16 and On the Run

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16 and On the Run
16 and on the run

By Opal Jones

16 and on the run
Opal Jones
Copyright Opal Jones 2012

Normal life has been turned upside-down for 12-year-old Chris Powell when he finds is house in ruins, and his family, gone forever. Unable to go to the police, he starts life anew, armed only with a pistol. During his journey, he grows unable to trust any person. His faith is put to the test when he stumbles across another victim. Together, they must learn to trust each other and track down the killer of their families. Will they pull through? Or will they end up like their parents?
Each page is a heart gripping, edge-of-your-chair piece of work. Believe in the impossible and follow these two teens for adventure, tragedy, action, and an ending that will leave you on your knees begging for more.


It all started four years ago, when a coward of a man known only as “X” massacred my family and burned my suburban home. I discovered the wreckage after school, 5:30 to be exact.
The day had been going just fine until then; I got a decent report card, threw mud balls at girls, the usual 12 year-old kid stuff. I had detention for pulling the fire alarm. Maybe I meant to, maybe I didn't. It doesn't matter now. Afterwords, I headed home.
When I got home off the bus, I tried to to get away from the cold reality that stared me in the face. My family had never done anything to deserve this. Had they? I only remember crying for hours on end, until nightfall. No one had come looking for me; I hid in the ruble.
The cops came, though. I kept quiet as they examined the remains. I overheard someone say something about a kitchen fire. I held my tongue to stop from laughing in bitterness. After that another voice opposed that they could be “looking at something bigger than that.” But they talked for a minute more, and he decided the fire was an accident. They left an hour later.
Around midnight, I noticed something strange: one of the house phones was still intact. The only reason I even noticed it was because it rang. Not knowing what to do, I let ring. It went to a message, and I heard this:
“I know who you are, kid. It was me who did this to 'ya. Frankly I don't care at all. You won't find me, but if you should have the guts to try, I left you a gift. It should help. The basement's intact: it's there. Later.”
Looking back, I remember thinking it was a bomb or some evil super weapon. But my parents could be there, they had to be there!
Quickly, I brushed away some debris. I held my breath as a looked in. I choked back a sob. Laying against the wall, lay the bloodied bodies of my family. Crying, I ran over. My mother: two bullet shots in the chest. Dad, too many to count in too many places. Now weeping, I saw my older sister. She had one shot, one priceless shot through her heart. The next body made me sob uncontrollably. My four year old sister Jade. I closed her eyes in remorse.
I realized I couldn't stay at home; they would come back and finish me off. Then, I noticed, my little sister was holding a small box, hardly noticeable. I opened it. There was a letter that read;
“Dear Chris,
This is showing you where to go. Read carefully......” It went on to lead me to a hunting store. Just like it said, the clerk gave me a decent sized box.
“No charge, boy. On the house.” he said. I hesitated, then thanked him and went on my way. I stopped in some woods near my home. As I opened the box, I wondered what could be in it.
It turns out, the mysterious package was actually a pistol. On top, there was a receipt, but I ignored it. I ripped the box open with my pocket knife. It looked great; each bullet seemed to be made of pure gold. Each end so sharp, so crisp, so cold. The gun was like silver and glistened in the moonlight.
So this is how I’m going to live, I thought, a thief and a possibly a murderer. But I had no other choice. The authorities never really helped. As far as they knew, I was nothing but ashes now. I grasped the bullets and looked in deeper. Inside the box: 1,000 dollars in cash. I stared at it all. This guy was playing with me. He wanted me to take it easy so he could catch me. I vowed then and there two things: 1- I would spend money only when necessary. 2- I would hunt down this coward.
I picked up my bag, held back a tear, and walked away into the frightening unknown.
“Don't worry guys,” I looked to the moon. “I'll be okay.”
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