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The Courageous Ocelot, Book 4: A World In Peril

  The Courageous Ocelot, Book 4: A World In Peril

  Copyright 2017 Mark Mulle

  Author’s Note

  This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

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  Day 1

  Hey, I haven’t written anything in a long time. My life has been really full of adventures these past months! It’s Lilly again, and I am writing on a new diary. It’s been almost 2 years since my last diary entry, but I will try to write a short summary of what happened in my last adventure.

  So… about two years ago, a madman named Loki was in charge of the East and North cities, and he planned to destroy every piece of wooden block on his way across all three major cities in this server – East, West and North.

  Loki’s plan was to clean up the area and build bigger cities, as well as create a new one, the South city. For this plan, he hired all citizens from his cities and gave them axes to cut down the trees and destroy the natural biomes of the world.

  Naturally, the deforestation caused great damage to the natural environment; animals lost their homes, and the climate changed deeply. The only citizens who stood against Loki and cared deeply for the environment were the people in the West City, guided by Edd.

  Edd was the leader of the city, and he refused to agree with Loki’s plans. And since I am the only Ocelot in this world who can speak to humans (a secret ability given to me by Herobrine himself), my family and animal friends sided with Edd in our quest to save the forest.

  Initially, my brother Olly and I just wanted to go out and find our Dad who went missing for a long period of time. We managed to find him, but then we got into a big trouble and had a forest to save from Loki’s evil scheme.

  We also had our human friend Greg supporting us, so thankfully many humans joined our cause and helped us save the forest and the biomes. We defeated Loki together, with a little extra help from Herobrine, and that’s how we have been living our lives since then!

  Wanna know more? Oh, of course you do!

  Day 2

  After defeating Loki and his henchmen, the good people of the East and North cities realized the big mistake they had committed by taking orders from a crazy person. They thought they were doing what was better for the community – but the opposite happened.

  Edd is a good person and he holds no grudges against anyone. Instead of locking them up in prison, Edd gave the other citizens an opportunity to redeem themselves. He asked everyone to help the people of the West to plant new trees.

  That’s exactly what they have been doing until today, diary. Unfortunately, the forest hasn’t returned to its prime yet… Loki managed to take down over 75% of the total area, and today we’ve only restored so little of the forest.

  Cutting down a tree is much faster than planting a sapling and waiting for it to grow. But we all have faith that, in no time, the whole forest will be filled with new trees, flowers, plants and animals!

  The people of the East, West and North have elected Edd as the new Mayor of all three cities. Edd was the mayor of the West City, but his efforts on protecting the forest resulted in his promotion to be the leader of all three cities.

  And he needed a little help as well. Edd asked Greg, our human friend, to be his Deputy Mayor and help him guide the server towards a bright future, where humans and nature are in complete harmony.

  Day 3

  What about Loki, you might asked? Well, Loki was sent to jail after his terrible actions against the server. He always dreamed of destroying the forest and building huge cities, to attract new players from other servers and make a lot of money.

  Loki just wanted to get rich and he never cared about anyone else, or about the poor, innocent animals living in the forests that lost their homes during those hard times.

  However, his leadership came to an end when Herobrine showed up and removed Loki’s human powers for good. Now, Loki is a player who can’t even craft basic items, or break simple blocks with his hands or tools. He is locked away in a simple cell made of wood, in the West city.

  When his time in jail is done, Edd and Greg will kick him out of the server and he will have to find a new home. But whenever he goes, he will carry the weight of being a fanatic leader who almost destroyed an entire server for his own good.

  So sorry for you, Loki! But good thing the tables have turned. This world has never looked better. The citizens of the East, West and North have never been closer and friendlier towards each other.

  Edd and Greg made sure to minimize the tension created during the times the cities were at war. Edd ordered the construction of a railroad linking all three cities and facilitating the transport of players, which has also improved the server’s economy.

  Day 4

  As for us, life couldn’t get any better.

  Edd and Greg built a small animal sanctuary for us near West City. It’s where I currently live with my family: Mom, Dad, my brother Olly and my friend Seph. We’ve been together now for almost two years, and life is great here.

  We have achieved all of our goals in the last months; to find and rescue my father, to protect the forest from the woodcutters, and to take down Loki. Now, the last of our goal is being fulfilled although at a slower pace – to restore the forest.

  We’ve successfully saved this server! It took us 3 long months of hard work, uncertainty and trouble, but we did it. And I would go through it all once again if I had to!

  Like Herobrine said, I don’t give up easily, and I am always going after my dreams. Now, I can safely say that I can enjoy life with my family and friends in peace.

  Day 5

  Like I said, my diary, life has been great. Every now and then, Greg and Edd stop by our hut to pay us a visit. But I haven’t seen them recently, probably because they have been working day and night.

  Managing three big cities ain’t an easy job, and Edd and Greg are dedicating all of their time and effort into it. I’m glad to see how much they care for their cities, but I am also concerned about their health…

  It isn’t good for them to overwork. They should take rests more often, and not work every weekend and so many hours per day. I think they’re really into restoring the forest that was cut down by the woodcutters, but this can be dangerous for their own sake.

  Perhaps they should hire more people to help them with their work? I don’t know… I was thinking of lending them a hand myself, ya know. Or should I say, lending them my paw? Unfortunately I am not as skillful as humans, and I can’t craft and whatnot.

  But I can communicate with everyone and maybe help them sort out their ideas! I’ll talk to Greg and Edd the next time I see them.

  Day 6

  Today Greg showed up. He came alone to visit us.

  - “Hello Lilly! Hey, everyo
ne!” He said.

  - “It’s Greg, guys!” Olly said.

  - “Hey Greg! Long time no see.” I said. “How long has it been?”

  - “Fifteen or twenty days, I think.” Greg said. “Sorry for the absence, but Edd and I have a hectic schedule.” Greg said.

  - “I figured! Don’t worry, it’s always great to receive you here. And what about Edd?” I asked him.

  - “Well, he had to stay to sort some things out. Lately, the cities have been discussing some new laws and rules and this will demand our constant presence. But he said he’ll be coming again as soon as he can.” Greg said.

  - “Great! Send him our regards, and wish him good luck with the job.” I said.

  - “Thanks, I will!” Greg said.

  - “And what about you? How has it been over there?” I asked Greg.

  - “Lilly, you should see West city now. The last time you guys went there, a month ago, we were still finishing the new bridges over the Lan River and rebuilding downtown. Since then, new players arrived and we not only finished everything, but we’ve also added some new constructions!” Greg said.

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