Bright Darkness: A Collection of Flash Fiction by Pablo Javier Torres Garcia

       Pablo Javier Torres Garcia / Actions & Adventure / Science Fiction / Thrillers & Crime
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Bright Darkness
A Collection of Flash Fiction by
Pablo Javier Torres Garcia

Copyright © Pablo Javier Torres Garcia, 2017
All Rights Reserved

First Smashwords Edition

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This is a work of fiction. Names, character, places and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
The Passenger
Bright Darkness
About the Author

The Passenger

"Hey wake up, wake up," a deep, gruff voice calls from the darkness.
A man strapped to the passenger seat of a car begins to move, he struggles as he realizes that he in fact can't move or speak, nor can he see. His body and mouth are taped up with heavy-duty tape, his head covered with a black plastic bag.
A man in the driver seat watches the passenger struggle. He smiles as he takes a puff of his cigarette. The passenger gets anxious. Rocks back and forth and makes high pitch noises.
"Stop, you baby. No point, you are not getting out," the driver said.
The driver removes the plastic bag from the passenger's head.
"Can you see? Focus focus, come on. You need to see this," the driver said.
The first thing the passenger is able to see is the interior of where he is being kept hostage.
"Look up, looks familiar?"
They are parked in front of a big house, painted white with magenta outlines. It has a front yard, with a tree full of bright red flowers. There is a yellow swing attached to one of the larger branches of the tree.
As he realizes where he is, the passenger forces himself to move as much as possible. Humming and making any noise he can with his taped lips. Not loud at all.
"Good, you finally realized where we are. Nobody can hear you. Home sweet home, right."
There is a car parked in front of the yard, on the sidewalk. Shiny black Mustang Cobra; classic metallic edges.
"I put a bomb on the car," the driver said.
The passenger turns his head, making eye contact with the driver, shaking his head. No.
"It's simple, we will wait until sunrise. Then your wife will come out, get into the car to take your boy to school. Boom! You will see them die. After that is done, I will take your tape off. Let you say your prayers, and then I will shoot you in your face with your own gun. And that's it"
Tears fall down from the passenger's eyes.
"By the way, I love all of your toys. So many guns and explosives; freaking Rambo man here."
The passenger closes his eyes, tears continue to fall.
"And now...we wait. Stay quiet; it's not your turn to speak yet. And try not to piss yourself ok."
Sunrise has arrived.
"Any minute now."
The passenger frantically shakes and hums noises once more.
"Is there something you would like to say?"
The passenger shakes his head. Yes. The tape is removed and he takes a deep breath.
"I was following orders. You understand? It was just business."
With a cold stare, the driver says, "Those will be the last words that will ever come out of your mouth." The driver presses "play" on the stereo. "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen grows louder until it fills the car.
More tears.
"Look up, there they are." The music is turned off.
The passenger moves back and forth, trying to scream. No. 
The driver pulls out a small device. "Shut up before I blow them up were they stand. The blast will still manage to kill them both. Nobody will come in time to save them. In fact, they'll suffer more. Be quiet."
The driver points the device at them as they walk. The passenger cries out for them as he pisses on himself. The driver silently watches, with the remote still in the air; a genuine look of content on his face as he watches the passenger's failed attempts to scream his way out of this one.
They both watch as the passenger's wife and child get in the car.
She turns on the engine.
"It's time. Say goodbye to your family."
The passenger shits on himself. He closes his eyes.
His loved ones drive off. But there is no explosion.
The passenger stares back at the driver.
"I'm not like you. You murdered my wife and my daughter. Over nothing, nothing at all. You gangsters always want to bully your way through and destroy families. We did not want anything to do with your illegal business, you wouldn't listen. You took everything from me."
"Remember Jimmy?"
The passenger is frozen.
"Yeah, I did that," the driver said.
"One by one, I will exterminate your entire empire. I swear on the souls of my wife and daughter."
The driver steps out of the car, lights up another cigarette and crosses the street. He opens the door to a beat up looking Toyota and gets in, turns the engine on and lowers the window. Looking back at the passenger from across the street, he pulls out the small device. No doubt the passenger is watching. Can't tell due to the thick tinted windows. Probably staring back at him, begging, crying, and shitting himself. No use for none of that, it is too late now.
The driver takes a big puff of his cigarette, and then drives off, with his left hand hanging out of the window, holding the device, and his right hand simultaneously holding the wheel and the cigarette. A large explosion suddenly takes over the background; he drops the devise, switches the cigarette to the left hand and calmly cruises down to his next destination.

Bright Darkness

Their eyes were wide open but they couldn’t see a thing. Everything was pitch black. They slid their fingers through the console; pressing every button they could find. Guessing through the darkness, in hopes of finding one that would work. No luck at all, but they keep on trying. They are stuck; the sub continues to fall into the depths of the infinite ocean.
Sara grabs a hold of Paco. He pulls her close to him.
“We are okay,” Paco said.
He to finds the emergency flashlight underneath the workstation, and aims the beam of light outside of the window to try to see. Nothing. Darkness after darkness, they have lost all sense of direction.
“We failed,” Sara said.
"We will survive this.”
They turn every single nob, and press every button possible. Nothing is responding.
“You were right all along. We were never going to find it,” Sara said.
“We lived for these adventures. We lived how we wanted to,” Paco said, “Nothing will ever take that away from us.”
“I love you, and I am with you. That is all that matters Sara.”
Everything looks more and more blurry as time passes. They feel lightheaded; the oxygen levels are decaying. Running out of time. Every breath they take counts.
“Focus on me.”
A light appears in the distance. Only it is not coming from the surface, instead, from the bottom of the deep ocean. As they fall closer and closer to the bottom, the single light splits into multiple beams.
“Oh my god.”
“Is that?”
It looked much bigger now. Bigger than what it did when they first discovered it back home. The satellite simply displayed a small shaped object. They needed to know what it was. Curiosity brought them here; they found it. It now continues to grow as they sink deeper next to it.
“It can’t be.”
Sinking to their chairs, everything becomes blurry and out of focus. Just like their sub, their bodies' shuts down on them. Air is limited. They struggle to stay awake, and slowly try to control their breathing.
They fight the effects of oxygen depravation, trying to focus on what they are now witnessing. The tiny odd looking object they once saw was not tiny at all. It is bright. Paco turns the flashlight off: they don't need it anymore.
Sara and Paco are now the tiny ones - a tiny submarine, inside a giant underwater city. Colorful lights shine bright from everywhere around them. There are building-shaped towers and bright caves on every direction.
They have finally discovered their treasure. The Atlantians.
"This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Incredible."
“Is this real?” Sara asked.
“We can’t both be hallucinating the same thing, at the same time.”
They continue to sink as large see-through bright pinkish fleshy looking spheres hover around them. Purplish blue creatures stare down at them, with contagious and hypnotizing eyes. More and more continue to come out of their large caves and other crevices from the ground.
As their rush of adrenaline begins to ware off, once again they begin to feel the effects from the lack of air. Sara settles into her chair; she can’t keep her eyes open. An Atlantian reaches out, and gently carry the entire submarine into the palm of its bright colored hand, then harmlessly places them on the ground.
“Look! We did it. You were right all along. The Atlantians exist," Paco said.
Paco holds Sara tightly in his arms. Then looks out,
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