciating. It feels as if my stomach is spinning around in a circle, non-stop; and someone is pounding my head with a fat log.
Moaning loudly, I crouch into a ball, with my eyes still clamped shut.
For a while, I forget where I am supposed to be, and what I am to be doing. I just concentrate on the pain, willing it to end.
After what feels like a lifetime, I finally get some relief and slowly open my eyes.
I am on the floor of a very strange-looking room. There are all sorts of different objects around me that I have never before seen nor imagined. I don’t know which to examine first. I decide to start with the strangest of them all- my new, human body.
My new fingers are no longer short and knobby; but long and slender. I keep clenching and unclenching them, mesmerized – trying to get a feel of how they work. I’m now anxious to see the rest of myself.
With difficulty, I get to my feet and make my way towards a shiny, square object on the wall. My new body is difficult to maneuver. It feels too heavy.
My reflection takes me by surprise.
“Leaping mud toads!” I shout.
I can’t believe that this is me. An entirely new creature. A… human.
I lean in closer to the shiny glass. I am not sure that I like this human form. My skin is a sort of cream color, while my hair is a pale yellow. They’re both way too dull-looking. I already miss the bright blue and yellow combination of my pixie form.
Also, the human nose is too big, the body too bulky, and the eyes too small; and worst of all, it has no wings. The back of the human looks depressingly bare without these two magnificent parts.
Then, remembering that I am stuck with this new body forever, I try to find some positives. I open my mouth and realize that the human has clean, white teeth; much unlike the often greenish and grimy-looking ones of us blue pixies. Its body also seems quite strong; so that it won’t be tossed around by the wind, like my frail pixie body used to be.
Maybe I can get used to it… eventually.
I suddenly begin to feel hungry, and remember that I haven’t eaten all day. I was too nervous.
I finally tear my eyes away from my reflection. It is time to pay attention to my surroundings and try to find the place where humans keep their food. The witch pixie says that it is called the kitchen, and the food is kept in a cold box, called a ref… I can’t remember. The name is too long.
We blue pixies have no special room for just food. We eat our nectar anywhere.
I look around the room that I am in. It is obviously a small sitting room; because, even though there are many things that I do not recognize, I see couches and chairs. I decide to go through the entryway to my left.
This room has to be the kitchen because, straight away, I recognize the fruits on the table, in the center. But where is the… refrigerator? I remember the name now!
I know that I can just eat the fruits, but I am curious to see all of the different types of food that humans eat.
I finally locate the tall, hard, white box, and hastily open it. There are so many unimaginable food stacked in there that I don’t know where to start. I grab something in a red wrapper, marked chocolate. The moment the brown substance touches my lips, I feel a rush of excitement. I have never tasted anything so incredibly sweet and delicious. I gobble down the entire square, then scavenge through the refrigerator for more treats. The soda and donuts are amazing as well.
But I soon discover that not everything that humans eat are tasty. Some are downright awful- like this green, leafy stuff, and something in a jar, marked mayonnaise.
By the time I close the refrigerator, my stomach is so full that it hurts to even walk.

I slowly drag myself back to the small living room and collapse on an unusually long chair.
It is not as comfortable as my grass bed or leaf hammock, but it will have to do. I am too tired to find a more comfortable place. It has been a long day; and transforming into an entirely new species is draining on the body.

Chapter 19

The rays of morning sunlight, shining through the windows, wake me. I sit up with a start and look around the small sitting room. It takes a few moments for me to remember where and what I am- a­ human, in the human world.
Then, I am struck by the realization that I had been sleeping since early yesterday morning. My body must have really needed the rest.
Now, I have to find a way to make it to school- like the witch pixie told me to. I hope that I am not too late.

Upstairs, I find some of the clothes that the humans use to cover their bodies. They are arranged in boxes, labelled: top half, bottom half, feet and head. I choose the brightest colors from each box and put them on.
When I am finished, I examine myself in the full-length glass on the wall and smile. These clothes look amazing on me!
I am wearing a pink, frilly thing on my bottom half, with a thick, blue thing underneath, that I had to squeeze both of my legs into; and on my top half, I have on a thick, purple covering that is held together by round, silver circles running down the center.
On my feet are a pair of high, yellow rubber things. Finally, on my head, I placed a very wide, green cover; because I saw it on a human in one of the witch pixie’s pictures.

Chapter 20

I step outside and an intense heat overtakes me. The bright morning sun and these clothes are a torturous combination. I don’t know how these humans do it every day.
However, I soon forget about my discomfort, as I become intrigued by the large objects that are zooming past me on the smooth, black pathway. The witch pixie showed me pictures of these box-like things, and said that they were called vehicles. But the pictures did not do them justice. They did not showcase all of the vehicles’ complicated and magnificent features; and they definitely did not show the speed at which they moved.
These must be the humans’ substitute for wings. I think to myself.
I stand, transfixed, for a long time, before remembering that I am supposed to be on my way to school.
I wish that I could travel in one of the vehicles; but the witch pixie said that my school was within walking distance.
Just step outside of the house, turn right, and keep walking until you see a lot of young humans. These were her exact words.
I take a deep breath and begin to walk.
The humans that I pass along the way all stare at me, curiously. Some look downright stunned. I am not sure why, though; but I suspect that it is because of my clothes. The other humans’ clothes are much simpler and duller than mines.
There are a few human kids walking in front of me. They look smaller than I am, but I follow them nonetheless. They must be going to school as well.

The kids turn into a yard, filled with many other small, loud kids. This must be school.
Feeling relieved to have found it, I follow the kids to the door of the large house.
An elderly human woman stops me at the door.
“Are you dropping someone off?” she asks, kindly.
“No. I’m here to start school.”
The woman looks surprised. Then her expression suddenly becomes stern.
“Please leave before I call the police!” she says.
I have no idea what the ‘police’ is. But her anger tells me that they are not something that I want to see.
“Please.” I say, frantically. “I-I don’t want to cause any trouble. I just want to find my school.”
The elderly woman looks at me more closely, squinting her beady eyes.
“You do look quite young.” she says, finally. “But not young enough for this school. This is elementary level. Are you new around here?”
“Y-yes.” I say, feeling relieved that she was no longer angry.
“Well, there is a high school further down the street, for teenagers like you. Maybe that’s the school that you’re looking for.”
As I walk away, I hear the woman say something to herself about me being strange; and I start to feel discouraged.
I don’t want to be strange. I need to be cool and fit in- like the witch pixie says I should.

Chapter 21

It doesn’t take very long for me to reach the gates of the other school. I know that it is the right place, because there is a sign hanging from the gate, marked ‘Grace Crescent High School’; and the yard is filled with humans that are my size.
They are not yelling and running about, happily, like the smaller humans, at the first school. These bunch are just standing around in groups, talking to each other and looking grumpy.
I stand there, staring at them, afraid to go in. I seem to have forgotten all that the witch pixie had told me to do upon arriving at school. Fear suddenly overwhelms me, and all I want to do is turn around and run back to the house.
I don’t think that I have it in me to approach these human kids. I don’t know anything about them really- apart from the little that the witch pixie told me about their hobbies, like: surfing something called the internet, watching TV, talking on the phone and playing video games.
I feel fresh sweat dripping down my forehead, and my palms feel wet too. I don’t know if it is because of the clothes or my nerves.
Then, there is a sharp, loud, fleeting sound; and the kids start to make their way into the building.
Good. I think to myself. I’ll wait until they’ve all gone inside, before I enter.
I walk around the empty corridors, looking for a door marked ‘The principal’s office’. That is where the witch pixie told me to go first.
Now inside, the heat from the clothes is not so bad. There seems to be something making the air cool.
Finally, I see it, right at the top of a long corridor.
I knock gingerly on the large, wooden door; and, almost immediately, a deep voice says “Come in.”

“Your transcripts are all great!” the principal says, excitedly. He is a tall, dark-skinned human man. “I see that you were a top student, academically, and a star athlete.”
“Thank you, sir.”
I feel bad about lying to him. But I try to remember that I am doing this for the greater good.
“But,” says the principal, frowning now. “I need to see a parent or guardian, before I can admit you.”
“I- I live with my grandmother.” I say. I have her telephone number. “You can call her.”
The witch pixie had given me a number to give to the principal, so that he can contact my pretend grandmother- which would actually be the witch pixie talking.
“Alright. Give it to me.” The principal says.
As I call out the number, he presses into a strange-looking device, then puts the handle to his ear and mouth.
“Good day.” The principal says, after a moment. “Is this the grandmother of Kris Matthew?”
He listens for a response.
“Good. Well, as per school policy,” the principal continues, “we need for you- his guardian- to come in and speak with us before we can admit him.”
Another pause.
“No. We can’t just speak over the phone.”
The principal’s tone is getting crisper. He seems annoyed.
“I understand that you are a busy woman, Mrs. Matthew, but rules are rules.”
The longer I sit listening to the phone conversation, the more nervous I get. It did not seem as if I was going to make it into school without a guardian; and I had no idea where I was going to get one. The entire plan seemed to be falling apart before me.
The principal suddenly bellows, “It is not a stupid rule! It’s quite reasonable actually!”
“Well then, I will just send your kid home until you can find the time, in your busy schedule, to come in! Goodbye Mrs.-”
But before the principal can finish his statement, there is a flash of blue through the telephone, and a dazed look comes over his face.
Then, to my even greater surprise, the principal says, in an odd, high-pitched voice, “No worries, Mrs. Matthew. This phone conversation is quite sufficient. I will register your grandson right away.”

Chapter 22

As soon as I step into the classroom (as the principal calls it), there is an explosion of laughter.
I look around. The kids are lined up in rows behind desks and are all pointing and staring at me. But I have no idea why.
Then, one girl, with almost-white hair says “Just look at those hideous clothes!”
And another girl, with black, curly hair, says “Are you color blind?”
Then an exceptionally large boy says “Is there a snow storm outside?”
“That’s enough!” says the adult human at the front of the class. “Students, get back to your work!”
The kids reluctantly lower their heads back to their desks, and begin to write. The adult human then turns to me and beckons me to her, with a wave of her hand.
I don’t move. I feel very embarrassed and self-conscious. All I want to do now is turn around, go through the door, and straight back to the house.
But the teacher begins to wave me over more vigorously.
I walk towards her very slowly, with my head low- so that I don’t cause any more attention to myself.
Finally, I reach her desk. She looks considerably old from this close up, with streaks of white running through her dark hair. But what catches me most is the pair of peculiar glass circles that she is wearing over her eyes.
“I’m Mrs. Trotman.” she says, smiling kindly. “Your Math teacher.”
“What’s that?” I say.
“What’s what, dear?”
“Math.” I say.
The teacher looks completely bewildered. “You don’t know what math is?”
I realize, at that moment, that math must be something very commonplace in the human world; so, I decide not to press it further.
“I was just joking.” I lie, with an awkward chuckle.
The teacher looks slightly relieved and chuckles as well.
“Well then.” she says. “You should find a seat, Mr…”
“Ahh… Kris Matthew.” I say, almost forgetting the name that the witch pixie had given me.
“Before you sit, Kris.” she says, looking uncomfortable now. “I suggest that you go to the bathroom and remove a few layers of clothing, so that you don’t get a heat stroke.”

Chapter 23

Back in the classroom (minus my head wear and pink bottom), I soon find out that math is the most complicated thing that I have ever encountered in my entire life. It seems to be a mixture of numbers, shapes and all sorts of bizarre symbols.
In Pixie Land, we learn to count; and that is as far as our math goes.
I look around at the other kids and see that they are writing on flat, white sheets, using thin, pointed pieces of wood. I have none of the two.
Mustering the courage, I lightly tap the shoulder of the person in front of me- a boy with red hair.
He turns around and glares at me.
“C-can I borrow something to write with. A-and to write on?” I say, nervously.
A frown comes across the boy’s face.
“You mean a pencil and paper?”
“Ah, yes.” I say. “I guess so.”
The boy rolls his eyes and turns back around. A few seconds later, he passes the objects over his shoulder.
“Thank you.”
“Whatever, freak.” the boy replies, gruffly.
The pencil feels extremely awkward in my hands. In Pixie Land, we write with our fingers, dipped in flower petal ink, on pieces of wood.
The boy in front of me suddenly turns around and glances down at my paper. He skins up his nose at the scribbles that I’ve managed to write.
“You really are a freak!” he says, loudly. “You can’t even write!”
The heads of the other human kids, nearby, turn in my direction.
“Maybe he should be in Special Ed!” exclaims another boy; and there is an outburst of laughter from the others.
I cast the pencil aside and lower my head. I am used to being laughed at, back in Pixie Land, for my wild ideas and contrary thinking; but, somehow, this feels worse. Maybe it is because I had hoped for a fresh start with these new species- to finally fit in. Or maybe it is because I know that the success of this very important plan depends so much on me being liked.
The laughter continues, even after the teacher gets up out of her seat and shouts at the top of her lungs for quiet. It goes on and on until a loud, ringing sound comes through the wall, and everyone gets up and leaves.

Next, I have what they call gym class. I hope that it is much easier than math, and that I am better welcomed.
I have already changed into the clothes that the gym teacher gave to me; and now, I push open the door marked ‘auditorium’.
I am relieved to see that all of the other human kids are dressed like me. Now, at least, they can’t make fun of me because of my clothes. There are about twenty of them; and they all turn to look at me as I walk across the large, shiny floor towards them.
“Everyone, this is Kris.” says the round-bellied teacher, as he puts his arm around my shoulders. “He’s a new student.”
No one says anything. There are just a few inaudible grumbles here and there from the boys. But the girls are looking at me strangely. They’re giggling and batting their eyelashes. I think that they like me.
But why? Is it the change of clothes?
Then, I remember the witch pixie saying that she would make me into a handsome human, to help with my popularity.
I smile back at the girls, and they giggle some more. This feels good.
Then, suddenly, the teacher pulls me away from everyone.
“The principal tells me that you’re a great athlete.” He says, grinning. “Do you play basketball?”
I remember the name. It is one of the sports that the witch pixie told me to play. But she never taught me how.
Still, I don’t want to say ‘no’ and miss my chance of getting on the team. I figure that I will get the hang of it after I’ve seen it played a few times.
“Yes.” I lie. “I can play.”
“Great!” says the teacher, beaming. “Tall as you are, you’ll do great on the team.”
He bends down and picks up a round, orange object and throws it to me.
“Good catch! Let’s go play.”
“N-now?” I say, my heart beating rapidly.
“Sure.” says the coach. He is already signaling some of the boys over towards us. “I wanna see what you’ve got.”
“Oh no.” I say, under my breath.
I wasn’t expecting to play so soon. I have no idea what to do.

I am lying face down on the cold, hard, gym floor. There is wild laughter all around me.
“What an idot!” shouts some of the human kids.
I shouldn’t have tried to play this stupid game, called basketball. I should have made up an excuse to get out of it.
First of all, I had no idea what to do with the circular, orange thing. Some of the boys kept yelling for me to pass it to them. But when I stretched out my hand to give it to one of them, another boy ran in between and grabbed it; which made some of the boys mad at me.
Then, they wanted me to try to get the orange thing into a netted circle, hanging from a high pole. I didn’t even come close.
Finally, one of the boys got so frustrated that he flung the orange thing hard into my face; and I toppled onto the floor, where I still lay- too ashamed and afraid to get up.
Finally, the teacher grabs my hands and pulls me up.
“I thought you said that you could play, Kris.” He says, looking disappointed.
I don’t reply. I turn and head straight for the door. The other kids begin to laugh even louder.
“Is he really running away!?” They say. “What a wimp!”
I don’t stop running until I am out of the school building. Then, I make my way back to the house.
Chapter 24

I don’t normally cry; but a day like what I just had calls for tears- even from a boy.
I feel like I have let everyone down. I was supposed to do one thing today- try to make people like me. But I couldn’t. Everyone thinks that I’m some stupid wierdo. They will never listen to what I have to say now, about pixies being real; which means that my family is doomed, and I permanently transformed into a human for nothing.
There is a sudden, loud popping sound. I turn over swiftly on the bed, where I had been burying my head under a pillow. The witch pixie is hovering over my head, wearing a big grin.
“You’re a bit late, don’t you think!” I say, angrily.
The witch pixie frowns. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
I sit up on the bed, in a rage. “I already blew it today at school! The plan is over!”
The witch pixie plops down unto the bed. “Alright, calm down.” she says. “Tell me what happened today.”
“They all hate me!” I say. “The clothes that I picked out were a mess. And I made a fool of myself at basketball!”
The witch pixie puts her hands on her hips. “I don’t see what your troubles today had to do with me!” she says, defensively. “I prepared you as best I could.”
“Because you weren’t there! Maybe if you had come to me before I started school, you could have picked out better clothes for me. And maybe even given me a lesson on basketball.”
“Well, how was I supposed to know that you were gonna play basketball on your first day of school?”
I can’t believe how unapologetic she is. I’m even angrier now.
“Because it’s your plan!” I roar, flinging a pillow at her.
The witch pixie magically stops the pillow in midair and throws it back at me. It hits me surprisingly hard on the head.
The witch pixie suddenly plops down onto my nose; so that my eyes cross trying to keep her in view. Her face is red with anger; and, at that moment, my own anger is replaced with fear.
“Let’s try to remember who is the more powerful one here!” She says, through gritted teeth. “So, think twice before you start throwing things.”
I dare not say anything. The witch pixie glares at me for a while longer, then flies up into the air, to hover over my head.
“Look.” she says, more calmly. “We can still fix this. All is not doomed.”
“H-how?” I say, still a little frightened.
“Magically, of course. I can confound the minds of all those who saw you today.”
“Confound? What does that mean?”
“It means that I can make them remember or forget anything that I want.” Says the witch pixie. “I can make them forget all about the stupid things that you did today, and make them remember you being cool- perfect outfit, smooth personality, awesome ball player, anything.”
“Can you really do that?” I say, excitedly.
“Of course I can!” the witch pixie shrugs.
“So why didn’t you say all of this before?” I say.
“Because you never asked, did you? Plus, confounding is not good for the brain. So I don’t like to make a habit of it.”
The witch pixie flies closer to me, her face serious. “This means that you’re gonna have to work very hard to get your act together and be cool on your own.”

Chapter 25

It is time for school again. The witch pixie spent all afternoon yesterday preparing me to be cool. She thought me the walk and the talk. She even assorted outfits for me to wear every day for the rest of the month.
As for basketball, the witch pixie made me watch it on the big black box in the living room. I haven’t quite gotten it yet, but it seems quite interesting. I’ll have to watch and practice a lot more.
But best of all, the witch pixie gave me one of those big, shiny vehicles that I saw yesterday. A red one, without a roof. A convertible, she calls it. The witch pixie bewitched it so that it moves on its own. It even speaks.
“You’ve arrived at your destination, Kris.” it now says, as it moves smoothly into the school yard.
I am careful to keep my hand on the wheel in front of me, like the witch pixie instructed, until it comes to a complete stop- so that people will think that I am controlling it.
Many of the students stop what they are doing and stare.
“Sweet ride!” says one boy, approaching the car. “How can a kid afford something like this?”
“His parents must be filthy rich!” I hear someone else say.
As I step out of the convertible and walk towards the school building, all eyes seem to follow me - especially the girls. They are tripping over each other to get a better look.
“He is soo hot!” I hear some whisper.
I lift the dark glasses thingy from over my eyes -that the witch pixie made me wear- and smile back at some of the girls. They blush.
Today seems like it’s going to be a much better day. I think to myself.
Chapter 26

About three weeks have passed, and things are going great. The lessons and homework were hurting my head, so the witch pixie visited me two nights ago and bewitched my brain to absorb information a lot better; because she didn’t want my poor grades to get in the way of me making the sports teams and becoming popular.
But she needn’t have worried. Everyone loves me now, and I haven’t even made any sports teams yet. I’m friends with mainly the popular kids. They think that I’m cool like them and rich- because of the convertible.
It didn’t come easy acting and talking cool. I had to watch a lot of what they call movies, on the big box at my house. Then I just imitated what the seemingly cool people did.
But it’s the girls that like me most; and I love them just the same- especially one named Michelle. She is the cutest human girl in school, and what they call a cheerleader. It is because of her that I decided to join the football team, instead of basketball- so that I can be around her more often.
I hope that the witch pixie won’t mind the change. A sport is a sport, right?
I am catching on quickly, but I still don’t completely have the hang of it yet. However, the coach likes my body built, and has decided to train me three days a week, after school.
Right now, I am on my way to practice.
“Hey, Kris.” Some cheerleaders say, as I walk across the football field. They are in the middle of practice.
I stop and wave. “Hey ladies.” I say, in the deepest, coolest voice that I can muster.
They all giggle. But my eyes are fixed on Michelle. She is staring back at me with a small smile on her face. After a moment or two, she turns back to her friends.
I walk off, grinning. I think she likes me.

Football practice is over, and I am making my way to the locker room.
To my surprise, I see Michelle sitting alone on the benches.
This might finally be my chance to talk to her. I think to myself; because she is almost always surrounded by groups of girls.
But what do I say?
Almost everything that I learned from tv, about approaching human girls, seems to have vanished from my head. But, if I don’t do this now, I know that I am going to regret it.
With my heart pounding, I take a deep breath and walk over to the benches. Michelle smiles when she sees me coming, and that makes me feel a little more confident.
I take a seat next to her.
“Hi.” I say; and I am mortified that my voice is trembling.
“Hi, Kris.” Michelle says, brightly.
“You know my name?” I say, in surprise; because she never really seemed to pay much attention to me before.
Michelle chuckles. “Everyone knows your name, Kris. You’re Mr. Popular, afterall.”
I try to stop myself from blushing; but I already feel my face getting hot.
“Michelle, I-I wanted to ask… I mean… my friend Bob is having a party this weekend and-”
“Oh, yeah!” Michelle exclaims. “The captain of the football team, right?”
“Ahh, yeah.”
“My girls and I are going. It should be awesome!”
“Yeah. Definitely.” I say, feeling disappointed.
I wanted to invite Michelle as my date; but I should have known that she would have already been invited - since she´s so beautiful and popular. And she´s going with her friends, so that leaves me out.
“I guess I’ll see you there then.” I say, trying to sound cheerful.
“I guess so.” Michelle says.
I get to my feet right after, and make my way down the steps.
“Bye.” I mumble, over my shoulder.
Maybe I should have stayed for a bit more conversation; but, for some reason, it is hard for me to be around her. Pixie girls are much easier to handle. Human girls are much more confident and terrifying.

Chapter 27

I arrive at the party on Saturday night, with one thing in my mind. To see Michelle. But she doesn’t seem to be here as yet.
“Come on, Kris!” says Bob, slapping me on the back. He much bigger than I am, so it hurts. “You can’t just slouch around at my party. Loosen up and have some fun, man!”
Even though I don’t feel much for having fun, since I am disappointed about not seeing Michelle as yet, I don’t want to lose the cool reputation that I have worked so hard to build.
So, I say “Sure man, let’s do this!”
We leave the crowded kitchen, with cups of juice in our hands, and go into the even more crowded living room.
Then, the next thing I know, I am in the middle of the dance floor, dancing like crazy, dripping with sweat and spilling juice everywhere. I also feel very light- headed and everything seems hazy. I am not sure why this is happening; but I sort of like the feeling.
Then, I see her. Michelle is standing by herself, in a corner of the living room. This is my chance! I have to go over and talk to her!
I try to walk across the dance floor, but my legs are not working properly, and I stumble a lot. What was in those drinks?
I finally make it over to Michelle. She looks up at me, and I am in awe. She is soo beautiful, with her long, jet-black hair and blue eyes. Her face reminds me of my ex-fiancé.
Ex fiancé. It just hits me that I was almost married not more than a month ago. It seems like forever.
“Hi, Kris.” Michelle says, smiling. “Having fun?”
“I would be having even more fun if I were dancing with you.”
I don’t know what has come over me; but I suddenly feel a lot more confident.
Michelle chuckles. “Sure. I wouldn’t mind dancing with you.”
I can’t believe my luck. I take her hands and we make our way back onto the dance floor.
Michelle and I dance all throughout the night- with me whispering in her ears how much I like her. Then, when it is time to leave, she leans in and kisses me gently on the lips. I am in such bliss that a tear even falls from my eyes.

Chapter 28

I wake up the next morning with a pounding headache. Those drinks must have really done some damage to me. And I still don’t know what was in them.
But then I smile, despite the pain, as I remember Michelle’s kiss. I can’t believe that she likes me too. I must be the luckiest human boy in school.
Suddenly, there is a loud, popping sound; and the witch pixie appears at the bottom of my bed. She looks mad.
My cheery feeling comes to an abrupt end.
“Where were you last night!” she shouts. “I came here looking for you!”
“I was at a party.” I say, holding my aching head.
“Are you drunk?” demands the witch pixie.
“What’s that?”
“It’s when you drink too much alcohol.”
“What is alcohol?”
“A very bad substance that makes you lose your mind!”
“What?” I say, in shock. “I’m losing my mind?”
The witch pixie sighs. “Never mind.”
“Why are you mad at me anyway? You were the one that told me to make friends and become popular.”
“Yes. But not so much fun that you forget what your mission is.”
“I won’t forget!” I say, feeling annoyed.
But truthfully, the mission has not been on my mind as much recently. With football practice, my new friends and Michelle, it has sort of taken a step down.
“I don’t believe you!” says the witch pixie. Her hair suddenly shoots on end and begins to twirl wildly all about her. “This is how all of the other blue pixies got distracted in the human world. By having too much fun!”
I’m beginning to feel angry now; which causes my headache to intensify.
“Listen to yourself!” I say. “How can I become popular and worthy of a listening ear if I don’t go to the parties that I’m invited to? And if I go to a party, I need to have fun. Otherwise, no one will want to be around me.”
The witch pixie is momentarily silent- seemingly lost for words; and I smile inwardly. She knows that I’m right.
“Well,” the witch pixie finally says. How is basketball practice been going, at least?”
“Oh, I don’t play basketball anymore.” I say, without thinking.
“I play football instead.” I add quickly, trying to pacify her.
But, instead of getting angry, the witch pixie just looks confused. “I don’t understand. Is football easier to catch on to?”
“Sort of.” I say, thinking that it might not be wise to tell her about Michelle; since she might just see her as another distraction. In fact, I shouldn’t have admitted to changing sports at all.
The witch pixie is tilting her head to the side and squinting her eyes at me. “This is because of a girl, isn’t it?”
“No! Of course not!” I lie. “I-I just like football better. That’s all.”
But the witch pixie is still looking at me, suspiciously.
“Well,” she says, folding her arms. “If you’re telling the truth, then you wouldn’t mind me performing a truth spell on you… right?”
I pause- unsure of what to say to get myself out of this unexpected situation. I can’t possibly take a truth spell, because I am lying. But if I refuse it, then I will seem suspicious.
“Ahh… what happens during a truth spell?” I say, trying to stall for time to think.
“Well,” the witch pixie begins, smirking. “I just say a simple spell, before asking you a question. If you’re telling the truth, then you have nothing to worry about, because nothing will happen. But if you’re not, then… Well, let’s just say that you’ll be in big trouble.”
“What kind of trouble?” I say, nervously.
“That depends.” The witch pixie shrugs, still smirking.
“On what?”
“On how serious the lie is. Punishments can range from a simple tummy ache to you turning into a completely different specimen for the rest of your life. Like maybe an ugly, slimy toad.”
My throat suddenly feels very dry. Is my lie big enough for me to be turned into a frog forever? I can’t risk it!
“Alright, alright.” I blurt out. “There is a girl.”
“I knew it!” says the witch pixie, angrily. “How could you get involved with a girl, at a time like this?”
“I didn’t plan for it. It just… happened.”
“It just happened?! You having a girlfriend just happened!?”
The witch pixie’s hair has begun to swing about again.
“She’s not my girlfriend. I-I just sort of like her.”
That was a great understatement of my feelings for Michelle, because I am absolutely obsessed with her. But, of course, I can’t tell the witch pixie that. She is already in such a rage that I am afraid that she might turn me into a toad on the spot.
“You only sorta like her?!” the witch pixie bellows; and I find myself trembling beneath her. “Yet you’re willing to change our entire plan because of her! A plan that could save the world!”
“I-I didn’t change the plan.” I say, timidly. “I-I just changed sports. The plan is still intact, and I’ll become even more popular with her. I-I don’t see the big deal.”
“The big deal is that this girl was important enough for you to change a part of our plan- no matter how small it is! Next thing you know, you won’t want to do the plan at all.”
“That’s not going to happen!” I shout back. “I know how important this mission is! I care about the pixies in Pixie Land too, you know- especially my family!”
The witch pixie silently examines my face for a while, breathing heavily. She then folds her arms again.
“Well, if this girl is not that important to you, then stop talking to her.”
“You heard me, Pris. I don’t want you to have anything to do with this girl ever again.”
“B-but I told you. She can make me even more popular.”
“We don’t need her.” The witch pixie says, firmly. “I need to be sure that the mission still come first for you.”
I can’t believe the tough choice that the witch pixie is forcing me to make. I’ll be heartbroken if I can’t be with Michelle. On the other hand, the world needs me. I have to create peace and prevent the on-coming war.
But I still believe that I can do both. So, I decide to lie to the witch pixie, to get her off of my back.
“I promise. I won’t see her anymore.”
“Good!” the witch pixie exclaims, right away. Then she smiles, slyly, before adding “And just to be on the safe side, I’m putting a promise-breaker spell on you. That way, if you even so much as look in this girl’s direction, you will feel an excruciating pain throughout your entire body.”
My heart sinks. I can’t believe that I have to give up Michelle for real.
Chapter 29

It is Monday morning, after school, and I am alone in the boys’ locker room.
I lingered behind, while the other guys went out onto the field for football practice.
Michelle will surely be out there for cheerleading practice; and I can’t face her- literally. According to the witch pixie, I’ll feel excruciating pain if I do.
But it is not so much the physical pain that I am worried about; but the heartache. I really like Michelle. More than I’ve ever liked any girl- even my ex fiancé. So I just know that I’ll be crushed to see her, knowing that I have to let her go.
But I have to go out there. I have to be on the football team, in order maintain my popularity.
Sitting on a bench, in the dark room, I remind myself of my mission. I have to become relevant so that I can warn the humans of the upcoming war. I have to do it for my family and all of Pixie Land. They are more important than Michelle… Right?
“Right.” I say firmly, answering my own question. Then I finally muster the courage to get to my feet and leave the locker room.
As usual, the cheerleaders are spread out across the front of the vast field. I have to walk through them, in order to get to the back, where the footballers are.
I have barely gotten through the gate, when I hear the cheerleaders excitedly calling out my name. I give a quick wave, while keeping my gaze down to the grass. I walk past the last line of giggling cheerleaders, without so much as a glimpse of Michelle. I am both relieved and disappointed at the same time. Although I want to avoid the pain, from the spell, I miss seeing her pretty face.
Suddenly, I feel a gentle touch on my shoulder, immediately accompanied by a pain that brings me to my knees.
“Are you alright, Kris?” I hear Michelle say. She sounds frightened; but she is no longer touching me, and the pain disappears as quickly as it came.
“I’m fine.” I snap, getting to my feet. I can’t be nice to her. I need her to leave me alone, for good.
“I-I just wanted to say, hi.” She says. I can tell that she is surprised by my harsh response; but I don’t dare to turn around and face her- in case the unbearable pain comes back.
“Well, you’ve said it!” I snap again, already walking away.
“Kris, wait!” Michelle says, frantically.
I stop, with my back still turned to her.
“Did I do something wrong? Because I thought that you and I had something… at the party.”
“Well, you thought wrong, Michelle. I just wanted to see what it felt like to kiss you. That’s all.”
Then I walk off, quickly, before she has a chance to respond.
Chapter 30

It has been a week since I broke it off with Michelle, on the football field, and I can barely cope. I never knew that a break-up could hurt so bad. I can barely eat, or drink, or concentrate on anything.
I haven’t even been to football practice all week; because I don’t want to risk running into her. So, on top of all this heartache, I’m afraid that they will soon get frustrated and kick me off of the team.
If that happens, there is no other sport for me to turn to. It is too far into the season for the basketball team to take me. I’ll be doomed. My popularity will be completely diminished.
This makes me realize just how silly the witch pixie is. If she had just let me continue to date Michelle, everything would have been just fine. My spot on the football team, as well as my popularity, would have been secure.
I am so consumed in my misery that I don’t look where I am going; and I bump hard into someone, sending their books crashing to the floor.
“I’m so sorry.” I say, over and over again, as I scramble to gather the books.
When I finally rise up to hand the books back to their owner, I am greeted by a bright smile from Kassi Lewis- the second prettiest girl in school. She has long, flaming-red hair, hazel eyes and the deepest dimples that I have ever seen.
“I-I’m sorry, Kassi.”
She chuckles. “You said that already, Kris.”
“Oh, right. I’m sorry- argh!”
Kassi laughs again.
“I can’t believe that the hottest guy in school is blushing!” she says, playfully. “I guess that means you like me.”
I’m so surprised that she thinks I’m the hottest guy in school. I thought that she was going out with Drew Douglas- head of the basketball team. All of the girls seem to think that he’s pretty cute.
“What if I do like you?” I say, trying desperately to regain my smooth composure.
A cool guy should never appear nervous around a girl. That’s what I read in a book, from the house, called ‘How to be a cool Guy.’
“Well, if you like me, then maybe you should ask me out on a date.” Kassi says, smiling.
I’m shocked. I had no idea that Kassi liked me. She had never shown any signs. But I would love to go on a date with her.
But then I think of the witch pixie and, right away, my excitement dies. She would go bezzerk if I started dating Kassi- no matter how much I try to convince her that it would not get in the way of the mission.
A frown comes upon Kassi’s face as she awaits my response.
“Kassi, I-”
I was about to make up an excuse, about why we can’t date. But then I think. How would the witch pixie know? She only found about Michelle because I came home drunk from the party and blurted everything out. If I am more careful this time around, everything should be fine.
“Look, Kris. If you don’t want to go out with me, that’s fine.” Kassi says, looking disappointed. “I’ll just see you around.”
Then, she turns to walk away.
“Wait!” I say, quickly. “How about we go get something to eat on Saturday?”
Kassi turns back around with a big smile on her face; and my heart does a leap in my chest.
“I’d like that.” She says.
Chapter 31

Kassi and I have been going out for about a month now, and it’s been great. She is so funny and smart, and she makes me really happy.
I’ve forgotten all about Michelle. I still, however, have to be careful not to look in her direction, as I pass by the cheerleaders on my way to football practice- since the spell from the witch pixie is probably still in effect.
I’ve finally been made a member of the football team; and I’m now officially the most popular boy in school. At least, that’s what it said in the school bulletin last week. All I know is that I have more friends than I can count now, and they’re always inviting me to the coolest parties and on the greatest adventures.
This human land is amazing! I’ve driven motorcycles, ridden on boats, and played tons of crazy video games. But my favorite thing is to watch what they call movies, at a place called the move theater. They show the most amazing things there, on this huge screen. My mouth always hangs open, in awe, during the entire thing.
So, the witch pixie was wrong. I can have a girlfriend and fun, and still fulfill the mission. Like they say here in human land ‘I can have my cake and eat it too.’ I just have to start telling my friends about Pixie Land; which is what I am about to do now.
A group of us, including Kassi, are seated around a large table, in the cafeteria, for lunch. They are all talking about a surprise party that we a planning for one of my team mate’s birthday; and everyone wants to give some sort of input into the discussion. It is a loud mess.
I’m so nervous that I can’t eat the food in front of me, and my hands are shaking. I don’t know how to talk about pixies and Pixie Land, without sounding completely stupid or crazy. During my time here, I’ve realized just how closed-minded humans are about things that are outside of the ordinary- outside of their own world.
But, as much as I would love to, I can’t delay any longer. The witch pixie has really started to pressure me; and I’m afraid that she might lose patience and put a curse on me. Plus, my friends and I not usually gathered in this big of a group- unless, of course, we are at a party or some other big event. And who wants to talk about serious matters when they’re having fun?
I clear my throat. No one around the table hears me. They all continue to talk and laugh.
I clear my throat louder and a few of them stop and turn to me. Then, it only takes a few moments for the others to give me their attention as well.
I swallow hard. “So, what do you guys think about pixies?”
No one speaks. They are all looking at me as if I had spoken in a strange language.
“What do you mean?” Someone finally says.
I swallow again. “I mean, do you believe that they exist?”
“What are you talking about, babe?” says Kassi, from beside me.
The boy across from me chuckles, awkwardly. “Yeah, Kris.” He says. “Have you been watching too much kids’ films over the weekend or something?”
The others laugh.
I look over at Kassi. She he looks embarrassed.
At that moment, I realize just how futile it would be to continue. They would laugh me to scorn, and Kassi would leave me. I can’t risk it. Not right now. I need a little more time.
And so, I join in the laughter. “Yeah dude.” I say. “How stupid are those films, right?”
At that, they laugh louder. But they are laughing with me this time; not at me. Even Kassi joins in, as she leans against my shoulder.
“You’re so funny babe.” She whispers in my ear; and my heart does a back flip.

Chapter 32

“What do you mean you couldn’t go through with it?!”
“It’s not as easy as you think! These humans need time for things like this!”
The witch pixie’s face turns its usual angry shade of purple as she slams her fist on the kitchen table.
“You’re really going to sit there and try to tell me about the humans!? I’ve been examining them long before you were even dreamt of to be born! And I’ve actually lived with them, once upon a time. Remember?!”
“I didn’t mean it like that.” I say, trying to pacify the witch pixie. “It’s just… They laughed at me.”
The witch pixie stares at me, incredulously, for a while.
“They laughed at you?!” she finally says. “They laughed at you?!... Well, of course they did. They’re teenagers! They laugh at anything! And what did you do? Cry like a baby?”
I don’t like the fact that the witch pixie is making me feel stupid, and my anger starts to rise.
“Well, I didn’t think that they were prepared to take me seriously at the moment!” I snap.
“So then you make them take you seriously! That’s why you became the most popular boy in school. They would eventually come around to anything that you say.”
“But what if it makes me lose my popularity?”
I didn’t mean to say that. It just came out. And the witch pixie looks very taken aback.
“Isn’t that a risk you’re willing to take?” she says, speaking in a normal tone for the first time. “I thought the plan was for you to become popular so that you could warm the humans and save… the world, basically… but now that you’ve gotten a taste of popularity, you don’t want to let it go, do you?”
“It’s not like that-”
“No! It’s exactly like that. I saw it happen to all of the others before you... I guess that I should be used to it by now. But for some reason, I had high hopes for you.”
I’m surprised to see tears fill the witch pixie’s eyes.
“I’m sorry. I-”
I was going to promise that I’d do a better job next time of convincing my friends. But I don’t want to lie to her. I know in my heart that there will not be a next time. The witch pixie is right – about everything. My popularity matters more to me than anything else.
“Maybe there won’t even be a war.” I say, looking down at the table instead of at her.
I hear her sniffle a little before saying “Oh, there will be a war. I’m sure of it. I just hope that you can forgive yourself when it happens, knowing that you did nothing to help stop it.”
Then I hear the flutter of tiny wings. I look up and see the witch pixie’s tiny, blue body and crazy white hair headed towards the kitchen door.
I begin to panic. I don’t want her to leave like this. She might never come back. And I don’t know if I can manage in the human world on my own.
“Witch pixie!” I shout, desperately.
She stops; but doesn’t turn around.
“My name is Matrisha.” She says. “And I just hope you remember that your name is Pris. Not Kris.”
Then she flies out of the door before I can think of anything else to say.

Chapter 33
One year later

I’m awaken by a loud bang. Then another one. They seem to be coming from outside.
I scramble out of bed and dash over to the window just in time to see a plane fall from the sky, unto the house directly across from mines.
The street is instantly engulfed in smoke and soot. People are scrambling frantically to and from, screaming at the top of their lungs.
I turn my gaze left, then right. A few other houses lie in ruins, and vehicles are being upturned before my very eyes, by a seemingly invisible force. It is pure and utter chaos.
I must be dreaming!
I slap myself hard in the face and, to my dismay, it hurts; so I know that I’m awake.
What is going on?
I stand frozen to the spot, at a loss for what to do.
As the second go by, more and more houses fall to the ground; which finally prompts me to run of the house as fast as I can, before it crashes down on me.
I dash out of the bedroom and down the stairs. But I come to an abrupt halt in the living room. Hovering over the front door, is the witch pixie. I had very rarely thought about her over the past year. My life had been so busy and full of excitement that even the plan and pixie land itself had been forgotten. So it is an utter shock to see her in front of me.
She looks exactly as I remembered; except, right now, she is dirty all over with black soot. Her expression is murderous.
“This is all your fault!” she shouts, before I can even recover from the shock. “There is a war going on outside, all because you were too lazy to warn the humans!”
She pauses, as if for a response, but I stare at her, speechlessly.
“I tried to hold them off as long as I could.” She continues. “But they were too much for me.”
“B-but…” I say, finally finding my voice. “I didn’t see any blue pixies outside.”
“That’s because they made themselves invisible to humans!” the witch pixie says, flying closer to me. “So that they can have a better advantage over them.”
My head is spinning. “I-I don’t understand.”
“What’s there to understand!?” the witch pixie bellows. “The blue fairies are outside killing humans and there is nothing that we can do about it!”
“But there must be!” I say, as things finally start to sink in. “My pixie family is out there! And my human friends!”
“Your human friends! That’s all you care about! That’s what got us into this mess!”
“Please, Matrisha.” I say, frantically. “I have to help-”
There is another loud bang just outside of my door and I fall to the ground, with my hands folded over my head.
“We have to get out of here, now!” I scream, above the nose.
“Oh, calm down!” the witch pixie shouts back. “I already to put a charm on this house to protect it!”
I slowly remove my hands from my head and look up at her. She still looks cross, with her arms folded tightly. But at least her hair is not swinging anymore, and her face is not red.
“Why would you do that? Why would you try to protect me- after what I’ve done?”
The witch pixie appears a little taken aback. Then, she unfolds her arms as her expression softens, slightly.
“Well…” she says. “Although you are a selfish, unreliable jerk, I don’t want you dead, do I?”
She pauses for moment, then adds “At least not until you’ve seen the damage that you’ve caused.”
A pang of guilt pierces me and I get to my feet, with my head hung low.
After a moment of silent contemplation, I say “I can’t just stay here and do nothing… I’m ready to help now.”
“That’s what you said last time.” The witch pixie says, folding her arms once more. “Why should I believe you now?”
I think for a short while, then say “I- I don’t know. I just hope that you’ll give me another chance.”
The witch pixie squints her eyes at me before releasing a heavy sigh.
“Well…” she begins. “The only thing that I can think of is to find a try to get the blue pixies’ attention.”
“How do we do that?” I say, grateful for her forgiveness.
“By going on the big screen.” She says.
I look back at her, feeling totally confused.

Chapter 34

By ‘big screen’, the witch pixie meant the humongous TV on the tallest building in the town’s city.
She explained that if we got on TV and begged for mercy, the blue pixies might give up the war. But I don’t know if I believe this. The blue pixies are much too enraged. The extreme damage that they are causing proves that.
I am now standing in front of the entrance to the TV building, with the witch pixie hovering next to me. She is staring intently through the glass doors, while I can’t help but to look all around us. Almost all of the other buildings have been smashed into, and are barely standing. There are also countless upturned cars in the streets and persons are running, frantically, through heaps of rubble.
I try to make out any of my friends from school amongst the fleeing people. But I see none. I also keep my eyes peeled for flashes of blue, in the hopes of spotting at least one of my family members. But I know that this is pointless; since they are invisible, as the witch pixie says.
The witch pixie begins to chant something under her breath, as she raises her hands above her head.
When she is finished, she turns to me. “Look up.”
I do as she says, and I am shocked to see myself on the huge screen above us, as well as on the building across from us.
“W-what do I do?” I say, already beginning to tremble all over.
“You start begging for mercy.” She says.
A few of the people around us has slowed down their pace to look at me, on the screen. It is as if they are hoping for me to say something that will save them from their invisible attackers.
My heart begins to race out of control and it suddenly feels as if there is a rock in my throat.
“I-I don’t know what to say.” I whisper to the witch pixie. “W-what if I mess up and make things worse?”
“Do you want to help your human friends or not, Pris?” The witch pixie snaps. “And do you love your pixie family?”
“Of course I do.”
“Well, act like it! Speak from the heart! Show how desperate you are.”
At that, I close my eyes and swallow deeply. All around us has quieted, as if everyone is waiting to hear what I have to say.
“H-h-hello.” I begin.
My voice is trembling just as violently as my legs. I pause to gather my words. I need to say exactly the right thing; or I might make things worse.
“I-I just wanted to say to the blue pixies that... I-I know that you’re there-”
At that moment, loud, high-pitched screeches erupt and specs of tiny blue creatures appear everywhere. The blue pixies look the same as I remember; except, now, their faces are filled with a rage that I have never seen before.
Suddenly, I forget what I am supposed to be doing. All I can focus on is scanning through the mass of blue, trying to spot my pixie family and friends. But I can’t see any. These blue pixies are all strangers to me.
“Keep talking!” says the witch pixie next to me. “They’re listening.
Just as my attention is brought back to the TV screen, one of the elder pixies appear right in front of me. He is a round, white haired man, with a mean scowl on his face.
“What do you want, Drummond?” shouts the witch pixie, quickly flying in front of me.
But, before she or I could do or say anything more, the elder pixie’s eyes flash red and I feel a sharp pain run through my entire body. I instantly drop to my knees.
“Nooooo…” I hear the witch pixie scream, before everything goes black.

Chapter 35

I open my eyes to find my seven siblings looking down at me, with their faces are filled with fright.
“He's awake!” exclaims Pracey.
I sit up with a start. “What's going on?” I say, looking around at my old bedroom. “What am I doing here?”
“What do you mean?” says Pracey, kneeling next to me.
“Here! Back in pixieland!”
My siblings now look completely bewildered.
“Where else would you be?” says Praig- my brother who barely speaks.
“But I was just in California-”
“What’s California?” says another of my sibling.
“Human land!” I say.
“What's human land?”
“You're scaring us, Pris.” Pracey cuts in. “You were screaming and yelling in your sleep for a long time.”
“Yeah!” chimes in Prissy “We didn’t know what was wrong with you. But we were too scared to a call Mom and Dad- in case we got into more trouble.”
“More trouble?”
“Yes.” Says Prad, scowling. “You forced us to go to the edge last night, remember?”
“I think he's just doing all of this so that we’ll feel sorry for him and forgive him.” Says Purdy “But tough luck. We'll never forgive you! You ruined our birthday!”
“Oh shut it, Purdy!” snaps Pracey. “I forgave him already.”
“Of course you would…” Says Pricilla, rolling her eyes.
All I can do at the moment is look around at my siblings, while they argue, with my mouth hung open. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that I am here.
“I- I’m not making this up.” I say, finally finding my voice. “The elders banished me over the edge and the witch pixie turned me into a human and I was in school and there was a war-”
“Wow, Pris! That force at the edge must have really hit you hard in the head.”
“No!” I shout, feeling angry now. “I was really a human-”
“Keep it down!” says Pracey, looking scared. “Or Mom and Dad will hear us.”
“And he made it really that he doesn't want to hear anything else about the edge.” Prissy adds.
I'm staring at them blankly again; because I can't believe what is happening.
“Alright, Pris.” Says Pracey, trying to sound calm. “What exactly is a human?”
I take a while to focus my thoughts and answer her.
“Well…” I begin, trying to find the words. “They're sort of like us-only bigger- and they're not blue, and they have no wings-
My siblings gasp loudly.
“No wings?!” they say in unison.
“How horrible!” says Prissy. “They must look hideous!”
“Stop messing around Pris!” says, Prad.
“Yeah.” Pipes up Purdy. “That border really messed you up.”
I take a while to consider this. Did the jolt from the border thorns show me all of this? : The witch pixie, my school, my human friends - including my girlfriend, Kassi- and all of the new exciting things that I experienced?
Or was it a mere dream? But it had all seemed so real.Is my imagination that wild?
And then I think, if the jolt really did show me all of this, then human land must exist.'
My heart is beating super-fast now. What if this was the elder pixies' doing? What if when the elder pixie had approached me, back in human land, in front of the big TV, he had turned back time somehow- so that I would think that nothing ever happened?
And what did they do to the witch pixie?
“Come on, Pris.” Says Pracey. She looks really worried now. “Let's go get breakfast. It'll make you feel better.”
“Cause you're really beginning to annoy us with your crazy talk.” Says Prad.
My head is still spinning with thoughts as Pracey helps me to my feet and leads me out of the bedroom.
“It was just a dream, Pris.” Says Pracey, once we are alone in the kitchen. “You know that, right? Just a crazy dream.”
“Yeah.” I say, trying to think rationally for once. “Maybe.”

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