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The Donut Effect
The Donut Effect

  Copyright 2017 Richards Hall and e.

  (the next page)

  For repeat visitors, some repeaters, (the next page) has a new place, a new intro befitting new place, and a new feature - Word of the Month.


  Word of the month, but not word of the mouth. It is a quant?m infinite, a constant of place. Psychological place, stored in the ole where-house.

  Quant?m infinites speak for themselves.

  But, dammit, Jim, I’m not a quant?m mechanic.

  I’m a lyin’ tamer.

  And I always get to fight the lyin’.


  For a first time reader, (the next page) is something like story blog, telling a little background, on a blackboard, bound to be erased. BBBBB Blackboard, I am so out of date. But I do write on green artificial paper. (the next page) is of the moment, which can be risky if I haven’t realized the time to think it out as properly as I think out the entertainment. As such I reserve the right to detract everything, and mostly likely will, whether out of regret over misspeaking or otherwise. Sometimes speaking your mind clears away some dementia along with clearing the air, and may prevent a bigger explosion later on. I do say something later on that I think is okay to say, but you never know how everyone takes things. One word out of order can have a domino effect, and I, myself, certainly misread things.

  (the next page) is not written in story tone. If you wanted to test for story tone comfort, like trying out a mattress, you might skip ahead, read the read, and come back. Or skip this altogether. Skip could be a candidate for word of the month, but I’m thinking not.

  OOH, better yet, think of this as a Rod Serling type tease about tonight’s episode of the Twilight Zone, sans the creepy and the actors and actresses of tomorrow and yesterday, on the way to sans actors of today thanks to escalating human cancer. What is cancer? The feasting on a host without regard for the host? Is climate change a reality? If not, it certainly exposes the reality of people who do not care about their host, seeing it as little more than a party favor.

  Let’s pause for a quick spot of house cleaning. Not long ago I told my inner demon, Frank, not to publish anymore non-fiction. He agreed it was maybe not a good idea, so what does he do, he publishes essays instead. For anyone who cares, going forward if anything is not tagged the entertainment, it is not the entertainment. To reiterate, (the next page) is not part of the entertainment. It is adjacent, a forum to purge info I want to express that I feel detracts from the entertainment. I suspect it’s meant as a message without message to have fun with, about and above. My goal is to make entertainment that is timeless, that people would like to keep around. The less politicking the better. Sigh.

  Still, if ever on Saturn, or in the vicinity, say the second ring, look up Frank. He has a make-shift cave that isn’t a bad place to hang out to wait out a meteor shower or some such nonsense.

  Also, having discovered serialization, this may end up easier to follow along with without moving stuff around. We’ll see. I did dread that type of activity. End pause.

  In a way (the next page) represents the present and the past, and a demonstration of truth. Today, or now, or your now, or whenever, what is here is here, and present, and true. Here is here is pretty true. Accurately true? Maybe not. True, definitely. Accurate, not’ly. Next month, as timed from your now, it most likely won’t be here, it will be past, more passed, and it will not be true as in not being immediate unless you’re back here another time reading this again as of right now. Truth is like a fountain of immediacy that is always going and gone, accumulating as fiction, if not necessarily word fiction. As of now, it’s still here, isn’t it.

  Accumulating as the fiction interface, a convergence of patterns that can be counted on without necessarily needing to be counted out, like grass in a field of grass, like a gang of green in disguise. Presumably. Lower life forms may be incorporated into the great count down and count off. In conclusion, what is truth beyond what is only immediately true?

  The wrong question. And here’s a wrong answer I may gnarl on about over time, there is no space time continuum. There may be something of consequence, even in place to be called space time, but it’s not space time, it’s been poisoned with those words to hold us in check. It isn’t for certain whether that poisoning was done by friend or foe or with what intent. It may not be meant as total kill, just a little chemo. Certainly none of this is for certain. Anyone wonder that the EARTH is crawling with narcotics just waiting to be imbibed?

  As for certainty, look to the stomach. It, too, speaks for itself. “Feed me!” Thus it may also speak for you. So watch it. I am, through flatter and flatter slits.

  Still, where the story tries to be inviting, colorful, fragrant and pleasantly odoriferous - which by now you may already know - be warned the passage through (the next page) into the zones is tight, and your head might not want to make a go of it were your head to scope the surroundings in advance.

  Why must I say such things?

  Here’s a tight passage example of what you might find on (the next page) - could, would or will find - the number 2, exposed. Look closely at it’s three most visual components. Picture if you will, a curl that might curl into a circle, or might not. Or it might uncurl into a curve, as it is with 2, and come to a convergence to create an almost angle. The other component of that economically correct angle is a line segment, straight, for as far as it goes. Economically correct as in selling more than one idea at a time, like doing product placement in movies, or even in commercials for other products.

  Every name-jock doing a commercial is a product placement for sports, for example. Irregardless of color, they are the nigga white man’s nigga - yes it’s a hateful word, so let’s aim it at the haters rather than the scapegoats. Why do multi-godzillionaire jocks do commercials? Symbols of health and vitality peddling easy sugar and fat. It’s not just one person being a hissing snake, it’s a conspiracy of hate. Am I misinformed, or are all anti-tobacco commercials sponsored by tobacco and is it more about advertisement than effective finger pointing at wanton idiocy, profiling would be smokers to take a puff and see what’s really what? Why did Bill Gates and Paul Allen do commercials? Perhaps Gates just wanted to stick his butt in our faces and Allen did look to be on drugs. Commercials are the sewer of entertainment for anyone with talent, apart from talent at making commercials. It’s not that they have to be all bad. It’s not as if you can’t not advertise.

  If you take place you advertise if any other relative consciousness also takes place. You can only probably try not to advertise if you’re up against malevolent might. As in might that might eat or contain you. And mite-sized might bite is as big a bitch as big bite might. And big might isn’t necessarily out to bite you. A vicious puzzzle. Yes, 3 zzz’s, my new irritation. Me and sleep, what’s up with that? I seriously don’t know, but I suspect it’s always coming for me.

  Gotta run, ta.

  Here is what I suspect is vile about champions of heroism - whoa, ism at work - and me-ness. Me-ness separates you from the herd leaving you more exposed to predators. Watch nature shows and see what happens to animals that don’t pay attention to their relationship to the herd or community.

  On the other hand, consider the complexity of the military returning from fighting a conflict. Hero or not, there’s a good chance they feel separate from the herd as no one really wants to relinquish a job that might otherwise have gone to a soldier. A job is a path to liberty. Liberty from having to work, and how many actually take advantage of that liberty to do what they might really want to do, apart from make money, no doubt via work, or making someone else work for them and do the making, ap
art from the money making. It goes to containment, but let’s skip - skip skip skip - containment for now.

  Of course if you are a predator me-ness might be your thing. Takes all kinds, and one could probably work out a variety of rational end games favoring one over the other. HO hum.

  So with 2, yes we’re still on 2 - is that an echo? 2 has one component with a split personality, and one with a straight personality. Adding up to 2, maybe 2.5, and let’s leave it at that. Does a designer of anything physical need any more components to go or start from to get started designing anything physical - a curled or curl-able line, an un-curled or uncurl-able line, and a set junction, which, en total, are going to be referenced as quant?m fragments henceforth, comprising the word/distance/plane continuum? Yes, that was a question. Unless you’d call that a sentence with a split personality.

  And of course we’re speaking in relation to life and existence on EARTHverse 444. If you haven’t done all the assigned reading that may have you scratching your head. Go ahead and scratch, it does an itch good.

  And that set junction is the statement that there is a point, it just doesn’t tell you where. I am here? Hopefully, but on the move. I was here? More than once, actually, but not here here more than once, appearances to the contrary.

  Maybe flatness would come in handy for that designer. Move-able gyroscopic flatness? Maybe flatness is the place or plane element of the continuum, so plane as to be completely discounted when talking time and space.

  Being on something with flatness has more immediate urgency than being on a spinning ball - for some, like us, which doesn’t make sense on the face of it. Sooo . . . do you think we belong here? Do we seem to belong here? People act like an invasive species. So it may be they do belong somewhere here, if not on the surface. Or the face.

  Or the flatness.

  Maybe nothing belongs on the surface. The surface seems to be all about tension with tension all about.

  All harking back to process of elimination, where peril lies, the how before devils recreate it all in their own image. Or hope and scheme to, if it is that the process of elimination doesn’t lead to structural integrity unbound. Could you imagine a GOD that was smart and sticking to an agenda? Again, GOD is a word fiction, so I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  But that’s (next page) tight twaddle, and a bit much more than much too much today, and not story meat, and I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

  Which isn’t accurate. I much prefer meat, rice and pasta. Work in a pastry crust and we are good to fly.

  Perhaps think of me as a pool of instability. Aberration. Trust me at your own peril, but know you’ve been warned. I do do a lot of spell check, which is fact, and some fact check, so there is that. Was that.

  In a warm-up to summation, this twaddle will be re-freshened, or possibly completely eliminated and replaced with each monthly story update, or some manner of threat, with most of the past intact, as in all story updates. (the next page) is a bit philosophical but brief. Yes, you might be kept guessing if you aren’t reading along. That’s what you call reality.

  If you can’t keep up, drop off.

  That’s what you call the process of elimination.

  If you are a first time reader, and thank goodness, you probably won’t be starting with the zone, Life Sentences (zone 6.1) I think it’s worth reading, but maybe not first, which maybe ties in to why it’s numbered 6. It’s sort of a history of what lead up to what’s taking place behind or in front of the entertainment. I may very well re-release it separately as a satellite. Or maybe just leave it as is, as a satellite. Win win. For the record, whereas I had noted you might want to consider yourself an inhabitant of EARTHverse 666, I now add the option of thinking of yourself as a satellite of wherever, but for convenience sake it would help to at least orbit EARTHverse 444 now and then, or until I option that also. Hollywood, no, I am not talking to you.

  As for the nature of The Lost Tribe, there are four notables, it’s being attacked something like a television series, with ongoing arc’ing story arcs and episodic episodes. The other notable has been noted other’where. As I’ve said before, which isn’t true, I try not to repeat what I’ve said before, and there is wiggle room for me to try harder..

  There are actually five starting points, as in five zones, and any is as good a starting point as any. I’ve included two this time to bulk it up. Also, it’s accumulative. All is here except where not noted. Again that zone 6 is a free for all, of sorts, without a starting point. OH mercy, that’s a lie. I may very well do away with it. Or may have. I may bring it back after all of the zones have been introduced, which might give Zone 6 five starting points. I may have just repeated myself, haven’t I.

  For now we’re done. Philosophically, or perhaps metaphysically, this was what I call brief.


  Once brief-ish, relentlessly dying into longer. We left brief before arriving at the magyck’land of gyroscopic flatness. The Word of the Month, that’s what I call brief, so have hope for your head. For what it’s worth, we also have for you a first model of a point, as entails brief, longer and arrival. That’s just an unexplained model. It’s a complicated concept, like the pre’posterity of a void and avoidance.

  Read faster and you might understand that this is what I call instability you can count on, if not trust.

  Or not. Mercy, how many times will I repeat that?


  The Donut Effect

  (zone one.1)





  Wake up, Danny.

  Okay, maybe not the best of starts. Let’s back up.


  They’d always told him you can’t leave home again.

  Hermann swore he’d never go back.


  If there’s anything you can’t re’zist, this you will re’zist


  Welcome to the realm of the vast minority of the sea turtle

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