My Evil Twin is Herobrine, Book 1: The Big Prank

       Mark Mulle
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My Evil Twin is Herobrine, Book 1: The Big Prank

Copyright 2017 Mark Mulle
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Author’s Note
This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

Table of Contents

Day One: As Different as can Be
Day Two: My Friends
Day Three: An Alarming Letter
Day Four: A Return Letter
Day Five: Get my Mind Off of Things
Day Six: The Camping Trip
Day Seven: A Surprise in the Dorms
Day Eight: Catching Up
Day Nine: Please Leave
Day Ten: A Winner and a Loser
Day Eleven: On My Nerves
Day Twelve: Brother on the Loose
Day Thirteen: Herobrine on the Grounds
Day Fourteen: AHHHHHHH!!!!
Day Fifteen: Telling my Story
Day Sixteen: Another Visit
Day Seventeen: Another Secret
Day Eighteen: Gone Again
Day Nineteen: The Brave One
Day Twenty: The Herobrine Horror
Day Twenty-One: School Assembly
Day Twenty-Two: No Bro, No Problem
Day Twenty-Three: Big Trouble for a Little Brother
Day Twenty-Four: A Case of Mistaken Identity
Day Twenty-Five: Time to Admit it
Day Twenty-Six: A Night in the Office
Day Twenty-Seven: The Plan in Action
Day Twenty-Eight: The Plan
Day Twenty-Nine: Into Action
Day Thirty: Going Home
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Day One: As Different as can Be
Dear Diary,
My name is Cody, and my teacher, Mr. Pandra has assigned this diary for my homework. Everyone in my class needs to write a diary for a whole month straight! I’ve never kept a diary before, so I’m not really sure how this will go or if I will even be able to think of enough stuff to fill up these pages.
I guess I can start with the basic stuff. I love my school, even though I have only been going here for about a week or two. I was sent here because I was the smartest kid in my class at my old school. This school, the Forest Biome School for Boys, was looking for more students, and they offered me a scholarship to come here. I was sure that I wanted to come here right away. My old school wasn’t exactly the best place for me. It wasn’t even the school that was that bad, it was my brother.
I had a twin named Dylan. We look identical, but our personalities couldn’t be any more different from each other’s. I pride myself on being able to work hard and to do my best in everything that I do. Meanwhile, he sits around being a slacker all day. All he does is pull pranks and throw silly parties, and when he’s not doing those things he’s sitting around planning to do more stuff like it. I never understood it, but all of the kids at school thought Dylan was so cool and they thought I was so lame. The only time anyone ever gave me the time of day was when they mistook me for Dylan.
This school is so much better. I haven’t told anyone here that I have a twin, and I’m not about to do it. I love my little secret. Everyone here thinks that I am cool and smart, and it’s just the way that it should be. No one knows about my silly brother, and they never will. Well, no one except for my teacher, who will grade this diary later, but I’m sure that he won’t care. Right, Mr. Pandra?
Day Two: My Friends
Dear Diary,
This school is so much different from my last school, and this time I’m not even talking about the lack of an annoying ten-minutes-younger brother. The classes are cool. I am definitely learning more here than I ever learned at my old school. The classes here are so much more challenging. I actually have to pay attention and take notes to keep up here. At my old school, I would practically nap during class and still know what was going on.
Another great part about this school is all of the friends I have made here already. I haven’t been here for long, but that didn’t stop the other kids from wanting to make friends with me right away. I was a little worried that the kids here would be snotty. On all of the TV shows and movies about private schools, the kids are always rich and think that they are better than anyone else because of it. I admit, there are a few kids like that around here, but not many people pay much attention to them. Most of the kids are a lot like me. They come from humble schools, but they were smart enough to get into this one.
The first friend I made here was Patrick. He joined the school last year, when he was in sixth grade. He made a few friends right away, but a lot of them moved onto the high school. He told me that when he saw me I reminded him of himself when he first got here, and so he wanted to make friends with me right away. The story was a little weird to hear at first, but I went along with it, and even though I haven’t known him for long, he’s probably the best friend that I’ve ever had. Some of my other friends are also Patrick’s friends. Their names are Robert, Kenneth, and Romayne.
I didn’t have nearly this many friends at my old school. I’m glad that I never have to go back. Well, I probably won’t have to. I guess I didn’t mention that the school year is almost over. I was sent here for a trial month. If I don’t get into any trouble, then I get to come back for the full year next year. I am sure that I will be able to do it, especially since Dylan is far, far away. I will write more tomorrow.
Day Three: An Alarming Letter
Dear Diary,
This school, my new friends, and being away from my brother is so good, too good. Since I have been at my new school, I wondered if it was even real. Surely, something this great had to be a dream. I knew that something was going to wake me up eventually, and today, something did.
I got a letter from my brother today. Luckily, I got to the letter before anyone else saw it, so no one asked me about some Dylan kid who had the same last name as me. When I read the letter, I only got more bad news to make my pleasant dream of this school into a nightmare.
Hey Bro,
So, school is really boring and the parents are being a pain, as they usually are. I think I’m going to blast out of this place pretty quick. I might pay a visit to my favorite bro at his new fancy schmancy school. What would you think about that? Actually, it doesn't really matter. I’m probably going to do it. Write back soon, bro.
Dylan (aka, the better-looking twin)
I couldn’t believe that Dylan was going to run away and that he was planning on running to me. The last person I wanted to see was him. I need to think of something to do about this, but what? Dylan has never really been much for common sense, but he was really being silly this time. I need to think of some way to change his mind, and fast!
Day Four: A Return Letter
Dear Diary,
I know that I can’t talk to anyone about this problem. I really dug myself into a little hole here, pretending that I don’t have a twin and all of the stuff that comes with that... Because of the mess I’ve gotten myself into, I can’t really ask anyone for advice about what I should do about this. I’m on my own here.
I thought about writing a letter to my parents. They obviously know that I have a twin, but I don’t think that Dylan would listen to them. Well, I guess it’s plain to see that he’s already not listening to them. I doubt they told him not to run away, but I’m pretty sure that running away is the type of thing that is implied that you aren’t supposed to do. Besides, even if I did write to my parents, even if they tried to force Dylan to stay at home, I’m sure he would find some way to weasel his way out of the house and come to see me.
If I wanted to have a chance at making sure that Dylan wouldn’t come here, I would have to go to the source. I penned my letter like this:
To Dylan,
I’m sorry to hear that school and home aren't going well for you right now, but I think that you should try to stick it out. School ends in about a month, and then I’ll be home again, so you won’t need to deal with everything by yourself. Just, please don’t come to my school. You’ll get us both in trouble. I will be home soon, so we can talk all about it then. You can even keep sending me letters if you want to. I’ll be here to write back. Please don’t do anything hasty.
Your brother, Cody.
I hope this letter will put some sense into this boy’s head. I will just need to wait and see, though.
Day Five: Get my Mind Off of Things
Dear Diary,
I didn’t get a letter back from Dylan today. I checked my post box about a million times. Well, not a million times, but enough times for the postman to tell me not to come back until tomorrow. I haven’t been able to think about anything else other than my brother coming here since I got his letter. Ever since then, my mind has been busy, trying to figure out just how the postal system around here works. I sent my letter, thinking that Dylan had only sent his the day before. I have since then
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