The Master Hunter and His Witty Ocelot, Book 1: The Hunt for The Ancient Relic

       Mark Mulle
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The Master Hunter and His Witty Ocelot, Book 1: The Hunt for The Ancient Relic

Copyright 2017 Mark Mulle
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Author's Note
This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ?/TM & ? 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

Table of Contents

First Day, My House - Hunter's Code
Second Day - Into the Abandoned Village
Second Night, Abandoned Village - Zombie Midnight Mayhem
Second Night, Underground Temple Tunnels - The Zombie Priest
Third Day, The Arctic - Journey To The Ice Temple
Fifth Day, The Ice Temple - The Angriest Mob of All
Fifth Night, The Ice Temple - Master Slime and the Mutant Zombie Brigade
Sixth Day, Formerly-Abandoned Village - Pure Water Rocks
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First Day, My House - Hunter's Code

I am a hunter: a master finder. If anything needs hunting, I'm the hunter to hunt it.
For I vow, I will be the best hunter in all of the seed! If there is a superior hunter, I will train as hard as possible in order to surpass their ability! Hunting is my life. I was put on this seed to hunt, and I will let nothing get in the way of my true purpose!
Wow, I'm already having a lot of fun writing in this diary.
That's partly why I decided to keep this diary-I feel the need to communicate, even though right now I'm alone. Writing in this diary will allow me to remember my adventures, puzzle out my ideas and better understand the challenges I face. I am aware that finding time to write in it every day will be tricky. But, I accept the challenge!
The other reason I wanted to write it is because I can finish right off the bat. I wanted to write down my hunter's code:
1.Hunt To Survive
2.Always Hunt For The Thrill Of The Hunt
3.Only Hunt What Must Be Hunted
4.Never Hunt To Hurt
5.Do Your Research
6.Hunting Is The Key To All Of Life's Problems
7.Trust Yourself And You'll Often Get Lucky
Let me explain these real quick Diary.
The reason I hunt is the same reason everyone hunts. #1: Hunt To Survive. Life is a great big hunt. In some instances, everybody's hunting the same things (gear, food, shelter), and we need those things to survive. The only way to get those things in this seed is hunting. Sure, I can imagine another seed where everyone has a shared food bank-and there are even some villages. But food, gear, ore, mansions, glowstone, whatever I need, I've decided to hunt myself.
And yet, aren't we hunting for more? Aren't we hunting for the adventure and excitement of hunting? That brings me to number two?
Oh, Diary, I don't want to bore you. You want to know what it's like in the day of a hunter probably?
I look out the window of my house and see the harsh snow-fall wisping through the air. The water is frozen into blocks of livid blue-uh, so kind of a light blue/grey?
This is the frozen river. I live far away from civilization. For right now, anyway. I move all the time. Nothing should stay the same forever. Hunters are nomads. I strive to experience every part of my seed!
Well, I guess that takes me to the next point on my code: #2: Always Hunt For The Thrill Of The Hunt! I built my house right near a frozen river. I knew it would be very hard to master the frozen biomes-not to mention collect all the resources I needed for my house. That's exactly why I set out on this challenge, to hone my hunting skills. It's thrilling to learn to fight the frozen wasteland and hunt for the rare treasures it holds inside.
I found every oak and spruce tree I could near me and built a?bad house. Diary, I'll be honest. My house is just a medium-sized box. I have enough room for my stuff, and it keeps me safe from mobs while I sleep, but honestly?
It stinks.
I'm a horrible builder. I'm a hunter! I care about collecting the resource-not spending it. I guess this is partly because of #3 on my list, Only Hunt What Must Be Hunted. I think people should hunt what they are contented with-but I also think hunters should hunt what they find around them. Like, for me, it's fun to go hunt the sparse few trees and figure out how to make a house out of that. I'm a survivalist in this regard.
Then again, I am actually kind of ashamed of this Diary. I wish I could build cool things. I so rarely get inspired to do so-I'm just always thinking about the hunt. I've always felt like perhaps building a cool house could help my hunting in some way. I will take record of my builds in these pages, Diary. That way you can see if I'm getting any better. I hope no one reads this and finds out. Oh to think that if my enemies saw this, they would use it against me for sure!
Who are my enemies, you ask diary? I'll tell you: any mob that wants to put me down for good. And there's a few of them Diary, let me tell you. I've hunted bounties in my day, and I'm sure to hunt them again in the future. But I'm a hunter at my core. If someone did something real messed up and they deserve to be hunted and brought to justice for it, you better believe I'd hunt them.
But I only hunt who needs to be hunted.
Anyway, I live in my wooden house with my loyal pet Ocelot, Trapper. He's an excellent cat. Always at my side, he's the only one I trust to be my loyal companion. People often ask me, can he talk? Well, the answer is kind of.
He can make sounds I understand and he understands the sounds I make.
It's hard to explain, but if you have a dog or a cat, Diary, you'll know what I mean. OKAY, now that I write that I realize diaries can't have dogs or cats-but that is a shame because the bond between a hunter and his pet is amazing. Trapper's just so funny and weird like me, we kind of just get each other on a level that is equal to or honestly, even higher than the way I connect with humans.
Like the other day, Trapper knocked on the door. Usually, he just pushes open the door (it's unlocked), but I assumed he had a reason to knock, and it was after sunrise, so I got up and there's Trapper with a mouth full of fish! Except, he stuck a fish on each tooth so he looked like a fish-face fat cat. It cracked me up!
I ate some beets-I always have beets around, Diary. Trapper came around and just spat all the fish on the floor like a big goof. He loves the stuff. Not me though. I would never eat fish. And of course, I would never hunt it either.
That takes me to #4, Never Hurt To Hunt.
I do not eat meat, diary. I don't think innocent creatures should be hunted-and I don't think any creature should be eaten. That is just my personal code, however. I respect others will have a code of their own.
Take Ocelot, for example, he scarfed down those fish so fast it was like he was racing somebody. Not me, I take my time eating. I cherish what I hunted.
Sometimes it is very challenging not to eat meat-as it seems meat is often the most bountiful food source around.

But I love a good hunting challenge, diary-you must understand! If it is hard to be a vegetarian because it requires extra hunting, then this is the perfect choice for me, The Greatest Hunter Alive.
This is all due to #5: Do Your Research.
This part of my hunter's code is kind of boring Diary, I admit. It is not saying doing research is boring, it's not. But it is boring when people tell you to do your research. It's like, uh, ok, well not everyone has time to research everything?yet!
But you will.
Like, could I make potions when I was baby? No, but I can make a few now. Did I always know how to live in the arctic? No, but I'm learning right now. Do your research and you can do just about anything else.
I did just that recently, Diary, I had good word from a woman I once met on a road. She said that there were sometimes cocoa beans out in snowy biomes like this one. She told me they were incredibly rare, and most would go their whole life without seeing some.
To me, diary, a rare hunt is the best type of hunt! The harder the hunt, the better.
After breakfast, Trapper and I went outside and brave the cold. It stings my face and arms a little bit right as I walk into the wind, but my leather armor takes the brunt of the chill. These hides keep me warm; I suspect their old owners would be proud of them. While leather armor isn't the toughest, it's the best for a hunter because it allows maximum mobility-and the thing hunters must do the most is move!
I decided to hold an impromptu race with Trapper. We ran down a snow bluff and crashed into a big pile of fluffy snow. Trapper's grey and black fur was covered in white. He almost looked like a different type of kitty. We kept moving.
I saw a pack of wolves up on a mountain to the north of me. I watched them run around the mountain. Ocelot paced around, feeling the snow underneath his paws, and one of the wolves' ears perked up. They noticed us.
I nodded. The wolf cocked his head, looked at his friends, and resumed
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