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           Mark Mulle
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Exploring the Overworld, Book 1: The Jungle Temple

  Exploring the Overworld, Book 1: The Jungle Temple

  Copyright 2017 Mark Mulle

  Author’s Note

  This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

  Table of Contents

  Day One: Chloe, Adventurer and Explorer

  Day Two: My Past

  Day Three: A New Mission

  Day Four: All in the Details

  Day Five: Collecting the Supplies

  Day Six: The Jungle Train

  Day Seven: Witch!

  Day Eight: To the Temple, Finally

  Day Nine: The Villagers

  Day Ten: Inside the Temple

  Day Eleven: Drawings on the Wall

  Day Twelve: Living like Royalty

  Day Thirteen: Talking to Ghast

  Day Fourteen: What’s Up?

  Day Fifteen: Dangerous Art

  Day Sixteen: Forgot Something...

  Day Seventeen: Ghast, Interrupted

  Day Eighteen: Preparing to Fight

  Day Nineteen: The Beginning of the Battle

  Day Twenty: Battle Day Two

  Day Twenty-One: A Forgotten Weapon, Remembered in the Nick of Time

  Day Twenty-Two: Retreat

  Day Twenty-Three: Party at the Temple!

  Day Twenty-Four: Weirdness in the Temple

  Day Twenty-Five: Locked Inside

  Day Twenty-Six: The Great Escape

  Day Twenty-Seven: On the Train Again

  Day Twenty-Eight: Payday

  Day Twenty-Nine: Ghast’s Surprise

  Day Thirty: What’s Next?

  About the Author

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  Day One: Chloe, Adventurer and Explorer

  Dear Diary,

  My name is Chloe, and it’s about time that I start writing a diary of my own. I’ve been on countless expeditions before, but I’ve never stopped to write down everything that has happened. I think it’s about time that I’ve changed all that. Sure, I could write a book about my adventures but I think my stories will have more of a personalized taste if I make them into a diary instead.

  I didn’t come up with the diary idea on my own. A while back, about three months ago, I met this Ghast, who funnily enough just goes by the name Ghast, who kept a diary. I don’t really know why he did it, but watching him do it just made me want to write my own.

  I guess I should probably mention that I am an adventurer and explorer. A few years ago, I finished my adventuring training. Some adventurers, when they finish their training, explore the Overworld to try to discover new lands and things like that. Other people try to find jobs working with adventuring companies, who go to recently discovered places to harvest and collect the food or those who go to mines to gather minerals that are there. When I finished my training, I knew that neither option was right for me, so I decided to do something that was in the middle of both options. I’m what they call a freelance explorer. This means that I do work for companies or just groups of people who need someone to go on adventures for them, but it also means that I get to pick what adventures I do or don’t go on. I can also take breaks in between expeditions if I want. It really is the best of both worlds, which is why I love it so much.

  I’ve just recently finished a mission, and I’m looking for a new one. I have no idea what I’ll take on next, but I am sure that it will fill the pages of this diary with excitement!

  Day Two: My Past

  Dear Diary,

  I realized that I mentioned my friend Ghast in my last entry, but I didn’t really say much about him, which is a shame. Not much happened today, so I’ve decided that now is the perfect time to write all about how I met my friend Ghast.

  I was in between missions when I was hired by the then-leader of the Nether. I think her name was Angelique. The Nether had won a war with the Overworld, and they had won the right to take some of the resources (like minerals and food) from the Overworld to use in the Nether. I didn’t know much about the Nether, but I was eager to learn. Going to the Nether was something that most adventurers never got to do.

  However, I met with Angelique outside of the Nether, but in a Nether base in the Overworld. She needed someone to guide around a Ghast so show him what the Overworld had to offer so I guess I was the right lady for the job.

  When I first met Ghast, I didn’t like him very much, and I’m sure that he didn’t like me. I don’t have anything against Ghasts in general, but I was feeling a little bitter about the Nether winning the war with the Overworld. The Overworld had been winning for so long...it just never seemed like they would be defeated. I didn’t really want Ghast to take any resources, so I tried to show him that most of the recourses in the Overworld would be useless in the Nether. I expected him to fight me on it, but he seemed to understand. Soon afterward, we became friends.

  When I was done showing him around the Nether, I left to go on another mission. It wasn’t anything special. I was just collecting some spider eyes for a client. While I was doing that, I got a message from Ghast saying that everything was going crazy with the Nether. They wanted to take over the Overworld, and I knew I had to try to stop it.

  I rushed to meet Ghast (after delivering the spider eyes, of course) and talked to him about what was going on. Apparently, the leader of the Nether wanted to take all of the resources in the Overworld, even though they wouldn’t all be useful to her. I joined Ghast as he made his way back to the Nether.

  Once in the Nether, we met up with some of his friends, who were mostly Skeletons (which freaked me out a little bit, to be honest). We all worked together to show the people (or monsters) of the Nether that their leader was no good. We actually ended up causing a little bit of a revolt. Long story short, we captured Angelique, put her on trial, and saved the Nether and the Overworld.

  Now things have cooled down. The Nether monsters wanted Ghast to be their new leader, but he asked his friend to do it for him. Now we’re just two friends who are looking for the next big thing. I can’t help but wonder what it could be.

  Day Three: A New Mission

  Dear Diary,

  Being as great as an adventurer as I am, I don’t often need to look hard to find a new job. Today, a new job offer came to me! I didn’t even need to look for it. However, the group was really vague about what they actually wanted me to do. All the letter said was that they needed an explorer to transport some food into the jungle. The letter didn’t say how much food needed to be transported or how far away the jungle was, or even what jungle they even needed me to go to. Luckily, the base of operations for this place isn’t too far away, so I’m just going to travel there instead of sending a letter to get more details on this job.

  Ghast saw the letter and asked if he could come along. I thought about it for a little bit. He had told me before that all he wanted was to be an explorer. I didn’t know what I would be getting into with this mission, so I made sure to show him the letter I got so he could decide for himself. After looking at the letter, Ghast decided that he still wanted to come.

  This is the first time I will be working on a mission with a partner. Usually, I’m the type to say, “I work alone,” but that’s not because of some tragic backstory or anything. I just don’t want lazy people to hold me back. I know Ghast isn’t lazy, though, so I don’t mind him tagging along. I’m sure it’ll make the adventure even better!

  Day Four: All in the Details

  Dear Diary,

  Yesterday, Ghast and I traveled
to the village where my letter came from. It was late at night by the time we got there, so we just stayed in a motel instead of looking for the people who sent the letter. This morning, we got up and went to a building that the letter was sent from. While there, we found the people who had sent the letter, Dr. Martin and Dr. Shelly. They weren’t medical doctors, though; they were scientists.

  I told them that I had gotten their letter, but I explained that I wanted more details before I took on the mission. I wanted to know what I was getting into, which they totally understood. Here’s basically what Dr. Shelly told me.

  “Dr. Martin and I are scientists who are studying a tribe that lives in the jungle, about 100 miles away from here. The tribe is made up of a group of primitive villagers. They are so hidden away in the jungle that they don’t know about any modern technology, which is what makes them so fascinating to study. There’s just one problem: the tribe has been running out of food, we
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