Clowns on Parade

       Salubrious Farlight / Humor / Horror
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Clowns on Parade

Clowns on Parade
Salubrious Farlight

Copyright 2012 Salubrious Farlight

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The Beginning
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Chapter 1

The sun was high overhead while clouds scudded across a brilliant blue sky. It was just past noon, and the line Jason Humphrey stood in was long. He sighed and checked his watch, fidgeting. The line shifted forward. He checked his watch again. Five minutes. It took five minutes for the line to shift one place.
He tapped his foot and shifted position again. He figured at this rate, he'd get into the big top exactly never. It wasn't every day the circus came to Dyson Springs. It wasn't every day that anything came to Dyson Springs. But he wasn't going to spend his whole day, or a week, or however long it took, standing in line just trying to get in.
Jason turned and saw the line stretching across the dusty grass and through the chain-link gate, curving around to the sidewalk that ringed the parking lot. With a shake of his head he stepped out of line then started for home.

Chapter 2

Taking his key from his pocket, Jason unlocked his front door and went through. His parents were off on vacation so he had the run of the house to himself. The fridge called to him so he went and got a can of Fizzle Dib Cola, popped it open and took a drink. He was restless, but wasn't sure what to do. His mind still churned on the circus at the fairgrounds. At how much he wanted to have a look at the fun.
He walked from the kitchen down the side hall to his bedroom. As he turned into his room he glimpsed someone standing in the corner and leaped back with a yelp. After a moment he peeked around the corner and saw it was just a shadow being cast by the tree outside his window.
Chiding himself, he set his can of cola on the table by his bed and plopped down. He scooped up a green rubber ball from the floor and starting throwing it against his wall, catching the rebound, then throwing it again. What was he going to do? He really wanted to go to the circus, but he didn't want to stand in the line. It was against his religion. He tossed the ball a few more times.
He caught the ball as a smile spread across his face. He had an idea.

Chapter 3

The sun dipped toward evening as Jason sneaked back to the fairgrounds. By then the line was gone and the show was in full swing. As he got close he could hear the laughter and applause coming from inside the big top, and there didn't seem to be any guards or anyone else prowling around outside. He knew he wouldn't be able to sneak into the tent through the opening because although the outside was clear, there would be people on the inside watching.
The tent was firmly staked into the ground all the way around. There was no way he could even sneak in through the side, or lift the edge and watch. Besides, the view would probably be blocked by the rows of seats.
Jason stood in thought for a moment. What would be even more fun than attending the circus? Sneaking around and checking things out on his own after it was closed. He looked around and found some large bushes pushed up against the inside of the fence and the side of a small building and climbed between them, finding a cozy spot where he could get comfortable and wait.
The bushes added a bit of warmth and the ground was soft. Before he even realized it and without really wanting to, he was fast asleep.
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