In the Darkness (Book 1): The Enemy's Cult

       Mark Mulle
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In the Darkness (Book 1): The Enemy's Cult

Darkness, Book 1: The Enemy’s Cult

Copyright 2016 Mark Mulle

Author’s Note
This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

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A year after the Great Minecraft Tournament
The rain fell heavily in the Royal City, and I couldn’t help but feel that it meant something. It had been a very sunny summer and I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen any sort of precipitation falling from the sky. Months, maybe? So why today?
The investigation had advanced pretty well and we had kept a vigilant eye on a particular group of workers that had been spotted in strange meetings.
After Herobrine’s defeat, one of the first orders from the King and Queen themselves had been to make sure we had truly gotten rid of our enemies. They could still be lurking out there, infiltrating our city and our forces. The King believed that we had been betrayed by our own and that after the surprise attacks on the capitals of each race, there was the possibility that a second wave of enemies could come. Herobrine might not have been the only leader.
After months of extreme surveillance we finally did catch the strange activity among groups of the construction workers that were rebuilding the Royal City and improving its defenses. At the end of their shifts, some of them were going into abandoned buildings and cellars for hours. While at first nobody noticed, the gossip began to flow among other workers and soon the police force — including us, the detectives — got word of it.
And here we are.
The rainy streets were shiny and slippery as we walked in small, tight groups. Both King and Queen had given us the order: Find and arrest the workers involved in secret meetings.
We kept to the shadows as the sun hid behind the horizon and the clouds turned pink, yellow and orange and some civilians watched us from their windows. Those on the streets quickly got into their homes when they saw us walking quickly along the sidewalks and heading towards our destination. We were a police branch of the City Guard, a force that was involved in the investigation of crimes and suspicious activity. During the war that followed after the Great Minecraft Tournament, we fought alongside Steve Applewood, Ben, Lewis and the rest and helped destroy the enemy on the battlefield with our fellow soldiers. Now, though, soldiers were not good for the job at hand. It needed to be us, trained for this specific sort of trial.
There were chains on the doors to the basement we were heading to, rusty locks holding them together that would make anyone else believe that the entrance hadn’t been opened for years.
Nice try, I thought with a small smile, and took out my pickaxe. I didn’t know how many enemies were down there but the large force of officers behind me helped calm me down.
The lock snapped open as my pickaxe broke it and the chain fell apart.
“Okay, you know what to do. B Team, stick around here and watch for any enemy reinforcements.” Ten officers stayed behind, ready for any arriving threats. The rest of us went down into the damp and dark.

The first thing I saw were the strange letters and graffiti painted all over the walls. There were nonsensical phrases written on the ceiling and floor as well as we descended, the place was beginning to look like something from a horror story as we found pieces of armor — pieces that looked exactly like those worn by the City Guard. Something dark was going on.
We heard them then, the chants.
“Watch yourselves; there are a lot of them down here.”
I carried a baton in my hand, a blunt instrument that could easily knock out a criminal and even become a lethal weapon if used with great force. Still, the thought of enemy infiltrators that had kidnapped guards and…maybe worse…made me wish I had a sword or bow. We continued to descend and the chanting got louder. Before long, we began to see the red light coming from a chamber up ahead. It shined on more of the grotesque graffiti and paintings along the tunnel and many of the officers were breathing heavily now, nervous of what waited ahead.
The chanting stopped all of a sudden and we all went cold.
“Intruders,” came a soft voice from inside the room, and I knew it was time to act.
“Go, go, go! Get them, don’t let them escape!” We charged as one as the sounds of activity began to emerge from the red chamber.
I’ll always remember the first line of officers to cross the doorway to the chamber and the way they stopped as they saw what was inside — just as I crashed into them.
The sacrifices: guards, civilians and other innocent beings that the evil enemies had brought down here…It was all too much.
But then it all ended. The room had been rigged with explosives in case of emergencies. It blew apart instantly.
It was only thanks to that first line of brave officers that had entered before me that I survived at all and am still alive to tell this tale. May they rest in peace.
The shockwave of fire and destruction followed, and all I remember is pitch-black darkness and pain…
Lots of pain.
Very well, this was just an introduction. Now, let us begin with the true tale. Prepare yourself, reader. It will only get more twisted from here on.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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