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Spirit Warriors The Tunnel Of Light
Spirit Warriors

  The Tunnel Of Light

  By M’tain A. Dubois

  To all of the people out in the world fighting to make it a better place.


  Copyright 2013 By M’tain A. Dubois

  This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons either living or deceased is purely coincidental. Names, places, characters and incidents are products of the authors’ imagination or are used fictitiously. The author holds the rights to this work. It is illegal to reproduce this novel without written expressed consent from the author himself.

  Chapter 1

  Danny never knew he could run that fast but then again he had never been running for his life before, he didn’t dare turn to look behind him. Besides he didn’t have to, he knew what evil thing was chasing him and he also knew the chances were very slim that he would make it to a safe place in time.

  The rush of blood through his body gave him the sound of a heart beat in his head drowning out most of the sounds around him that the forest produced, he could faintly hear the pounding of his own feet on the ground as he ran tearing through the branches and bushes that sprang up in his way but somehow he heard the foot falls of the creature chasing him perfectly.

  He could swear that the warm and foul breath of the monster was on the back of his neck causing him to think that at any second his screams would echo through the forest before being lost forever.

  Pushing himself even harder he forced himself not to think of the gruesome fate that awaited him if he didn’t make it to the boarder. Focusing on the path ahead Danny could see that he was almost there, the feint glow on several trees from the specially made blue paint marked the end of their territory and the start of another clans. The creature wouldn’t dare cross the barrier and risk open war, if he could just make it a few more steps he would be safe but today wasn’t going to be the day he made it, his luck had finally run out and death would find him.

  The clawed hands dug deep into his shoulder tearing the flesh open and spilling his blood into the night air filling it with the copper like smell of blood as he was dragged backwards just feet from the safe zone.

  “You didn’t really think you would get away that easily did you meat sack?” The deep voice growled of the man standing over me.

  Danny looked up and the view was almost serene, the moonlight was just barely breaking through the foliage high above him bathing everything in an iridescent glow as the leaves and bushes swayed slightly from the cold night breeze, in the distance he could now hear the river cutting through the land but otherwise the forest was silent.

  “For a minute Lucas I really did, so what now are you going to make it slow death or will you release me quickly?” Danny asked.

  “Oh I have special plans for you.” Lucas answered leaning towards him a little so a sinister shadow crossed his face adding to the malice of his already intimidating look.

  Lucas was about six foot eight, white shock white hair and yellow/red eyes, his cheeks were slightly sunk in and his body was perfect as if sculpted by an artist. Danny didn’t know if this is how he looked when he wasn’t in his creature form but he imagined that it wouldn’t be too different.

  “So slow death it is.” Danny responded.

  “It may last an eternity.” He laughed knowing that he could take forever if he liked being that he was immortal.

  “The cause won’t end with my death, my son is already fifteen and has passed the tests. He is ten times more powerful than I am, you and any other rouge clans are at an end.” Danny said confidently.

  “We’ll see about that, I wonder if he’ll taste as good as the rest of your family did?” He sneered lifting Danny into the air above his head.

  “Rot in hell Lucas.”

  “You first Danny say hello to the beginning of the end for the Spirit Warriors you were the last of the elders all that is left are three teenage brats which will be handled soon enough.” He declared attacking him furiously.

  The screams escaping Danny’s lips lasted for only a minute before dying out into the echoes through the forest, followed by the maliciously evil laugh of Lucas shattering the woods.

  Five miles away Caleb sat bolt upright in his bed in a cold sweat knowing something was terribly wrong, he jumped out of the bed running to the study (called the sanctuary) where the Spirit Warriors practice many of their secrets arts, it was also the place that they used magic to located people, places and things.

  His heavy foot falls on the stone floors as he ran woke Lydia and Mace who stuck out half asleep faces out of their doors to see what was going on.

  “What’s going on Caleb?” Questioned Mace with a yawn.

  Caleb simply yelled over his shoulder as he continued running. “Something’s wrong!”

  “What’d he say?” Lydia asked Mace as she walked over to him.

  “Dumpling hogs I think.” He stretched.

  “Doubtful.” Lydia answered. “We better go find out what all the fuss is about.”

  Together they walked to the sanctuary where they found Caleb floating in the air above the glyphs written in the middle of the floor while chatting in an ancient language lost and forgotten to most of the world.

  “I wonder who he is trying to find?” Lydia said becoming interested in what was going on.

  “I don’t know but when Danny wakes up and finds him practicing without permission he’s going to be in serious trouble.” Mace added.

  “Better him than us, in fact I’m going back to bed before we get caught besides I have a test tomorrow at school that I have to ace.” Lydia said turning around to leave the room.

  “Maybe you should hang on for a second longer Lyd.” Mace said watching the orb of the world form above his Caleb’s head. “It looks like he’s found whoever he’s looking for.”

  Annoyed Lydia turned back around to see the a hologram of the world fully formed and zooming in to the planet, as they looked on the view kept magnifying until it showed the spot in the forest where Danny, Caleb’s father was being feed upon by Lucas.

  All three of the teenagers gasped when they realized what they were seeing.

  “This can’t be happening!” Lydia yelled running right up to the globe and staring at the image.

  “It is happening, there is no way around that.” Caleb said. “I felt it when he was attacked, I knew he was near death.”

  “We’re screwed.” Mace sighed sitting in a chair.

  “I’m so sorry about your father Caleb.” Lydia said rubbing his arm softly.

  Pulling away from her Caleb focused intently on the image. “He knew the risks of being a Spirit Warrior the same as us, this is the job and life we chose.”

  “We barely passed the tests last week and nothing against any of us but we are no match for the rouge clans, we were barely holding our own when your father was leading us in combat.” Mace pointed out.

  “What would you have us do Mace turn tail and run like cowards?” Caleb snapped raising his voice.

  “Yes, I’m saying we forget school, forget about blending in with norms and get to New York where there is a full strength guild.” He yelled back.

  “And give up the entire western coast at the same time?” Lydia questioned finding it as idiotic a suggestion as Caleb did.

  “If that’s what it takes for us to survive then that is what we should do, even if we leave now and they take over we can always come back in force and beat them back.” Mace responded throwing is hands up in the air.

  “Allow them to take control now and we will never be able to take back what we lose, the protection Glyphs won’t last very long once we are gone and once they fall so will all the clans that are still abiding the pact.” Lydia reasoned.

  “Listen Mace, if you want to go then go. I won’t argue with you, try to convince you or stop you that is completely your choice.” Caleb stated. “The same goes for you Lydia.”

  “You would just think cowards right?” Mace said rolling his eyes.

  “Not in the least my friend, like me both of you have lost your parents in this war. I would never fault you for making the smart decision and leaving to get reinforcements. For that is what the choice means it is the smart move, it is the move that informs are colleagues in other parts of the world what is going on here and how to fight them.” Caleb answers.

  “And what about you Caleb? Still bent on being the loyal son to a father that is no longer here? A father that never even showed you a ounce of love after your mother died.” Mace said cutting Caleb’s heart even more than it was already.

  “That was over the line Mace!” Lydia scolded pushing him a bit.

  “He’s right Lydia, my father never showed me much love after my mother died something was missing from him after her death, a hole that he let fill with anger and push me away.” He paused taking a deep breath. “And yes I have strived to make him proud hoping that he might actually show some ounce of love towards me again. Now that he is gone you ask if I will continue on this chosen path?” He said getting in Mace’s face. “Yes I will because even though my father and mother are gone I will honor their memory and what they died for! I will fight to my last breath to defeat these monsters and this mission claims my life as it did theirs I will die knowing I did all I could for a just cause!”

  Mace tried to answer but before he could a blast of energy rippled through the orb drawing all of their attention.

  Looking at the globe the three of them saw Lucas taking up the whole picture. “Do you see young ones? This is the fate of your race! I give you these choices, leave now and no one will hunt or harm you, join our cause and fight for us or lastly stay and die just as your parents did.”

  Stepping up to the globe Caleb said the last thing the others had expected. “How long do we have to consider your offers?”

  “I will give you one hour to deliberate amongst yourselves and so you know each of you can make a separate decision if you wish. In one hour I will contact you via the phantom reach on the ethereal plane where you can be assured you are safe, one hour kids.” He said as the orb went blank.

  “There you have it.” Caleb sighed turning to the others.

  “I’m going to leave and get help.” Mace reaffirmed.

  “Lydia?” Caleb questioned.

  “I’m staying together we can try and hold down the fort until Mace returns with assistance.” She answered firmly.

  “You don’t really think that Lucas and his clan will really just let to walk out of Passion Falls do you?” Caleb asked as Mace headed to the door.

  “No, but I can be invisible when I choose, trust me guys I can make it.” He answered walking out of the door.

  “He’s reckless.” Lydia noted after he left.

  “Maybe, or maybe he’s just being brave.” Caleb answered. “The question now becomes do we tell Lucas that one of us has excepted the offer and hope he keeps his word or do we say nothing and hope that Mace is as good as he says?”

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