Disgracing Lady Justice

       Samantha Terrell
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Disgracing Lady Justice
Disgracing Lady Justice
By Samantha Terrell

Disgracing Lady Justice

When will it end?
What’s it all for?
All this,
“Taking it on the chin”
“Not keeping score”

When do the hard-workers
Get to stop working for free?
When will the greedy-haters
Start to finally see
The imbalance imbued by
A culture of mediocrity?

Taking away all the rules
Won’t make everything fair;
Protecting the interests
Of a small faction
Leaves countless many
Without regard or care

Lest We Forget

Lady Liberty surely tires
Of holding
Her torch for others
While her constituents conspire
Against her or, equally
As wretched, take for granted,
Her selfless generosity

Renovating the Capitol

A coup de maître is underway
To renovate and remodel,
Strip down and reshape our nation.

Rather than discarding the existing
Furniture, fabric bolts are expertly selected
For the reupholstering.

And, one discreet swipe at a time the mural of diversity,
Education and innovation,
Progress and industry

Will, with a final master stroke, be painted over,
Making a nation’s truth defenders
Into frustrated up-enders

Whereby their “resistance” was also planned,
Counted on,

Rendering the artisans’
Carefully sculpted Trojan horse,
Into one full of its own citizens

Dark Money Ages

The Dark Ages of history, a natural extension
Of a humanity unready for its own consequences.

Wars and ignorance fail us, but persist;
The apple on Eden's tree that we can't resist.

And an age returns, as though anew.
It's the Dark 'Money' Ages we've now plunged into,

Creating a movement it cannot control.
Alas, man's empires will always fall

‘Divided’ We Stand?

A pact of money
Binds the few,
Revealing positions that
Poison the many,

With a dense
And blinding fog
Consisting of droplets
Who choose to misrepresent.

Securing a foothold
On the right, means
Slippage on the left,
And if the left foot finds solid ground,

The right falters; back and forth again
Until the damp air turns murky,
And it’s hard to tell where
We are going, since

Policy shifts with money changing hands,
Dividing the people, and
Deciding the fate of
Where we all stand

And to the ‘Hypocrites’ For Which We Stand…

It’s been a long time
In the making,
With hurt and hatred
Wrought by those, through many times,
In many places,

Who create
And re-create
An atmosphere
Of quiet turmoil, of
Reticence, and fear

But now
The hushed lulls in our
Melting pot of
Cultural questioning,
Have boiled over

Again, into an argument over
National security. And politicians, elected
By a system of freedom and democracy,
Happily succumb to
Blatant hypocrisy,

As they concede—they need
More time to find,
Or make, a legal way
Of keeping refugees, and
Civil liberties at bay

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