Rm Shanmugam Chettiar

(Thoughts in verses on love)


Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar (India)


(Thoughts in verses on love)

Rm. ShanmugamChettiar, (India)
Author and Publisher;

Out of a large number of poems that I have penned since 1995, I have included all the poems I wrote during 2013 on love, relationships and family. This anthology consists of 120 poems.

Poems reflect far reaching thoughts and will take you to a new plane to think and muse on those issues that the poems touched on. I have adopted a simple style with meter addressed to. The targeted audience is common adults across the globe. I remember my parents on this occasion.
Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar

My other publication in
1.The Maiden Embrace
The Voice of Reason (on Shanmugam)
4.Here's a man to be revered
He has lived 73 years!

He's prolific OVER 7000 poems!
Over 70 and still going!

India is his home nation.
He's gotten a great education.

He's been in a
tough line of work
His responsibilities
He didn't shirk!

He was married many years
And a few children it appears!

He's a man for every season
I think that he's a
voice of reason.

On all things we don't agree
But he has allowed my
Mind to be free.

He loves Shakespeare
And Thomas Hardey
Does he bend his views
Of life... hardly!

He may not believe in God
But his morality is not odd.

He is not afraid.
He speaks his mind.
But he is also very kind.

This wonderful man
Do not neglect...

... he deserves our...

........ deep RESPECT! !!!

Catherine E Jarvis 2014
Trust is the core of love 9
Of fuss of a kiss [A] 9
Sexuality 10
Blushes blossom from emotions 10
Be eyes of any colour. 000 10
Flirting is a game. 11
Man can't hate woman. 11
Acupressure effects [adult] 12
Puzzles and quizzes 12
Parting is sad 12
Let us desire anew. 13
Who deserves who? 13
You will melt for me. 14
She or her love? 15
A victim of an affair 15
To bet for wife's love 16
One side love is a blossom. 16
Love thus lives. 17
It is love so true. 17
The one preserved to decay 18
Orgasmic pleasure 18
Lavishness in love 19
Indian mindset is to blame. 19
The value of a cute face 20
Money spinner 20
Woman will go companion-less. 21
Sexual freedom checks rape. 21
Moral is rewritten. 22
A wife's love 22
Man must behave himself. 22
Black beauty 23
To drain money 23
Segregation of sex 24
The dual purpose of man 24
Misconception 24
Mismatch 25
To be haste is to waste. 25
No deprivation it is. 25
Why are they gays? 26
Seek the submissive.[adult] 26
Essence of life 26
Husbands' sins 27
The flame to live 27
Love is status bound. 28
To avenge their depravity in love 28
Sex without fear 29
In-sensitiveness. 29
A face matters 29
Humans are drawn upward. 30
Pursue sexual love 30
Love rises and ebbs. 30
Wife's compliments and contempt. 31
Conjunction is sex 31
The couple made a history. 32
Come out of the shell. 32
For woman's attention 32
Swapping spouses 33
To look with comforts 33
Not for a night stand 34
Is she his property? 34
Lips and tongues[A] 35
Breaking of relations 36
To bring down offences 36
The old are bold. 37
Virility of the old 37
To be made meaningful. 0000 38
In glow without make up 38
Woman's needs 38
Seamen catch no cold. 39
Internet romance 39
Face to acquire grace. 40
Voyeurism 40
Be a Bhishma of the Mahabharat 40
An affair is not love. 41
The mental maturity 41
Marriage is not a mockery. 41
The constancy 42
Poly-amorous relationships 42
Being a half gives the drive. 43
Any tie is good. 43
The virginity 000 44
The vertical growth of man's love 44
The odd relationships 44
To earn out of the way 45
The hurts of the breakage 45
Energy is sexy. 46
Love is an illusion. 46
Why is love failure hailed? 46
Impotency is creeping in. 47
The fate of last hopes 47
The ultimate winner 47
Mind toilets. 48
Who could be a beauty? 48
The second spring 48
Love is blind. 48
Honey is sweet. 49
Emotional infidelity 49
Woman's love for man 49
Man changing to woman 50
Domains of man and woman [A] 50
Being detachable 50
Realities differ 51
Come out of delusion. 51
No monopoly in love 52
India witnesses more rapes. 52
Her face and his talks 53
Man's concern for woman 53
Must human race decline? 53
Woman's dignity 54
The pride of woman 54
Hormones and the urge 54
Man's satisfaction 55
Beauty hides reality 55
The old wood is not dead. 56
Orgasmic bliss 56
Anger and passion 57
Soft and rough is woman. 000 58
Lust is bait. 58
Man is safe from marriage 58
The purpose of marriage 59
Two types of love 59
Is woman a threat? 60

Trust is the core of love

Lovers crossing a hanging bridge,
He offered her his hand to grasp;
She preferred his holding her hand.
Do grasping and holding differ?

A firm hand holding a frail one
Is a bond, ensuring safety.
A frail hand grasping a firm one
Is a bind, causing anxiety.

Woman wants to submit herself
To the trust she finds in her man.
Man takes care to sustain the faith
His woman reposes in him.

Of fuss of a kiss [A]

Man's tongue is an overt phallic symbol
And woman's mouth, an overt pudendum,
In a kiss that he employs into her mouth.
Both then get a sensation of coitus.
24.10.2013 Back to content


Expression of sexuality
Is the essence of the life.
Women enjoy exciting men.
Men enjoy being excited.
Gender proximity sparks love
And thrives if it's bilateral
And withers when unilateral.
It is futile to segregate
Women from men to avoid rape,
Which is to be dealt with as crime
And tried with a speedy trial
To ensure a harsh punishment.
Jan., 2013

Blushes blossom from emotions

A wife blushes every time
Her husband touches her in bed.
A whore is devoid of blushes
Even when the partner is new.
Jan., 2013

Be eyes of any colour. 000

Black eyed, blue eyed, hazel eyed or
Grey eyed or brown eyed, be you any;
I love you for the eyes you own
When they have admitted me in.
Feb., 2013 Back to content

Flirting is a game.

Women are not averse to flirting,
Given right man, right time and right space.
Most women would not cross to intimacy,
Blocked by the commitment phobias.
To have man pursue is woman's pleasure.
To get nod to pursue is man's pleasure.
Both play the game to enthuse themselves.
Both play the game as far as it takes them.
Feb., 2013

Man can't hate woman.

If hunting does not mean hating
Or if preying is not hating
Then man is not in hating woman.
Man hunts woman or prey on her
From his ardent desire for her.
Man's chase of her is not from hate.
Love denied, he may be angry.
Love shifted, he may be angry.
Anger does not amount to hate.
Positives can't hate negatives.
Man cannot hate woman.
Feb., 2013

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Acupressure effects [adult]

As he took one of my nipples
Between his lips and tugged hard,
Sensation swept through my body
And all muscles around the groin
Was tightened, implying a link
Between the nipples and the groin.
Acupressure Science has a sense.
Mar., 2013

Puzzles and quizzes

Puzzles and quizzes are just temptresses.
You crack your brain and seek to unfold them.
You beam if you win or go to the next.
Women to men are puzzles and quizzes.
Feb., 2013
Parting is sad

Away today from me you go
Though yesterday to me you came.
So now I am destined to sob
Which, heretofore, I haven't had.

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Let us desire anew.

I cannot desire you
As I did thirty years ago
When you were in your spring.
Still I'm the best bet you can count on
As others around you
Are seeing you in your falls.
Me alone you can tempt
For my memory of your green spring.
I alone can thrill you
With my memory of your spring image.
Let us desire anew
And explore the missed paradise.
Apr., 2013

Who deserves who?

Desdemona was a lily, pure white;
Othello was a beetle, utter black.
Their consents solemnized their marriage.
So there is no question of who deserved who.
Othello feared the public opinion,
Suspected Desdemona's fidelity
And put an end to her and to himself.
Liking each other is what deserving each other.
Apr., 2013

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You will melt for me.

What is in my brain, that was not said
In my talks to you about my fast love?

What is new to speak, what's new to record,
That may express my love or your glory?

Nothing, beloved; no new one to say.
I shall repeat the very same again.

It's is like a prayer, divine in chanting.
Chanting and chanting, I don't get tired.

Hearing the chanting, no god will get bored.
Listening to my tone, tune your love sting.

Intensity of love and perseverance
I show you, will melt your heart for me.

She or her love?

Must I save her husband or not?
If I didn't, she might be made mine.
If I did, her love would be mine.
I paid the bill and earned her love..
Jan., 2013

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A victim of an affair

Sexual thirst is not the cause
But sexual pulls, for an affair.
Sexual pulls are bilateral
And reach, granted space and time.
Winning spirit acts as a drive.
Winning confirms one's worth.
An affair can be emotional
Or physical or mere dumb.
Precedence can encourage;
Secrecy can guaranty;
Impulses can trigger the fall,
Thanks to hormones' havoc.
Ignore, endure, cure or leave
Instead of making violence.
May, 2013

To bet for wife's love

To retain wife's love, you must do a lot.
You must earn well and fatten her wallet.
You must listen to her and heed no woman.
Even then there are chances for a crack.
Feb., 2013

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One side love is a blossom.

To fall in love is not intentional
But spontaneous and incidental.
Not calculative, it is innocent
Of its end as success or failure.

The unrequited love is one side love.
The love kept undeclared is one side love.
The love might be a forbidden one
Or formidable or inaccessible.

The emotion cherished and undergone
In the one side love is not inferior
To one's sensual and sexual impulses.
One side love is easy to form and live.

The one side love depletes not and fades not,
From the absence of expectations
Of adequate response from the partner,
Which empties the chance of dissatisfaction.
Aug., 2013

Love thus lives.

What your heart intends
And your lips prevent,
Yours eyes do betray.
Thus you keep my love.
All kinds of love barred
Will exist likewise.
Aug., 2013
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It is love so true.

I looked upon her with a colleague's eyes
When I was last with her under a roof.
Then she was a reserved one, off my scope.
When I came back in my second innings
As the head with a built up confidence,
I could look upon her with a lover's eyes,
Being affected by her looks and smiles.
It in all possibilities reminds me
That I'd loved her before as a coworker.
A true love as it is, I must pursue.
Sep., 2013

The one preserved to decay

An asset is meant to appreciate,
Generate demand and be salable.
Woman considers herself as an asset
And will not sell it till demand dwindles.
Jan., 2013

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Orgasmic pleasure

He let her not know that he loved her.
She let him not grasp that she liked him.
Lest she should veto, he locked his longings.
Lest he should decline, she veiled her lust.

How to break the ice was his concern.
How to know his pulse was her anguish
Both were desperate to know each other
And to find subtle ways to let it out.

He told her he had nurtured a gnawing wish.
What it was, she asked of him, being tense.
'To know what stands between you and me:
A wall or a bridge;' She said it a bridge.

In their next meeting, her eyes showed blushes
And his, confidence. He dared to reach her.
His love and her love on pollination
Gave them a kind of orgasmic pleasure.
Oct., 2013

Lavishness in love

Man is lavish in love to women.
He misses to spot those who love him.
He misses to say love to those loved.
Thus he ends up in a total failure.
Jan., 2013
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Indian mindset is to blame.

That a woman was molested is news.
That a woman was raped is read as news.
An obscene or a kiss on stage
Will call for attack and protest all over.

Consensual sex is raided and punished.
Indoor rapes are ignored and forceful sex
By marriage has got societal sanction.
Husband's beating is domestic problem.

To kill a girl caught in love with someone
Low in caste is one's family honour.
People gather to be moral police
But ignore to stop sexual offense.

Indian mind-set promotes sexual crimes.
Jan., 2013

The value of a cute face

A woman who has a cute face
Need not reveal her parts to lure.
A woman in revealing clothes
Need not have a cute face to click.
Jan., 2013

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Money spinner

Audience wants intimate scenes.
Audience wants hero stalks heroine.
Film makers take advantage of them.
Actors are prepared to do so.

Readers want romantic stories.
Readers want erotic novels.
Publishers take advantage of them.
Writers are willing to do so.

As long as sex is in a sealed cans,
Formidable and forbidden,
People will go hungry of sex,
And sex will be a money spinner.
Jan., 2013

Woman will go companion-less.

Law on sex is made strong for woman.
A girlfriend can book you for teasing.
A flirting girl can complain of molestation
And a sexual partner, of a rape.

Women blackmail men with these threats
When they are displeased or disappointed,
Their cordial relation notwithstanding.
Men scarred, women will go companion-less.
Jan., 2013

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Sexual freedom checks rape.

No man is allowed to get a woman
To do anything without her consent.
No woman is punished for her relation
With a man of her choice at any time.
There must prevail the fear of repercussion
In the form of physical punishment
In case rape or gang rape occurs
With the trial speedy and sincere.
Where woman enjoys sexual freedom
There hardly come any sexual assaults.
Jan., 2013

Moral is rewritten.

Every third woman cheats on husband.
Every second man cheats on his wife.
Others might be impotent or fear struck.
Cheats include flirtation and love notes.
Jan., 2013

A wife's love

He is my husband; vibrant, he must live.
Who would sleep with me? Who would spend for me?
He is my husband; invalid, he must go.
Who would spend for him? Who would carry him?
Thus might end a wife's love for her husband.
Jan., 2013
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Man must behave himself.

Remaining as a daughter, a sister,
And becoming a wife and a mother,
A woman stood as a person to man.
Otherwise, she was an object in his eyes.

Women who were dancers, courtesans,
Singers and actresses were seen as objects.
Menaka and Oorvasi are beauties
That fed men's lust from the mythology..

Her face is the moon; her eyes, the faun's.
She stoops a little, burdened by her breasts.
Her heels sink deeper, burdened by her back.
In writing and reading, sex was drunk by men.

Woman wants no more to be an object.
With self-esteem, she denies man access.
Man must see her as an individual,
Not a person, nor an object, and behave.
Jan., 2013

Black beauty

The dense lock eclipsed her dark skin.
Her toned body shaded her dark skin.
Her sharp eyes put aside her dark skin.
She has made me frequent her shop.
Jan., 2013

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To drain money

Man finds money to win over woman.
Woman gets it from man to groom herself.
Man wants woman; woman wants money.
Thus excess money earned is drained away.
Jan., 2013

Segregation of sex

Even a piano leg is sexy,
Not to say about lady's slippers,
Where women are shut from the sights of men.
Passion only grows from segregation.
Jan., 2013

The dual purpose of man

Man sees woman as a property
And controls her sexuality.
Man's possessiveness has been answered.

Man sees woman as a sex object
And have her exhibit her body.
Man's polygamy has been addressed.

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Betting his higher position,
Man seeks woman low in rank.
She'll take it as her privilege
To be a love of his fevour.
Accepting him in his advance
Because of his high position
Is being a pray to a wolf.
Wise women keep such men at bay.
Jan., 2013


She wanted a groom fit to her standard,
Which she was not getting despite search,
Owing to her dullness in appearance.
She chose to be single without a mismatch.
Jan., 2013

To be haste is to waste.

Closer and closer, taking liberty,
When a man advances towards a woman,
She would thing that he is treating her cheap
And put a full stop to his ambition.
Jan., 2013

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No deprivation it is.

Deprived of cigar or liquor,
Those who aren't exposed to it,
Would not suffer for want of it.
So do chaste ones from monogamy.
Jan., 2013

Why are they gays?

Too shy to confront woman in bed,
A man ends as a homosexual,
Like an introvert who is too shy
To face an alien situation.
Feb., 2013

Seek the submissive.[adult]

The strongest humiliation man suffers
Is from the Erectile Dysfunction,
More from the psychological factors.
Every third male has experienced it.
Half of them are due to low self esteem.
Seek woman you can dominate in bed.
Feb., 2013

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Essence of life

Expression of sexuality
Is not an invitation for sex.
Expression of sexuality
Is an essence of life.
Expression of love
Is not an adultery.
Sexuality is experienced
In mutual exchange of visuals.
Relationship is enjoyed
Without prejudice to modesty.
Feb., 2013
Husbands' sins

Wives are fed with sex by husbands
And prisoners are fed with food,
Both just to kill their appetite.
Wives denied feasts, husbands reap sins. Feb., 2013

The flame to live

Mutual cares and concerns are the fuel
That must come forth to keep the love alive
As supply of fuel must continue
To keep the flame of the lamp from dying.

How much fuel might have a husband spent
For his wife to keep her in good humour?
How much fuel must have a lover spent
For his beloved to retain her love? Feb., 2013
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Love is status bound.

She loves him for he is handsome,
Rich and cheerful, and for himself.
That he loves her is least mattered.
Without that also she could love.
With that alone she would not love.
With the other factors she could love
Any other knight if chance allowed.
She is sticking to him for the present.
What, if he went poor and invalid?
Love marriage has no advantage
Over arranged marriage in survival.
Feb., 2013

To avenge their depravity in love

Most of women just flirt with men.
All of them are called adulterous.
Whim and fancy of gossipers
Are to avenge their depravity.
Feb., 2013

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Sex without fear

Sex is a biological need and a right.
The society has no right to deny it.
The delay in the years of marriage
And the aversion shown towards it
Make it necessary to develop affairs
Before wedlock or without wedlock.
The society by stringent laws
Should not criminalize sexual acts
And deny the legitimate need and the right
To experience sexual love and passion
Without fear and without vandalism.
Denial of sex is denial of pleasure.
Feb., 2013

Man is ready to desire any woman
And is in constant watch for this purpose.
Hence women show blind eyes and deaf ears.
Are men optimist or insensitive? Mar., 2013

A face matters

The face gains acceptance
When women appear
In revealing clothes.
With face in acceptance,
Eyes wander not in search
Of the revealing parts
In subsequent appearances. Mar., 2013
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Humans are drawn upward.

Fair skin stands for beauty.
Tallness stands for beauty.
So do oval smooth face.
They're upper-class features.
Mar., 2013

Pursue sexual love

Love is through which you can attain the bliss.
Intensity of love determines it.
Intensity is easier in sexual love
Than in spiritual love. Pursue passion
Mar., 2013

Love rises and ebbs.

That I take your wish as a command
Will show the depth of love I've for you
That I take your wish as a burden
Will show the ebb of love I've for you.
Love is waves that rise up and ebb.
Patience alone can sustain it.
Mar., 2013

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Wife's compliments and contempt.

No better compliment could be
For a husband from his cute wife
When she holds her child as his
Rather than hers, and with it she beams.
No bitter contempt too could be
For a husband from his own wife
When she holds it solely as hers
And avoids projecting it as his.
Mar., 2013
Conjunction is sex

She drives him insane with her sucks of his.
He loses himself, which is his pleasure.
She submits herself, which is his pleasure.
She is in the driving seat, her pleasure.

He drives her insane with his licks of hers.
She loses herself, which is her pleasure.
He submits himself, which is her pleasure.
He is in the driving seat, his pleasure.

He sinks into her and moves up and down.
She moves her pelvis to meet his charges.
She feels fullness in, and sensation sweeps.
He feels tightness in, and sensation sweeps.

Tension on its peak, he falls on release.
Tension on its depth, she falls on relief.
Losing to each other is the sexual bliss.
Charging and yielding are the sexual bliss.
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Man is subject and woman is object.
Her responses are subject complements.
His imitative are object complements.
Sex is a conjunction joining two halves
Mar., 2013

The couple made a history.

He and she were not a match
As they have got same birth stars.
It'll give them ups or downs same time.
Pundits predicted like that.
Yet they married and had lived
Happily for fifty years.
Now both have developed cancer,
A proof to the prediction Mar., 2013
Come out of the shell.

Prostitution is purely a business.
Man buys; woman sells; a private affair.
They transact without any disturbance.
Punishing them is an act of sadism.
Apr., 2013
For woman's attention

Woman in revealing pose,
Man accepts her any face.
Woman in concealing pose,
Man finds beauty in her face.
May, 2013
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Swapping spouses

In monogamy, man goes dry;
In monoandry, woman does.
In polygamy, man stays wet;
In polyandry, woman does.
In swapping wives, both stay wet.

Swapping spouses is a new game,
Devoid of any paramour,
Unsoiled by prostitution
And of adultery as whitewashed.
Guiltless, couples get sexual bliss.
Apr., 2013

To look with comforts

More and more in exposure,
The back lost its glamour.
More and more in focus,
The shoulders lost their sheen.
More and more in display,
The cleavage lost its appeal.
More and more in show,
The face will retain its glow.
The face shown and the rest hidden,
A woman looks with comforts.
Apr., 2013

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Not for a night stand

I wish you admire me
But don't say it to me.
I wish you desire me
But don't show it to me.
It means you are braver
And I am cheaper.
Without your conveyance,
I can read it from your eyes.
Without your expression,
I can sense from your looks.
So don't embarrass me.
I can guess and feel sex.
In the medieval days
Women encouraged men
To woo and pursue them
For those men made courtships
With women for marriage
And not for a night stand.
Apr., 2013

Is she his property?

Woman may resent being man's property;
Woman may refuse to be man's property.
Man considers woman as his property,
And defends her more than his property.

The king utmost prefers losing his kingdom
To losing his consort in eventuality.
He would not lose his queen, to save his life.
The queen too wants to be his exclusive. Back to content
Woman cannot surpass man in loving,
Caring and protecting a woman, sure.
She to him is more than a property.
He to her is more than a proprietor.

The influence you have on someone you love
Gives you a spirit of love and affection.
When man and woman are in embrace of love
Woman doesn't mind being man's property.
Apr., 2013
Lips and tongues[A]

Woman's lips,
A pair horizontal above
And a pair vertical below
Send man insane in bed
When they lock
Man's shooting lower tongue.

Man's tongues,
One wagging above
And one shooting below
Send woman insane in bed
When they play
In woman's vertical lower lips.

Thus, manmade devices
Of woman's sucks
And man's licks
Serve as the best foreplays
To prepare the couple
Against monotony in sex.
Apr., 2013 Back to content
Breaking of relations

Separation by force is painful.
Separation mutual is harmless.
Separation unilateral
Is painful to the aggrieved one.
Most premarital relationships
End like that, making victims a lot.
The affair is a soother to both
To muse and chuckle later in life.
May, 2013

To bring down offences

Abandon fabrics; abolish marriage.
Hold the sex not a sin, nor a taboo.
Men will become free of sex starvation.
Women will lose her sexual importance.

No sexual assaults; no romantic acts.
No paramour and no adultery.
No adult movies; no adult contents.
Even art and literature will die.

Woman's image is not a money spinner.
No more murder is for illicit sex.
Libido releases and lubricates life.
Then will come down the drive for offences.
May, 2013

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The old are bold.

Be it monkeys or elephants
Or any gregarious species,
Old males corner all young females
And leave young males to starve for sex.
Old females and young males are left
To be together and have fun.
May, 2013

Virility of the old

A man of seventy,
Still remaining healthy,
And young in perception
Like a man of thirty
On love, lust and passion
With woman in focus,
Is to men a pervert
And to women an expert.
Don't mortify such men.
Put down your jealousy.
May, 2013
To be made meaningful. 0000

Unless your eyes turn into chisels,
I'd be granite, not a statue.
Unless my lips turn into brushes,
You'd be canvas, not a picture.
Your glances and my utterances
Can transform us to meaningful ones.
May, 2013 Back to content

In glow without make up

Makeup heavily coats the skin,
And makes it impermeable,
And blocks the hormone osmosis,
Responsible for the skin glow.
See the woman in the kitchen
Or from the bath to note difference.
May, 2013

Woman's needs

Cuddling; pampering; chivalry;
The child expects; parents provide.
Woman, any age, too from men;
The art known, men win over her.

Seamen catch no cold.

In contacts between man and woman,
Take place visual communication,
Verbal and aura communications
Providing expression of sexuality.

Where the inter gender relationship
Is tabooed and stigmatized,
There'll crop up incest relation
Or will sneak out illicit relation.
May, 2013 Back to content
Internet romance

Romance in the net
With false identities
Will betray commitment.
A prostitution.

Friendship in the net
With sexual intent
Without the partner involved
Is a voyeurism.

Such indulgence is
A kind of perversion
Floating in India
Due to sex repressiveness. June, 2013
Face to acquire grace.

Hers tucked inside, man's eyes look for them.
Hers held under wraps, man's eyes feel for them.
Hers kept from sneaking, man's eyes presume them.
Her bosom in place, her face acquires grace.
June, 2013

Engaged in talks with a potent woman,
Man's eyes feed on her body; he's helpless.
Watching a woman singing on the stage,
Man's eyes devour her visage; he's helpless.
Woman knows it and will have no complaints.
Is voyeurism a sexual assault?
June, 2013 Back to content

Be a Bhishma of the Mahabharat

Let the lone mother find her lover.
Let the lone father seek his beloved.
Children must act as a catalyst
And be a Bhishma in their approach.
June, 2013

[Bhishma in the Epic Mahabharata, helped his widower father remarry the desired fisherwoman, sacrificing his throne in fevour of would be step sibling and observed celibacy to emit his progeny which might claim kingship.]

An affair is not love.

In love if one wrecks, the other suffers.
If someone wrecks it, both would suffer.
From the wreckage, if both do not suffer,
Then it is not love but prostitution.
June, 2013

The mental maturity

Woman gets ripe by mind, reaching thirty,
While man gets it only at his forty,
Towards when both are solid for marriage,
Since when they'd feel no need for a divorce.
June, 2013
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Marriage is not a mockery.

Man and woman fell in love to commit,
Married to commit and begot to commit.
They were together throughout to commit.
The other one remained as a widow
Or a widower, again to commit.
The commitment was the purpose of life.
With escapism in mind don't enter
Into marriage and make a mockery of it.
June. 2013

The constancy

A wife redeems her husband's heart
He had pledged elsewhere earlier.
A husband hardly succeeds in such cases.
Man is more fluid in the constancy.
June, 2013

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Poly-amorous relationships

The female scorpion takes forty eight hours
To get arousal for the same partner
But is ready in a hour and a half
If the sexual partner is a stranger.
The sexual drive dead in the old couple
Gets renewed when paired with the new ones.

Sex suffers a lot from monogamy
And monogamy is undoable though.
To be desirable is the goal of life,
Which is not addressed in monogamy.
Monogamy cannot be dispensed with
For its guarantee and ownerships.

The elite struck a way and brought about
The poly-amorous relationships,
Which are enacted with the knowledge and
Tacit consents of everyone involved.
As husbands and wives they roam in the days
And go out reaching lovers in the nights.
June, 2013

Being a half gives the drive.

Woman is a half and man, the other.
They aren't ones; they together make one.
The two halves join and reproduce one
Which is again a half. Thus, it is made
Both are always halves with drives to become one.
June, 2013
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Any tie is good.

Lord Rama practiced monogamy.
Prince Arjuna practiced polygamy.
Queen Panchali observed polyandry.
Constancy was in all the formats.
Infidelity never crept in.
With no transgression, any tie is good.
June, 2013

The virginity 000

Innocence is pure; innocence is fresh;
Innocence is new. So, it's a beauty.
The virginity is the innocence.
Virginity is itself a beauty.
June, 2013

The vertical growth of man's love

Man's love for woman witnesses
A vertical growth from inception
Of his desire and pursuits
And stops growing further higher
When he has impregnated her.
It is like the growth of one's bone,
Which ceases with its adulthood.
Love and bone do not grow further.
June, 2013
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The odd relationships

Two like charges or two like poles
Repel each other in contact.
There must be the unlike charges
Or poles to attract each other.
Same genders getting sexual pulls
As gays and lesbians is odd
June, 2013

To earn out of the way

The pleasure I get when I please my wife
Or children with kinds or comforts or cash
Drives me to earn even out of the way.
It is the case for all weak minded men.
July, 2013
The hurts of the breakage

The end of my relationships with her,
My heart throb, did not hurt me but did
The way I had to behave as a stranger
With her, whom I thought I couldn't live without.

The end of my friendships with him,
My staunch mate, did not prick me but did
The way I had to behave as an enemy
With him, whom I thought as my staunch support.
July, 2013

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Energy is sexy.

An intellect is seductive to ladies.
A genius is prone to womanize.
Ladies are drawn towards intellectuals
As they get from them a feeling of self-worth.

One's ability is one's energy.
Great men have abundant energy,
Which is inclusive of sexual energy.
They deserve allowance for their conducts.
July, 2013
Love is an illusion.

I am born alone and shall go alone.
In the meanwhile also I'm alone.
Only when I am in love with someone
I make an illusion that I'm not alone.
July, 2013

Why is love failure hailed?

Love failure is long remembered.
The unrequited love is cherished.
It has appeals to those who are deprived
Of true love experience in their lives.

Such love is a fantasy that chimes
With the longing of the fantasists.
People bereft of love overwhelming,
The unrequited love is glorified.
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Impotency is creeping in.

Seeing and seeing matches from T.V.,
An easy access to the people across,
They lost interest in seeing it real.
Seeing and seeing porn from internet,
A secret access to the people across,
They suffer arousal in actual acts.
July, 2013

The fate of last hopes

A dying man takes his hopes and wishes
For granted in absence of a feed back
As a lover takes his love letter sent
For granted in absence of negation.
Aug., 2013

The ultimate winner

There were many who stole her glances
Or won her heart and some had coitus,
But her husband is the ultimate
Winner, whose seeds she has borne.
Aug., 2013
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Mind toilets.

A public toilet can't be as pleasant
For the ones who keep it or who use it.
Sex workers aren't different from this.
Avoid being one or going to one.
Aug., 2013

Who could be a beauty?

Agreeableness is beauty
Or sexual attraction is beauty.
One must be either of two
To you, to qualify for a beauty.
Aug., 2013

The second spring

Autumn is a second spring
When all leaves would look flowers
In any temperate land.
Woman gets it at forty.
Aug., 2013
Love is blind.

The sweet music is the lover's tongue.
The sweet odour is the lover's sweat.
The sweet taste is the lover's skin.
Sexual impulses blind one's senses.
Aug., 2013
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Honey is sweet.

No need of flamboyant garments;
No need of revealing display;
No need of alluring attire;
Woman's mere face and her contours
Would give signals to men's eyes.
Blame not honey for its sweetness.
Aug., 2013.
Emotional infidelity

Infidelity can be emotional
In the absence of corporal contacts.
Proximity and banter can promote it.
Any relationships across the gender,
Kept in secret from the spouse's knowledge
For the sexual pleasure it derives,
Can be termed emotional infidelity.
No harm and hence, it is connived at.
Aug., 2013

Woman's love for man

Women are not mad of men
As men are after women.
Writers being mostly men,
It's man's view about woman.
Aug., 2103

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Man changing to woman

Femininity of a woman dies
In the eyes of a man in love
When she is taller or bolder,
He ending up as a woman.
Jan., 2013

Domains of man and woman [A]

Conquering spirit will reign in a man
When he is in foreplay with a woman.
Surrendering state will capture him soon
On his entering her and being locked.

Simmering lust will run in a woman
When she is initiated by a man.
Capturing status will catch her soon
On her clamping him and locking him in.
Aug., 2013

Being detachable

Detachable ones are separated
With no damage to the parts separated.
Divorces are obtained without bruises
As the couple lives as detachable.
Aug., 2013

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Realities differ

Two boys loving a girl
Or two girls loving a boy
And the loved one paying
The love to only one
Is the norm in stories,
But in reality
People love more than one
Aug., 2013

Come out of delusion.

Possessiveness is delusion.
It seeks absolute ownerships
And exclusive enterprise.
It binds one with a golden chain.
It is born from the weak mindset.
The more you are possessive
The less you are in receipt of love.
Fear of losing love as the cause
For possessiveness, loses the love.
Sep., 2013

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No monopoly in love

The person you desire
Is, was and will be desired by others.
The person you desire
Desires, desired and would desire others.
The person you desire
Is not the only person you ever desire.
There is no monopoly
In respect of love for anyone.
Sep., 2013
India witnesses more rapes.

When robbed, no shame is to the victim.
When swindled, no shame is to the victim.
When raped, all shame is to the raped.
The society is to be blamed.

No publicity to the one robbed.
No publicity to the one swindled.
All publicity to the one raped.
The society is to be blamed.

The trauma experienced
By the woman raped is severer
Than that of the robbed and the swindled.
The society is to be blamed.

The robber gets the public's wrath.
The swindler gets the public's wrath.
The rapist slips as a conqueror.
The society is to be blamed.
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Her face and his talks

Man is lured by woman's face.
Woman is lured by man's talks.
Her face is an assurance
And his talks are a promise.
Sep., 2013

Man's concern for woman

A predator seeks no consent
From the prey it is aiming at.
Such tendencies are explicit
In men's desire towards women.
Sep., 2013

Must human race decline?

Be woman feminine;
She need not ape man.
Be man masculine.
He need not come down.
Be they themselves as much.
Be they so that they cling.
Then only they flower,
Pollination takes place
And fertilization sets in.
Else, human race will decline.
Sep., 2013
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Woman's dignity

She might love him as much as he does her
And yet would give him much anxities.
Too easily to be won in courtships
Stands against woman's maiden dignity.
Sep., 2013
The pride of woman

Armed with beauty, modesty
And intelligence in full,
She wants her groom good to be
Older, wiser and higher
So that she could be at ease
To lean by body and mind.
Woman wants man her higher. Sep., 2013
Hormones and the urge

Woman is attractive to man,
Thanks to her female hormones.
Man is attractive to woman,
Thanks to his male hormones.
Hormones surge with puberties
And cease with menopauses.
With that go their attractions.
Passions for the opposite sex
Are embedded in the brains;
It works beyond one's menopause.
Sexual urge without sexual pulls;
Not attractive yet passionate,
The aged ones are unfortunate. Oct., 2013
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Man's satisfaction

Man's satisfaction is not absolute
Unless he finds it full from his bed-mate.
Then only is his manliness approved.
It's this that drives him to toil his best.
Sep., 2013

Beauty hides reality

Imagination adds to beauty.
Exaggeration adds to beauty.
So do make up and cover up.
Beauty alters reality.
Oct., 2013

The old wood is not dead.

Lust for woman hardly dies in man.
Its root is the sexual thoughts in the brain.
Lust for woman deeply lies in man
Even after cessation of sex acts.
Flowers lost, leaves lost and stem lost, stays the root.
Hands and mouth under the supervision of eyes
Are the undying sexual organs for man.
Eyes are as cunning as they were before.
Oct., 2013

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Orgasmic bliss

Human is of body and mind;
They are matter and energy.
Energy includes sexual energy;
Sexual energy is the strongest.

Man and woman experience
Sexual energy in their union,
Which culminates in orgasmic bliss.
One can get it without coitus too.

Lord Krishna could give orgasmic bliss
To thousands of women, Gopis.
The dance dramas of Gopis and Krishna
Give the performers and the viewers this bliss.

Lot of men could get orgasmic bliss
From their heart throbs without touches.
Lot of men in their friendships across sex
Could draw such bliss in their company

To spend sexual energy
And feel the orgasmic bliss
Without sexual union
Spares human's starvation of sex.
Oct., 2013
[Gopis are virgin women who fell in love for God incarnation Krishna on the banks of The Jamuna River in his life play]

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Anger and passion

Anger springs; passion springs.
They respond to stimuli.
They cannot be sealed;
They can be channelized.
Mind finds outlets for them
To match the opponents.
One hits, shouts, sulks or cries
When one is in anger.
One shows, hints, hides or dreams
When one is with passion.
Sometimes they might transmit:
To beat the child instead
Of the spouse and to kiss
The child instead of lover;
Oct., 2013

Soft and rough is woman. 000

Wind is soft; water is soft.
Gale is wind; flood is water.
Woman too is soft like them
And can turn a gale or flood.
Lust is bait.

Man sets bait to catch fish.
With bait the fish might slip.
God set lust as bait for birth.
Man gets it without a birth.
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Man is safe from marriage

Marriage is a registration,
Where a woman is reserved for a man
For an exclusive possession
With a bar to all other men.
Nov., 2013

The purpose of marriage

Marriage is a bandage given
For two souls to fuse together.
If it happens without a marriage,
Then marriage is redundant.
Nov., 2013

Two types of love

Two types of love man is longing for.
To love someone by a surrender.
It can be a mother or a God.
To love someone from sexual urge.
It can be a wife or a beloved.
By both ways one feels secure,
By holding above and footing below.
Nov., 2013
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Is woman a threat?

The home-bound women have turned work-bound ones.
They assert their freedom with their spouses.
Wise men will hold them as their assets
And the insecure hold them as a threat.
Nov., 2013


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About the author as a poet

Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar was born in 1942, in Tamilnadu, India. He retired from the Rubber Board , Government of India as Dy. Rubber Production Commissioner in 2002 . Currently he is Secretsry, Chennai Poets Circle

He has been writing his thoughts in verses since 1995 and online from 2003 onwards.. He has written poems, most of them in brevity, running eight thousand and five hundred till dae, from his perceptions, experiences and knowledge, mostly about human emotions, aspirations and misconceptions of people, in na?ve language. He has got vide online audience

The poet is an atheist; his poems would reflect his disbeliefs in God, Soul, Rebirth and Heaven.

He has taste for Psychology, Philosophy and literature. He is influenced to a great deal by the works of William Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy.

He has a romantic heart that reflects liberally in love poems.
He lives with his wife in Chennai, India

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The Voice of Reason (for shanmugam)
Here's a man to be revered
He has lived 73 years!

He's prolific OVER 7000 poems!
Over 70 and still going!

India is his home nation.
He's gotten a great education.

He's been in a
tough line of work
His responsibilities
He didn't shirk!

He was married many years
And a few children it appears!

He's a man for every season
I think that he's a
voice of reason.

On all things we don't agree
But he has allowed my
Mind to be free.

He loves Shakespeare
And Thomas Hardey
Does he bend his views
Of life... hardly!

He may not believe in God
But his morality is not odd.

He is not afraid.
He speaks his mind.
But he is also very kind.

This wonderful man
Do not neglect...

... he deserves our...

........ deep RESPECT! !!!

Catherine E Jarvis 2014
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Reviews of fellow poet
Valsa George (6/16/2012 9:18:00 AM)
It's amazing that a man could pen 6000 and odd poems in a couple of years! ! Ur passion for poetry is exorbitant. Please keep sharing ur concise and valuable thoughts!

Wahab Abdul (6/11/2012 7:50:00 AM)
I found this poet wonderful, his poems are very beautiful, he is one of my best poets, i wish him a grand success in the field of poetry...

VeeraiyahSubbulakshmi (2/18/2012 11:11:00 PM)
When I accidentally came into this site on 18th December 2011 for the first time, his name appeared on the Home page. Out of curiosity, I logged in and posted a few poems.

Rm. ShanmugamChettiar's poems talk about eternal truth, though he touches a few odd subjects here and there.

RajendranMuthiah (1/1/2012 3:16:00 AM)
Sir, you express simple facts of life bitter and happy in brief simple verses. That is fantastic!

RekhaMandagere (2/9/2011 2:53:00 AM)
You have really done a great work in the field of poetry!
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Bio data of the author

Name: Mr. Rm. ShanmugamChettiar.
Date of birth: 15th June, 1942
Place of Birth: Shanmuganathapuram [Aravayal], near Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India.
Residence: 10, The first street, Bharathi Avenue, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Pin: 600085

Father: Rm. RamanathanChettiar [Malaikolundu]
Mother: Rm. MuthulakshmiAchi [Kamalam]
Wife: Alagammai [Tharmambal]

Brothers three younger;
Sisters two the last two;
Daughter ;SudhaVairavan with two sons;
Son: M.S. Suresh with two daughters and a son;

School: NSMVPS High School, Devakottai. [1951-57]
College: Alagappa College. Karaikudi.[1957-63]
As a clerk in an yarn trade [1963-64]
As a Demonstrator in CNM College, Erode [1964]
The Rubber Board, Government of India. [1965-2002]
Post Graduate Diploma for a year on Natural Rubber Production was done in Kerala Agricultur University, Trissur, and Kerala in 1992-93.
Retired as Deputy Rubber Production Commissioner, having served in Kerala, Mizoram, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Orissa and Tripura after 38.6 years in 2002.

Known Languages: Tamil, English, Malayalam, Hindi.
Knowledge acquired: Botany, Zoology, English Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Astrology, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Electro-homeopathy;
Countries visited: Singapore, Sri lanka. Maldives, Malaysia.
Activities: Been Fine Art Secretary in the college [1962-63], Secretary of Andaman TamilarSangam, Port Blair [1976-77]
And Secretary of Chennai Poets Circle, Chennai since 2010.


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